Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another 4 years of driving...

Well, the good state of Idaho saw fit for me to drive
for another 4 years... and this time I have actually a
decent picture on my new temporary license.

They use to make up the plastic license right away,
but don't know what happen to that.  Because now
we get paper one, with our picture on it, that is good for
30 days, and the new one is suppose to show up
within that time limit.. Hopefully the post office
doesn't screw that up.. but that is a story for another

A 4 year cost $30 and an 8 year cost $55.  I can
remember when an 8 year cost $25 or $28.  but
I guess that isn't too bad.. just a little over $7 a year.
See in Idaho when you are over 63 no longer
can get an 8 year.  And because I didn't have any
tickets in the past 3 years, I didn't have to take
a driver's test. At least that is the rumor.

I seem to get a speeding ticket every 20 years.
Last one was about 4 years ago.  And the last
two (one in 1980 something) and 4 years ago
was add insult to injury, the King was around.
The one in 1980, I was along side the road
getting my ticket, when he drove by laughing
at me.. and the last one, he was with me.  And
I was driving because he wanted to gawk around
at the farmer's fields and etc..  I had a slight case
of road rage, as this guy would pass me.. and then
slow down to 20 mph in a 45 mph area.. so the
second time around, I fly around him and down
the road, into the arms of a state trooper, to the
cost of $80.  Much to the enjoyment of the King.
So I guess I should be grateful, that the good

state of Idaho entrusted me for 4 more years. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Memory gone? No more space?

It seems like we remember a lot of stuff...
Childhood memories... education stuff..
People we meet years ago.
Important things.. like dates of places.
Unimportant things... like what kind
of candy was best when you were 5.

So when you get old.. over 60, say...
things are remembered the same..
or jarred your memory when you
see something or hear a song...or
gone all together...

Not dementia.. just gone.. and I guess
I kind of figured it out...  After all how
much can you cram in to a space of
1 foot square.

So if you are lucky, you remember the
important things.. like your social security
number, birth dates of your children.. your
anniversary, all the pass words and numbers
that are required in life.  Dr. appointments
and etc.  

But you can't remember what you ate for
breakfast this morning. Yet you can remember
some dumb ditty song from 40 years ago..

Mine is: IT'S ABOUT TIME...
from a tv show called About Time..
with Imogene Coca, and Joe E. Ross

No wonder I don't have any more space for memory..

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day late and a dollar short...

Yesterday was National Puppy Day....
I did not know that...
I did not know that it even existed.
But better late than not at all...

Here are my grand puppies....
Well, they aren't quite puppies anymore.
Mr. Chili the chihuahua is about 8.
Don't know how old Tiki is..but pretty close
to the same..
And Miss Holley the pug.. is about 2 I think.
They came to visit this past weekend with
their staff.  And very well behave they are.

And they were very polite with Misty. 
As you can see they aren't so happy about being
captured all on one lap. 

Monday, March 23, 2015



 Our son came up and helped the Ken get back on track  with his 47 Ford pick up

had to do some cutting to get the box in the right place

Already to go... and now where to go.. we were trying out the seats to see if they were going to fit right.. if you think we are grinning now. wait until the front is done and the engine is running..

Thanks, Gil and are fabulous, don't know how we could have done it without you... And the great time Terra and I had together while the guys worked.. .

Thursday, March 19, 2015


We have trains that go thru and around our town and
county. It is just part of life... As it is, they have
removed several tracks and reroute around the
town near me.

But even so, there are people who are complaining
about the noise of the horn as it goes thru the
intersections of the town and near the town. They
say they have lights and some have gates, so no
horn is needed.   Only trouble with all of this is..
we have had several deaths on the train tracks.
Where people just were not paying attention.

We lost two young ladies within weeks of each
other.  Why they decided to come across the
tracks at the time, when the train was coming..
I don't know.. Mostly likely never will.  But as
long as people make mistakes... they have to
take every precaution they can.. so with the
lights and the horns.

