Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fever...Fevvvveeer... planting fever.. 2016

Is this early?  I don't know. Can't judge
by last year, because last year was early.
I was mushroom hunting with my galpal..
and we noticed how dry it was.. and the
temps for that day was 75.  That was mid

So here we are heading to the end of April.
Not much for rain, for May flowers. Even
though there is reports of this weekend.

But I have the planting fever.. feel like I
am racing in place... So many to do and
yet, know that the snow isn't off the
mountain yet.  Old wives tale is, no
planting tomatoes until after the snow
is off of Baldy.  But there isn't much there.

So I had to satisfy my planting fever
with these pansies in the Dutch shoes.
and a few more seeds in the pots in
the green house.   Some of the others

are already to go outside.. but do I dare?  

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