Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Count down…

countdown….     18  Days and   49   days …
count down to March 5 and then April 5..

March 5th this blog will be 15 years old.. wow.. I stuck with this for 15 years?   It started out as a daily blog.. a few times twice in one day…. Then it ran Monday thru Friday with holidays off.. And vacation off..  And now the shell of the former blog.. is only twice a week.   And it seems like every year for the past 4 or so.. I have question if I would keep going as the March date comes around. It gets harder to come up with a subject unless something has pissed me off and I need the soapbox to stand on.. or just general interest.
My original readers have gone on to better things to do with their lives.. with except of the one who reads this by paper.  As I make a copy for her and send it to her to read..  And she shares it with her girlfriends… They are my only steady who have started from the beginning. And my greatest fans…
Even my own children do not read my blog. A couple have read maybe one or two.. as I gave them heads up I was writing about them… lol.. or something for them to remember.   But out of the 8… only 3 I think have read it.  And if they read more than 4 … I surely would be surprised. 

Also I think it is harder because it is winter and I am not doing anything except shoveling snow.  In the spring and summer there is more to do, more to talk about and pictures to take.  Maybe that is how I get thru the rest of the year without so much doubt of why am I doing this?   

It started out as a soapbox and also a blog of humor of my stupidity. Be it doing crafts or some other project I have taken in and over my head… After all, if one can’t laugh at themselves.. then  do they have the right to laugh at others?

And also Dave Oliveria of the Spokane Review blog Huckleberry’s Online   convinced me that I could do this. And Marianne Love of Slight Detour’s blog had in it’s corner.. YOU TOO CAN DO A BLOG.. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS 1..2..3.. to set up.. and dang if it wasn’t right… And down the road  Toni B. help me with the art work in the background.. the rest of it .. I stumbled thru and got some of it set up.

So dear readers..  here we go for the count down.. Oh, …the 5 of April… is when I hit the big 80… which is going to be LOUD and PROUD..   LOUD.. because I am getting harder to hear any one.. so SPEAK UP… and Proud..  because I made it to 80..  

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Teaching your spouse….about life

Teaching your spouse….about life

Now that is a misleading title.. but yet not.

In a marriage there seems to be just one of you, who does all the bill paying.. starts the loans, puts in for mortgage information. And the rest of the financial part of your marriage life.   A lot of men do it, so they don’t have to have their wives worry..  The wife takes care of the house hold… and the man takes care of the finances.  It is a nice system over all.. but it can have its down side.

Each side should teach the other side how to do their responsibilities.  How many wives who have been thunder struck when their husband has died?   Having no clue what to do. What they owe, when the payments are due?  How to refinance if they have to?  How much do you know about your family finances? 

In my life.. and with me turning 80 this year.. I have had the King sit down with me and do the monthly bills.  How I have it set up. What bills are automatically paid by the bank.   I have a book, that is set up with the month, and the list of bills going down the page.. This the check and amount I paid for that bill for the month… so that way we can know which got paid.. and which ones are still due for the month.  Also if for some reason a company says a bill was not paid.. there I have the information.. find the paper work for it. And show them, it was in fact paid. By what check and what day.   He knows where to look for those monthly bills….He also knows how the check book it set up to get these bills paid..  He also knows there is a page for those for quarterly, semi and annually bills.. like house taxes, house insurance..  vehicle registration, vehicle insurances  and etc.
So he will know which are paid and which are not.. and to make sure they will be paid, as it also tells when they are due. 

So how about your household?   Do know all that information?  Or are you the one who takes care of it?  Does your spouse know the information, in case you can’t?   Does your spouse know where the life insurances policies are?   Do they know the health insurance information is, in case you go into the hospital?  
We really need to trust each other enough to have both be able to take over the chore, just in case….

Oh, yea, it is just important for your husband to know how to run the washing machine, dryer and oven.. dish washer, and what to use with each one.. and not use with it.. lol

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Cleaning the computer is like….

Cleaning a computer is like cleaning a closet but worse.

Cleaning a closet, I swear the items bred and multiplied…
Cleaning computer seem like a never ending ordeal.

Our church sent out a request for old computers to take to Honduras .. to a school that we help out.  We have one that is over 10 years old.. which is like ancient …

I used it for a back up, so had removed a lot of stuff off of it..I THOUGHT.. also I had put the King as another users.. so there was his stuff.. 

