Monday, April 25, 2011

I,the still unfinished clay, believe

I read in a book called Ashes to Fire (edited by Merrit J.Nielson)some wise words.

“We share a common temptation to quickly connect injustice and sin. We often live with a self-imposed scar that whatever injustices we suffer, we supposedly deserve them. We quickly convince ourselves when thing so wrong that we are somehow being punished for our actions. We try to muster up belief within ourselves that injustice must be fair, that our wrongs must deserve God’s punishment in this way. Life isn’t always fair. Our actions will always have consequences, but not all consequences are equal to the actions. Kindness is not always returned with gratitude. And sometimes our wrongs go unpunished. (like not getting a ticket for the times you did run a stop sign, and rolled thru it) Our injustices in life are not always about God running some sort of cause and effect system of justice.”

This makes sense to me… it is one of the belief’s that I have always had and
probably one of the reasons why I have some trouble with some churches over the years. I have always believed that I am just as close to God and Jesus in my yard surrounded by his grass, his sky, his trees, his air and etc. than I was in a church, if not more so. So many churches preach the hell and damnation. The fear of God. I don’t fear God, I believe in him, I worship him, and I try not to screw up because I respect him. So I have a hard time with mankind’s thoughts and preaching from time to time. Many times. But I do go to church
to learn, to hear what the Pastor has to say. Once in a while you find a good
one. Who does not judge you, he lets God do that.

I believe that God and Jesus are loving Gods, who get disgusted with us
Humans down here from time to time…and smile at our antics and even smile at our kindness. I believe sometimes we have to deal with tragedy in our lives so that we learn a lesson from it .If we have perfection 100% of the time, how do we know that.. with the bad times, we learn about how wonderful the good times are. We may not know that lesson for quite some time. Most of all, we need to stop beating ourselves up and letting others beating us, for our sins. We did it… it is over.. we learn from it.. God already forgave us. Get over it…God has many more things for us to see. And I believe that all things are possible through God. And everything in God’s time table, not ours.

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