Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Invitation Season

Ah, here we are in June… The invitation season…
That is when the mail comes with an invitation practical
weekly or less. Invitation to graduations, to weddings and what ever
else the summer brings.

There are several invitations types… there are the save the day
for us invite. The we are getting married, finally (that was ours 12
years ago) invite. The graduation invite that wants you there if you are
the parents or grandparents.. all else please send gifts. The please
come see our little darling get married. Or the, hey we are getting
married and want you to watch and enjoy the day with us, invite.

Ah, the please send gifts invite. They are the ones where you aren’t
really wanted there, as they don’t want to have to pay extra for the
meal they are catering… or you are a friend of Mom’s or Dad’s and
they asked me to send you an invite.

Some come early enough that you can write it on the calendar and
be well prepared for the day, if in fact you have decide to attend. BUT
then a week before, comes another invitation… for the same day.
(Does Ms. Manners have a time limit on invite, or is it first invite is
the one you have to go to?) We have one such coming up this week
end. So the King and I have decided (actually I decided) to split it. He
takes the wedding(he is closer to the groom), and I take the
birthday/graduation party They are two hours apart but on each side
of the county. So not doable for both of us. Not and be fair to each.

So are you ready for the season? Do you have a standard gift?
Weddings for us is x-large towels. Graduations is money, (it is the
right size, color, loved by all and etc.)

And what do you do when you accepted one invite and another one
comes along much later on the same day?

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