Monday, October 25, 2021

Some days are nice and quiet.....

 Some days are nice and quiet... and it only takes a flick of the mind and eyes to catch wonderment. 

This morning as I was taking the garbage out, a flick of light caught my eye on the deck... And almost missed a moment....   

You know, a moment that life stands still and God shows you something of beauty.  Something that in our rush of things, we zoom by..   Like the saying ... we don't stop and smell the roses...

We don't stop and see the beauty of life in a simple of things..  a leaf..  not just any leave.. but the perfect leave of little color, so we would miss it normally... but this leaf caught my eye.. not just the leave but to drops of rain that sat within shining in the sun...  showing natures beauty..  

look closer

now look at how easy it would be to step by and never get to see.......

the ones below.. because as you can see just above, they would be easy to miss....

Hope you are stopping today to take in the beauty of the small things in life. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 7 DAYS OR A WEEK.... WHICH EVER COMES FIRST..   You have heard the adage on how long does a cold last.... but this stuff, likes us sooooooo  well, it swings around to kiss us one more time..  just incase we forget what the first round is like ...  And no I didn't like it the first time around, so not thrilled with the set back..  

It isn't coming back .. bad.. just not as good as yesterday.  Guess that is what we get for celebrating too soon.  Just disappointing to get up this morning and weaker than yesterday...  So back to the meds.. maybe we quit to soon..  

I guess now I am officially old..  my post of the past week is about health.. ours.. lol..    So let's hope kicking off the next week is about great things..  and not shoveling snow..   

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Under the weather….

Under the weather… hell, I felt like I was in the bowels of hell… ok, so that is a little dramatic… but it was close.. the feeling like a dirty wet dishrag for at least 3 days.. Sit on the side of the bed in the morning.. still coughing your head off.. (wonder where that saying came from? As you know it isn’t falling off, it hurts too bad) …

THEN YESTERDAY… I sat up on the side of the bed.. and my soul danced up the sides of the walls, and across the ceiling and down the other wall,.. side stepping quickly across the floor….  I felt GREAT… well, at least my soul felt great..  my body was still sitting on the side of the bed waiting for the soul to calm down.. and then raised up. I actually did feel 90% better than the day before.  Still coughing.. but at east I felt like I had rejoined the human race. 

Not wanting to rejoice too much, and wanting the body to keep up with the soul.. I did a few things, that had gone to the side for the past couple of days.  I wasn’t tired, or rung out. But DANG this cough… love to kick it to the curb. We are going on week 3 of this stuff. 


But feeling better does lift the soul. Even my microwave, dying did not deter me.. By the way, it isn’t easy to buy a microwave as it use to be. Walmart had about 10 different ones on display and 3 in a box.  And of course the displays are not for sale. And have no booklets anyway.  So went to Home Depot, they too, have about 8 different ones.  Ranging from $44 to $200.  The $44 ones, you should see those.. I open it up and I have seen bigger glove boxes in the car… Did find one that suited us…  actually two, they were just alike, but one had chrome around the door. That cost $10 more than the plain black.  I took the plain black. The sales man looked a little sad.. guess he gets paid by commission?  Told him that I wasn’t paying $10 extra for the chrome, the chrome did not cook the food any faster.      And out the door we went with one in a box.. because they actually have them in the back room.  Thankfully.

Did cross my mind, what if I could not get one. I know I spent my first 40 years without one..  but the past 40 years have been with one..


Well, hope this finds you all doing better than we are doing.  The weather is so beautiful these past days.. and now that I am feeling better, the forcast is ……RAIN.  (slump shoulders) …


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Well this is a revolting predicament.

Monday started ok.. just another Monday.. taking care of business..  lining up Dr. and Dentist appt for the King and etc.

But as the day moved on, the barking of the cough keep increasing..   I guess it is the season..   You know when we go from nice warm weather and then hit the wall of cold weather.  Still thinking we can get away with short sleeves and bare feet.  NOT.. hack hack hack.. that is the tune of the day.. 

Both the King and I are down but we are not out.. YET  stepping up the vitamins and  etc..   Hopefully by this time next week, we will be back to our old selves.. and no more barking..  Feeling fine other wise.. no fever, stuffy nose and headaches.. so hopefully this too shall pass.  

Take good care of yourselves..




Monday, October 11, 2021

How do you get thru the adult children stage…

How do you get thru the adult children stage… 


If you are looking for a quick answer, you need to move on.. If you are thinking you will be in control..  move on…

The first 18 years of your children’s life, you are pretty well in charge…  They live in your house, you pay for their food and etc… so that keeps you in the loop of being in charge.

