Thursday, December 17, 2015

The more I watch the less I know....

I gave up on watching the debates... while rile
up the system, over some one who may not even
be around next year... Lot of them are like a firecracker..
the fuse is bound to burn out... and the fickle
public will forget who they are.. So why bother
now..  Easier on your heart as well.. after all
why get upset over them and their outlandish

But I digress... the more I watch the less
I know, about modern music.  Never been
a big fan of rap or  Iron metal Rock, I
think it is called..  And then there are the
different artist.  There is the arrogant
Keena West, I think his name is.. but
tell me.. do tell me .. what the heck is
THE WEEKEND....   No,  I am not talking
about Friday,  Saturday and Sunday.. But
a singer, who I think is male.. with the
most wicked hair do, I have ever seen.
I couldn't tell you if he is a good singer,
as his head is so distracting. I don't know
if his/her hair is pulled to side and wrapped
or what.. or is the head partly shaved? 

My attention span is bad, when it come
to the music of today.. For one reason is,
why do they scream when they are singing(?),
that question mark is for, is that singing?

I remember the day when the singer sang
a story.. some times sad, some times happy,
some times of love that is gone.. But you
could understand the words.

I guess I am just an old fuddle duddle...
Not with it. Remember I am from the
first Rock and Roll generation.. Elvis,
Lit Richard, Fats Domino and such.
And I  am sure it baffled my grandfather
as he was a fan of Lawrence Welk..
Ah, one, ah two... etc.   But I don't think
he was as baffled as I am at the way the

stars are not. 

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