Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Celebrating the best we can….

Celebrating the best we can….

this guy....

Last fall we lost a member of our family.
Cancer had claimed him, ripping him from
Our lives… 

He came quietly into our family.  Loving our youngest daughter.  Taking her places she never been before.
The first was Sturgis, South Dakota to the Harley Davidson yearly celebration.  And now that has become a funny story.  See, he and our daughter had been going to get together for several months.. And they decided to head to South Dakota, as Tim had been a Harley rider for years.  No, not the bad boy motorcycle gang type. He was more of the hard worker who loved to ride.  Anyway the funny story to go with it.. was the afternoon that he stopped by here to pick up their supplies they stored here in our refrigerator while they worked.  He got off first. As I was helping him get the supplies into their vehicle.. I was kind of teary eyed, as she had not been before. And we all are aware of the stories of wild times at this event.  So I told Tim to take good care of my daughter. I was counting on him.  And he promised he would.  When they got home a week later, my daughter asked me what the devil did I tell Tim before he left.  I told her, for him to watch over her, why?  Well, don’t ever do that again, Mom.  Seems that Tim was like a second skin to her.  She finally told him to give her some breathing room.. and what is wrong with you.. He told her, he had promised her mother to keep her safe…and he was.. lol.
Then there is the afternoon, several years later, that Tim stopped by our house to talk to the King and I. Once again he had gotten off work earlier than she did. He came by to ask if it was ok to ask her to marry him. He was asking permission to ask… In this day and age, I thought that was so sweet. But my answer to him… was … what the hell took you so long??.. Then we were swore to  keep it a secret until he asked. Which drove us nuts.. as a week goes by and nothing said..  And I knew my daughter would have said something.  He kept trying to find the perfect place.  Which didn’t come out.. so he blurt it out in the Harley Davidson parking lot as he was taking her in to buy a HD ring for them.  They had the best wedding ever in their back yard. With family and friends. 

They were married 7 years I believe.. when he left us.
So this weekend.. we celebrate his life.  He had a big party and then a burial the next day for his mom several years before.  And that was his request. To have great food, play many games, (horseshoes, corn hole, pool, foosball and etc) and then have a band and dance the night away.  So that is what we will do on Saturday..  Also we will be celebrating his sister too, as she followed him 3 months after he left. Both with cancer.  Then Sunday, we will have a  burial, for the two of them.. there is a poem to be read by their aunt. Full military honor for Tim as he spend 20 years in the Coast Guard. And after everyone has a chance to say a few words…  The King will play a song he wrote with the sound of a Harley starting up, revving up and then taking off…at the end of the song.    
Tim requested one thing… but I don’t think anyone is going to be able to do that….  He asked no tears.. I sorry Tim, don’t think we are going to be able to pull that one off.   My daughter thinks there will be about 100 there.. being both of them.. my daughter and Tim come from large family.. we figured about 2/3 will be related. 
So if you happen to think about it Saturday.. have a beer on Tim, as we celebrate a life well lived..… and Sunday, say a little prayer for all of us… as we let him go, but never forgotten in our hearts.  As we  put he and his older sister Lori to rest.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Parades, that I miss…

Parades, that I miss….

I miss the Bristol, Rhode Island Parade…
As far as I know, it is the oldest parade in the USA.
I have been to see it many times as a kid.. but not as
an adult..   Maybe I should put that on a bucket list, if
I ever make one.. 
I even worked the parade.. meaning a friend of the family use to sell balloons, batons, kewpie dolls and etc…  and I helped him two years in a row.. So I got to see the parade and sell balloons.. there is a picture somewhere of me selling them at the parade.

What I miss mostly was not only the big floats, that they did, almost like the ones at the Rose Parade.
But even more.. the marching bands..  Love the music, the drums… watching the majorettes toss the batons and catch them..  Yes, the music..

Sadly this year, there was only beating on 5 gallon buckets for live music at the Sandpoint parade.  I remember when the high school kids use to march in the parade.. I worked at the nursing home next to the high school.. and love hearing them practice in the back field..  

Parades just aren’t like they use to be.. Even the Rose Parade has been lacking..  and Macy’s Thanksgiving parade..  they have marching bands.. several of them.. but we are at the mercy of the television show that is at the parade.. The camera whizzes by when the marching bands come…and stay when some person is on the back of some truck signing.. I don’t want to see a music concert.. I want to see floats and marching bands.. have a special show for the latest Broadway show.. don’t rain on my parade with your commercial of those shows.. or those stars in California..

