Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The headlines and media rings out with these words...

The trouble is, the people who read or listen to these headlines, don't go any further than that or the first sentence.... because if they did, they would find out there is more to the story. And some of it discounting the headlines..  At least watering it down to common sense...  As they threw in red meat along with these processed meats...  Biggest headline puts out the big word of BACON...   anyone who has read any thing of media that has food in it.. for the past year or more.. Bacon has been a main ingredient...  Bacon wrapped jalapenos... bacon soup, even as far out as BACON ICE CREAM...  so what better way to knock it off the market than.. it causes cancer.

My take when these reports come out.. is the book of 1980's
called LOOKING OUT FOR #1... which turn me into a cynic,
that I am... so I think you can eat anything you want.. just do
it in moderation.. this reminds me in the 1970's, when they
came out that water caused cancer.. all water, not just bottle..
and then 6 months later they came out that AIR caused cancer...
Use to be coffee... but now coffee is ok..  And that is the way
it goes... this year.. XXXX causes cancer... 2 years from
now.. there will be good reasons to eat or drink it..

I think it is safe to say, that what ever kind of farm that has
raises meat... that family eats more of that kind of meat
than other meats..   Meaning if you are a cattle farmer, you
have the tenacity to eat a lot of beef.   If you raise sheep,
you eat a lot of lamb... and if you raise pigs.. they you are
likely eating more pork than the rest of us.  

So with this new report... do they have proof, that more
pig farmers and their families, have more cancer than
the rest of the country?  I thought not...

Oh, going vegetarian.. is not going to help either.. remember
the e-coli scare we had with vegetables.... and of course you
can't eat too much fruit.... after all, they are full of natural

Moderation folks, that is the answer.. not all beer drinkers
or Marguerites drinks are alcoholics.... moderation...

And I wonder.. again.. thank you LOOKING OUT FOR #1..
just who is behind this.. and how long did they do their
study?  Who has something to gain from this??? I don't
want THEY.. or a named committee... but the person's
name who started this study.. and why did he/she start
it?  and etc.  etc.. etc.  

I will give up bacon when they pry my bacon from my death
griping fingers.... lol.. especially if it is wrapped around cheese
filled jalapeno's.....        Joking, people..get a life.. 

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Mari Meehan said...

Wow! Bacon wrapped cheese filled jalapeƱos. Sounds wonderful!