Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where did all the ........

The words to Where did
all the flowers go
me of Sandpoint.. At least
the Sandpoint that those of
us have been here 20+ years.

Where did all the little shops
go, long time passing...
Where did all of the little
shops of a long time ago...
They went to become real
estate offices...
When will they ever learn
when will they ever learn..

On my quest of what to show
The Golly Gals in Sandpoint,
I drove thru town last week.

I was shocked to see that the
small shops that sold, gems,
and other stones were gone.
Also a few others are gone or
will be soon.

In their place are real estate
offices. I couldn't count them
as the traffic was wicked. And
on First Avenue there is
construction going on taking up
the block, so you have to dodge
to the right to get around it.

This is the building that Coldwater
Creek is taking over. The very same
company that kicked out all of the
small shops in the Cedar Bridge.

There were quaint books stores,
games, and ice cream shop, and
candy shop and Idaho crafts by
locals. Always something new
and affordable.

Even the little first floor
restaurant had fish and fry
on Friday nights . $4.95
all you could eat. And
Chowder that tasted great!

Ah, yes, where have all the
little shops gone? To the
graveyard, everyone....

My one question, with
all the real estate offices
down there in the middle of
town. On the one main street
called First Avenue.... what is
going to happen when the
market falls like it always
does. After all real estate is
a cycle... will that finally
kill off Sandpoint, the very
thing that all of the people
in Sandpoint have been
trying to save with the new
freeway wanting to come in?
Will there be no Sandpoint
left to see? Maybe we
can make it all a lawn
from Second Street to
the water

Monday, February 27, 2006

Have You Walked thru These Doors?

Have you walked thru these doors? Posted by Picasa

Have you been thru these doors?
For years it was like the bar on
television,Cheers.... everyone
knew your name.

Janice, Ethel and all the rest of
the girls who worked there over
the years, would pour you a cup
of coffee, before you hardly sat

At breaks, and lunch time, you
would find the rest of the IGA girls
in the corner booth by the door
to the store. Mama Gors, holding
court with her jokes, having Ralph,
Angie, Betty, Shirley and the rest
of the girls in stitches. The laughter
would ring thru the resturant as well
as the store.

There was sadness there too... as
the orginial owner, Mr. Marley died
near by those doors, as a burgler
waited for the place to close. And
Harold surprised him and was shot.

There was gossip, lots of gossip.
If you really wanted to know what
was going on in Sandpoint, all you
had to do is open your ears.

John Campbell in there spinning his
fishing stories and talking politics
way before he ran for the office in
Boise. Yes, you went in there...
and everyone knew your name.....

And now, as you can see the doors
are ribboned off...as a part of
Sandpoint gets ready to fall to
the ground.

Good bye, laughter, good bye,
tears, Good bye IGA .........

Friday, February 24, 2006

Blogs that I Like to Read

On the right you will see in my
blog links CDADAVE... this is a
great blog in many folds.

First and my favorite is the post
cards of old time Coeur d' Alene.
From beaches to buildings and
streets. Great pictures. And going
wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaay back.

Then there is the funny sense of
humor. And the thoughts that make
you think. So it is laughter or yea,
why is that? that comes to mind as
you read.

Now he has taken on doing
words on pictures that are a hoot.
He takes pictures that he has seen
some place and writes in his own
words for them to be saying.

And last but not least, he knows
everything you want to know about
music from the 60's to the 90's.
And the odder the band, the more
information he has. If you have
questions about any of that
music, I surely would be
surprised if Dave didn't know
the answer.

Then for a side line, he has
something to stretch your
brain. So be sure to look
at the bottom and see not
only word for the day, but
word match, and other great

The name of this blog is
THIN AIR........ and
CDADAVE is the master
behind the blog.

Oh, almost forgot, don't
miss the very bottom of
the page... Great links
to Beatle information.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Answering Company's Email

Last month when I got my Dish
bill, there was a $3.00 surprise.
They had raised their rates.