This first 18 years stage is when you build their foundation. You show them by example and by words.. what is good and what is bad.. what the consequences are for each of them.  With the Grace of God, it will be a solid foundation. To withstand life and all of its bumps and bruises of the road.

Now we are heading into the 20 year olds… and older.  The 18 to 20 year old is where  YOU learn patience,  You are not incharge, but you might have a web there..  During those years.. you DON’T TELL THEM WHAT TO DO.. But you can say….. are you sure this is what you want to do, because you know this can happen… Are you sure this is the right choice for you? Takes lots of practice to not say more.. This is training for after 20.

Starting at 19 and half, is where you start learning to keep you MOUTH SHUT… This is a very difficult stage… By the age of 20 .. you hopefully have a handle on it.

Now before you give me..BUT BUT BUT…. WHAT IF… let me take you back to your 20’s… Did your parents tell you how to live your life, where they involved in your decisions?  Did you like that?  Is that the feeling you want for your child or children?   Every time I start to think of open my mouth, I think back to my mother and how would I feel if she decided to tell me , what I am about to say to my child.  99% of the time, if you are smart.. you will shut your mouth… and watch.

When they are 20, it a good time to sit them down and tell them..  that this is going to be quite a transition for you  both. Child and parents.  That you will not be telling them what to do anymore… (no crossing the fingers behind you)  That it will be hard for you, but you know they have to make decision on their own for themselves.  And if I ever say to do this or do that..  just put your hand up and say….. I’ve got this .. Dad.. (Mom) .    Tell them if THEY think they need some input from you… that you would be glad to listen… but you still won’t be telling them what to do.. You will be glad to give them options.. and what the consequences are for those choices.. but the bottom line .. you are letting THEM chose which options..   And you will ONLY give those options when THEY ASKED FOR IT… And this will not be easy for your mom and I.. (presuming it is Dad talking) and we might slip from time to time.   It isn’t we don’t care.. It is because we are going to trust you to make the best decision for YOU….

 And that is how it will be for the rest of your life.. You will gag on your words and maybe even have to put your hand up on your mouth, to keep from giving unsolicited advice. Some times gritting your teeth together so you don’t say anything.. 

But I will tell you from experience with all my kids.. When I let them decide their own lives.. THEY DID GREAT!!   it was a BLOODY MIRACLE.. lol..  Yes, they stumbled, but got right up again. And got it right…  Some times not the choice I would have chose, but it worked for them.. And that is where it is important. Worked for them…

Then if you are really lucky.. like I have been a couple of times.. you will either get it in writing.. or by word, of what a great parent you were..  And they will list some of the things that you taught them over the years…  my thoughts came to mind of.. OH MY GOD, HE/SHE WAS ACTUALLY LISTENING all those years ago..  ..Oh, my God, they got it…  and it will be your reward .. and it will bring tears… because there will be times… you will doubt yourself.. and your kid.. 

Don’t forget as you watch them stumble thru adult life, just as you did..  never use … I SHOULD HAVE, I WOULD HAVE.. I COULD HAVE.. all worthless words..  You use to yourself..  I did the best I could do, with the information I had, at the time I was dealing with it.  

Oh, there might be times between 20 and 25 .. late bloomers 27.. that you think to yourself, you love this child.. but you wouldn’t give a plug nickel for him or her… lol  But some where around 25 this child will shine.. AND you become the most smart person in their lives..   Yes.. it will happen. 

In the really hard times…  you know you can’t do or say anything.. but you can do what I do…   I give that person to God..  I pled with God, that this is a wonderful child who is lost.. please God, have him/her find her way… I tell you God… as I give you…  (child’s name)… I promise I will not help you..   AND it has worked every time.. God is amazing.

Oh, the best revenge you will have on your child?  It is called GRANDCHILDREN… lol..  They are God’s blessing for you… and it will be a great source of humor as you watch YOUR child, manage thru parenthood.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Putting it in the right order….

Putting it in the right order….


I see so many of my family and friends go thru such heart ache and anger over the current events.  99% of what they are so upset over, there is nothing they can do about it. .. maybe voting is their only opinions..  but since the beginning of time.. at least our time.. (those 90 years old and younger) there has been NOTHING you can do about ANYTHING  federal government wise.  You can vote that is important…  because maybe if there is enough of you all… you can vote someone out.

