Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please don't leave the message with...

Don't leave the message with
my husband..

You know I love him
dearly...But the man has a memory of
a gold fish.. 30 seconds..

So if you need a favor, or
you invited us to a cookout, or are
stopping by, or called on
the phone and tell him to tell me to
call back.. Forget it.. it
won't happen.

So if you want me to call
back, call me back.. If you want us
at your house on a certain
day, call me.. if you need a favor?
call me.. Make sure I know..

It isn't that he can't..
well, he can.. because if it is a fishing
date, or a hunting date, or
going 4 wheeling.. he will have it
down pat and he will be
there early.

God, I love that man, but
sometimes, he drives me nuts, with
oh, I thought I told you
that.. oh well.. lol


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