Well, it was 6 hours later, much frustration, and a headache,later too.   There was a document folder.. THERE WAS 300! Items in there..  Holy crap..  So spend at least an hour and half going true and down sized it to about 130…  Then there was pictures.. Mine was easy as I had removed most… but the Kings.. oooooooooooh… the headaches start… As I had to go thru them and delete the horrible ones..  You know the kind where the scan across the valley are just a blur… or the people are a blur…or some are super short with nothing but a foot showing.   I had to look at each one, as there was some that started out the first 20 second of what the heck is this.. to become.. something important at the end..  Such as our son in law who passed away .. playing with his grandchildren…. Or my grandson in Hawaii trying to learn how to play the uke…

But after 6 hours, I had what I wanted to keep on a flash drive.. I deleted a heck of a lot of stuff… I set up a new users so the church could use that.. and deleted the Kings account and mine..  leaving USER for  theirs.. with a password….. and a slip of paper taped to the keys.. with their user name and password… so they could open it and see if it was worth their time.. because it is soooooooooooooooo slow..

I got to figure out why I had to save so much junk on there.. which I can only wonder about the one I am typing on right now.. Don’t even want to think about it..   Some of it is serious stuff so family should read it.. but 91% is probably junk.. to others..

I got to go get an aspirin… my head still hurts..

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The many faces of Mourning

The many faces of Mourning

We all know that mourning take different routes, and length in time for many.  Some can rejoice in that person going to heaven after great pain. But missing them in their lives.  Some can’t get pass the emptiness.  Some have regrets when the person was alive, not saying or doing something with them. . 
There is the mourning of a parent.. yet knowing that parent lived a good life.  Those who lose a parent who is young.. mourn what could have been.  The baseball games missed, the wedding missed the birth of a grandchild missed and shared. 
There is the mourning of a sibling.  As the empty chair will always be there.  No matter how much you were or were not involved in their adult lives… you will always miss that sibling.  And too, if that sibling passed at a young age, it is the mourning of what could have been, growing up..  A brother is always a brother, a sister is always a sister. 
There is the mourning of one’s child… one of the worse.  If young, all the what is missed. Going to school, celebrating holidays, celebrating and cussing daily life,  the graduation (especially if you have relatives who were born at the same time.. or friends children.. who were pals…you watch as they go thru the life you know you won’t get to see… the wedding .. the grandchildren you won’t have by that child.  So much more… you miss that child to your dying day.
And a spouse. Mourning a spouse, some forget what that would be like for themselves…  As they go home to their love ones, they wake up with their love ones, they cuss at their love ones,  they celebrate a part in life with their love ones, go thru the bumps of life with someone watching their back…… but a spouse wakes up alone.. goes to bed alone.. regrets a celebration that their spouse isn’t part of,  To come home from work and have no one to complain or brag about how work went…. The total emptiness of the each day…   Have doubts?  When you get up tomorrow . look and think about the bed being empty next to you… Walk into the bathroom, and then into the kitchen.. the empty kitchen, no one to say good bye, have a good day… and walking into the house after work, vision.. an empty house for the rest of the night.  Maybe you will understand.

 But one of the misconceptions of mourning is from others.   I have seen some, who will question if someone isn’t sad or in mourning because they laughed at something.  Or they find some joy in life, even if it is just for a moment or for the day.  To be frown on, because they found that joy. Or they found that laughter.  What they don’t know, while that person can find joy in life, inside .. while alone, their heart is still tore apart, missing their loved one.  A love that NEVER EVER GOES AWAY, yet.. they find it in their heart and soul to enjoy life…. As God wanted them to.. other wise we would never have a healing heart..

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Paying attention in church…

Paying attention in church…

How many start on the right track of listening to the Pastor talking and find yourself zoning off to some other place?  Some even nodding off to sleep…  I wonder as the Pastor looks out across the congregation, does he notice this? And what does he think?  I think I would be tempted to raise my voice louder if I was a Pastor.  Haha.

But this past week, I did good.. the subject, as he went thru them.. were of interest enough for me to write down notes..  And from time to time, I do write down notes. But the only notes that are worse than these, are the ones I write down when I wake in the middle of the night and write down something that might be a good blog subject… and the next morning or sometime in the day and think.. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? 

But this Sunday, I did a little better..  I listen.. took notes.. and added to them, my thoughts of the subject.

The first was happiness….
Happiness is flowers or music.  Just the sight of the flowers or the sound of a song, raises up ones soul, even in a day of fog and gloom.   Have you ever given flowers to someone just because…. meaning just because of nothing.. Or just because the person is having a rough day?
Happiness is watching or hearing of a good friend doing well.
Some get jealous when they see someone get ahead. Or gets a item of want.   But a good friend, rejoices in the good of that person fortune.. and is very happy FOR them.
Happiness is seeing the joy of a child in small things.. There is something about a child’s face lighting up, as he sees something of surprise and joy.