There is the cry for term limits.. but there is only one way of term limits…. If CONGRESS vote for it.. And do you really think the Congress people are going to cut their own gravy train off.. NOT.  And voting doesn’t get rid of the Congress person in other states.. so you are at the mercy of other states congress person.


So what can you do.. well, think of your life like your hand….  Think of your little finger as the world problems..  It is small because you can’t do much about it..  See above…

Think of your direct life… spouse and children … as your thumb…  Think of your pointing finger as your friends in your life…  the middle finger is your home.. your place where you matter, you have control over who comes and goes in it. …. The one next to your little finger is your job. Like the little finger, there is not much you can do about that one..  except maybe change jobs if your job becomes such personal heart ache.  You can change to another, because there are soooooooooo many job offers out there..  in every direction.. and maybe it is time to change that direction.


The whole bunch together…  is a fist, a grip… that you control… the first 4 you can change if you chose to. 

So get a grip on yourself… do what makes YOU happy.  Change what you can, put to the side what you can not… and concentrate on what you do have.. and we all know that the hand can survive with out the control of the little finger in our lives.

Monday, October 04, 2021

We old ones, still got it…

We old ones, still got it…

 The past month my husband “the king” who will be 70 next April…… my sister in law who is 74…… and myself … 81… have been busy…

 Sorting, carrying, packing and etc.  This is the “stuff” that she and her late husband decided to bring to Idaho from their place in Washington State, when they moved.   Now by herself, we signed on to help.

It took us 4 days of working 4 hours straight thru.. I set her up with a box to her right, for things to keep… a garbage can to her left …for throw away things..  A black bag, just behind the keep…. For Goodwill store. And even gave her a box with 2022..on it.. that was for.. I don’t know if I am ready to get rid of this yet.

We proceeded thru box after box…. Cleaning out a alley in between cars in the garage.  There were 3 different alleys.  I would line up boxes, and she would go thru them..  Worked pretty well.  She kept a few thigs.. the 2022 box filled up, 3 bags of garbage, and 4 bags for Goodwill.  We put up shelves, and put a lot of the keep up there.

Then there was THE STORAGE SHED… actually there are two.  One is full from wall to wall, ceiling to floor and front to back… That one I DID NOT sign on for.  She is going to find a handy man type guy with a van to pack up that one and bring it to her house and empty it in the garage. NEXT YEAR….  But I did sign on for the small bunch. The unit was the same size BUT, it was only 4 foot tall from the floor. There was a wide aisle on the left, and a small one on the right. There were boxes down the middle to the back wall.. and along side of the right wall.  Not bad.. then it hit me..  the boxes… THOSE BOXES… were 4 foot high… 4 foot wide… and 5 foot long.. 9 of them!!...

When ever I sign on for a project or even do my own.. I have sleepless nights, as I figure out how we are going to do it… from every angle… Can’t depend on the King, as he does not think logical, so it is heller skeller… and I think logical too much.. lol..  After two nights and a day, I came up with not only a dolly to lift these boxes, but those dolly things.. that has 4 piece of wood in a square with wheels on them.. Figured we could use the regular dolly to lift up on end and shove the wheel thingies under the box.  Great plan.. and it worked .. kind of..  Had a few snags.. like the wheels catching in the groves and etc.  Redoing the ramp/shed connection and etc..

But long story short… we got it done. We moved 5 boxes (2 trips) to her house 45 miles away.  And then went back the next day and loaded up 3 more…  we had emptied one box that didn’t have as much in it.

Did it we… did..  not bad for 3 old folks.. See, don’t count out the elderly… lol.  We are tougher than we appear.  But BOY, are we glad it is over.  Now all there is to do is sort thru the “stuff” in those 8 boxes.. and SHE has to figure out what to keep, what to give away and what to through away…  but that is for another week or so..

Tuesday, September 28, 2021




I am going to get into trouble for today’s post. See I didn’t do Happy Daughter’s day… But in all fairness, I didn’t know it was Happy Daughter’s Day… But was told last night, that today is Happy Son’s Day…


So I decided that this post really should be HAPPY KIDS DAY… As maybe that will get me out of hot water, with my daughter.. and besides, I don’t like praising one child over another.  Yes I will say something if one of them does something that is so special to me… but to praise for all to see, should be all of them.


