Tuesday, January 24, 2023



In the news we see on tv and read..   that the congress is having a problem once again with the budget..  talks of not agreeing and not passing anything..  But talks of shaving money off of the budget… in what department?   Well.. Of course it the usuals….Social Security and bills that take care of children and day care and groups … you know the usual..

So why not let’s cut budget programs..  my question is.. WHY is it NEVER EVER.. with Congress itself..  Never see anything about cutting their wages and God for bid cutting any of the benefits that they so richly have.

How about, no more automatic pay raises while they are on vacation?  And there is so many benefits the citizens don’t have a clue what they do get.. Let’s start there. 

While we are at it… did you know that Congress okayed a mere little bit of  93 BILION DOLLARS to last until 2025 for the  a trip to the Moon…  for some kind of a space station there..  so thy can live there a week at a time..  and the article said.. “HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST?” THE ANSWER WAS..  least $93 billion through 2025 which is more than  planned.    Now did I understand that right…  the part underlined and bold..  which is more than planned?   Is that the $93 billion is more than what they planned..    or is that meaning the time up there is more..  I don’t care actually I am still stuttering over the 93 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!   They report it like it is nickels and dimes.

 93 BILLION!!!!    

Why not cut there, Congress???


Monday, January 23, 2023



 Always thought I was a good in crowds.. found out that isn’t true anymore..  Well, can’t say I was really good, but pretty fairly good.

But lately..  I have had two incident where I was not only uncomfortable.. but really uncomfortable.   

One was a man who brought his chair up behind mind..  It was a gathering for church in the summer.. We all bring our chairs and sit in the field… with the stage in iu /front of us.  It was a really hot day. The King and I were in what we thought was the last row under a tent area..  But a man came up and put his chair close to mine. So close that his knees were up against my chair back. I could feel them. And when we stood, I could feel him breathing on my hair. .. Creepy was what came to mind..  I am sure the man did not mean anything by it..  I finally stood at a break and moved my chair out in the sun and told the King was wanting to be warmer. 

Yesterday, I was at church and we sit in the chairs against the back wall.  Don’t know why but we just like it there…. When a woman came in front of me, and removed my papers in the seat next to me. She started to give them to the woman on the other side. When I reached and took them.. She gave me a funny look, but never said anything.  And then when we stood to sing.. my jacket pocket was on the other side of the arm, which I had not noticed before.  I reached down to remove it from there, and she glared at me.. I don’t know what I did, but anyway she moved to the front row of the church and found a friend there, as they hugged each other.  I don’t know why, but it unnerved me.. how close she was to me. I didn’t take the arm area (maybe that is why I didn’t notice my pocket was so close.. but she pushed her arm up against me …like she was claiming the arm area..  It made no difference to me.  I am not am arm person anyway.  But her glare  was rude, at first I thought it was me… until we were leaving and the King said to me..  Boy, that woman next to you, sure was rude.. even her looks were rude.  He asked me if I had said something to her.. told him, not a thing.   He said he thought it was weird. ..  he said what if you were saving the seat for someone??  She just walked in, took over.

Guess I am not a crowd person anymore.. lol..

Oh, I like sitting with my back to the wall.. Once in a great while some one will ask about that..  I tell them in my former life, I was a gun slinger and I don’t like to have anyone sneak up behind me.. lol.   I say it with a straight face..  until they look at me, quizzively.

Then I smile..  But I have gotten some funny looks..  I tell them but I don’t believe in reincarnation.. lol

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

When another day, isn’t just another day….

When another day, isn’t just another day….

Our weather has been full of doom and gloom.. Not that I am complaining.

Because if you see the news.. you know what I am talking about.  California, is floating away..  from a drought to water .. water… water.. every where. In the rivers, down the roads.. taking chunks out of roads.. and the Northern part is getting 3 feet of snow.. almost daily for a week.. That is in the mountainous area…but people live in those mountains..

Then you have the south..  which is getting tornados left and right.. thru the towns.. taking school, stores and homes with it them.  

SO.. NOPE, not complaining about our weather.. of fog and sprinkles and no sun..   I will take this any time..

But yesterday… I had sunshine in my day.  I went to the physical therapist, in the early hours.. and at 10m, I was picked up by my youngest.. Who lives local. She took me out to lunch..  and then we went to a couple of second hand stores.. just to see what we could see.  First one, I had not been to before. She bought something, but I did not. It was a nice enough store. And very reasonable prices..  Then off to the Goodwill and the Animal Shelter.. Now I am really trying to downsize my stuff.  So was pretty picky.    The only thing I bought for me.. was an angel.. She is for my yard art.. Last year I threw away a lot of my broken pieces..  So she will be a welcome sight in my memorial garden. 