So I went to their site and wrote
about how a lot of us are on
tight budgets, so we would
like a 30 day warning before
they hike up the price.

And of course I got the quick
"we are busy but we will get to
your email as soon as we can,
because we appreciate your
business" email.

Well, here we are two weeks
later and I get the email reply.

Starting with Thank you for your
feedback and opinions. And then 3,
one inch sentence of how they
appreciate my business, and how
they do their best to bring us
good service and reasonable prices.
blah blah blah ..... 3 sentence of
blah blah blah. Nothing about
giving us 30 days notice.

So I wrote back....

Now Terry B..... what kind of
answer is that to my email???

All you gave me was the blah
blah blah of how great a company
Dish is and how you are glad
to have me for a customer and
hope we will continue...blah
blah blah...... etc.

Wouldn't it been better if you
said, we will give your thoughts
great consideration before we
raise our rates again...(even
if it wasn't true).

Or even an honest answer...
the company could care less
if you get a future notice of raises
in rates. If you don't like it keep
your mouth shut or even change
to another company because we
have millions waiting to take
your place.

But the BS of blah blah blah
about the great company of Dish,
doesn't cut it.

Most Sincerely,
Customer Gxxx

And yes, I really did sent
that to them...

I will let you know if they write
back, besides the already gotten
"We are busy will get back to
you" bit they send automatically.


got place to go, people to see...
things to do... will post later

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The King has it Right

You know I was looking at
the King last night as he
sat watching TV. He looks
quite happy.

See he doesn't watch the
news, he doesn't read the
paper. The only magazines
he reads is about vehicles,
and hunting and fishing.

When I got done checking
on e-mail and the blogs, he
was watching American
Idol. We watched Boston
Legal. Then the New York
news, because we have
satellite from New York.

As he was getting ready for
bed, (he gets up at 3:30am)
he happen to walk by as the
reporter was talking about
the seaport in New York
being sold to the Saudi's.

He stopped and watched.
Then when he saw Bush
saying there is nothing wrong
with this and he was going
to push it to the limit, as it
will be done. The King got
angry. You don't want to
know what he asked and said.

My point is, this man is
a wonderful fun loving man.

He sees that life go by
just fine,even though he doesn't
watch the news and get upset
like the rest of us. So maybe he
is on to something. As the
only time I saw he get that
upset before, was when his
sister smashed his car,
years ago.

I think I will go find my seed
catalogs, like JBelle,
suggested. Maybe
I can look in his fishing
mag and see what is
going on for fly fishing
in Idaho this year. And
step down off the soap
box. After all that isn't
what I had in mind for
this blog when I began.

I had in mind finding
humor in life's situations.
And there isn't any
humor in the news, at
least now right now.

Summer and sunshine
where are you?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Frustration 101

Some days are more frustrating
than others.

I read on a blog and in the
paper about a young woman,
who believes that Papa
Boyington should not be
honored with a campus
memorial at UW.
(University of Washington)

Why you ask...get this.
Because he killed too many
people. Of course it was
war time, but that seems
to escape her. And she
doesn't realize because
of Pappy and others like
him... she is able to go
to college.

The next thing that has me
frustrated, is the Federal
Government/ Bush wanting
to sell off Federal lands.
26,000 cres and some of
it is prime land in Idaho.

But what really has me sick
to my stomach... is the sale
of the East Coast Ports to the
Saudi's. I had heard about Miami.
Then last night it was mention
New York, Baltimore and a few
others are also going.

What have we done? Why
are these ports in trouble
enough to be sold? What
are the unions going to now?
Have they priced the ports into
foreign hands?

There was a movie called...
Are the Gods Crazy... what
I have to ask.. Is our Government
going crazy? Bush and his group
say we have nothing to be concerned
about. WHAT????? me a little
simple minded housewife, am I
the only one who sees this?

Even if you put to the side the
fact that most of the terrorist
seem to be coming from there.
What about the fact that a
foreign country is going to own
our sea ports.

