Monday, September 15, 2014

Taking the week off

I am taking the week off... so see you next Monday.. have a good week. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where were you?

I am old enough to have several WHERE WERE YOU?
Today, most of the world is doing the WHERE WERE YOU
ON 9-11?

But I can tell you .. where I was when Kennedy was shot.
I can tell you where I was when the space ship blew up
on January 28, 1986.
I actually don't remember where I was when Oklahoma
court house was blown up.  That is odd.
I know where I was when the world turn from 1999 to
And of course for today.. I know where I was for 9-11.
Is there anything else that we should remember where we
were, for what?  I can't think of anything.

But to answer the question of the day.. I was at work,
actually pulling out of the parking lot at work, when the
first plane hit.  I had just turn on the radio as I pulled
out on to the street. The announcer was talking to the
other one, about a plane hitting a building in New York.
Just that.. a plane hit one of the buildings.  In New York.

As I traveled along down the road on my way home.. it
became, they thought it was a private plane, not sure.
Then it became the World Trade Center was hit by a
plane. And then ...rumor it was a bigger plane, as
I pulled into my driveway and turn off the radio.

I went inside, turn on Good Morning America, New York.
I use to get the New York channels at that time thru DISH.
And the reporters were a buzz with the news. AND THEN
GOD.. it was a airliner.. Then word that the first one was
a ... airliner,  as well. My daughter called. She was getting
ready for work, .... DID YOU SEE THE NEWS, MOM.
Yes, I am watching it.. I was watching New York ABC..
she was watching NBC Spokane.  We talked as we watch
in amazement.. How could two airliners lose it and hit
the same building.. She had to leave for work. Told her
I would email her with updates when she got there. She
said on NBC, they said someone said one had hit the
Pentagon. Told her I would let her know.

Moments later, it was confirmed that one had hit the Pentagon.
News crew were heading there as fast as they could. New York
is going crazy.. people running, dust all over everyone and thing.
And then came in news of a plane going down in Pennsylvania.
HAD THE WORLD GONE CRAZY?  I emailed my daughter.
She said that is ok, Mom, the whole building is watching on
televisions and monitors. Talk to you tonight.

And every one knows the rest of the story... as we all remember
this day.

About 20 minutes of the horror we saw.. the second plane had
hit.. it dawn on me... my morning routine at work was to get
two ladies up, turn on their television, and let them watch until
it was breakfast time.   Oh, my gosh.. what did they see?  Did
they think, and I had hoped they did.. think it was a movie?

As we all know now, the world had gone crazy that day, and
it hasn't gotten any better since then..     

Also in sadness.. there are some .. who are like my niece,
Barbara ... whose birthday is 9-11 of every year... hard to

be happy on your birthday... while everyone one else is sad. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Driving Mr. G

Now that the King has had eye surgery.. he can't drive. Which means I drive.. Now I purposely don't drive when he is well. It isn't the "man should be the driver" bit.  It is a matter of survival. Or sanity.

My sanity that is... and I almost forgot what that was until Monday
afternoon.  And Tuesday was worse.  I can hardly wait until he
can drive himself again.

See I seem to manage driving to town, to the mall, to Walmart,
quite well every day that I drive.  ALONE.. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, I almost hit someone.. because I was slowing
down and he screams at me.. YOU ARE GETTING TO CLOSE!
I about jumped out of my skin..and almost took my foot off of the brake.
I was 10 feet away or more. 

I also seem to be able to pick the right lane when coming to
an intersection. But he started with .. "you are in the wrong lane."
"YOU are in the wrong lane.". (I explain I knew where I was
going) and then it was "YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE."

As I pulled across the intersection of HWY 95 and Kootenai
Cut-across road.. The car next to me turn left and I went
straight where I was going.. then a meek, "Well, if that
car had gone straight, you would have been pushed over".
It is hard to keep your mouth shut while you are biting
your tongue..


But I have to do it all over again in 2 weeks. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

September seems to be the month..Or maybe it was January

I have for just today.. 3 birthdays... A son in law, a daughter in law and a friend's daughter...  Yesterday was my cousin's and a friend..

Then we have a British friend on the 19th..and a grandson...
 oh, yeah, my niece on the 11th and  the 18th is King's friend.
And  one more friend on the 16th...

All I can say is.. January was a very busy month...

This one is going to be short, as I spent Monday in Spokane with
the King.. and for those who asked.. the surgery went great.  In
fact he barely got sat down and it was time to get back up.. he
had cataract and laser surgery, putting in a lens.  The paper work
and evaluation went for almost 2 hours.. the surgery about 10/15
As they say.. easy peachy..