The rest was toys.. for the great grandboys.. they will be surprised to see some of the news stuff..  I had down size their baby toys about 3 months ago. So they have ended up with cars and trucks.. and lego’s…   I got 3 bags of lego type and some Lincoln log type  for them to build stuff.. and a bag of all kinds of small match box type cars and trucks..  All of about $8 in total.  Even got some small puzzles for them.. 30 piece and 40 piece..  So that should entertain them.

But what made the day a great day, was just hanging out with my kid..  My adult kid…  my baby of the family..  just a nice quiet lunch.. and going to different places..  My legs didn’t do so well, but made it thru the day… We can’t wait for summer time where we can be outside..  a nice cup of coffee, the view at the beach or where ever..  As we go thru life…  it gets busy.. so it is nice to take a day.. time out and enjoy each other

Monday, January 16, 2023



Who are they..  they are we..  all of us..  yes, me included.   We judge ourselves. Some times badly…  kind of our own worse judge of all.

Why do we think from the age of 2 to 70’s.. and some beyond.. that others are ok to judge us.. That we live our lives according to how society, our friends, and family see us and think of us.. Don’t we have a mind of our own. 

And while we are at it.. how about our own judgmental selves.. Judging how others in social should be..  measure up.. judge what they should be doing               TO YOU..  How dare we….  Even those of us who hate to be judge.. find ourselves judging others..   That is one I am working on..  Have for a couple                                               years…    using my go to saying.. NOT MY RODEO AND NOT MY HORSE TO RIDE..  Which I have changed to.. NOT MY RODEO AND  I AM TOO OLD TO RIDE THAT HORSE…   All cutey sayings.. but it is hard, to change a life time of thoughts..   But I am working on it and have gain some ground.

There are those who judge people.. not only by size, or color (which can’t be changed.. it is the luck of the draw of who your parents are)…  When I see some judge the gays…  or transgender and etc..   I ask them.. how many gays have asked you to join their team?  Meaning have they tried to turn you gay,to change your mind set of what gender you want to be..   I have never been asked to be gay.. or join in gay sex…  Maybe I have a put off aura.   But also those who do express negative  attitude towards them..   when I asked them that question.. their answer is…  well, no.. but..   I tell them.. no but about it.. They haven’t asked you to join them.   I get that some are a little over bearing… as there is most of those who are put down get to be.    But for the every day deal..  just let them be…  99.9% just want what you and I want..  a home to live in, food to eat, a car to get from place to place and a job to be able to afford those and a few extras..   Hey, kind of sounds like us..  So let them be..  Oh, yea.. sometimes this is hard because..SOME OF THEM JUDGE us as well. 

Then there is the body shamers..  Why do we feel it is up to us to decide what size they are.. if the color of their hair is not what WE THINK IT SHOULD be?  The clothes they wear..   do we want someone coming to our house and when we get dress.. tell us to go back and change our clothes to what THEY think we should wear?   And colors of clothes..  why is it some flinch when they see reds with pinks..  or any other clothes. I remember in the 1950’s  people would be horrified with red and pink or green and blue together. Now it is accepted… and more..    but we are quick to question others dress styles. What size should not wear what color or that style.

We judge who should be with others..  Gasping because a 5’7” guy is with a 6 foot gal?  

Yes, we are one judgmental society.. and I am sure there are other countries that are just as bad.. so it is the human race, not the nation.

Where did we ever learn that it is ok to be judging others by our own likes and dislikes?   And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we judge others on.

But I am working on mine…   reminding myself..  not my rodeo.. not my horse to ride..   Different strokes for different folks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023


 I tried to stop and do my blog for this morning.. but I am in overload.. 

The end of the table that I use for my office, is almost a foot high in papers and other stuff to deal 

with...  Which sends me back about 20 years ago..   

I was visiting my Aunt.. and as we sat down the next morning.. she was piling up papers to 3 piles..   And this was after one of her daughters visited 2 weeks before... and had it cleared..   I felt bad for her... and offered to at least take out the junk mail out of the piles.. As I knew her other daughter was coming in 5 days.. with her husband.. to help her out. She had said, it just keeps coming.. and I try to keep up with it..  I do take care of the bills right away, but there is other stuff I have to do something about.  So I pile it for later..