Next up was a measure of a man.. not by how much money he makes, not by how powerful he is… but of his kindness to others. Be it hold a door for another human being..  Bring out change in his pocket to help a customer in front of him who is short in cash.
Who sits next to a child and listens as the child explains something of importance to that child. As a lot of adults will tell a child.. yes, I see and walk on.. but the man who folds up his legs and sits on the floor, giving the child his full attention…   these are the good measures of a man… (yes women too, but women are more likely to do so, than a man does

Tuesday, February 04, 2020



I have decided to start an essay (for lack of better wording) of who am I…  I have two daughters who over the years have done  I get a head ache trying to keep up with all of it.. I go mostly to the direct.. meaning grand parents, great grandparents and etc.. not cousins and far reaching into aunts and uncles.  Just too overwhelming…  the part I found the most interesting was the census over the years because of the information there.. Not only is there the name, ages, and who is in the house hold but gives the occupation.   Because most of the research, does not give that. And I find that one of the most interesting..    So I figured if I were to give that kind of information.. of myself, my husbands and go beyond.. it would be more interesting to the person who looks this up many years later.. that is if the disk that I put it on, is still around.  No, I am not putting it here, as some of it is too personal. I don’t mind my family knowing, but not ready for the nation or the world to know. 

Any way, I figure it is going to be a few days to maybe weeks.. depending on how much I want to write about at a time.  I am also going to start it out with a little back ground on my grandparents so that my kids, grandkids or great grandkids will know more about the background.. not just names and where born and died.  Things I remember about both them, that does not make it on the census or the online searches. 

Have you gave any thought about writing about yourself.. for your family .. sure your kids know about you since you married and had kids, but do they know what kind of small jobs you had as a kid. Do they know what kind of jobs their grandparents (if they passed away a long time ago) or some of the other background.  Those who are lucky to still have their grandparents around can ask. But so often.. we don’t.  Anyway.. that is a project on the side I am going to have going.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

As time goes by….

As time goes by….

Well, this month went by fairly fast…
Seem like all I did is remove snow with the
King.. and now it is all melting..  Which makes
me wonder, if we had just stayed home..(that way not
needing the driveway) and if the building are as strong as
we think they are…  Could we all hibernated and forgone
the removing of snow and letting it do itself. 

After all, if we had built up a cellar like room, in our homes. And filled it up sometime in November with enough food, water and etc to last 3 months.. You know with freezers, shelving like they did in the 1800 to 1990’s and some still do.. of food that is canned.  5 gallon bottles of water…. All protected…   So when ever the snow blizzards started.. we would have the supplies (oh, yea, can’t forget toilet paper.. lol)  and we could survive with out leaving the house.. (got to set up bill paying my internet) …..   who knows… we could have saved ourselves a lot of work…

But to be honest with you… and don’t tell the King I said this.. but I kind of like it..  The air is fresh, the exercise is good for me.. (once I get thru using the muscles I haven’t used all summer) and there is a sense of accomplishing something when you see a clean deck, and driveway.. 

By the way, you might have to remind me of these words next time we have a lot of snow.. lol And I am not sure we would not kill each other with a 24/7 month or two.


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Your life is a yard sale…..

I  think I might have mention this before.. but a few years ago, I was yard saling with my sister in law and her daughter.  My niece…  As we pulled away from the estate sale .. yard sale…  Kayte said… “Well, Mom, now you know your life is a yard sale a day after you die”….  We laughed.. as it is so true..

Over the years we have seen families divide up Mom and Dad’s things… Or Grandpa and Grandma’s…  Some even fight over what they wanted..  Saying MOM PROMISE THAT TO ME..  And then there are the family members who don’t want any of it.. just get rid of it.. Hence, we have estate yard sales or even auctions..

Look around your house… really… all those things that you prize… does your family?  My answer is probably not.
I have things that please me… so I keep them.  Some are given to me from families and friends..
Or I just bought them, because….. again… they please me.

About 5 years ago, I decided to down size my place. So put out the word to the kids… Is there anything in my house that you saw, that you would like after we are gone?  Because I am going to give a LOT to the animal shelter store… so say something now.. or it might not be here when I am gone.   If it is something I am not ready to get rid of… I will put your name on the back or bottom of it.. And it will be yours.. If I decide to get rid of it in a couple years…. I will remember who wanted it.. In the mean time.. if I am getting rid of it now..  says so now…
Several of them did say so… and we did ship those items off to them.. Surprising no one wanted the same thing that the other wanted.  Also surprising they were not big items nor expensive… One wanted a sign that was given to me about 40 years ago… one wanted a little Christmas tree.. rest didn’t seem to want anything..  And I can’t blame them.. we are people of small means.. so there is no treasure, except maybe what is in their minds.. 
I gave one of my bibles away to a grandson.. With a promise of reading the 23 psalm at my funeral out of it.