Stepping down off box..

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Sandpoint Idaho 4th of July parade

This year I spent the 4th at Sandpoint.. I do Clark Fork one year and then Sandpoint next year.. So this year was Sandpoint's turn.. 
There are a lot of groups that have no identification..  because either they weren't showed on my side.. or they were too small print...   so sorry for not naming..  If I did know, I noted it. 
So here is a few of the sights around the parade area at 5th and Church Street. 

This is looking south on 5th ave at Cedar.. I was heading down to my spot.. and the car club was lining up.. 

 this group always does a great job of having a good amount of their group..also they do charity work with some of their events.

up on my perch ... the crowd is starting to gather at 9:30am.. starting time.. 10am or near it, as Sandpoint is well known for being 20  minutes late in their starts... of any event... 

 fire trucks lining up.. police getting their vehicles ready for the start..

 This year Cherry Lane is not the traffic control..  seems it is TRAFFIC COP Corp. 
 dogs,dogs, dogs every where

 Boy Scout with Flag detail and they did very well.. 

This is the first time I have ever seen such a sign.....  to me.. it is sad the public has to told what to do... out of respect... out of honor... and etc..   sad indeed....

 the crowd is thickening.....

 more dogs..


 the start of the INJECTORS CLUB of older cars...

 by this time... about 20 or so more people showed up to watch the parade.. and ended up standing in front of me.. Now I am up on a porch perch.. yet still....  so some of these shots are me holding the camera above my head and hoping for the best..

 these are the normal shots

 here is the Commish.. McDonald ... he is always been nice enough to take time and answer questions or explain on Sandpoint Forum which is a public place on Facebook, where people vent about local things..  he isn't always saying what they really want hear.. but take the patience to try to explain why things are as they are, in the county.. and some times even has given some great advice of where to get help for county problems..  

 more dogs.. thought these two were going to have a mix up of it.. but the owners were strong..

 BUSTER is back with the school district..  he goes to schools and teaches safety on the buses and around them..

on the back is up for raffle.truck . I believe it is the football team that is having it. 

Old tractors.... it is a tractor group that goes in parades as well as events.. you can catch them at the fair grounds and the guys will show and tell with you...  also once in awhile they have been known to go to some large farms or etc.. and have a tractor,  plow out, where there are several tractors plowing a huge field.. 

This was a dancing group.. they did a great job..

ah, the BLUE PEOPLE..   no not the band, but the workers from the Shingle Mill Road Blueberry fields..  where you can pick your own..   They were the most active group.. plus the only real music, yes those are 5 gallon buckets for drums.. and they sounded great.. 


 Kate McAllister..  not sure I spelt her name correctly.. she is a mulit event person.. has a lot to do with the Follies which is a group who put on a vaudville show in Feb. for charity with the  Angels over Sandpoint.. but also she is I think the head of Chamber of Commerce or such..  You really can't get much more Irish than Kate.

 I don't know what group this is... but we were all wondering about the uniforms the men had on..

this is a local bike group called the Peddlers.. 

 Albeni Falls Drum and Bugle group....

 Got to have horses..

a hound dog... if I was younger, I would be down at the Panhandle Animals Shelter to see if he could go home with me.. .but I am too old and he is too big for me.. now.. and he needs a kid who loves to run and play

do you suppose this is one of the planes heading for the fly over in DC...
little humor, folks, don't get in a twitter..


AND IF THEY NEEDED A THEME FOR THIS YEAR.. IT WOULD BE THE YEAR OF THE DOG...  I stopped counting... at 17... there were so many...   I have a dog.. but there is no way I am going to stress her out at any event that has huge crowds... but got to say.. all but the two were pretty well behaved.. some looked  awful nervous tho...

Also was thinking this year .. Sandpoint wasn't up to their par..but I also keep in mind... there are A LOT OF PEOPLE who work really hard to bring this parade to us all...  so if you were quite please, maybe you can contact them and offer help for next year.. I am sure they would love all the help they can get.. 
So that is it..  next year .. if the creek don't rise.. I will be at the Clark Fork parade taking pictures..