Thursday, July 14, 2011

Government Twiddlebrain....

What government twiddlebrain came up with the idea of taking children away from their parents because they are obese? I mean give me a flaming break.
This is wrong on so many levels…

By the way, where, like so many other government plans, are they going to get the money for this plan? What, money? Yes, the places to put these 30 million or is it 300 million children that are considered obese. Their numbers, not mine, depending on which report you read.

They will need housing, food, (better food is expensive) electric, house mothers, aides to make sure the kids are where they are suppose to be… teachers .

Or are they going to send these kids to a public school? All in one neighborhood, after all this “home” is going to be in someone’s neighborhood. Where are they going to get these buildings? And I can see the mental problems coming up from the separation from parents… and the government paying for that in 10 years or so.

Why not spend half that money and have parents go to meetings of how to better prepare food, and teach them like that Oliver guy from Britain, who has tried his best to teach schools and almost been run out of those schools.
Education goes a long ways. And if you have seen the obese kids, then you must have seen the obese parents. Education, education, education… for the whole family. About food and exercise. It sure would be cheaper than any “home”. Or any other plan they figured on.

I tell you, some of those government so call brains, have WAY too much time on their hands.

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