So here I am about 20 years later.. and I see the problem..  and trying to keep up with it..   Like her, I take care of the bills the same day and mail out the payments the next morning..  That I can handle. And do. Most of the time, I can throw stuff.. but once in a while.. with other chores thrown in... it gets deep.

But there is paper work from the  health insurance company, there is paper work from car insurance and several other things I need to read before I toss..  

How about you.. are you over run with paper work?   And no I don't want to put it on the computer.. besides that is the same thing.. having to read it before I decide if it is save worthy

Monday, January 09, 2023

Growing up with Mom and Bucky

Growing up with Mom and Bucky

Bucky was my pony of the 1950’s,  His show name (even tho he only went one time) was Mighty Mouse because he was mouse grey with a black stripe from his ears down the middle of his back to his tail. But we called him Bucky for a good reason.


The first cartoon illustrates it pretty well of how it went.

I came across these cartoons of a girl and her pony Lucy and jumping.  They brought back memories.. not sure if you call them fond ones.

Bucky and I were told by my mother, that we had a mission.. to be coming champion jumping duo at the horse show.  So we were sent out to practice, practice… practice.  Jumping over jumps TOGETHER. The together part was a debatable as it was a 50/50 deal. Me, being the over the jump part 50%  and the not over 99% of the time was Bucky, who was not into this so much.

One time after watching from the house.. my mother stomped outside into the ring.  Signally me to come ASAP!! Meaning NOW!!  She has me get off and then she got on. Off at a full gallop, and at the top of the ring, they came down towards the two jumps at a dead run.  AND THEN..Bucky put on his brakes and Mom went flying and cussing  It was so bad, that Bucky got spooked and dragged Mom back across the jump and across the ring….  I had to give her 10 points for hanging on to the reins. (letting go of reins in her book was a major sin, that I broke a couple of times.. and learn quickly..NEVER EVER LET GO OF THE REINS)… AND she did it well.  He stopped beside me.  She stood up and was spitting out dirt… got back on… and back to the top of the ring. Around the corner they went..down to the jump…with Mom yelling at him. And Bucky putting on the brakes once again.. with Mom on his neck and then the ground.  After two more times repeats, she comes back to me..  tells me to get on and go jump the jump. Now I am not a fool but I am caught between a very pissed off mother and bull headed pony.  Neither one of us is  in to this… but off to a full canter, like at a race track.. who do we see coming across the ring with a whip in hand… yep, Mom    She is going to get this pony and her kid to jump that jump even if it kills one of us.

As we approach the jump.. I hear a snap of the whip.. this time Bucky figured it was in his best interest to jump the jump and he did. And because I was snuggled in his neck.. I went with him.. not the most graceful jump .. but we made it.  We had to go over the second jump.  Then Mom was satisfied that she had won…and went back in the house.

Each time we went out to practice jumping, Mom raised the bar from 2 feet to 3.6… meaning 3 feet 6inches..  We were so sloppy at it.. (really we did try hard to do it right..) no wrath like my mother’s. Anyway.. she gave up.. I think it was because she didn’t want us in a show ring and embarrass her in front of all her horse buddies.. that this disgrace of horsemanship was related to her.

Bucky and I were very happy.. and went back to our rides thru the tree nursery.  Where we would stop by the canel..  I would lay on my back in the grass ..looking at clouds in the sky and Bucky got to eat grass. 


Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Ok, so this is the beginning of the rest of the year.

Ok, so this is the beginning of the rest of the year.

Seems that yesterday, was still a New Years day off.. so no post office/mail.. a lot of business were closed.. and no school.

Wonder how many parents took their kids to school or waited for the bus to come.. only to find out it was still a holiday.

So here we go folks..  January 3 .. the beginning for the rest of the year..  back to business.. and schools and all that.   But I really like to start a new trend..


Yep, I think I will start promoting that..  I mean there is some girls who started with t shirts a couple years ago.. 2020 I think.. I bought one..  Then a friend started ARK   Acts of  Randon Kindness…   I bought that shirt too.. 

So why not do a WHOE YEAR!!

ARE YOU IN WITH ME..  coming on, pass the word..


2023 the YEAR of KINDNESS




Monday, January 02, 2023


So here we are..  a new Year…

As we use to say in the past..  another year for us to screw up…  And that surely is true of the world..  this goes past the nation..  as there is such stuff going on all over. 

