Wednesday, June 20, 2018

THE PATH... update

Before...   with framing

arriving of the pumpers

Cement truck

 workers all working to get it poured and smooth

first part solidifying..

end of the path 



TENT CITY... rain expected.. didn't want the water coming off of the roof and grooving the path

PURE JOY....  the next day ... approved by the kid..  now trike needed

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I ask too many questions is what I have been told.
But how can one get all of the information with out all the answers.
And sometimes we leave out all the answers..  Some times we only give the answers we like.

I also don’t put enough information of my ideas or thoughts… Case in point was, a remark I made on Facebook… and was taken to task of far more than the subject I had in mind. It was about the children taken away from their mothers. Got all kinds of post and comments about the wonderful place these children are in.. Never had it better.  Well the last part might be true…  But the higher part of the comments were talking about how these children got separated from their parents …left them.. or their parents
already came to the USA without them.. That is the pictures we saw of the teens in the place of clean bathrooms, bed and video games. Yea, that probably is better than they had..  But my thoughts were not about the teens.

It was about the 2 year olds… the 4 year olds and 5 year olds they showed in a picture…  the ones in the cages are old history of Obama and even Bush days.    I don’t think the children ages 2 to 8 years old were coming across the border by themselves.. At least I would have been surprised..  But I guess I left out the concern of those ages in my comments.   My fault.

In honest truth, I don’t know what they did with the parents of years ago who had small children…..( one area had dirty diapers in the trail of 4 miles) so they had to be arrested with small children.
But I don’t recall ANY reports of taking the children away from their mothers.

The Trump group is saying the media  and the Democrat Liberals are using this subject for political gain..  Well, Trump group… your group is definitely using them for political gain..  Because I am betting that those mothers and children would be united this very night, if Congress made it possible for the Wall tomorrow…  In other words, political black mail.   

It disgust me.. for this Congress and Administration to use children for political gain…   Also I would not put it pass Trump’s group to put out all the pictures of these children… in cages and etc.. To rile
up the masses to get the Wall.. And the Walmart of
clean bathrooms and beds with video games.. came by the Republican gang to try to smooth over their mess.    I would be more impressed if they had showed the teens at desk and getting an education, with training in trades..  instead of video games.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Past come to bite.....

The past come to haunt you… It is in the vehicle called Facebook. 

Those of us in our 50 to 70 or even 80’s see pictures of ourselves, put up by family or even friends. They are of us when we were in our teens or 20’s.. or worse yet.. younger.
And of course they are not the studio type pictures … of smiles.. but something you and I were doing when we were being foolish..  and some of you when you were partying, in not the most favorable sights.

Some are great, as it brings back great memories of great times.. and some are sad as we see those who did not make it as long as we did.

And if you are an adult grandchild… well, let me tell you.. your grandparents have long memories… AND they have pictures to back it up.  They will proudly post pictures of you in your dorkiest times. Times you might want to forget.. when you were chubby or had braces..
Some of these will bring memories of great times.. and you remember pictures taken,  when you looked great…  but sadly no one post those.. Ha-ha.. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


YES… Mom, you will cry.. and Dad you will have a tear or two…  as your child walks across the stage to receive that magic little paper..

You will cry because.. you can’t believe you got this far and did not get killed or killed your child.. as there were many times, you wondered if they would last or even you.  There were good times..  not so good times and a lot of great times, thru those years.. Even making it thru the teachers meetings.

You will cry as you realize this child will move lock, stock and barrel (all but the stuff packed in boxes and put in your attic or garage, for the next 20 years) to move to college, with sharing a place with buddies… Some will still  go in the service.  And some will stay home with you while they get a job and leave the nest.

Worries will still be there. Drinking, people who will take advantage .. especially if they move across the country.
Erma Bombeck said that you stop worrying when they are 50 to 60 years old…  I figured out that she thought she would be dead by that time… so no worries.

