Tuesday, May 14, 2024



Every Tuesday and Thursday is GGBOY DAY… #2 GGBOY THAT IS… Number #1 GGBOY DAY is Wednesday, but he is only about 2 hours.. Where #2 is 6 hours.

Today, GGBOY #1 was amazing..  We have kind of a routine. First, of course, breakfast. Today was Eggo’s and Portuguese sausage. He had not had the sausage before. Was wondering how it would go over.  I sliced a thin piece for him..  He put it in his mouth very hesitantly.. Then the smile and thumbs up.

Then we were off to yard inspection and feeding the squirrels and birds.  He takes this pretty serious.  After that, he wanted to play hide and seek, but I told him I had a job to do first.   So we went out to the Memorial garden to weed it. I told him I needed to put down some newspapers after, and then bark.. I told him to go to the house and bring out some newspapers for me.. Told him where the box was.  To my surprise he was beside me in about 2 minutes.. WITH THE WHOLE BOX!!!  I pulled weeds and threw them into a pile.. then he would take them and put them in the wagon. After I got the area done, I would lay down paper, and he watched, then he started getting the newspaper out and tucking it under the previous paper, like I was.  I then walked over to where the bark bags were stacked.  I lifted a bag up which was heavy as it was soaked from the rain.   I walked over and open it and let the bark fall out over the newspaper. And then I started to push it all over the paper.  He helped with that.  Then we started with a new area in the garden. As I was pulling weeds and then placing paper down.. I see him pulling one of the bags of bark over to the garden..  About 15 feet. He might be only 4 and half, but he is a pretty strong guy.  I had 3 more bags.. so talked the King (as he was walking by, to load them up in the wheel barrow and bring them closer..  GGboy and I pulled weeds, laid more newspapers and open another bag to spread bark. We got the area  finished with the 3 bags..  What a team.   And we had half of the Memorial Garden done..  Ran out of bark.

I told him, we need to clean up stuff. Had all the weeds in the wheelbarrow, so he took it over the garage can and put them in there.. with the bags..  I clean up the area and  told him I thought it was ice cream time.  He agreed and ran in the house to get the ice cream cups… handed one to me.. and we sat on the deck looking at our work.. He said.. “you know.. this is a good day.” 

God, I love that kid

Then we played hide and seek.. We had a problem. Every time one of us hid, Frosty would give us away. Lol..

Yes,  Lil Dude… it IS A GOOD DAY..



Monday, May 13, 2024

What a blessed life I have….

What a blessed life I have….

Now some might think because yesterday was Mother’s Day, that is the reason for my title..  and it is partly true, but far from for all. 

Yes, I had a great day..  I got flowers in baskets, I got cert. for more flowers or what ever I want to do in my yard. I got a sweetest little planter holder..  that my daughter made with her new 3 D machine.  I got to spend about 2 hours or more with .. 3 generations..   My daughter, My granddaughter and my 2 great grandsons..  We went to the remodeled shopping mall that is on a bridge.. we went to lunch which was on a deck over looking the harbor  Very enjoyable..

But the best mother’s day gift of all  …. Was two days before..  See my #3 son was having breathing problems.. he went to er.. and sent home after.. He had a appt with his heart Dr.   on Wed. The dr. sent him over to the hospital asap…  for an angioplasty test.. which was postpone to the next morning.. they found a 99.9 blockage in the one vein he does not have a stint in.   (he went thru this 4 years ago).. So they rushed him in to the O.R.  and operated on him.  Long story short he came out of it great.  He is now home.. 2 days before Mother’s day.. NOW THAT IS A GIFT FROM GOD for this old lady for Mother’s day..  and we are totally blessed.  .

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

LOSING IT…. On the phone.. ROUND TWO...

LOSING IT…. On the phone..

We have a problem with our stove.. STILL..  we called the number that Home Depot told us.. got the run around.. and sent to stove’s factory number..  ended up going back to Home Depot and the guy there handled WHAT WE THOUGHT was the solution…  that the company would call back with in two days.. We waited 5 days..