Sadly the media shows us the dirt, the nasty of the things that happen to places and people..

Thankfully, there is a lot of good that comes out of all of us at one time or another. Some more than others.  And sadly they rarely made the news..

So let us all.........  ALL....... do the drop in the bucket that provides ripple in the water… KINDNESS…  even if the person you are facing isn’t the kindness…  who knows how their day started or even week.   Take the high road..  be KIND..  do it for yourself as well, as you will find out, that YOU feel better.  It doesn’t matter if they are receptive ..  what matters is YOUR character.. the goodness of YOU.


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Good BYE 2022…

Good BYE 2022…

January.. losing 4 friends to cancer and heart.. to start the year..   11 inches of snow over night.. (guess we are ending this year as we started it)

Feb… learning about Ukraine..

March…Our neighbor’s son hit by a car in an intersection..  the up date is.. he is doing wonderfully well, he is healing and back to work..  THANK GOD literally

April started the yard work and enjoying great grandson’s outside.. and the start of tearing the outside of our house off for our project of replacing it..

May .. working on the outside of the house… and showing appreciating for mother in laws.. 

June..  was stepping up with the project of putting up the metal on the house outside….    With a quick break for a ride thru the woods looking for mushrooms.. 

July… the ending of the project..  the whole is finally done with some help of friends and grandson.

August…. Brought in a tractor in the King’s life.. now called the MONEY PIT…  also August brought the King to help his friend all month with his haying.. Like the good old days, except these guys are 70 plus.. so not as fun as the good old days.. but they got it done.. took the whole month

September.  was a trip to the coast to see the kids and watch one of our grandson’s get married to a lovely young lady.  Also the King help two of the son’s with their sheds.. 

October  brought fresh new snow for our fall weather..  bring in winter early and hunting with the King getting his elk and deer..… also October brought us a new little girl..  Frosty.. which has been quite an adventure..Mini doxie…

November … brought elections, thanksgiving and me with the frustrations of a smart phone and finding out I am not smart at all and I flunked smart phone..   and the month ending with the real start of winter.. with snow plowing seriously…  coming on strong and early…

December… fighting snow… daily.. hourly for the month.. 

Adventures with Frosty and her quirts… getting Christmas out of the way…ice comes to town… lots of wrecks.. and here we go folks..  with just 4 more days of this year..  and hopefully 2023 comes in calmly..    Happy New Years everyone…  

Monday, December 26, 2022



Several things have become less common that it was years go… One of those is hugs..  Especially with the elderly.  If you have ever working in a nursing home over the years.. you know there is hardly ever any hugging going on.  Even family to family..  And for those who are elderly, and alone.. no family left.. it is even worse.

While working in the HEALTH CARE CENTER… better know to those of us older ones… as nursing homes…  They changed the name to soften up the harness of what nursing homes mean to the older generation.   Nursing homes.. the place you go to die. I had hear that so many times over the years that I worked in one.

I didn’t give it much thought.. until one night while  I was working..  I had taken a woman and put her on the commode.  As I raised her to put her back to bed.. I held her a little bit longer than normal.. AND  SHE HUNG ON.. WE WERE HUGGING… I never dreamt how much it meant to her.   So I did it to a few others… that I would be in a position to hold them as I transferred from the bed or to the bed..  It was an amazing feeling…. For both of us.. 

Working the noc shift..  which some called the graveyard shift… I found that the human touch is lacking a great deal for our elderly… Working the late shift gave me the time to take a few seconds out .. to a minute or two… to show just some compassion.  One man, who I had laid back down, then covered him over with the blanket..  for some reason, I bent over and kissed him on his forehead and told him good night.  As I started to walk away from the bed… he whispered..  thank you.

We forget .. how much the human touch means.. and especially to our elderly, who no one seems to remember they too, want to be held.

It only takes a second.. to hug, to give a gentle kiss on the cheek.. or even say something about how nice someone looks that day.   I can remember I was walking back to my car after getting the mail from the post office.  A woman, got out of a car and started towards me, when I noticed what a beautiful green dress she had on… and how great it looked on her.. and with out thought, I told this stranger, how beautiful she looked in her green dress.  She was a little startled at first, (as we had never seen each other before or since) but then she said THANK YOU.. and kind of blushed..  and a huge smile..   

IT JUST TAKES A SECOND..   ONE HUG AT A TIME..  some kind words…   Let’s be kinder to each other.