Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Isn’t it funny ….

Isn’t it funny how temperatures are different to us .. under different times… 

This Spring as always… as soon as the temps climb up to the mid 50’s, I shed the jacket and start with a sweater in the yard.  Working up to taking the sweater off as it gets too hot.

YET, if I am in the house.. and the heater is going.. and the heater is turn down to 55. as we had the doors open with it being 55 outside.. and I AM FREEZING… 

When the King gets into the hot tub.. and it is set at 103, he says it is too hot..  what part of HOT TUB doesn’t he get.  Yet when he decides to turn it down for the summer to 92… he says it is too cold..   Yet last week when we had 90+ days, he got the air conditioners out and placed in the windows.. because it was TOO HOT outside and made the house too hot inside.   This week it is 65 outside and he says the house is too cold… lol 

But the neat thing is, he is getting older..  because in the past when I have gotten cold in the winter, and want to put the temp up to 71.. he would tell me.. PUT A SWEATER ON… lol.. and we would keep it at 68…  Now age is catching up… and now he ask me what is the temp set at.. I tell him  70… he will tell me.. it is too cold.. put it up to 74!!! I tell him… well, my husband says, if one is too cold.. one should put on a sweater.. lol..  

Funny how our bodies adjust or not to different temps.

Monday, June 07, 2021

The graduations….

Here we are again… summer time and graduation time.

2020 and even 2021 graduations have been rough.

These students… be it high school or college…. Worked so hard for so long, and finally it is the end of the line.  But this line has been changed so much. 

One works hard to get the grades.. studying, test, and so much more…  to finally get that piece of paper to say your worth…  But that is only half of it.  At the end of the line, is the pomp and circumstances one looks forward to. The student as well as the parents..  While it is the beginning of the rest of the student’s life…. It is still the celebration of work well done… but that life pulled the rug from out under them.   Oh, they still get the paper. They have the proof of all that hard work.

But the celebration…. The celebration that brings all together.. for the great release of stress of hard work.. The parents pride.. the student see the fruits of their labor. Years of labor… ESPECIALLY THE COLLEGE student who has done from 4 to 10 years of hard work.. stressful times, self doubt times…  yet still marched on, still banging their heads against the odds.  And came out the winner…  came out to SILENCE….  A mere few words over a zoom like video from some room to another room..  a few friends and family saying or typing congratulations…  And if they were lucky, some small towns got together to try to make it better with beeping cars going by….

I guess the upside of this, is not sitting in the boiling sun, listening to some boring speech about the greatest that will follow, if they keep their heads high and keep working hard. 

But gone are the parties, the throwing of the graduation hats to the skies..  the clapping for the many awards giving out to special students..  The screaming as the student walked across the stage… the tears of the parents as they hug and take pictures after.  

Let’s hope the year of 2022, is back to the great celebration.   And the words of Dr. Seuss ring out from his book… OH THE PLACES YOU WILL GO… 

In the meantime.. the class of 2021, who did get to celebration in your small towns… and those who still have to do the zoom videos…CONGRATULATIONS …. You are one tough student who persisted thru the hardest of times… Nothing came easy the last two years of your schooling..

Now go there and give them hell… You are the proud.. you are the ones who really walked in the snow uphill challengers of life..   Again…CONGRATULATIONS.



Wednesday, June 02, 2021



Today is my first day without a newspaper… I will have withdrawals… no crossword puzzle…   and what ever the latest is..

But our newspaper has gone up so much that it is almost $200 a year.  I remember when I was paying $111 and a tip too. 

To make it worse, the paper has gotten thinner. Total of 8 pages.. that is 4 sheets of paper… Time to read the paper, we have figured out .. (minus doing the crossword) is 1 and half to 2 minutes.  On really rare days, there is an article of interest.  The Sunday paper will be a little bit harder as my favorite part is a column written by some guy name Sid.. He does a wonderful job of bring history to the front and center.  And such a variety.  From WWII, to Romans and all between… and not just wars..  Every week it is interesting and yes, I spend about 15 minutes or so on that alone.  THAT I WILL MISS.

Also the paper besides becoming a shell of what it was, the facts are getting mixed up… One time they even printed the wrong obits for the picture that was shown.. Really must have been sad for the family…. Unless the one who passed had a heck of a sense of humor.   