And for those who are local and are thinking about it.. we can not
say enough kind words for Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute in


Monday, September 08, 2014

This is NOT your father's war....

The way the country heads act, you would think this was WWII.
The journalist.. act like they are reporting on Vietnam war. That
reporting and getting caught is ok, just uncomfortable  until their country retrieves them. That after the war, they get to go home like all the prisoners do. 

But this war, and like it or not.. it is a war. We have troops on the ground, everywhere. Be they fighting or being they are consultants. As far as I am concern if our guys and gals are getting killed over there, it is still a war. It sure isn't a social gathering.

The war is so much different than any war we have ever been in for the past 100+ years.   For one, the only ones in uniform are.. our troops. So they know where our guys are.. and they aren't confused with the natives.
Theirs, on the other hand, are looking like anyone else.. maybe the gun might
give them away..but there are a lot of the good guys who walk around looking the same and have guns.   These cut throats hid their ammo and men with the women and children.. and then scream if our side bombs the building.. even tho their missiles are flying out of that same building.

Journalist, like Ernie Pyle, and such, did not run against cut throats like these. Some of the Japanese may have torture, and even the Germans might have..but I don't recall them torturing the writers.  First of all, the journalist had the good sense to stay behind the troops.  And as horrible as the two countries were to our troops with their tortures.. some how they didn't think writers were
worth the trouble.

Now we have a community of cut throats who have no respect or regard for ANY human. Be it the enemy, their neighbor, or even family members are at risk.  And surely Americans are on the top of their list, for being on the top of the food chain, so to speak. They don't care if the man is German, French, British, or any other country. They will kill them all. The people of the world scream if a soldier, be he one of ours, or the other nations, kills
what they consider civilians.. Yet say little when a head is cut off on one of our own.  A protest of indignity for a day or two and then back to business as usual. These fighters, could care less.. if anything... they count on it.  It gives license to do more.

The United Nation and all the countries who are trying to fight this war, have no idea how to win it. They have no idea how to fight it. ... because they have no comprehension of how these fighters think. Or how far they will go. Again.. they have no uniforms.. no particular outstanding looks that difference them from their countrymen who are not fighting.. So they slip in our country,
England, and others, basely undetected.  We even have the twisted mind of our own countrymen who want to join these savages. Turn coats, so to speak.
They think they will have power.. self power... a savage master.

We need to keep the journalist out of those countries..  They are not only signing their own death warrant, but endangering those who try to protect them. Their job is not worth the risk and unfair to their families. Once our country person goes into another country.. we have no guarantee that we will ever see them again,

unless it is on the national news. Not in a positive way. 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Over all, not bad....

This past weekend, it seems we got more accomplished
than the whole summer.  Well, maybe not quite.. but
we did get a lot done.

We had a lot of stuff on one side of our big garage.. You
know a-collect-all. wood, metal and just junk and a
couple of a 47 Ford pickup up frame and etc.
Well, now all that stuff is picked up, and the stuff left
is line up like soldiers... and we weed whacked all the
tall weed and grass that was there.  Quite an accomplishment
when you know it took us 6 years to get it in the mess it
was in.

Then we were out in the back half of the yard.. Where
stuff from the garden acclimated. We hauled the roller
and wagon we had borrow from our daughter a couple
years ago, Then clean up the tubing we use to have
for a green house cover. And weed whacked that grass
that was 3 feet tall near the fence.

So add in the cleaning out the little garage, we did
pretty well.  For two old farts..

Sadly in just 2 to 3 weeks we will start dismantling
all the yard art, lights, and etc. and get ready for
winter. Bring out the tote boxes, fill them up and
stack them away... Clean out the boat spot where
we have been throwing stuff.. So we can put the
boat back in..

I don't want to even think about that.. I am not
ready to give up summer yet.. besides we still
haven't sat out there after dark and have our fire
in the pit.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Oh, at least anyone listening to us, would think that..
Either that or they would think he was going to kill me.

This Labor Day weekend, we CHOSE .. foolishly, to
clean out our little garage.. It has needed it for years.
(now most wives have figure out the title to this post)

We have a shelf above around 3 sides.. and a counter
on one and half sides . Back and right half side.. and
then the back has a shelf below and the floor. The
right side has a large opening and two areas with doors.
The area with doors was easy, as it as a crock in one.
And some big thingie majig tool of his.. The large
opening is full of canning jars, pressure cooker and etc.
So that was easy.

Now the rest should have been easy, but that isn't the
way the King and I work.  I was going to take the left
side, as it has the 3 closets with house hold stuff. They
are between the freezer and the extra refrigerator. I
didn't want him telling me what to keep and what not
to keep. As he has the general idea that to get rid of
everything.. Unless it is his ... of course.