Maybe I am the one going crazy.
Maybe I shouldn't read papers
anymore. Maybe the King has
it right. Just enjoy hunting and
fishing, until the flaming idiots
get here. Put my head in the
sand of denial.
Maybe I am just getting
too old.

Monday, February 20, 2006

President Day

Normally I don't post on holidays.
But that is the thing about this
holiday. It doesn't really get
any respect.

President Day is thought of
basely another 3 day weekend
or a big deal at the stores for
a sale. Which seems to last
the rest of February.

When I was a kid, it was
February 12 for Lincoln and
February 22 for Washington
But someone thought two
days off was too much.

So they threw the two of them
together and called it President's
Day, also making it a Monday
holiday all the time, no matter
what day it came up. So it
became the Monday nearest
February 22. Presuming
because Washington was
our first President.

In the ads for the President
sale it is Washington that
gets the pictures and etc.
Abe is literally left out of the

I have never hear the others
mention. After all it is
Nothing about the ones
who follow and before Abe.

To my mind comes
Kennedy, the two Roosevelt's
and my favorite Truman. All who
did great things. And I am
sure you have your favorites.

So to all the Presidents
from Washington to Bush.
Especially you, Harry.
Happy President's Day...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Blogs I like to Read 2 for 1


This is my thinking woman blog that
I visit. I say thinking because the
writer, blogs a lot of things of
interest that you think about. Be
it state or federal, or even the town
she lives in. She brings up some
pretty good thoughts on a lot of
things that just aren't right.

She also was good enough to be
picked up on AP press for seniors

But don't think she is all serious,
as she has a good sense of humor
and of course the star of her blog
appears from time to time, besides
the blog picture she has on there.
That is Bacchus, I hope I spelt his
name right, or he might lick my
face. That is right, the dog in
dogwalk of dogwalk musing. You
have to go to her blog to see this
handsome gentleman.

There is the funny site that
she also participates in with her
friend. This is what gal pal is all
about. Everyone should have a
gal pal to run and do the fun stuff
with, go see new things. And these
two hit it off just great. And they go
to some of the fun place. So be sure
to go and see what they see and do.

Check out..www.gollygals.blogspot.com

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Your Collections?

Why do people collect things.
that aren't really valuable.

The King collects key rings
and baseball caps. Not the
real baseball caps. Just
ones like NAPA, NORMCO,
etc. He has collected caps,
I think since he was a teen.
With out lying, I swear he has
100. The closet has about 15
in the front room. In the bedroom
is another 15. In boxes in the
garage is at least 20. Around the
house on different hooks must be
another 10. And in the big garage,
I lost count. They seem to breed
in boxes. I open a box up in the loft
of the little garage and there will be
another one or two. Even in the
Christmas boxes.

Key rings is the other thing that
he collects. ..One that has a school
bus on it. Some have keys,
some don't. He has them
with Coleman lanterns, tiny
cars, wrenches, and etc.
Some are triangle, some
are square but most are
round. There must be
40 key rings on the key
holder in the kitchen.
We use probably 5 of
them. Then he has more
in drawers and in his
jewelry box. He goes to
a show or display place,
if they are giving away key
rings, he got one of each.

I am not much better. I
have a collection of
coffee mugs. I have
Christmas ones,
I have pansy cups,
I have one that has an
old man on it... with
the saying .."When
they asked you how
old you are...." and
then in side it tells you
what to say. Which I
can't tell you on this blog.

I have cups from friends,
I have cups that struck my
fancy at yard sales. I found
one at a second hand store.
It is a Bailey cup. It has a
female face on it, smiling,
saying "YUMMY" and I have
the matching male one.

I have mostly round ones, but
I also have triangle one, and
square ones. Little ones, large
ones. Scenes, animals, Christmas
lights, people, Business logo's.
I must have at least 60 cups.

