Monday, July 18, 2011

Television shows poor view of us...

We got the floor down on Saturday, so we have a couple days before we
start up again… like today is cabinets and refrigerator being delivered.
So over the weekend we got to see a bit more television than we have for the past several weeks. As our watching is mostly about 8:30 p.m. to about 10.

As we watched some of the earlier shows I can understand why other countries have such a poor view of us. One of which is the entertainment shows… which I use the word entertainment loosely. The hostess has touted over and over, of how everyone is on a baby watch, now that Will and Kate have returned to England. Now Will and Kate are a nice young couple, who I would think would be enjoying each other, and their time together. They were lovely as they visited Canada and United States. But here is this hostess, and I would guess by her words that there are others, who think the royal couple should be having a baby soon. What do they think Kate is, a brood mare? For crying out loud… give them a break. Let them just be like normal newly weds. What is the big deal about having a baby right off.. and besides it is none of our business anyway.

Then I see the Congress has once again decided to act like a flaming soap opera. First time around was in what Dec. it was last year, wasn’t it.. and they keep the nation on edge (well some of them, not me)… was the Democrats or the Republicans going to blink first and compromise so the government didn’t shut down. Now here they are again back at it.. same old story… once again it is about them …meaning the parties… and not the nation… Well, I for one refuse to be strung out while they fight back and forth, right up to the deadline. Just like last time. Just once, I like to see them get on the same page and do things for the country. And what is it.. always about cutting education, Medicare, SS….. these seem to be the panic buttons to scare the nation and the elderly to death… Why is it NEVER about cutting Congress’s wages? Congress benefit package? Congress’s extra benefits that the normal citizen never even dreamt about, never mind obtain. We never ever hear that. Let’s cut them back to one month a year.. let them get jobs like the rest of us. After all, they yell about going back to the beginning and the Constitution… let’s go back to the original idea of Congress. It was never set up to be an occupation.


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