So all of you parents, hang on… and remember, for the last 17 to 19 years you have been laying down a firm foundation for that child. Have faith that you did a good job and they will grow from there.  As you see them travel thru life’s bumps like you had to before… you will cringe, smile, and hopefully keep your mouth shut, unless asked for advise. And then don’t.. but give options..  Good Luck to you and the graduate.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Lost a day? missing Tuesday

For some reason, I was thinking today was Tuesday...  in fact I forgot a lot of stuff for yesterday. 
I forgot to go to the council meeting for City of Kootenai... 
I forgot to do the blog...
I even forgot in the am, until someone on Facebook said...
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!   lucky it was early morning, so 
we could recoup..  as the King forgot too..  
We had talked about it being 19 years a couple days ago. 
And how the weather is similar to that day...  wet, wind and cold. 
19 years ago, everyone who came to our outdoor wedding in our back yard, was in winter coats... So while the talk is how cold it is for June.. it actually is the norm. 

We have been busy .. should say the King has been busy... getting the walk way framed and dug out for the cement.. The pumper guy is suppose to come  today to give us an estimate... and hopefully by next week... we will have a walk way from the house to the back garage.  Which means .. no more rocks in the lawn
in the spring time... from the snowblower.  Which means I can walk barefooted to the little garage, and to the garden shed.  

Next up.. prepping and painting the little garage.. thankfully we don't have to do the big garage, as it is metal. 

So trying to get different projects done... has us going... and working, and buying supplies...  And hoping and praying the job can come in under what we put to the side for it.  

So enjoy the summer... in all its glory... and enduring the ending of Spring.
With all her bluster..  

Wednesday, May 30, 2018



Happy birthday to my twin son’s… 50 years! Wow
It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I brought you home from the hospital.

It has been a ride for sure.  See with twins there are two kinds..  Identical and Fraternal, and thankfully mine where fraternal..   I had visions of feeding the same baby twice thinking I fed both of them.
But mine were as different as night and day.. and still are.. One was dark brown hair… and the other is blonde… One is taller than the other.. Those who know them..  and know my other kids..  now confuse them.. but not with each other, but their older brothers.  The dark haired one looks like my oldest son and the blonde looks like his just older brother. In fact their aunt was telling some one at the blonde’s wedding that they were the twins.. when the darker hair one came by at that time.. and said.. “I’m sorry Aunt Pat, but I am his twin… and they all laughed.

Raising twins can be an adventure.  First off I was reading about letting them have their own individuality, so don’t dress them alike..  So I stopped that.  Also to have two cakes on their birthday, so they don’t have to share one cake.
And it has worked..  even to this day… at the age of 50, they are as different as can be.  Different attitudes, different life styles.   And can be closer to an older brother who looks similar to them.  Also said not to call them... THE TWINS. 
so it was rare that I ever referred to them as the twins. 

When they were from 5 to 12, they were fight like their siblings but seem more so…  Seems the other boys would stop sooner, because the younger one would give up and the older one won… but with twins, there is no older one or younger one, so it is a continuous battle..  So I came up with the idea of boxing gloves.. which was kind of a weird results. It seems they would battle back and forth, push back and forth, an occasional punch.. driving me nuts.. but as soon as the gloves came out.. then they decided neither one of them wanted to fight.. So after a few slugs, and telling me they didn’t want to fight, I would have them stop. And tell them, then stop fighting all together.. or I would bring out the gloves. Which would work for about 2 or 3 weeks..

It has been a great 50 years…. And I wouldn’t miss it for the world..   I am very proud of them.. each one. As I am my other children.  Each has turn out well, each are great husbands, each are great fathers and do well in their each occupations.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUYS… you might be 50, but you are still my boys… 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Be careful what you say to a 2 year old...

Be careful what you say to a 2 year old.

This boy is getting me into trouble..

I am just being myself.. I was a stern mother, so I was a stern grandmother.. and well, it continues on to me being a stern great grandmother. 

I think you should start off at the git go.. Because what you laugh and think is cute at 2, will come back to bite you later.    Also when they show they understand, and can tell you NO… then you know there is reasoning in there..

One day, my great grand son who I should refer to as my shadow, lil man… was acting up..  (throwing food on the floor from his high chair)…after several, No, don’t do that.. picking it up,…  I had it.. so when he did it the 4th time.. I turn and glared at him with THAT LOOK.. (you all know it, you have used it)…and said NO.. NO..  Which he straighten up and didn’t throw it any more..  This happen, maybe twice??   Well, he has come up with his own rendition of it, according to my daughter (the grandmother) and blames me.   As he looks at you sternly, with his own glare look and say…NYET…  well it sounds like that.  I told my daughter I never used a Russian word… I said NO..  Of which she laughed and pointed at him… and said..  do you see..  the look?  That is YOU MOM… just because he doesn’t have No down pat … (he does now) doesn’t mean it isn’t you, Mom..