And I gave a bunch away.
This doesn't even count the
ones we use daily.
What good are these? I
have tried to go thru them
and get rid of a lot of them.
But when I start looking at
them and the neat shapes,
and sayings... Well, I still
have them...

The other thing I collect is
music boxes. They come in
different shapes. Piano, a
record player with the horn,
dolls, teddy bears, water
fountains, clowns and etc. Some
are hymns, some are classical,
some are the usual. Except I
refuse to have one that plays "It's
a Small World". Can't stand that

I have one that plays Some
Enchanted Evening. It is a quarter
moon with a clown on it. Some are
on a high shelves that I had the
King make for me. Some are in the
living room, in the bedroom. On my

They are kind of like the teddy bears
I had. You get one or two. Pick on up
at a yard sale, some one sees it at
you home, gives one or two next thing
you have got 30 of them.
I finally gave all but 4 away. I kept the
one my aunt made me with moving arms
and 3 little ones given to me by special

All the rest have gone to kids.
Oh, I forgot the one that sings Old
MacDonald, and the one that snores.
They are up on the other shelves
collecting dust with the black cat,
and the frog that sings.

I often wonder what will happen to
all of these when I die. I guess the
kids will take them to the Goodwill.

So what do you collect?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We Need to Know NOW???

Why do we need to know NOW?
Why is it we can't wait until the
whole truth is gathered? What
is it? Entitlement? It is only the
matter of 2 to 4 hours, sometimes
it is 24. What is it we think we will
miss, if we aren't informed immediately?
We have to know in seconds of
something happening. The everyone
gets upset if it isn't instant. .Some
of this rush has ended
up with misinformation.

Cheney hasn't rushed in front
of the cameras to explain who,
what, and why. The fact the man
might want to be with his
friend and his family, as they
go thru this. Especially with
some setbacks in the health
of the victim.

What do they want a confession?
A Jimmy Swaggert type of tears
and sorrow?

I saw in the paper that a young
lady who has started a group called
SMAC'M which is a group against
children molester. It is a nice thing
to make people aware. She is after
the molesters who drive thru a town
and will see her ribbons and etc.
Telling them to move on. Sadly, the
drive thru molesters, are in the low
percentage. It is the friend (?) of the
family or the family members them
selves who make up the bigger
part of the percentage.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SOAP BOX Revisited

I wrote this to another blog
a year or so ago.

And it still bothers me that
Boise is passing a law against
marriages for gays. We all
know that most of Idaho is run
by the Boise set, and that there
is a heavy religious set down there,
that rules us. But I was hoping
that the politicians would stand
up for a union ceremony at least
for the gays.
So here was my opinion last year...
and it still stands.

There are 3 types of marriages.
A. The one in a religious house
(depending on which religion it is)
and headed by the head religious
person.(Priest,Rabbi and etc.)

B. The one where a minister
marries people in their yards,
parks, mountains, underwater, or
while sky diving.

C. one called the Civil Union
done by a Justice of Peace, Judge,
or even a mayor.

A and B involve God.
C. is done by the words of: By the
power given me by the State of (fill in)
you are now married.

Each of these has had their fair
share of divorces. A. probably has
the least, but not by a lot. All have
been gone into, what we hope, are good
intentional people. Good decent
people. People who just want to live
with someone they love and hope to
protect legally. Those who go by God,
either understand the gay life,or chose
not to understand. And some have
the Service idea of "don't tell me and I
won't ask you" way.

The truth of the matter is, gay life
coming out of the closet and choosing
to try to put it back in, is like
trying to put tooth paste back into
the tube. Can't be done and most
really don't want try to do that. So
what about gay's, aren't they entitle
to have some kind of a legal protection
for their love ones?

C. Civil Union seems to be the answer
as they aren't involving God. I really
don't know what the answer is. But I
do feel that there should not be a law,
especially an Amendment to the
Constitution forbidding ones rights
over another, as long as there
is no harm. Gays have been together,
for over 100 years or even more.
Just now they are asking for a
commitment that is legal to protect
them legally in hospitals, (to see their
love ones, as most only let in relatives)
and financially. They too just want
to commit to some one they love.
When do they get to be treated the
same as the rest of the Americans in
this country?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Soap Box..Not Seeing Eye to Eye

I sure am not seeing eye to eye
with the politicians.

