Monday, June 04, 2012

I still hate change...

You think by this time, I
could get with the program and not
have change shift my axles..
but I find I still hate change.

Got notice from the bank,
and of course, as all the banks
are doing, it is about rates
going up.. not interest, of course,
but rates for checking. Who has savings anymore with .04
% interest. So they can't
make money there.

One of the things that kind
of makes me laugh is that there
is still companies who
refuse to take a debit card, but will
take a check. Checks can bounce and it takes a couple days
to clear the bank. Yet,
debit card is instant for them. Got to
shake my head about that.

So there I sat, trying to
figure out what exactly they plan on doing.
Had more questions that
answers, so guess I will stop by the bank
and clarify what I think it
means. Which always makes me feel
like I am the dumb one. And I am sure the person who wrote it
up thinks it so clear. $5
fine if you get below $500 any particular day,
OR $5 find if you get below
$1500 for the month.. Yet it is all thrown
to the way side if you use
your debit card more than 10 times in that
same month? For all this they are throwing some better
deals which
I thought I was already
getting.. without having to worry about any of
this. I have the idea that if it isn't broke...
don't fix it.. guess they
think it is broke.

And being the King made a
visit to the ER this morning they gave him
a prescription.. which look
more like a check than a prescription. What
ever happen to that little
square paper they use to use..

Change, change .. go away..
leave it for another day.


Dimple said...

What we consumers don't see about debit cards: they cost the merchant money for every transaction. One retailer I spoke with told me each transaction costs him 30 cents PLUS a percentage of the total. So if he sells something for $1.00, and the buyer uses a debit card, he gets less than 70 cents.
Another retailer, when I asked to get cash back on my debit card purchase told me I could write a check for any amount over the purchase, but she didn't want to give cash back on a debit transaction, because it cost her so much.
I use checks a lot more now, because I want my purchases to support the merchant more than the bank!

Word Tosser said...

Wow, Dimple...when they ask me which I wanted to do.. debit or credit card.. I tell them what ever is easier for them.. as it comes out the same on my end. (except Visa won't cover with their garantee the transaction)and all of them say that the debit card side as they don't have to pay for any charges, when if used as a credit card they do. So now I tell them debit. Walmart, Yokes and Home Depot all told me the same. Wonder, does it matter what the area is? don't know.. anyway that is why I use debit. And now the bank tells me if I use the debit side.. over 10 times.. no monthly charges at all? Confusing.

Mari Meehan said...

What's with Kenny??

Bay Views said...

Obama delivered on his promise. Yes we now hve change... All we can handle and more.