So look around your house…if you are over 65, think of what you want to have done with things.. If you haven’t use it in YEARS, maybe you should ask your kids.. about it.. and if they don’t want it.. have a yard sale and go out to dinner on the sales..  

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Standing in place…..

Standing in place…..

After it stops snowing.. and the weather temps go back up to a nice 38 to 40.. it is time to wait… wait for the sudden thump… of snow falling to the ground from the roof tops.

We have raked some off the edges in hopes of helping it along… as it froze to the eave of the roof..  Yesterday it rain some.. and it has fallen some.. but wishing it would fall some more..  This afternoon is suppose to get up to 43.. and we are hoping the rest will go.  

We had some young men come and dig snow off the top of our lean to… and also the neighbor’s house, that we watch over while they head South.  As they are the worse for not sliding. 

So here we wait.. rest up from 2 weeks of plowing, snow blowing and shoveling and play musical chairs before breakfast.. and repeat at about 4 or 5 pm.   With a constant shoveling off the deck.  About every 2 to 3 inches we take it off the deck .. other wise it get too heavy.

So it is getting small chores done that were let go while snow removing…  SPRING WHERE ARE YOU???

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

But she is just a dog….

But she is just a dog….

We have heard this before.. from those who don’t understand.  Especially if yours has passed away.
Most of us have dogs of our pass.. who still linger in
our hearts.

We got a doxie in 2006, I believe.  She was just a tiny thing.  We could hold her in one hand.  The breeder made sure we had a desirable home for her. Yard, fence.. were we good people…. etc..  and we passed. She was 4 months old when we got her.  We had a cat at the time.. that was about 8 months older than her and they got along great. Even when they were older.. they would chase each other thru the house…   We lost the cat to cancer about 4 years  ago..  So it has been just Misty and us… the staff.

After we got her, we had her fixed when she was 6 months old.  Brought her home.. and  the King wrapped her in a soft blanket and loved on her..  We had a open kennel for her and she slept there…but not that night.. She slept in between us .. still wrapped in the blanket.  And she has been there ever night since then. 

She was the King’s dog.   I wasn’t a fan of small dogs. Never owned one… and actually the King’s dogs were large too…but he wanted a doxie.   And our daughter had a woman who worked with her..  There was a mix up on the breeding while no one was home.. so she just wanted to find her a good home… I think the breeder would agree that she got one.. in fact one time she mention about how spoiled Misty was.  As I use to send her pictures and do a little letter from Misty.

Well, Misty is going to be 14 this August.. and so there is some lump in bumps (literally) in health for her.. And last week we had to take her into the vet for some surgery and teeth cleaning… We had to leave her there at 8:30am. And we knew this was going to be hard on us… but figure she would be fine.. and the real hard part was we weren’t going to get her back until 3pm.. and no we couldn’t just stay and wait..  Now with Misty getting older, the fact of life is we could lose her in our life time.   Something we don’t even want to talk about…  But when we came home, after dropping her off…  and I unlocked the door, and so use to seeing her on the couch across the room…….. it hit me… this is not going to be good… if just leaving her at the vet,
knowing we will go back to get her…   yet just that moment.. hit me hard and loneliness…came thru.

You will laugh, as at 2 they had not called yet..  almost 3 still no word..  and the roads were getting worse with the snow still coming down from the night before.  So I called. She said it would be a while.  I told her about the road here, and told her, we were going to come and wait… as if we were going to be stuck in anyway on one side or the other.. we wanted to be stuck on the side with Misty, not at home. 
She said we could but we might have to sit in our truck, as the waiting room was full..  Told her that would be fine. 
We went and 3:30 went by.. then 4:30… so we went in, as we knew they would close at 5.  They let us see her, but she was out. She had the teeth done and they were starting on the warts she had on the top of her head and lip.  We waited in the waiting room.. time ticked away.. 5 to 5, they said she was waking up…  15 minutes later they brought her out.. none worse for wear, except for us..  We held her and hugged her.. paid our bill and took her home.. she was thrilled to see the couch and home and DINNER.. as she hadn’t eaten since the night before..And of course had to check out the make sure no other dog came while she was gone…   
So here you see…  our fur child.. and she better live as long as we do.. lol

She use to get up on the back of the chair to see if she could guilt the King into sharing.. 
 This was when we first got her.. tug of war with Rokon, her buddy
 2008 we had a LOT OF SNOW.. and we had a path snowblown for her to go potty....   I put her up on the ridge of it.. and that is our 4 foot fence, she is standing up on..... making sure the rest of the world was still there...

She is greyer now... and little heavy set .. like her owners....    now...