The King brought home the local
fish wrapping paper. Others call
it the Bee. In there are the words
of wisdom of one Ray Miller the
mayor of Sandpoint. In his great
wisdom he wants to lease the
Memorial Field to the
Lake Pend Oreille School District.
Because he figures it will take
$500,000 to renovate the grandstands.
He is figuring out a 20 year lease for

His words of wisdom are:
"We could put this burden on the
taxpayers, but working without
a long -term lease with
the school district seems like a
better way to go"

Well, to me, I don't know...but
the school district is paid for by
taxpayers. Isn't it? So be it the
city or school.. it is a taxpayer.
Of course, what he is after, is the
county taxpayer rather than the city.

So I got to ask.. We are on the
edge of being levied again for
a facility bond for increased school
room. This time around it is going
to be a doozy. See the school says
they can't add on to the high school.
No room they say.

So that means the school district is
going to buy land. Oh, that ought
to be a doozy. At the prices of land
now? Then build a whole new school.
And that is all the talk right now.

But what about the rest of the schools?
You know the middle school isn't going
to be big enough. So will they shift to
the high school we have now? And
then you have all the elementary
schools. The Kootenai school is
stretched to the playyard in to 3
modular units.
This is the surprise at the end
of the tunnel we are going
thru now.

And they want us to take over
the Memorial Field? Well, if
the school has $500,000 to
throw at a grandstand, then
they won't need so much for
their levee right?

And in the background
raving up their engines
is the Rec. bill, being
rebuilt with a outside
Management company.
Who is going to change
enough of the 5,000
people's minds to pass

Well, guys, if you have
that kind of money, put it
into the building. Also you
might learn a lesson from
the soccer field off Hwy 95.

You know the one everyone
was all pumped up to have.
The land owner even gave the
land to them, (lucky for him,
with a cause to say it returns
to him, if it isn't used). A contractor
brought out gravel and etc. for
the field. Does any one
care that it isn't used anymore?
At least the owner gets it back
But the nice deeds of those who
DID NOT ask the taxpayer to pay
for that, has gone to the wayside.
(Maybe they can talk to Floyd and
see if he will donate the land to the
school district in trade off for his name
on the school. McGee High School,
does have a nice ring to it.)

So how long before the GREY
Elephant in Kootenai will go there
too, with the taxpayers money.
And when he sells it, will he give
the taxpayers money back.
Yea, right.

And then there is Bush's great
plan to sell 26,000 acres in Idaho
alone. Not counting Washington
and California land. For what? To
pay for backwoods schools and
roads. ( we don't qualify)Yea, and
he has some riverfront property
for sale for you in New Orleans. .

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Weekend with Rokon

staying close to the deck, just in case Posted by Picasa
UGH, the snow is still here and cold Posted by Picasa
Rokon check out the snow Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

Blogs that I Read

Last week, I mention one of the
blogs that I read. Your Choice.
That she had made me blog
of the week on her blog. And
told you how great of a blog
she has and how helpful she
is. She has all the bells and
whistles. And she is funny.

So I thought maybe from time
to time, I might mention others
that I read and why.

The blog I read from time to
time is called Doing it Again
I don't know how to do it so
you can click on it. So if that
doesn't do it...go to the right
side and find my list of links
to other blogs. I say I read it
from time to time, because she
posts about once a week.

The reason why I read this blog
is a couple of reasons. One, I
have known this writer for about
30 years. For about 4 or 5 years
we were neighbors. Her kids
are the same age as some of
my kids. And now she is raising
her two grandson's.

Which is the second reason,and
why I talked her into writing the
blog, and I read it. I think it serves a
purpose. One, it helps her, get her
thoughts about how it is going.

