Wednesday, August 23, 2017

AND NOW...a word from your sponsers....

Yep, taking another break… of undermine time.

See, as you read this…I will be in Spokane at the
Pacific Laser and Cataract Inst.  Having my first eye taken care of..  seems old age has caught up to my eyes.

And then the 6th of September, the second eye will be done. So how much will I be able to see?  Will I be able to type, will remain to be seen (no pun intented). 

So until I can once again see what the heck I am doing, I will be out of here for a while.    

And if you are the praying kind, please say a little pray for the steady hand of the Dr. and all goes well.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Much ado about nothing…

Well, that was like seeing nothing.. Eclipse ..
All the hype for it.. months and weeks ….
No glasses left… some where selling the bum kind.
Some bought or got  for free from libraries… and
Sold them for $30 and up..

Crazy people left their homes and drove to Oregon or
Other states from their northern state..  Pictures of the
Fields in Oregon where 100’s of thousand people camped
Out since last Tuesday.  What a mess of traffic that must
Have been.  They should fields full of campers.. thousands
Of them..  the amazing part was .. with these days of
Violence, it sounded like everyone got along.. wow..

But here in Sandpoint Idaho, it didn’t even get dark. That
Is what I thought and waited for.. the temp never changed.
It did not look like night… It was just another sunny day.
Did look at it thru a welding hat, and saw that the moon
Did move by the sun.. but at no time was there dark.

A news reporter had a conversation with her young son
On the phone.. he was so bummed it didn’t get dark, he
Was crying.  IT SUCKED!!!...  he thought his mother could
Have a do over, and make it go dark… 

I am with the kid..  Oh, well, back to life.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

No News, is good news....

No News, is good news…

We survived 12 full days with out internet, and with tv more or less. Our tv watching consisted of watching LITTLE HOUSES about tiny houses built on trailers… and cartoons with the grandkids.  And little of that.

And you know what.. we didn’t miss it bit. First news we saw was on August 14th at night..  saw very little of the news as we were unpacking our camper.   So I guess you might say it was the 15th.

We had no clue about the Va. Incident. (but news has made sure we have caught up on that.)  To me… humans hate what they don’t understand…. And chose not to try to understand.  Otherwise they could sit down without raising their voices, and listen to the other side, and express their own views, while the other side listens. And who knows even comprise… imagine that.. But we all know this will never ever happen.  And as long as leaders of the world don’t stand up and say something… because as long as they stay quiet or speak lightly about it..  it not only will remain, but spread more.

It is times like this.. it saddens me, and makes me kind of glad I won’t be around to see the end of this.. unless it speeds up.  But breaks my heart to know my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.. who I love dearly… will see it.  Hopefully common sense will come back.  

Friday, July 28, 2017

Vacation time..and second thoughts..

This will be my last post for a while.. we are going out of state for 2 weeks.. Have a granddaughter’s wedding to go to, and then the King offered to help one of the boys remodel his garage.

So right now it is list time.. List of what clothes to pack in the camper. What other things we need to take..  What food to pack.  Packing Misty’s things too..  as she is going with us.
List of items to take.. list of last minute food to buy.. List, list, list.. and list within a list..

List of things to do before we go.. The housesitter is going to be here with in a hour before we go.  Turn off the paper, turn off the phone as the housesitter has her own phone..   Line up neighbors who will take care of the mail.. putting garbage can back… watering the garden and flowers.. Yep, one List after another.

I won’t be around computers and etc.  So a dry spell of 14 days or so, of no computer.. I got done it before. Even Facebook.. Will take my Nook so I can read. That way I can take several books without giving up space.

So while I am away.. and not posting on my blog for 2 weeks.. I wonder if I might come home and decide to end it all..  I will leave a good bye.. if I do… But then again, I might be so full of stories.. I will keep going.  I would like to make it to March 5 of 2018 at least. Then I will have completed 14 year.  An maybe that is just enough..  I will see.  And hopefully while we are enjoying our family.. the Nation can hold it together to not lower the bar anymore than he has today (with the transgender subject) and Congress grows some balls and stand up to Mr. Trump.  I can hope.
So enjoy your summer… I should be around here about the 20th.. give a day or two one way or the other. .

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My mother taught me this...

Here is a throw back Thursday thoughts…. Not posted before.
There are things we do, without thinking about it..
They have become habit… unless someone ask you or you happen to think about it.. You might not think about why you do some of the things you do.