I am sure over the years of reading my blog you have come across the thought that I think I have special children. As each one has done me proud.   You also learn that I don’t take credit for them either. I tell others, that I lay down the foundation as they were growing.. but what they have each become is what they worked hard to do and to become. Each one is special.. different (for which I am glad) brings to the plate the best of being in a human being.. Loved by family, and friends.  Each one has made their mark in life and done it well…




Monday, September 27, 2021

For the Love of God, please .. women.. stand tall...

 I found this on Facebook...posted by Glee Violette    (I don't know her)  and it sure brought back a lot of memories....  I lived during this time... 

here are Glee Violette words..

I graduated high school in 1966. Abortion was outlawed then, of course. But even though birth control pills were starting to become available, only married women could get them, and only with written permission from their husbands. Many doctors refused to prescribe them. Taking them was a moral offense that would get you excommunicated from most religions. Many pharmacists would not fill the prescription. And when they did, whispers went around the drug store, and the pharmacist and the clerks would treat you with contempt. It was a big freaking intimidating deal.
If a girl or woman got groped or raped, she usually kept it to herself. She would be blamed, always, for wearing the wrong thing, being in the wrong place, and acting the wrong way. Always.
Even if she was a minor, and the offender was an older relative. Men were praised for being sexual. Women were shamed. Even married women could expect leers and slurs about her condition if she was pregnant. That's why maternity wear was so concealing and prudish then. It was considered disgusting for a very pregnant woman to be out in public. In most jobs women quit immediately when they found out they were pregnant. Or they would be fired. And there would be no unemployment benefits.
Women had to take the oath in the marriage service that she would "love, honor, and Obey". It was even in secular marriages by Justices of the Peace. It was taken for granted. Women had the relationship to her husband that a child had to his mother. Subordinate. Obedient. There were laws, but "slapping around" or spanking a wife who "got out of line", "forgot her place", and "tried to wear the pants in the family", was actually regarded as appropriate by most people. And even when a wife was beaten to the point of needing hospitalization, usually, her husband was merely warned by police to "take it easy on her", and it was the wife who faced interrogation by her clergy, the police, and the hospital about what SHE did to "set him off", and was counseled to change her attitude. She was NEVER to deny a husband his conjugal rights to her body.
Because women could not control pregnancy, even by choosing to abstain, she had no control of her life. The fact that her employment depended on it, meant that no financial institution could take a chance on her being to repay loans. She could not get credit, buy a house or a car, or take out a student loan, unless her husband or her father, somebody legally "responsible" for her, co-signed the loan.
Because she could not control pregnancy, she was denied most jobs in management or training. Companies did not want to invest in temporary employees. They did not want to have to rebuild organizations when key people left.
Colleges denied most applications from female high school graduates. The attitude was that girls were only there to find a husband, and that they would drop out when they married and had babies. (And girls and women who became pregnant out of wedlock were expelled from high school and college immediately). Colleges felt that every time they accepted a female, she was taking the place of a future male breadwinner. It was considered almost immoral in their eyes.
Besides, "everyone knew" that women were not as smart as men, anyway. The silly things had no common sense. They needed to be guided and protected. They were the weaker sex, both physically and mentally. Television and movies made constant fun of them, especially of women who were clever and tried to rise to the level of men, and do their jobs. Those who succeeded were called horrible names, and came to bad ends. Unless, of course, a man came along to put her back in her place and she smiled and went happily back to it. Ah, true love!
Because of all that, her temporary availability, her subordinate status. it was simply unthinkable to see women in positions of authority. Women in the police and the military wore skirts and heels and did not carry weapons, and mostly did secretarial work, or support work as drivers, communication messengers, crossing guards, etc. Women did not appear on media as experts, or host the nightly news. In business, women did not appear in the board room, except as secretaries, serving coffee, passing out papers, and getting touched inappropriately. "Working girls" were fair game.
Look at old video and you do not see any women in orchestras, except as the singer, or on any film crews except as the script girl, or on any newscasts except as the weather girl, in a perky revealing outfit to reflect the weather of the day.
This was the world I grew up in. Where little girls were admonished to pretend to be weak and clumsy and stupid so the boys would feel big and strong. So they would LIKE us. So that someday, one of them would choose us, and marry us.
Our only goal in life was to be a housewife and mother, after a temporary stint as a nurse, teacher, telephone operator, store clerk, waitress or secretary. We were discouraged from "racy" choices like airline stewardess, model, actress or musician, because people would get the "wrong idea" about us. (A girl who became a cocktail waitress or nightclub singer might as well just put a scarlet A on her chest.)
So when Ruth Bader Ginsburg graduated high school in 1951 and was accepted at Cornell University, that was a big deal. When she got accepted at Harvard University after marrying and becoming a mother, that was a HUGE deal. When she graduated TOP of her class at Columbia Law School, that was nothing less than astounding. And THEN, she became a PROFESSOR at Rutgers Law School in 1963 (where she was told she would be paid less because her husband had a good paying job). She was one of only 20 female law professors in the entire country.
She was also a volunteer attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. In 1972, Ginsburg co-founded the Women's Rights Project at the ACLU, and participated in more than 300 gender discrimination cases, and argued six gender discrimination cases before the Supreme Court between 1973 and 1976, winning five of them. She joined the ACLU board of directors and in 1980, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, where she served until her appointment to the Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993.
In the 54 years since I graduated high school, the social role, the opportunities, and the rights of women changed, thanks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and other pioneers like her, from basically that of a child to that of an adult human being. We have almost gained equality to men in business and so many other fields. We still have a ways to go to be equal in pay. (And of course, women of color still are kept back at a much lower level than white women). We have only a tenuous hold on control of our own bodies. The same men who claim a mask is a violation of their civil rights to govern their own bodies, have no problem claiming the right to decide every aspect of ours.
The primary goal of McConnell and Trump, and the religious organizations that back them, is to overturn Roe v Wade, and LGBTQ rights, and then every advancement we have made in Civil Rights, Women's Rights, and Voting Rights in the Courts. They want to roll back the clock and re-establish white supremacy and religious authority to where they were in my day. In Ruth Bader Ginsburg's day.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg showed us that anything is possible if we are willing to put the will, the time, the effort, and the work into it. This tiny woman overcame every obstacle and achieved something for ALL of us living in this country today. We ALL need to step up now, and carry her torch forward. We stood on giant's shoulders. We must not fail her. We will not fall, but climb higher, to the place she led us to, the place she wanted us to go.
VOTE. Get everyone you know to vote. Everything we ever fought for and won, is on the line.