The other which is most important,
is if anyone who is raising their
grandchildren, they can see they
aren't alone.

There are many, many grandparents
raising their grandchildren. Some
are due to an accident that takes
the lives of the parents. Some
parents die of overdose or are in
prison. Some because the parent's
can't be good parents.

A lot of them are due to drugs, and
sadly due to child abuse. And when
some one reads her blog, they will
see that is just the case here.

This is a rough life. These two
grandparents should be enjoying
life. Traveling, and doing all the
things that people their age do,
when retired. But instead they
both put their lives on hold to
take care of these boys. They
have had them for 12 years
since they were 2 and 3.

This has been a very rough
road to travel for them. I don't
know if I could do it. Especially
with all the problems that come
with kids in these shoes.

I admire this family. I have the
greatest respect for the grand
parents. Not because they are
my friends. But because I know
I could never have done what they
have done or will have to go thru
yet. The boys are in their teens

This is not for the lighthearted.
There is more bumps than there
are joys. But there is joy, and
there is love. That and the
Lord are what gets this family
thru each day.....
Day by day, by day.

A family that lives....
One day at a time, Dear Jesus.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

No Fool like an Old Fool....

Yesterday I was getting my
mail. I saw that a new modular
home was up for sale.

They had just put it in last Spring.
So being I am asked from time
to time about different houses
for sale or rent in Kootenai,
I decided to go to the box
where they had the pictures
and information.

Getting there wasn't easy.
You had two choices. Go up to
the door and circle around to the yard
as the driveway is sloped deeply.
Or go down into the ditch and up
on the other side, which was low.

Well, I consider myself pretty
agile, so I start to step down
the ditch. It is pretty steep,
so decided to just jump the
rest of the way.

Not a good decision. As
I landed, my boots
planted into the mud, which
threw me forward, and down
on my knees and hands.

Not a pretty picture. As I
am a very round old broad.
So here I am ..stuck feet.
Mud on my knee's of my
jeans, and hands.

I get straighten up, but
my feet are still stuck. Well,
my boots are anyway. I
tried to pull them out for
several seconds, then
decided to throw caution
to the wind.. and stepped
out of the boots.

I have muddy, knees,
hands, and now socks. I
grabbed ahold of the boots
and pulled them out. It took
all I could do to pull them
out, almost falling backwards.

I looked around, luckily did
not see anyone. Hoping no
one saw me... put my boots
on with my muddy socks.
Take the paper, and then
headed to the road.

Which was down the ditch
and another upward climb
up the ditch. By this time
dignity has left the premises
and I crawled the rest of the

All this for a piece of paper.
But if you want to buy a
modular home in Kootenai.
It is across the street from
the post office and they are
asking $168,000 for it.

today I walked to the Post
Office. Amazing what you
see when you walk instead
of driving. See on the side of
the yard there was just a small
slope about 7", that I could have
walked down with ease.

So to answer the question,
in my comment area.
"Can I laugh now?" The
answer is yes, of course.
I firmly believe....
If you can't laugh at
yourself, then you should
not laugh at others. So
let it rip.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dragon Slayed, Dragons Tamed

First off is the Dragon slayed.
The community of 2/3 of
Bonner county who voted
yesterday, said NO, HELL NO.

I was one of the 5,814 who voted
NO...only 769 said yes.

Next up is the school building
levee. And as much as we all
hate taxes. There is hardly any
of us who can vote truly against
this one. We know we are getting
a great deal of children in this
area in the next 5 years. It takes
time to build another school. It takes
time to find an area to build on, as the
high school doesn't have the area.
Our own little town needs addition to it.
We are now running out of the school
and 3 modular buildings.
What we will be looking for is, will
they asked for what they need, or will
they try to hit us up for 20 years of
need. But that is to come yet.
One Dragon slayed. The people
have spoken.

The next two Dragons were done
with kindness and agreements.
We got consideration out of
both companies. And they
are making changes to keep
in mind the community as well.

