Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Day of sadness…..

Day of sadness…..

Those of us over the age of 50.. remember this day .. before even Kennedy got shot.  Very few are alive from those days of December 7, 1941. The bombing of Pearl Harbor.    A few vets left.. very few as they are in their 90’s now..  

While in school.. we learn about it in History class. It was the worse thing had had EVER happen to the United States of American. Even worse than World War One…  First time any of our land had been bombed by a foreign country.

As those of my own age see that it is pushed aside.. somewhat downsized… with a few mentions in any media…  it saddens us. 

Yes, there has been other incident that have happen..  The killing of Kennedys, Robert and John..  Martin Luther King.. and of course the two bombings of the World Trade Centers.

But this day also had great sadness for our family as well…  my sister in law.. the King’s sister committed suicide.  Suicide as anyone will tell you, is a horror for any family.  So many questions of, could you save them..  and the true answer most of the time is no..  With her.. in the note she did leave behind… her words there that stuck in my mind until this very day…. “Love is not enough”… for surely she knew she was loved by all who knew her.. So many friend who showed up at her celebration of life…  her family.. and more.   

There are so many groups for suicide.. to help prevent.. for those who are thinking of it.. to call on…  but I have yet to find an easy answer to any of it..

Some say it is a selfish act.. and it is easy to think that.. after all, we all would do anything. Yet those who try and succeed never look but at that one dark moment, when all is lost to THEM..  And as she said…  Love isn’t enough.

But we still have to keep trying to head it off.. for all those who will listen and stop.

For all of those who have lost a friend, a family member, and others… our hearts go out to you.  Considered yourself hugged.. 

And for those who are even thinking of it.. Please know.. there is love waiting for you.. please stop.

my favorite picture of her... vacation in Europe

Still miss you, kid....     

Monday, December 06, 2021

So begins the STAFFHOOD …

So begins the STAFFHOOD ….

 We got this little bundle of joy yesterday… He was dump in the neighborhood of our daughters place this summer. She fed him so he didn’t starve.  There were others, she learned later, as she went looking for his owner.  He is the only one who made it across the road to her place.. Her house cats were not amused and let her and him know that.

So he was an outside cat, who lived in one of the sheds. A lover for sure..  Everytime she came out, he would curl up around her leg.  Purring all the way.. 

He has been an outside cat… used to silence .. with the exception of birds and wildlife around.. and the two humans who lived in the house.

When we said we were ready to get another cat.. Ours died about 6 years ago… and one kitty deal fell thru…  my daughter told us to come get him.. he is a lover, she said.

So with cat litter in hand.. and a litter box from our sister in law… we went out to meet him.   Mr no name…   And true to her word, he was a lover.. Happy to meet us.. purring and going around our legs..  So we found a carrying cage and brought him home..  He was really leery of this vehicle that was taking him to God only knows where.

Once in the house.. he hid.. found him, pick him up and petting him, and him purring..  So not so much not liking us, but scared.  He hid in the litter box.. (well, at least he will know where to go, right?)  Then the bathroom, and then the hall.. Every time coming to me with no problem. Sat with him on the couch. And he relaxed enough to sleep, but as soon as I moved.. he was up and GONE..  Behind our chairs, in the bathroom.. and ended up back to hiding in the litter box.   Each time glad to let me pet him, but not liking the house except where it was dark.  

 So I figured, because he was skiddish as I walked by the tv.. it was that.. strange voices coming from somewhere. Lots of people, to him.   Also he caught his image in the mirror that kind of freaked him out. 

This morning, I found him under our bed..  When I called for him, after all the other places were empty.. and used a flashlight to look under the bed (only place left) .. he came out. He was happy to see me.. purred.. let me hold him and pet him.   Sat on the couch with me.. but again.. gone under the bed again, when I moved.  Came out later in the morning when I went in there.. So I picked him up and took him to the food.  Which he had not eaten at other times. He had been drinking water, so that I was glad.. but with me standing there.. he ate the food.. I was happy for that.  I showed him the litter box again.. but he backed up.. let me pet him.. talked to him.. and then GONE again.. to the bedroom..  

Now when I go in there, he comes out from under the bed. But doesn’t like to go to the living room.. so again I figured it was the crowd voices..   I think he will be fine, once he gets that the voices are of no harm to him.. 

I did order a covered bed for him..  being he likes to be in dark places.. hopefully it will make him feel more secure in the living room. 