So I pulled off the bandaid.. I said NO to the request to renew my daily paper.  I surely will miss it, as that is my routine in the morning. And I have always said, I like the ‘IN MY HAND” feel of the paper, The layout on the table, paper…  So I will see how this week will go, and then SUNDAY, without Sid..  

How about you? have you gave up on your paper?  Does your paper cost you almost  $200 a year?  Or are you from the city where the big papers are?  I get it, that Facebook local has faster news.. it is the place to go for what is going on NOW.. and yes, it isn’t always accurate. That is what I counted on the paper to do. Come the next morning with FACTS…but half the time, there is no mention of what happen.. or worse yet, they copied what was on Facebook.   But the record which is the police report is from 2 weeks to a month late… by that time.. who cares.

Oh, well, times are changing..

Tuesday, June 01, 2021



 My, what a long time you have been away. It seems like

just last year, you only appeared on calendars… the word was NO .. No Lost in the 50’s…. NO music festival… No Mask, No enter…  NO AND NO AND NO… thru the rest of what we all have known for summers…  No Memorial Day celebrations… No Memorial Day cook outs… No , just no..  followed by No 4th of July, yet the rebels in our town did have one, with the cancel of the normal one.. 

So here we are 2021… and yes it seems to be sneaking in. Still no Lost in the 50ths.. unknown if that is permanent for the rest of time…  But 4th of July WILL HAPPEN… PARADES, PICNIC’S and FIREWORKS…  And just yesterday, there were the military celebrations at the cementaries.. There was the return of the Memorial Day parade in the town North of us. 

So HELLO JUNE.. it is the official start of SUMMER…FUN TIME.. SWIMMING, COOK OUTS, AND of course summer projects.. But the BOATS were launched.  People are out on the lake.. fishing buddies are back at it again… 


SO HELLO JUNE..  we missed you so much last year…

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Clothing .. men and women..

What clothes do you were over and over?


I have known for years that men will grab the first shirt, the first underwear, the first socks in the drawer.. So they end up wearing the same clothes every 3rd day…  Pants are just jeans…  unless going some where special.

By the way, you can not just put 3 different shirts, underwear or socks in the drawer.. it as to be a full drawer. And some even buy a new pack of socks even tho they have a full drawer of them.  One time while helping the King downsize his underwear… we found out he had 32 pairs underpants… but he only wore the first 3…I have rotated them when I was putting them away after wash day.. But now he puts them away.  Oh, and God forbid if you throw out a favorite tee shirt.. that has holes.. BECASUE THAT IS HIS FAVORITE.. well, guess so, as it has holes in it.  So when it comes thru the wash, it gets a huge tear in it.. courtesy of me… and thrown in the rag pile.  Which is funny sometimes, as he never misses it, until he spots it in the rag pile when he goes there to get a rag…

I have been married 3 times… (divorce, widow and now married) and it has been true of all 3…


But I have to say of late.. I am getting to be ALMOST as bad. I do have 3 drawers of shirts.. One is colored tees, one colored tees with words or pictures on it (winter it is long sleeve drawer) and the 3rd is tank top like tees.  I do have some favorite colors that I lean to wearing mostly.  The ones with words and pictures not so much..  Pretty much the same with the tank tops.. what ever color is my fancy for the day.   Pants are easy… have 3 different colored sweats for every day..  Black jeans for church. Black goes with everything.


So how about you? Do you tend to wear some clothes more than the rest, even if you have 10 or more choices? 





Monday, May 24, 2021

looking thru the freezer

I can name that……


You know the old program that they just brought back again… called NAME THAT TUNE.. and the contestant says, I can name that tune in 3 notes?   Well… in our house it is I can name that package… or maybe not..

I usually write what is in a package before I put it in the freezer, unless I think it is recognizable without a note or name…

Well that isn’t working out so well of late.  Now for dinner we have name it or eat it. Or we eat it anyway. Ha ha

The meats and veggies are pretty easy to guess, it is the others that, we have to smell, and if we melt a little bit, taste to see what the heck was this.

And then we have decided, maybe we shouldn’t have save it after all…. As the taste is not quite the same when it was fresh.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Crazy weather….

Crazy weather….

It seems like Spring came kind of early.  We have been getting high 70’s and then dip to 60’s and then up to the 80’s and now this week the 60 again. 