I have lived across the street from train tracks
several times.. It doesn't take long before you
don't even notice them. And where I live now
is about 3 blocks from the trains.. and find even
in the evening... the lonesome call of the horns,
a nice sound..

We have coal trains that have gone thru this town
forever.  But now there are people who are protesting
them.. commenting about the dust from the trains.
As one who has had to wait for the train to go by,
I never noticed any coal dust coming off of it..
But protest they do..

But one man whose words that caught my eye,
in his letter to the editor... WHAT HAVE THE
NOTHING.   I had to shake my head.. because if
for some reason the trains were to stop.. He would
find out in short order what the trains do for us.
Food, cars, lumber, you name it.. it is transported
by train....... as well as people..  Maybe we should
ask him... what have you done for us, mister? Not

a damn thing... you can bet.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More gadgets...

I ordered another gadget and it arrived today..
This one is a honestech...VHS to DVD 5.0.

I got it at noon when I went to get the mail.. I couldn't
get it out of the package soon enough.. read ...well, as
well as I read things... I have the man's mindset when
it comes to directions.. Read enough to be dangerous.

After all, how hard can it be, right?  Considering it all,
it wasn't too bad.  One thing, it was a lot smaller than I
thought it was going to be.  Only the size of half of a
pack for cigarettes and half as thick.... but this little
thing does great.

I got it all hooked up.. then put in the disc to the computer,
and went thru all the click here, and there and back there.
Then I thought .. which one do I want to use first.

Had to use the VHS in the bedroom, as the one in the living
room has taken to eating my tapes.  After about 3 tries.. it worked.Found out it has to be hooked to the back of the player and not the front.. don't know why.. but it worked.

Half an hour later it has recorded the whole movie... then went to the burn part.. download it somewhere.. and then said did I want to burn it to dvd... well, yes.. duh..  It did a great job...I tested it in my dvd player.. then it said do you want to burn another.. that took 3 tries and by accident I hit the right button.
It burn another one in 10 minutes..

Oh, this find as kind.. ... well, not quite.. as I screwed up some how and had to do one from scratch again... but the rest did go thru after trial and error.. and now I have 9 copies of this one movie... taken 20 years ago..  now testing them today, get video wrapper to mail them out.. THIS IS GREAT!!

Now got to figure out what ones are worthy to put to dvd.
Sure beats the $60 some odd dollars that it cost me last
year to have it professionally done.

My daughter is in the process of getting 8mm turn into
copies on dvd's as well.. and the lesson we learn there?
Do it asap.. those are up to 50 years old and they are
starting to fade... So if you have some old ones in a box
in the closet.. maybe you should get them out and get
them copied to dvd.. before you lose them. . 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Where have all the good candidates gone?

To the tune of Where did all the flowers go... Where have
all the good candidates gone, long time passing?  

Because all we have is reruns.. Clinton, Bush.. isn't there
anyone out there who would be the man or woman of the people for the people? 

But then again.. I can kind of understand... After all what person of good common sense, want to run for President?  Because all kinds of information will come out of the wood work.. Doesn't have to be true.. it can have a bit of truth with a good spin and your life, your spouse's life, your children's lives have been exposed to bullying and any thing that can be used.  What person wants that.. who wants to sign up for that?  Not me.

People are grand slamming Clinton right now because they
are scared of her. But why not use stuff that is important...
as I said before.. the woman has steam trunks loads of stuff.
Is it because they don't have any one to run against her that
would be good for the country?

And Bush, Jeb that is.. nice guy.. but another rerun family.
Probably a nice guy to have for a friend.. but President?
We had enough with the last two.... heard even his mother
said something similar.  

Isn't there anyone fresh out there.... or are we scared of
fresh, after Obama bombed out on us.. The hope we had when we voted for a change.. dashed... the promises we had hope for.. even though we knew there was no way he could pull it off.
The transparent of the government.....the line by line vote on
laws and policies for Congress to pass... instead of the
piggybacks that we have had and still have for years. No
more lobbyist?  