So once again… we are THE STAFF… got to get a few toys.. and all should be good.


Here he is…   KIT KAT…  for now at least..


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

These are scary times….

These are scary times…..

Been seeing some articles in news media on line… about California.

Now for years we have all thought of California being different.  Some good, some not so good.

But what has been going on down there for the past week, or week and half… is damn right scary.  I haven’t seen anything on the national news which is weird.  But there is several stores down there that there is huge robberies.   I mean huge…  at least to me, when 80 !!! people run into a store and start grabbing merchandise and then leaving the story… a gang like robbery…  that in my book is damn well scary.  This is no mom and pop store.. these a huge stores..  Nordstrom (twice) Target, and Home Depot.

What the hell is wrong with people. This is beyond entitlement attitudes.  Some of these are just 5 or 10 people but the one did have 80….. 80!!!! People going in and grabbing things and running..  Not a riot situation.. like some where they riot and burn stores.. This is out of the blue .. 5 to 80 people walk in to steal from a big box store?

What is going to be done about this?  Don’t know.. Security from what I understand.. are not allowed to have guns?  So shooting is out of the question.. and I can kind of understand, as from what I understand these people come in without guns.. Just walk up to the counter and grab..   I guess so far .. people have been so stunned that no one has done anything.

But I got to ask you… WHAT IS THIS NATION COMING TO? 

And has the media (national television stations) decided not to report it, as they think other will start doing it else where?   As so far this is only in California

Monday, November 29, 2021

Here we are… ending the year

Here we are… ending the year


We have two days left of November and then we hit December… and nearing the ending of 2021.

After ending 2020… anything was to look better. This year lead to a somewhat loosing up of lives. People could once again go visit relatives..  That they did this Thanksgiving. The highways and airports were full this year.  Although kind of uneventful as there were no big stories of people being stranded for days at airports because of the weather.  So that is good.


We got to drive down to see our kids in Washington State. That was great.  Even with the year off to a horrible start of losing the King’s brother, we are surviving.  We have been in good enough health to help his widow.  Considering our ages .. 69 and 81, that is quite an accomplishment too.


We are already setting up goals for next year. One of the major ones, is working on the house.  Some how we missed the deterioratation  of part of  the side of our house. We don’t use that part of our yard much at all…mostly for going from the back yard to the front, and I am guessing we don’t look up very often. Otherwise we would have seen that the paint is falling off the under part of our overhang of the roof.   So that is number one on our list of doing things..  Also we had decided to put metal 4 feet up on the sides of the house. The King’s idea.  His theory is .. it will help the paint. Seems that there is a couple of areas where there is a lot of water damaged … and even heat from the dryer, drying out the paint.  His thoughts are if we metalize it… less damage.  Have to think this one out really well, before we start that.  We did do that to our hot tub building.. and I have to admit, it does look nice.  But still got to think it out.


So this year, was a learning curve for the nation…. Do we mask or not.. do we get the shot or not.. And some really opinionated people, with their own ideas of it. And sadly the government is trying to push one side down the other side’s throat.  Some states are saying no..  So we will see how this winter plays out.


Usually I end a year with…        “Well, there is another year shot to hell”  but somehow I think 2020 can’t be topped for that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021






Some are not so blessed... 

We think of our daily lives ..complain about one thing or another.  be it politic, the world problems. We are complainers..  and some times we complain about what we don't have... just plain forget what we do have. 

So for the next couple of days.. leave behind all that you argue about... complain about and  take time out to enjoy the people around you.. 

And to those 3 people who I think about each year.... my cooks..   MY MOTHER,  MY UNCLE TINY AND THE KING..who as always, is the cook here this year as in the past.. 

And most of all I think of Jo Brownell, who made thanksgiving so great in my teens... And my Aunt Harriet who made the best fried bread for breakfast on Thanksgiving mornings. 

God bless...   enjoy the day

Monday, November 22, 2021

Heading into Thanksgiving…

Heading into Thanksgiving…


We are heading into the big holidays.. Thanksgiving

up first.  Then Christmas and topping it off with New Years.


As we head into Thanksgiving.. we think of what we are thankful for..  some other think BLACK FRIDAY.. Although since as year.. Black Friday has changed. Don’t know if that Friday will be the zoo it has been in the past. As a lot of the stores are running a Black Friday almost every weekend.