One of them I went to a meeting
yesterday, and for a while the
only woman there. I spoke my
mind, I backed up with pictures.
I even had a sample to show.
While they were understanding
of the pictures. It was the sample
that hit home. So they are changing
one area, and the equipment they
want to put in will hopefully take
care of the other area.

All in all two good days. And my
kneecaps didn't shake once.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good Day to Slay Dragons

Today is going to be a busy
day away from the computer.

First of all, Tuesday is my
only honest day of work.

Second, this day is the
day for me to slay the dragons.

First on the agenda is to
vote against the Rec. Center.
Already stated my reasons on
a former blog of mine. Still don't
understand why my town does
not have a voting place, yet the
City of Sandpoint has two!!.
And it is going to be in our town.
Sounds like a stack deck to me.

Third is the air. Another stack deck.
We have a local business which fouls
our air with sawdust and saw pieces
from their product. The pieces come
when they have a wind storm and the
piles are above the net. Which they
have been good about that since
about November. First time in years.

Second we get the sawdust from
from the stack itself. Some, reason
that is where breathing problems come
from.This stack blowing the real fine
dust. We call it the Kootenai cough.

So this Tuesday they have a quiet
meeting going on with the DEQ at
the Elks Hall. My words of a stack
deck come to mind, because if it
wasn't for someone spotting the
announcement in the public section
of the paper in fine print, the rest of
us wouldn't have know.

I am going with my pictures and
samples. They want a wood burning
equipment to replace the steam one
they use. We don't want it. We know
that this company has not been a
good neighbor to all of us. Those of us
who have had to wash our cars many
times. Those who have shoveled the
sawdust out of their business. And
yards. So we don't believe that this is
going to improve things. So we are
going down to voice our opinion.

Will they get it anyway..probably.
As nothing has come from our other
protest, except the net, that they tower
over most of the time. But we want to
be heard.

We shall be the squeaky wheel.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Super Bowl

Well, the Steelers won..
But the Seahawks have
nothing to be ashamed of.
They worked hard at it.

Their defense was great.
If the rest of the team had
been as great as the defense
was, they may have won.
The quarterback got the ball
down the field...but then it
would unravel.

And they probably would have
had a better chance if the
referees had been a little more

Everyone who saw the film
knew the Steeler young man
had his arm between the white
line and the ball.

To penalize the quarterback
for a bad block that wasn't.
To penalize (to me) for a
push off when the Steeler
had just grabbed him
seconds ago, and take
the touchdown away. Seem
to me to be unfair.

To say that one of the players
grabbed and hung on the Steeler
when the camera's showed that
not to be true.

But like in life and war...Sports
too, it's all is fair in love and war.
And it was a good game, not one
of those lopsided ones..

The main thing is that the
Seahawks got to The Super
Bowl. That in itself is a great
thing. So like the old saying


Friday, February 03, 2006


Well, it is TGIF and I lost
a day. After I hit publish
yesterday, it dawn on me
it was only Thurs. I guess
I am trying to push up the
date so I can watch
Super Bowl...

I am suppose to be cleaning
up the house as we are
having guest tonight for
the weekend. It is my
in--laws. The guys are
going to be working on
the car. And my sister
in-law and I hang out.

We do yard sales in the
summer time.Don't know
what we will have on the
agenda but what ever we
do, we have fun doing it.
She is the greatest. And so
much fun to be around.

So I suppose I should go
start making this house
look like it is lived in and
not just walked thru... You
know, take off your coat,
throw it on the back of the
couch. Kick off the boots
where ever you came in at.
We aren't slobs, we are
just comfortable.

So have a great time
watching the game...
And here is a Seahawks

Terry Bradshaw, after
living a full life, died. When he
got to heaven, God was showing
him around. They came to a
modest little house with a faded
Steelers flag in the window.
"This house is yours for eternity,
Terry." said God. "This is very
special; not everyone gets a house
up here." Bradshaw felt special,
indeed, and walked up to his house.

