Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tennis elbow?

I think I have tennis elbow... and while I am
at it.. I think I have bowler's wrist...

I decided to alternate my Wii disc...On
Monday, Wednesday and Friday... to do
exercise disc.. And on Tuesday and Thursday
to do the sport disc, that I finally found.

Well, I did some last Thursday and then
on Friday, my wrist hurt a little.. wondered
how I might have strained it.  Then put
it out of my mind.

This week, went well.... well, as well as it
can go for exercising...  Remember I HATE
exercising.  I don't mind walking outside..
but confined exercising is not my forte.

Then Tuesday night, again with the weak
wrist.. with pain.. and the elbow... On to this
morning.. and it is back with a vengeance.

Then I had my AH HA moment.. Last Thurs.,
this Tues. and Thurs.... what was I doing?
Playing tennis, baseball, and bowling.. and
I love to bowl. I use to do the real thing for
years. In fact they thought I was going to have
my twins in the alley on my last game, spring
that year. 1968.  And I only wish I did as well
as I do with the Wii... as I get a lot of spares
and strikes.. but anyway.. each day that I
played, I increased my amount of games.
Especially the bowling..  wa la... now I know

why my wrist hurts and my elbows hurt.  

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