Then there is the day, we were outside.. watching  birds and setting up his pool…  there were two small black birds… with white around their eyes.. that I don’t like…  So I went CAW  CAW  CAW.. like a crow.. and the black birds took off. …He loved that.. and later, as he is resting in his chair…. Two small black birds came and he stood up fast and said.. CAW CAW CAW.. and even running after them.
Now my daughter says I am teaching him prejudice. What?  She said did you do it to the light brown bird?  Or the one with yellow on it.. or even a robin.. And I said well, no, just the ones who chase off the other birds from the feeder.. She said.. see.. prejudice. But I am using the call of the black bird called a crow..  She said no difference… the little black birds are being chased off.. 
I got to figure this out..  do I stop being me.. or stop having my daughter around. Lol….   Guess I will keep them both….   BUT can’t wait until lil man picks up some of his father’s or grandfathers words.. have warn both of them.. but they haven’t slowed down while in the garage.. 
See how grandma handles that one... although she straighten out Poppa when her son was young.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018



When the first time there was serious talks of maybe talking to  each  other, besides the slings of words… I thought, yeah, right… What is the little man up to? Is he going to pull the rug out under Trumps feet at the last minute to make Trump look like fool?

But then South Korea got involved.. and they met. It actually looked like there might be peace between the two of them. Which is nice.. after all they are countrymen…Families could rejoin their love ones that got split years ago…   

And then there is the 3 that Korea let go, that are American citizen… I thought wow, maybe there is something to this.. And when he said he would get rid of his nukes..  I thought..WHAT?  What is going on. No way..  The man is not an idiot…. There is more to this.

And now.. things don’t look so healthy.. it is getting shaky…  And they were suppose to meet with the South Korean again.. and cancelled. What a shame there.. hopefully they will keep what they agreed on before…

But as for us.. I could not and still don’t think Lil man is going to give up his nukes..  And to be honest, I don’t think he should..   Not test anymore.. ok.. not make more.. maybe… but give up what he has? No way.

You see if you and your neighbor have been fighting for years… and one day he comes up to you.. and says, You know I am tired of fighting with you.. I don’t expect you to be my best friend.. but would like to have it so we respect each other.. and just give each other space to do our own business… And you agree…….. but then he adds a zinger… he wants you to get rid of all your guns… Sell them, give them away.. but get rid of all of them.. BUT he plans on keeping his..  Now would you do that? Would you for the sake of peace give up your weapons.. I think not.. and I wouldn’t.. and I don’t think the North Koreans should either.
Like I said.. stop testing, yes… stop making yes… but keep what you have.  Also the US.. if that is what they want.. they too should stop making missles and stop testing them.

And now the military for the North Koreans have said they aren’t getting rid of theirs.. (it is like they finally read the fine print) .. I never had faith in these talks.. you have two belligerent  and arrogant men.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018



As children we got into trouble when we lied. Many of spankings were given because of lies.

We teach our children how important telling the truth is.  I know I sure did..  How important your word was. That if your word was not trustworthy, then you were not either..

Even when you go to court… you swear on the bible, to tell the truth, the whole truth .. so help you God.

Yet today, we have alternate truth? What the heck is that?  We have people in high places of government who tell out and out lies.. yet are not accountable for it.  That does that tell the children of our nation?

For me.. truth has been a big thing.. and I will continue to tell it that way…it is a matter of  personal pride… after all I have to look at myself in the mirror.

What goes thru my mind, when they ask for the truth is the famous line of Jack Nickleson, from the movie.. and Few Good Men..............THE TRUTH?  THE TRUTH?  YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH?    guess the nation can't now either.

Friday, May 18, 2018

LOST IN THE 50'S 2018

This year is a little different .. I was in the parade.. so took pictures of cars at the line up and then the crowd as we were traveling..  only a small section of them as there were thousands...  So enjoy the cars and the crowds.... and etc..    in no particular order