Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What a difference a hair cut makes...

I was in yesterday getting my finger put in the socket
again, after having straight hair for almost a year..
Putting one’s finger in the socket is a slang way
of saying getting it curled.

After getting all the rods put in, and then the
solution put on, I offered to sit in one of the
back seats that wasn’t being used on the other
side of the wall. So the gal could cut hair or what
ever while we wait the 35 minutes.

In walked a young man.. who had long hair. I would
say at least a foot long on all sides…  while he didn’t
look sad, he didn’t look very happy either.
The other gal started on him.. and I had changed seats.

When it came time to rinse out my hair, I stepped
around the wall, to see the young man with a short
hair cut.  About inch and half on top and the sides
real short.   And a slight grin on his face as he looked
it over.  The gal finished up and then washed it for him.
Then the real grin started.. He looked great.   We all
commented on it..   I told him that not only it looked
lighter, but he looked lighter.. I looked at my gal, and
said.. look at the grin on his face..  Then he really smiled.
What a difference of the hair cut… The old didn’t look
bad, just this one looked so much lighter..in his soul.  

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