ROUND TWO… So the King went back Monday.. Given another number .. don’t know if this was suppose to be another building for Samsung or what..  But first off.. the King was cut off TWICE.. after calling the 3rd time… This time they stayed on the line.

The King was trying really really hard not to lose it.  Normally I would take over as he loses his cool with stupidity.  But my ears have gotten so bad..  I don’t even try. Which is good as He had to have them repeat information AND ask them to repeat..what they said.. and also to clarify what they were asking for. 

Then after he gives them the ticket # he was given last week.. and then the model number AGAIN.. and then the SERIAL NUMBER AGAIN.. then he is told that it could not be the right serial number as they don’t start with a 0..  So down on the floor on my belly to look at below the drawer.. I tell him.. it is infact a 0.. Then they asked him to look at the burner.. I hear him say.. NO IT IS NOT DIRTY.. IT IS CLEAN.  NO THERE IS NOTHING DRAINING INTO IT.. WE HAVE THE RECOMMENDED ITEM TO PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPEN.. THE WAY THIS IS GOING I HAVE HALF A MIND TO TAKE YOUR DAMN STOVE AND THROW IT THRU THEIR WINDOW…..   I put capitals be cause he is shouting by time..  THEN.. the person said something about cutting him off and going to hang up due to his anger management..  I THOUGHT OH GOD.. this is not going to end good.  That must have worked as God did cool the King’s jets and he said in a calm voice.. what do you mean you are going to cut me off…. I am trying my best to understand what you want from me… Then he asked a couple more question of clarification.  Then he asked.. ok.. so when will you have some one come and fix it.. YOU ARE going to have some one come and fix it..  then he said.. no.. I don’t do texting..  so don’t bother to text me.  Send an email call our phone.. but texting is not going to work.

Finally he understood it was going to be sometime this week.. AND they will let us know before hand.. 


Monday, May 06, 2024

Asking for help…. Not me

Asking for help….  Not me

Don’t know why I don’t’ ask for help for me..  Ask for others.. be it friend or family..

Over the years I have been the one who took others to grocery store, dr. appt. and any other place they needed to go..   Yet when I had to go with out a car for the day or even 2 or 3….  I never thought to ask someone to take me somewhere.  Just figure I can do without until I get the car.  Or if it isn’t that..   I just figure I will figure it out myself.. and get it done one way or another.   

Yet I am the first to volunteer? Why is that?  Are you that way?  Do you have friends who are?  Even if I get ahold of our gal who heads our church prayer group… I am asking them to pray for a friend or a family member..  Never once asked for me.. Don’t do it on purpose, just never think to ask.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Frustrating of growing old with a modern world..

Frustrating of growing old with a modern world..

We have had trouble with our new gas range. We bought it last Nov. and it was delivered December 8th.   So we are talking 5 months ago.  So should be under warranty and we got the extended one.. 

Well, today the King goes to Home Depot where we bought it.. The guy was very nice and gave the King a number to call for getting a repair person..  That they use…   And as an after thought said.. if they don’t give you a time and date..  or brush you off.. Come back.

He called and they did give him the brush off..  BUT gave him an 800 number to call Samsung Corp.  That ended up in a 45 minutes of frustration..  Us climbing all over the stove to find the serial number..  We had the model number.. but that wasn’t good enough.  So back to the store, as the long distance (Thailand maybe) guy wasn't getting it.. we tried to get them to email us. So we could send pictures.. but they came up with the excuse it was full.  I know for a fact, mine was not…  OH they could do it some way.. if I HAD A SMART PHONE… well those of you who have read this blog know about how that went.. and we have flip phones only.

So back to the store..  the King getting frustrated and calls back.. to get more information. While I am down on my hands and knees, and then my belly… looking for a serial number and reading off on label.. out of the corner of my eye I see… another label..  BINGO!!! it has the serial number. HALLAUHA..  The store guys tells me thank you, he is also talking to the factory customer service guy…  and they gives him a ticket number.  The King is told by the store manager.. the company has two days to make it good.. or they owe us a  BRAND NEW  stove.  We shall see. 

