Monday, August 08, 2011

Are you a mirror person?

Who is the most beautiful of all… I think that is the
way it was in Sleeping Beauty.

I have never been a mirror person. The one on my dresser
Is almost blocked by stuff I have on my dresser, like jewelry
boxes and other stuff that gets piled there. There are cards too.
As my daughter refers to it… the cards that are there…
card of fame, because if I put up a birthday, Christmas,
or etc. card then she knows it is the card of fame.. meaning that card meant more to me than the average card.. Also there are a few pictures that are there. So seeing one’s self in there is hard to do.
We do not have a full-length mirror. I kind of regret that, because
it would be nice to see how a outfit looks on me, or is there a
slip showing (if everyone doesn’t faint and I wear a dress).
But being I would use it maybe once a year if that, it isn’t a
necessity. Besides I don’t have an area to be able to put one up. So that leaves me with my bathroom mirror only.
And that one I use to see if my head is on straight (hair do) or
do I have anything in my teeth, when I brush them? Then I am out of there.

So that leaves me not knowing what I look like over all. Which is
fine by me. With the King and I losing weight, we don’t notice it
on ourselves. I feel like I did when I was fat, maybe a little bit thinner, as I can see my feet now… lol… So when someone is
surprised at how much weight we have lost… we are surprised they noticed, as we didn’t think we had, except for what the scale
says each morning. Wonder why we think of ourselves fatter than
what we are? Even when I was fat, I didn’t realize how fat I was
until I saw a picture some one took, (which horrified me) or if I happen to walk by a window in town and saw my reflection. Which of course, I used the old denial thought of… it is the warped window.


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