I would love to tell you it has all changed for the good of women since then.. but it hasn't..  even 20 years ago... I worked with women who came to work with a black eye or bruises...  men who came at noon on payday, to pick up their girlfriend's paycheck.. and they gave it to them.. even with little ones at home...  and run out of money a week or more before the next payday.  

During the times of this message... I knew women who were beat on for what ever the reason.. and then have the woman say...  I am sorry, if only I did..   (fill in the word) better, he wouldn't have gotten so angry...  I knew these women and I was one of those women...  

So for the love of God, please.. Ruth and so many more.. fought to help you be what you can be.. don't take less.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I am so lazy …compared to my ancestors

I am so lazy …compared to my ancestors

 As I was getting some tiny tomatoes ready for stewing. I was picking off the tops, Forgot what they are called..  But as I was doing it… I was thinking how did my grandmother’s do this?  Prepare food for canning, as they didn’t have freezers in those days… I would be lost without my freezers. 

Now the King does canning.. and does pretty well.. He learn from his Mom.  He helped her which made it so he could do it with instructions from her, as she was in bed or in a chair, when she was sick.   Me, I do jams.. 

I did tomatoes about 50 some odd years ago.. I clean the jars, using boiling water, and blanched the tomatoes and pulled the skin off.. put them in the jar and fill up ½ inch from the top, put on the lids.. tighten down the rims… put them in the pressure cooker. Took them out later, after the time mention….  And put them on two towels and one over the top… Check in the morning… NOT ONE DAMN LID SEALED!! … did I mention I have no patience what so ever..   There I was with 24 quart jars of unsealed tomatoes… for got what I did with them.

So I shred zucchini, and put 2 cups at a time in each container.  As that is what the recipe calls for. Put them in the freezer until winter. Then I make bread in November when it feels good to have the oven on.  Use to make 20 or more loaves for Christmas basket gifts. Don’t do that anymore..  so I keep enough for about 12, and give some to family, off and on. 

And I stew tomatoes and put them in containers in the freezer, and then make marinate sauce when it is nice to have a warm stove.. Or oven over night at 200. 

We are doing less plants as we aren’t eating a lot of squash anymore.  Use to like summer squash. Peppers haven’t do so well of late.

But anyway, was thinking about my grandmothers, and how they would peel and cut up, or snap beans .. huge pots of it.

While they made bread, that had to rise and fall and rise again. Plus start making things for dinner by 3 to have it ready by 5… 

Geesh, I am lazy…. None of this appeals to me anymore.