Wash the toilet from a man’s point of view.

Iron (who does that anymore?) shirts with the arms first and then the body, back first and then front. Less chance of rewrinkling

Pull dead flowers off of the potted plants, (and garden plants as well… as the dead leaves will soak up the water, and starve the rest of the plant.

Pull off of the bottom of the tomato plants, all the little leaves. Called sucklings.. go up at least 6 inches up the plant.. That leaves the leaves, buds and tomatoes getting the water that they need.

But the one thing that I can remember about my mother was when my father and I were washing one of the horses. We were getting him ready for showing the next day. I was visiting from Washington state… and an adult by this time. But the routine was the same, as it was when I was a kid.. Wet, shampoo, scrub the white stockings and hooves, then rinse from top to bottom.. letting the water wash off the soap on the bottom as well as the top.   After getting the horse done.. I was inspecting our work. My dad did one side and I did the other.. But then I noticed something. So I shouted out to my dad on the other side…  You forgot the front hock on your side… (now that word I remembered),but what was to follow, made my mother stop and then a belly laugh… What I said was… “he has poop on his front hock.”
The silence and then the belly laugh… My mother said.. you have been around kids way too long… but it is ok.. it will all come back to you… see.. around here we call that manure…

Most of my adult learning was garden rules… cut off dead roses, if you can .. go down to the 5 leaf area..and cut there.
Then they will grow more..
I planted so many petunias over the years.. driveway planters, house planters, around the tack room planters.. I thought I would never plant them again, after she passed away.. and here she has been gone, 27 years.. and I am planting petunias, because they are easy… and yesterday, there I was going thru each pot pulling off the dead flowers, with out a thought to it.. until I did… when the King asked me what I was doing and why. 

Oh, yea… it is manure now… lol… 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weeds and hast makes waste.....

Spend most of the day on my knees… pulling weeds.
I had cleared this one area about a month ago.. and here they are all back together and in a vengeance.  I swear they multiplied and grew twice as tall.   This far from all of the yard.  This is just the stone walk way, which has the black paper under it.. which is NOT suppose to let weeds thru…THEY LIED. And if I get my way.. this will be cement next year..

Then to make matters worse, I embarrassed myself… I was placing a sprinkle we have.. it is two round circles with a butterfly  in the middle, in the front yard.  I put the spikes in the ground and stepped on one side.. It went in about half an inch… then stepped on the other side..same.. back again.. after 3 times, I figured this is going to take all day… So I decided to jump on the two sides at the same time.. and my full weigh should bury them… NOT… What happen next.. happen so fast, I not sure.. lol..  See I found my self on the lawn…. On my back.. and hit my head on the ground…  Which by the way.. the dry dirt under the grass is HARD…  like stone.. Thought I was going to knock myself out.  But after gathering my thoughts quickly… I jumped up and laughed at myself.. Why?  Because as I was laying there thinking.. it dawn on me, as I walked into the front lawn.. there were 3 workmen across the street at Litehouse Red barn..  The last thing I wanted was 3 guys running across the street to pick up the old lady who stupidity had jumped on her sprinkler.  And then the King came around the corner.. THANK GOD, he didn’t see me go down.. I would never hear the end of it…

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Washington's new law

The state of Washington has increased their no cell phone
calls law.  It has been a law for a while, to not make cell phone calls.
It has been a running question of mine, when ever one of my children call me from their cars.  ARE YOU ON YOUR CELL PHONE??? “NO,
MOM, I am using my speaker, or blue tooth (what ever that is).” So then I talk to them..but still make it short, as even though you aren’t using your hands.. your mind is not on the road.. Your eyes are, but you mind is on the phone.  

Now they have further this to mean… no texting, no talking on the cell phone (yes you can use hands free items still)… but they also added, NO EATING.. no drinking water… coffee.. no putting on make-up, shaving and etc..  Which some of that I am I have seen women putting on eye make up while driving.. as they swerve from side to side..  But NO COFFEE drinking?  What are the workers going to do, as they head to work, with their wake up coffee in their hand?    So I guess, if the officer doesn’t see your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel… you could be pulled over.