And the flowers love it.. but they would love rain a lot better and does this mean we shouldn’t have May flowers? As April sure did not provide enough rain at all up here in the Northwest.   I see the South is flooding, but we have nothing.  And it is getting scary.. with no rain, comes dry earth.. dry grass that burns fast..  dry trees that also burns fast.  So we would love to have the rain.

And windy .. oh my gosh, we get 10 to 40 mph winds. My  little windmills likes are getting beat to death. Even my great grand son noticed today..   He said, look Nana, that boy on the bike, on the fence,  is going so fast you can’t see the wheels.  And the truck on the other side was the same. 

Some one said recently, that they thought we were feeling it more because of the trees that have been removed. With all the housing being developed, and apartment buildings going up and taking down the trees that use to stand tall and filter the air..  I don’t know, but I know we seem to get more wind each year.

Which is scary with the dryness we are getting. It would not take much for a fire to start and the wind take it on a rampage burning everything within in miles.

Scary weather.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Horrible Week….

Horrible Week….


As you saw from my entry last Monday.. I took a family leave.  Here is what happen… and why I needed the week. 

On Mother’s day afternoon, it had been a great start. The usual time with my daughter… and then I pass her on to her son, so he and his family can enjoy them with her. 

An hour later everything went sour.  The parents when home and one of the grandson went with my daughter. Upon arrival at her house, and her grandson heading into the house ahead of the adults, he was attacked by the dogs there.  Why we still do not know, as the dogs were familiar with him and him with them.. But the quick part is .. they grabbed him up and headed to the hospital. Calling parents and us on the way.

While he was being attended to, there was a report written out of what happen. With the police being called and informed of the incident. Grandma telling exactly what she knew and about the dogs.. One male with rabies shots and one female without the shots.   They talked to the Sheriff and told him, they wanted to put the dogs down, so how soon can they do it.  Knowing the female should be quarantined.  The ER dr and sheriff, discuss it and the dog owner and the sheriff went to the home. The owner asked if the sheriff could dispense of the dogs for him. Was informed no.. and asked about the quarantine of the female. The Sheriff again, said no.. just shoot the two dogs and bury them. The owner offered to pay $200 to have the female quarantine. Again, the Sheriff said no.  Also at the hospital it was mention that the Humane Society was closed for the day.  So, on the orders of the sheriff, the owner shot the two dogs, and buried them.

The next day at the hospital (as the boy was kept overnight. The day Dr. asked about the quarantine dog. When told they were told by the sheriff’s officer, to shoot both dogs… she was very upset.. In the conversation over the hour, it was mention they would have to have the owner DIG up the female and dismember her head for a lab report.

The owner would have to do this.  (kind of like asking the family to do their own autopsy) …. Then later was told not to dig up the dog, that if they did, it would take 30 days or so to get the results.. which would be too late.  And the shots would be starting the next day. 

We were all reeling over this.. as they whole family talked about how the dog should have been quarantine.  If the Humane Society was closed why not have the owner quarantine her until the next day when it was open?  30 days for results? Yes we realize that labs are busy, but on such a manner, shouldn’t it be top priority? 

Thru all of this mess, the boy was in the hospital for 3 days. While they observe him and start the shots.  The blessing of all of this…. Was no damage to his face.. while there are scratches and bites on two legs, and buttocks, and two arms.. None of them were damage to tendon, muscles nor broken bones.  All the areas are minor with the exception of the one arm which required stitches… And amazing young man was in good spirits thru it all, with the exception of the shots.. which terrifies him each time. And has to be held down for the shots. He has two more to go in the next week and half.   All of which could have been cancelled if they had saved the dog for the 10 days. The dog was not a roamer, she was in the house most of the time.. when outside she was with the adults.  So the chance of her having rabies, was only 2%... so the boy would not have had to have these shots when proven she did NOT have rabies. 

I wrote and asked the sheriff himself.. what procedure is normal for such an incident… as this is hardly the first dog bite in this county or any where else.  I am waiting to hear back from him. 

During all of these, as we as a family gather together to help in any way…  our part was watching over the younger brother, who was not there.  So we had him 24/3…he is almost 2.  And we love this little guy with all of  our hearts… but I now understand why God does not have 80 year old mothers.. lol…  He was a good little guy, just a typical 2 year old…  And he didn’t understand why Mom and Dad were not around… so we kept him busy.. and he sure kept us busy… After he left to go home with Dad, the King said to me…   “So doesn’t this mean we won’t be opening up a day care”…  of which we both laughed. 