Now with calmer nerves we wait..

And good bye April..   hope I am ready for May...

Monday, April 29, 2024

Winging it and pissed off

 Recently Microsoft did some changes..  I get messages all the time.. When I go to close down, it will say new updates..  I try to ignore them.. but they will go ahead and do it sometimes when the computer is idle. 

Well the one they did last week.. changed so much..  I am guessing it is the Micro Word ... it has loused up my letter writing area.. which is Word..  it has also messed with my photos..  so I can't crop or lighten up a picture that is too dark.   It also won't let me open up ANY thing that I used for Word.  Meaning doc. address lists.. and etc..    Oh, I can update and BUY A NEW MICROSOFT 395 or what ever.. AT a monthly cost or a yearly $90+ ...  they offer all kinds of stuff.. that I can't understand, never mind use.. All I want to do is use the word part to write letters...  work on my blog so I can copy paste and put it here on Monday mornings. 

At first it would not let me make any changes to my address and phone number list... Now it won't open it at all.   Now I wished I had printed it out..  as I have added quite a few since the last time I did it. 

And as for my blog..  well, what you see is me winging it... and hoping that the screen doesn't disappear on me before I get it down.   I used word to save after each paragraph, just in case.   So this is going to be winging it for a while..  And they can't mess with this as far as I know.. as it is Google . 

DID I EVER SAY I HATE COMPUTERS!!!   Computers are fun when they work...  and my son told me about 25 years ago.. MOM, IT IS JUST A TOY...  (they were at that time.. people were doing things the old fashion way.. typewriters.   But this time... I don't know what I am going to do, because this is not necessarily a computer break down..  so don't think taking it to the shop will help..  I need a programmer I think..  So going to see if my granddaughter will be able to help me..   It isn't that I hate the thought of paying to update.. But to pay for so much extra  that I won't use or understand..  Seem there should be an old lady issue.   lol..  So if I disappear off of this thing..  It isn't because I died.. it will because Microsaft has done in an old lady's computer..   

Tuesday, April 23, 2024



We had some guest come in on last Thursday. And left on Sat. early am.

We have a wonderful time with these guests.  A man and his wife.

We got to take them to another family members home to met and greet. And went to lunch together.  As our s-i-l had not met them either.

The King and I had dinner at our home on Thursday and Friday night for them.

Both days were full of memories of this couple with the King.  Oh, the stories.

Friday night was the same.. and I found an album of the King. The stories and matching the pictures with names of their memories.. as the old pictures did not always have names on the back..  Uncles.  Great Uncles, Grandparents.. and LOTS  AND LOTS OF COUSINS.  has names now.

It had been over 30 years since the King had seen this man..  They are cousins.

Their mothers are sisters.   So the memories flowed.  And the laughter at the tales. The wife had lived with some of it.. But they had moved to ARZ. Before I had visited with the King.  So I did not met either one of them.  

I had become Facebook friends about a year ago with the wife.. We hit it off pretty good..  as we were eventually cut from the same cloth.  We had enjoyed each other on Facebook and Facebook message..

So when they said they were going to lower Idaho.. but would like to come up for a couple days to Northern Idaho to visit .. we were thrilled. 

How blessed are we, to have such fine wonderful people,  who are so thoughtful.

It was kind of sad to take him out to breakfast at 0 half hour.. lol in the morning.. and bide him good bye.  She was at the motel, and didn’t want to give us what seem like a cold..that was coming on..  (see what I mean about thoughtful).  They headed out back to their b&b before they headed back home to the mid-west.. 

What a blessing… thank you David and Judy…

Monday, April 22, 2024

54 years ago….

54 years ago…. 

54 years ago, I was heading to the hospital at 5am. Husband called his friend and business partner and said.. you are going to have to take the truck load in today.. I am heading to the hospital.. Which was 25 miles away.. 