But with Thanksgiving coming up, we all should be thinking of what blessing we do have in our lives. Surely last year gave us a great view of what loses there are to be had.  

So try to be thankful for we each have in our lives. Be it family, friends,  a job,  a home… Hopefully good health.


While sitting around the table,  leave your politics out in the car.  Even if some one tries to bring it up, tell them that you would like to be just grateful for the people who are sitting with you all.

Be sure to keep the elderly at your table in the conversation..  Maybe when you are looking for a change of subject.. you might ask Grandma or Grandpa about their past Thanksgiving.. Their best one and their hardest one.. Might find some family history there. 

So be kind to each other… Enjoy the day, the food, and hopefully you have family to share it with you.

If you are alone..  there are some great places in town that want to share with you..  Our local one is the HOOT OWL… it is a mom and pop like restaurant. The owner, her husband and daughter with her family come in and help cook and serve those who show up. They have gone from about 100 to 500 now.  So you wouldn’t be alone if you want to venture out.



Tuesday, November 16, 2021

wow... was that a wind or what?

They called the wind Myria...   
old song from the 1950's
I was going to figure out what to post for todays post... and the electric went out. 
(I usually set up my day's post the night before) 
So not great thoughts except..... 
what a pain it is to reset your clocks each time the electric goes out. which was 3 times last night. 
I gave up on the last one, and figured out ... it can wait until morning. 

By the 3rd out..  we decided to cut our losts and turn off the tv and head to bed. 
We already had two shows we lost the ending to...  

So I am off to reclaim what has blown to hell and back in the yard.. 
Have a great day..  

Monday, November 15, 2021

Weird sayings…..

Weird sayings….. 

A zillion years ago. When I was about 4 or 5.. it was Christmas day, and I had done something worthy of sending me to my room.. Which didn’t take much and happen often.   

My dad came up to my room with a small ball of dough. I had gotten a stove and the utensils… like rolling pin and etc.  It was before the little oven that actually did cook things.   So it was just all for looks .. but for a little 5 year.. it was a big deal.   When I asked my dad, where he got it.. he told me.. he got it from my mom, and added.. I like getting her goat.   Being 5 and knowing we had not got a goat yet…(did several years later).. I asked where the goat was. He told me it was just a saying… and even though I had the good sense not to ask, it made me wonder what the heck that meant.   This came to mind a couple days ago. Forgot what it was, but it reminded me of that moment of 75 plus years ago…  So of course I googled it… and I got to be honest..  I am more confused now than I was then.  What do you think.. do you have an old saying that doesn’t make sense.?


“get someone's goat”

To annoy someone, to make a person lose his or her tempe.This term is definitely American in origin, but its precise 

provenance has been lost. H. L. Mencken was told that it 

came from the practice of putting a goat inside a skittish racehorse’s stall in order to calm it down. Removing the goat 

shortly before the race would upset the horse and reduce its chances of winning, a ruse supposedly planned by a

gambler who had bet on the horse’s losing. This explanation seems more farfetched than a possible connection of the 

term with the verb “to goad.” In any event, it came into use about 1900.


Also .. I can’t tell you what I had for lunch yesterday, but I can tell you about a saying my father used 75 years ago.. not that too is funny


Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Christmas lights

Christmas lights…

Do you have your Christmas lights up on your house?  When do you put yours up? 

We have ours up year around and about this time of the year, I check to see what is still working. 

Why do we have them up year around? Because it is a pain to string them each year.. like we use to.. and usually freezing our fingers off. Or worse yet, there is 3 feet of snow to tromp thru.  We also have a hang over eave, so one doesn’t notice them unless one is looking for them.

Last year we put a timer on them.. So they go one after dark and then you time them for how long you want them on. We started at 6 hours.. but down sized it to 4. 

But the funny part was..  I forgot it was on a timer.. Because it doesn’t get dark until after 9 in the summer. I had disconnected the front fence ones, as we use the gate to get the lawn mower in the yard..   And at 9, we are in the house… maybe watching tv with the curtains pulled.. or even have gone to bed, depending on what kind of day we have had. 

Well, some where near July…I happen to notice a colorful glow in the back deck… and there they were the Christmas lights.. lighting up our back door deck..  LOL..   Then I figure .. oh what the heck… I just down size it to 2 hours..

Also we found out by having the lights up year around.. if some one is coming over after dark and have not been here before…  we just tell them.. we are the one with Christmas lights on…  and we turn them on so they can find out house.