On his way up the porch, he
noticed another house just around
the corner.It was a 3 story mansion
with a blue and white sidewalk, a
50 foot flag pole with an
enormous SEAHAWKS flag,
and in every window a blue Towel.

Bradshaw looked at God and said,
"God, I'm not trying to be ungrateful,
but I have a question. I was an
all-pro quarterback, I hold many
NFL records, and I even went
to the Hall of Fame." God said,
"So what's your point
Bradshaw? "Well, why does Matt
Hasselbeck get a better house than
me?"God chuckled, and said,
"Terry, that's not Matt's house, it's
mine."GO SEAHAWKS !!!!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Go Seahawks

Wow, I am a headliner...
A local blog, has me as
blog of the week. This was
quite a nice surprise and an

You see this blog is one of
the nicest put together blogs.
It has all kinds of bells and
whistles. And she is a great
source to ask questions on
how to add to your blog, for
us beginners. She helped me.
And I send others to her too.
Her blog is listed in my blogs
to link to. Your Choice. So go
look and see.

Well, Sunday is the big day.
Super Bowl Sunday. Yahoo.
The King hates football. And
I enjoy the game.
Once in while I will go to
someone's house and watch.
But I have to tone it down if I do.
You see if it is a good game, I
talk to the TV. I am the one standing
there yelling loud, RUN, RUN, RUN
as they are heading down the field.
And sometimes the letters SOB come
out of my mouth. So it is best I am
alone. The King will come in to help
himself of the goodies... and torment
me, telling me he is for the other team.

This year is special, just as it was the
year the Patriots played and then about
4 years later played and won. This is the
year of the Seahawks. Their first time at
the bowl. I sure hope it is a close one.

I hate the 48 to 6 scores. But I have been
wearing a Seahawks sweatshirt before it
was cool. So............


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If These Walls Could Talk

I got a stabbing feeling yesterday
morning as I read fellow local
blogger's blog.

The HAIR HUT is closing.
They are tearing down the

For those who don't know,
the Hair Hut is part of the
complex of IGA block (has
movie theater, Laundromat,
Gardenia Center and etc.)
which has been the hub of the
REAL people of Sandpoint.

You met everyone at the
store. You got all the good
gossip about everyone and
everything in Sandpoint at the
Hair Hut. Anything worth knowing
about Sandpoint was talked
about there. Oh, if these walls
could talk.

My mother-in-law lived and breathe
the Hair Hut for so many years.
Her laughter surely must still be
on the walls. Every one in town
knew her and her laughter... She
was known to everyone as Mama.
I use to go there when I lived in

The gals in there are and were
fantastic. Joyce with her big grin
and wonderful laugh. Who had
Center stage at the middle chair.
Marge, who to me, was the serious
one. Kept the window chair busy.
And the other chairs have had
hair dressers come and go.

I would go there in the morning
when the rest of Sandpoint would
stop by on their way to work and
drop words of wisdom and gossip.

There was a man who had a barber
shop, who came by every morning
that I was there. I would laugh so
hard at him, as he spun stories
about Sandpoint, it was all I could
do to stay in the seat. Much
to Joyce's displeasure as it
is hard to curl hair on a moving
target. He, too, has passed away.
I believe his name was Gary Springer.

The vast variety of women who sat in
those chairs, school teachers, shop
keepers, all of the Real Sandpint, that
we refer to as Old Time Sandpointers.
The husbands who came by to pick
up their wives and added to the banter.
Oh, if these walls could talk, the voices
of the past and still present, that is
soon to be destroyed.

Oh, Sandpoint, our Sandpoint,
where are you going? As you
slowly slide out into the
shadows, of the new that
is coming.

You newcomers,
you will never know the
camaraderie of these people.
The closest you might come is
at the Tervan,(Tam o"Shanter).

Good luck, Marge,Joyce, and girls
as you find your new spot.