This was not my first rodeo. Been here 6 other times..  But I did make sure it was my last.. See we decided 8 was enough.. and actually between the two of us.. it was going to be #14.

They put a thingie on my wrist and the other side of it fit over my nose and mouth..  it was for loosing up the pain level. The Dr. showed up and said he was going to take a nap, as it looks like a while..   The nurses waited a bit.. then took the gadget away because I was having too much fun..  And then .. SHE decided she was tired of being bound up for 9 months and decided to make a quick entrance to the world..  The Dr. ran..but it was the nurse who caught her..  HELLO BABY GIRL.. this was before you got to see what sex your baby is going to be.  At least in our area.. 

What I did not know is that they decided that date.. was going to be a holiday… Named….EARTH DAY.

So I always know how long we have celebrated Earth Day.. just by the age of my daughter.. who tells people she is older than dirt..

SO… HAPPY BIRTHDAY … J.C.. looking forward to spending the day with you…  Love you forever and a day..

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Holy Cow my schedule is full…

Holy Cow my schedule is full… 

April is a busy month with birthdays for sure.. so many friends and family …about 20 of them.. 

But also with Dr. appt. seem to start in April.. We don’t like to make many if possible, as we never know what the weather is going to be like from Oct. to April.. 

And the April is no different..  So blending Dr. appt. and birthdays and visits from out of town..  We sure have a busy schedule.    Our mirror (the keeper of the notices of pending appts..  is almost full … and we already took down the ones we have done so far this month.

The next two weeks is no exception from the rule..  Next week or so will be busy, I might forget to get my blog done.. so if you don’t see any here for that week..  just know I didn’t die.. just I was so busy.. like an one arm paper hanger…..  I just didn’t have time..  This week.. have GGboy, and the King has the dentist.. then end of the week is cousins coming in… which the King hasn’t seen for about 40 years.. so we are excited for that..  the following week… Monday a birthday on the 22, hair perm appt..FINALLY.. on Wed.. Friday coffee get together with old (meaning times and ages) fellow employee’s… for coffee at one of the nurse’s home.  We use to do once a month or birthdays.. but we have not done it for about 4 years.. and we have lost many in that time…  And the Tuesday and Thurs. of course is Lil Dude the GGboy  So that is going to take us up to almost May 1st.. which is a dr. appt for me.. Which is my last appt. with her as she is moving to Tenn.


Monday, April 15, 2024

Being 84, I find myself with less patience …

Being 84, I find myself with less patience …

I am not good at being told what I need to understand and what I am to do.. and what I am told I have to call things. 

When you do things for over 80 years..  you find you don’t give a damn if others like  or don’t like how you react to things. Or new wording, that makes no sense..  WOKE PEOPLE?  what the hell..  by the way I saw that there was in 1860 a group called WIDE AWAKE… during the Lincoln elections.  Google it.. it is interesting.. 

I also got some paper work from PBS with the idea of getting more to donate.. and the author of the letter signed it off with his name…  his position.. AND the word THEM…  What the hell?  Sorry that doesn’t work for me.. in so many levels.. When I have answered his letters or wrote to him.. I did not sign myself off with FEMALE..  Just leave it at the position.. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE OR GENDER!!...   I am not going to write back and say.. Dear so and so.. them..  not going to happen.

See at the age of 84.. changing terminology doesn’t work for me.  It is what it is.. is my theory.  And the old way is my theory.  Why do they take words that already mean one thing and use it for something else..  like the word gay.. while growing up.. gay meant.. fun, good, and etc..  gay time.. was a fun time.. or a good time..  Just like the rainbow.. now we can’t use those colors.. because it means some one who like the same gender.. NOT..  RAINBOW IS GOD’S GIFT TO THE HUMAN RACE… to make us feel better about the beauty of nature..  

Don’t try to change my mind..  I am 84 and I DON’T HAVE TO.. AND MORE SO..  I DON’T CARE..  IT IS WHAT IT IS..