He did keep his word for health care for all.. he did keep
his word for fairer rules for gays, he did keep his word to
find the job market after Bush just about killed it.. People
just don't like how he did it, but they didn't have a better
plan going.

I understand why he bypassed Congress many times.. I don't
like it..but I understand.  We have had Presidents in the past
who did not get along with Congress, but not with as much
hatred as he gets.   And the foreign country policies.. who
can keep up with the constant changing? Where were his
experts for foreign polices? Clinton, Kerry.. not.. Clinton,
really didn't have a chance, after all .. all the countries
rearing their ugly heads.. had no respect for a woman,
no matter who she was.

So what is in store for our next President? No one is going
to like him or her.  The country is noted for not liking their
President. Not even John Kennedy.. or even Roosevelt.  Both who everyone thinks were the greatest Presidents. Now.. but hated when they were in office.

Who wants to sign up for that duty?  Surely not a good, honest, common sense person.. with the slanted politics of today, with who can buy the best President that money can buy. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Leave MY COUNTRY alone....

There was a sign going around in the 1970's
It was due to people trying to change America.

It is a continuing fight.. 10 Commandments
on Federal or State the biggest one.
There are statues around our country, that
are way up in the hills.. and they want them
pulled down..

Get rid of all things on Federal and State
lands or property that pertain to God.
And this still goes on to this day..

What those fools don't understand.. if we got
rid of everything on Federal property that had
anything to do with God.. we would have to
blow up Washington, D.C.  They have no idea
how many buildings have biblical references
on those building somewhere.  Even on top
of Washington Monument.   And then there
is our money of course. 

So if anything religious bothers you.. don't
look at it..

I don't know who I am more upset with...
the people who bring lawsuits to get rid
of the statues and etc... or the people who

allow them to do so... and change things. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here we go again....

We all know that election year running starts sooner each time we have a Presidential one. There have been a few who threw in their hats into the ring, only to run in and take it back out...Romney for one.

There are a few who let rumors run wild, Cruz, and the
Louisiana governor to see if they will fly.. 
And of course, the continue saga of Hillary Clinton.

Now I am not a Clinton fan.. Her husband was not as bad
as the Bush group.. that is when he could keep his pants on.
But there is just something about Hillary, I can't get behind her.

But never the less, there she is, out there with speeches,
testing the waters so to speak before she actually says..
yes, I am running.

She has so much baggage with her.. heck it isn't
luggage, it is steamer trunks... but she has the
Republicans running scared.  You would think with
all the luggage she is carrying, they wouldn't have
to come up with much mud to throw at her, to see
if it would stick. 

So we have the much ado about nothing, email caper.
They are raising cain because she used personal
email instead of government email for doing government
business when she was Sec. of  State.

Well, when you think about how the government gets
hacked from time to time.. and personal not quite so
much... that would be a good thing. Myself.. I would
have been more bent, if she used government email
for personal..  But she turn it all over to the government.
They had changed over to government email right
around the time she got in office.. Then the truth comes
out, the government has the same problem you and I
do.. their computers crash and they lose everything on
it, emails included.. In fact they said, that since they
started it.. that there were over a billion emails done,
and they only had 61,000 in their files.  Plus they
said.. everyone she contacted that worked for the
government, would have had copies of her email
from her as well as their own answers, because
theirs were saved... kind of..   Like I said ..
much ado about nothing.

Going to be a hell of a long election run... I think I will
do like I do with the Voice and American Idol.. wait
until they narrow it down to the finally 3, next June
and then get research on those.. No sense looking into any
candidate that doesn't make it that far. Waste of time.
And then there is always my other option...

NONE OF ABOVE selection. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Some days, pictures do better than words...

Rokon enjoying the sun

 Misty too
 some plants peeking up...

 yard art going out..

 Even the neighbor dogs enjoying the sun

 got to clean out this shed and find the rest of the yard art..

and finally ....out go my wind chime... that has been in the house all winter..