The right side was his car stuff.. (all kinds of spray
cans, and etc.)  His fishing stuff.. and that was a
short 5 foot area. I could care less what he kept and
didn't.  The back area was his to do as it had everything.
The counter has become a catch all. There is a vise and
a sander thingie attached to the work bench.. but they
have not been seen in quite some time. There is bags..
lots of small bags .. which hold different screws of different
sizes, that he has bought because he couldn't find the last
bag or it is a different size.. then there is lots of bags of
nails.. same reason.. Then there is bags of just stuff.. There
is assortment of tools.. I try to hang up the tools when I use
them, as he is a real stickler for putting tools back. Mostly
when it had to do with the kids or I.  His putting them back
is a crap shoot.  Near by is good enoug.. Anyway this pile
was, without exaggerating 18 inches to 2 feet tall.
The work bench is 20 feet long. Then there is the shelf
below.. with so many different colors of spray cans of paint. 
And quart size and half gallon sizes of paint. There is a box of
plumbing stuff, that I put there 8 years ago, when my
grandson and I clean this whole garage out and transferred
two wagon loads to his garage. (he was not happy) 
We did this while he went hunting for a week.  On the very
top, is totes that he and I did after our kitchen remodel.
There is 3 boxes of paint stuff. Tarps, brushes enough to
paint the Gold Gate Bridge, sticks for stirring, something
that you hold on the edge so you don't get paint on the other
side.. 3 of those. Rollers of different sizes.
and all that good stuff.. There is the electric tote, with everything
to do with electric... switch covers, plug ins, caps,  screws, and
etc. And then the last one has wiring.. for telephones, television,
stereo's and etc. ... That is one side.   The other side has hunting,
camping, fishing and etc. I don't go there..  And along the side,
the right top is suitcases, electric cooler, sleeping blankets, etc.
And the extra large  double hooks hangs 18.. yes folks, 18 different
fishing poles and their reels.  There is the lake poles, the ocean
poles, and the shore line poles... didn't see my favorite though..
fly fishing pole.. wonder where they went to.

So there we are.. sorting .. throwing in the middle of the
garage, taking outside along side the garage for next weeks
yard sale.(well, one of us was)..and what to keep.
Now I am taking it out to a table and sorting,
he is throwing in the middle of the floor, all the way down to
the door. 

He had gone to get some boxes so he could box up stuff. Not
sure to keep or not.. But when he couldn't find one of the bigger
ones, and wanted to know where it went. (there were 3). I told
him, I used one.. He had a tizzy fit. Yelling, I got those for me
to use for certain things..  Not happy, but went and dumped
them out and gave him the boxes.. in not the most Christian
language..  Something in the line of being selfish over stupid
boxes. And maybe worse.. He answered in kind.  And ranted
when he couldn't find his broom.. and where did I put it. 
Ranted about where did he place some of his stuff and what
did I do with it.. AND  THEN he said.. well, are you going
to apologized ? I laughed..
All I can tell you is we have a fences around our place.. and we
were in our garage.. but if the neighbors had been home,
they would have thought we were going to kill each other.

And lo and behold, when I clean up the middle, where he
was throwing things.. THERE, IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL..
was HIS other box he had a fit over.  With a sheepish look
he said.. Oh, well, I guess you can use these... Told him
I wasn't touching his stinking box, even if it was gold..

We started at 7:30am.. and by 2 pm.. we were done. The
garage looks nice, the yard sale stuff is piled for next week...
and he took a load to the dump... AND I DIDN'T KILL HIM.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Old song in my heart....

Every year, at this time.. I think of these words..from an
old song... my mother use to sing it while playing the piano.

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time for the waiting game
Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days I'll spend with you
These precious days I'll spend with you
 lyrics (by Maxwell Anderson);

Summer, I hardly knew ya.. you ran quickly thru my
fingers, as I planted the garden, and flowers. Your
heat would have me working in the early mornings hours.
Your sun colored me tan, and fishing was grand.

But I am not ready to give up yet. I have so much more
I want to do.  There are more fish to fish for, there is
more flowers to watch bloom... and a garden to pick
There is the lights on the pergola I haven't got to enjoy
yet, or the fire in the outdoor fireplace, we haven't got
to enjoy yet. Oh, please summer don't leave me here
to be covered with leaves and snow.

And the days grow short, when you reach September..
I am not ready, I tell you.. I am not ready.. and next year
is too long to wait.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Once again COMMON SENSE was killed....

We have all seen it in the news, on the social media, and
read about it... 9 year old kills instructor.