I truly am glad to see no cell talking….AND NO TEXTING… Texting while driving is assine.. to say nothing of killing…  There was on the same news tonight along with the new law… a young lady who was drinking… and instragraming at the moment…  You get to see her horsing around at the wheel.. with her sister and friend.. then CRASH.. AND (insanely) still has her camera going as she tries to get her sister who is killed, to talk to her.. and yelling at her friend.. and talking about how she just killed her sister and she will probably go to jail… DO YOU THINK???   The second tragedy of this is… her parents.. they have lost one daughter, and will lose the other daughter to prision..

PEOPLE… THINK… what is the obsession with having to be on a phone.. to take pictures of your every moment?  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.. THINK..

Monday, July 24, 2017

Correct me if I am wrong....

It has been just 6 months since Trump took over the reins of this nation.  And for the life of me… I can not see where he has done anything, nor has Congress.

This is suppose to be the ideal Congress for a President. Meaning the majority of Congress is Republican, just like the President.
Yet he doesn’t trust them to do what he wants… The only thing that I have seen is the healthcare issue.. which is not going well for him.
He celebrated in the Rose Garden, after the House passed a health care plan to replace the ACA. Better known as Obamacare.
A premature celebration I thought at the time..  After all the Senate had not voted on their plan, and didn’t even like their plan. So came up with one of their own.. which is not going well either.  And now in frustration, they are going for Repeal Obama care.. which is not going well either. Even with one of their Republican Senator in the hospital (McCain) it still isn’t looking well for them.  So what has Congress done for the country?  I sure haven’t seen it yet?  Did I miss something?

And then there is the President himself. … first of all, it seems he doesn’t trust his own Congress….so he keeps writing Executive Orders, which Obama got razzing for all the time.  And it seems to me.. and I could be wrong.. but ever single EO has to do with repealing anything Obama..  This President is bound and determine to ruin everything that President Obama did.  I have never, ever, ever, heard of a President who came in the offie with the agenda of removing EVERYTHING the previous President did.   It seems to me that President Trump only agenda is to remove everything Obama.. and has no original ideas of his own. Nothing.. At least that is my humble opinion. … which is sad…  

When ….. oh… when… is this Governement going to start thinking about its citizens again.. Because I see NOTHING in any of this for us.  

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Throw back Thursday... July 25, 2006

COnsidering this weeks blog post have been none to POOR.. I SEE I HAD THE SAME PROBLEMS EVEN 11 YEARS AGO...

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2006

Sometimes it Turns Out OK

Last week I had a good week of
blogging... I am not tooting my
own horn. But there is the ups and
downs of blogging.
Times when you wonder..what the
heck are you going to write about.
Some times you draw blanks...
Sometimes you throw something
in just to fill space.
But last week, maybe because I
had a project I was doing, that it
was bloggable. And with the other
two... it was just a week, I was
proud of... I didn't feel like I just
mailed it in of sorts.
Now to just stay out of the heat.
And figure out this week.

Cis's Health Plan...

Why not, everyone else has an idea… so do I.
And watch the insurance companies scramble..
Although they will have home, vehicles and life insurance

See each and every one of us should have a meeting
With our own Dr.  We explain that we are cutting out
the middle guy.  That we will play the Dr’s office each month.  We will pay $100 for each adult in our household and $50 for each child. If you have two kids.. you and your wife will pay the office $300 a month..  Which is a heck of a lot cheaper than what you are paying now.   And then when the Dr. multiplies that times all of his patients, he should have quite a chunk of change for his wages.

Then we call up our insurance companies and cancel all of our
Health insurance.  Yes, this might ruin the health insurance companies, but they have been not good to us either. After all jacking up the monthly premiums and also telling us what they will cover and what they will not. What is preconditions and not.  It would be worth it just to see their reactions when WE are in control.    Oh, they can keep Congress as their clients.

Now granted there is a few clinches in this deal.  We have the ones
Who partake in the world of drinking and smoking, thusly using the dr. services more than the rest of us..  But we can figure out what to do
About that…  Also there is the problem of if you travel a lot. How do you get other Dr.s  cover you?  Maybe the Dr. can have a trade off  when their patients are in our area?

The other thing is.. you will be saving money this way.. right? So you will have to save $100 a month out incase you need a specialist. And hopefully you will save enough in 5 years to pay for them.  The Drs will have to shave some of the prices as well, after all they don’t have to deal with insurance forms and offices as well.. so there should be some saving them.

One of the side effects might be.. your dr might decide you are too much of a hazard with your smoking and etc.. so they might drop you.

Like I said.. it still has a lot of clinks in it yet.. but like the Obamacare…we can work on it.