So here we are a week later, the young boy is doing well, with the exception of the shots.. he is such a smart kid. He told his grandmother… you know, maybe the dogs thought I was a robber…. (how cool is that… no blame.. just logic, too bad adults couldn’t be as wise) ….He has bounced back better and faster than all of us adults.   GOD IS GOOD.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021



Monday, May 10, 2021

Housing crazy market…

Housing crazy market…


We in Idaho have always have had a fluxion of new people coming into our state and to our particular area. To the point that for years to mention you came from California was not a good idea..  You didn’t need to lie, you just didn’t volunteer the information.  For that seem the state that has brought the most imports.

Then in about 2006, the market really changed. See we bought our house in 1998 for $72,000.  It is a small 1200 square foot, two bedroom, one bathroom, living room and dining room and kitchen that was medium to small. And we had an old one car garage With nice yard.  The house was built in 1958 and moved on this street in 1985.  During the raise of housing, my husband said we could probably doubt our money… we should sell.   My answer to him was.. and where do we go? As we could not afford the payments of a newer place. Our payments were $753 a month.. including insurance and taxes.  All of the ones I had heard of were $1,200 and up. A house that was really nice that you could get for $95,000 with 3 bedrooms and two car garage with ½ acre of land, was selling for $350,000.   So needless to say, we stayed put. Then the market fell in 2008. And people relaxed and sigh of relief. 

Now a fixer up is $300,000 and up… they consider low income house is $242,000.  And the regular home sells for a low of $400,000 and up to a million. And along with all of this.. rent is now going for about $2,000 for a 3 bedroom apt.  With having to have first and last and deposit that usually is the same as rent is now $6,000 before you step inside. Also there is a running lottery of sorts for an apt. Meaning there can be up to 4 people or more who are also wanting that same apt. and there is a bidding war. And apt houses are growing like mushrooms in every field.  Along with houses  and housing areas. 

At first, a little over a year ago, people who decided to move, and put their houses up for sale.. were thrilled. Some even being offered more for their home than they were asking.  But as time went by, it was getting worse.

One woman who lost her husband, decided to down size and even thought of going else where, getting out of the snow area… She had a buyer with in a week, offering what she thought was a fair price. Not wanting to get into the bidding war… Both parties were happy, and they told her she could take her time, as they didn’t want to move until after they sold their house and their son finish up the school  year in their town. LUCKILY, she also put in a clause, if she could not sell her house..  the deal would be off.  Just happen to put it in, as she didn’t think she needed.  She went to Colorado, houses way out of her price range. So found a place in another state near by. Only to find out there was a problem with the well.. and the owner would not make it good.  So then she tried the East Coast. Did not turn out well either, as the GI loan would not ok the house she found.  It went downhill from there. She is back home, once again… wondering what to do. She did tell the buyers she was having trouble buying a house, so not to sell theirs yet either. She is beside herself.  She just wanted a small place to have her dog, cat and 8 chickens..  wasn’t looking for a mansion, just a small place. But the market is outrageous.

Another friend tried for a year.. being out bid 3 times on 3 different homes.  People coming up from California and Texas, with cash money was overruling her loan guarantee. 

Then there are those who decided to keep their home and make improvements  Lumber has multiplied by 2 and 3 per cent. My daughter bought presto board last year for $11 a sheet… we saw the very same kind for $51.!!!!!!! now. $2.45 2x4 are not selling for $7.95!!!! 

So the next part in my thoughts is… with housing going out of this world,  and rent right behind it… I got to ask.. what happens to the working market workers?  And for those who do have homes…. WHO is going to pour your coffee at your favorite coffee stop? Who will work on your car? Who will cook your meals when you go out to eat? Who will take care of your children when you go to work at your above minimum wage job?  Who is going to take care of the elderly in the nursing home, or work in their kitchens, housekeepers and etc.  After all if the minimum wage person is priced out of home to live in.. they won’t be staying in your town..   Will companies be building apt. for their workers, so you owe the company store as the saying use to go? 

Will adult children be coming back to Mom and Dads with family in tow or never be able to leave home… have 3 generations in every household?

And how much will it cost you until you too, falter?