Tuesday, June 12, 2012

birds of a feather

We seems to be getting some color in our birds this year.
We have had doves each year, up to 6 of them. (have a horrible feeling
there is 5 now because of a visiting cat).
And each year a yellow headed black bird shows up. Don't know if it
is the same one each year or not.. One year we had two of them. One
looked a lot younger. And then this year, we got what looks like a
Baltimore Orelle to me. Not sure.
Chickadees usually start showing up about this time.
Red wing black birds we get. Robins we get.. lots of black
birds and those horrible starlings.. They like to chase everything out.
The King has threaten to get the air gun out and pop them.
Those dang starlings will wipe out a days worth of seed in an
hour or so. I tried starving them out, but then I lose the others.
I changed seeds, to dove seeds and etc.. they wipe it out.
So I am stuck with the bad, so I can see the good ones occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the bird you described and the Baltimore Oriole is possibly an Evening Grossbeak. We have them and they're kinda fun.
Orioles don't usually get out this far. I had a discussion with my father in law about this very thing last summer. He was positive it was an oriole. It was a grossbeak.