What ever possessed anyone to put a UZI in the hands of
a 9 year old child?  She was too young.. she was too small,
she was too immature...  But it isn't her fault.. it is her parents fault.  And now what.. This child will have nightmares the rest of her life.  She will grow up, knowing full well she shot and killed a man.. accident or not.. doesn't matter.  The sight she had to see, when the man was shot in the head..the blood..the whole mess.. 
well  we know.. they weren't. Common sense
was once again killed that day. And the child pays for it the
rest of her life.

For every miss shot, be it accident, on purpose, this destroys
those who do own guns... For every one of these that happen, there is over 100,000 gun owners who will never be in those shoes. Will never let their guns be used to do harm.. They are the silent majority. Because they don't yell with the NRA.. they sit quietly in their homes, shaking their heads on how this happen. And scared that the few, will get their guns taken away. 

It is like the person who gets in to their car each day and drives
to work, school, or shop.. and never have an accident. Never
purposely abuse the right to drive. Yet be punished by some
one who was on a cell phone, while driving.. texting,
or drunk driving, or on drugs be it prescriptions or not.
The few who make it  worse for those of us who go by the
rules and laws of driving.
Those of us who will pay more for insurance, lose more rights of driving.  The same with guns.. the millions who own guns, pay for the few thousands who misuse guns... leave them in harms way for children.  Who like the  mother who paid for her life, gave the combo on the gun safe even tho she knew her son had a trouble mind. Causing the death of
teachers and children.

But the 9 year old at a target shoot range.. why? There is
enough time for her to learn how to shoot. The thrill of the
shooting.. REALLY?  a 9 year old?  Sorry Common Sense

but you lost this one too...  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Riding out Hurricane Carol 60 years ago

60 years ago on this date I think.. Hurricane Carol hit
R.I. full bore..

My mother and I had left our house in Middletown with warnings that the hurricane was heading to Newport.

We had to get down to the wharf that my parents boat was tied to.
It was a scary ride.. about 4 miles from our house to the wharf. With winds blowing hardy... Even trees falling down on the road behind us close enough to make the truck we were in bounce a bit.  We had to find another road to go on, as there were trees or branches across many of the roads we use to take.  4 miles but it took us a half an hour
to get there.

When we arrived we drove down near where the boat was tied. I got out and stepped down the 6 foot ladder that we used.. to get to our boat, or if the other boat was moored there, then we step on to that one and jumped over to ours.  Which was what we had to do that day.  I got the anchor with the 25 foot rope and threw it out as far as I could to the bow area.. and brought our boat out away from the other boat. So it wouldn't knock on the boat. My mother
took the other anchor and threw it out from the stern ... anchoring solid to the area, and pulled our boat out that way.  We  pull the other boat towards ours, and we jumped on it. Then taking their anchor throwing it out behind to help that boat stay away from the dock. We were able to jump down on to the dock as the water had rose up that
high by the time we got done. We had tied another line to the bow of the other boat and threw the anchor as far as we could forward of our boat.. that way each was secure away from the dock and each other. Mom back the truck up towards the buildings that were near Thames street. Parking just under one of them.. We sat  there to ride out the storm. Why? I don't know.. I guess because we were sure we couldn't drive home with all the trees falling. And it seemed safe there.

Pieces of the buildings flying by..shingles and more.. The water rising up the wharf. We watched as Ernest Coggeshall rode out the storm with his commercial fishing  boat called the Viking.. and saw the ferry's bobbing up and down like a cork in the bay. It was scary as we watched our boat rise and fall with the rise of the water. 
Thankfully the anchors held. Neither boat hitting the dock or
each other. Even with the boats rising up to the point, we thought they would snap the ropes.

About an hour later things calmed down.  But it was the eye of the storm. Mom and I decided we would try to head for home. Everything look secure. A lot of the roads were open.. some logs and branches laying on the side of the roads, where others sawed them in half.  And we made it
home in about 15 minutes.

My mother went back down with my brother in tow... and they rode out the other side of the eye.. but it was no where as bad as the first half. Our dock survived with little damage. Our boat and the one next to it did well.. My brother helped my mother get the anchors back on board the boats as the water had receded. And helped Ernest moor the Viking.
Tying it back up to the dock. 

But there was so much damage thru out the city and towns. Trees down and near the docks there was a sail boat sitting on a piling near J. T. O'Connell's Dock. While the damage was horrible up the coast from Connecticut to Maine,
it wasn't as bad as the Hurricane of 1938.  Having steel gates near Providence had help keep the water out of downtown Providence.. which had water 7 feet tall in 1938.

It is one of those things that you never forget. Even 60 years later.