Monday, January 16, 2017

The Generations.....

Over the years I have seen label for different generations.
The one most used is the ‘BOOMER” generation.
Then came the “GENERATION X”  and then the “MILLENNIAL”  and now we have the “GENERATION Z” 
(I don’t know what happen to Generation Y…
 I’m guessing that is Millennial)

Also mention from time to time is the “GREATEST GENERATION” who are those born before 1930.  Those born from 1930 to 1945” …Well, we have been given a few names..
Traditionalist, Forgotten, radio babies, Moral Authority, the few
and even the “SILENT GENERATION.”  The silent generation,
What does that mean?  Got me. Being one of those born then, it would be nice to know. For years I thought I was a “Boomer”. But was told several years ago, by a Boomer… I was NOT a Boomer. Too old to be Boomer, she said. So what was I?  No one seemed to
know. I was too young to be “the Greatest Generation. Fact is, I wasn’t even born yet.

A lot of the generations seem to be connected to wars.
Greatest- WWI and WWII… Boomers seem to be the
Vietnam War.
Are we the silent generation because Korean War was not
considered a war?
Generation X … x because there were no wars, only squirmishes.
Millennials, of course, because they were going to be the end of
the century.

They called us the Silent generation because we were career mined and did not protest. 
I think the name , that we are the silent generation, kind of fits.
Because we don’t care anymore. We see other than a little disgust, and with our complaining and voting (which is still important, but becoming a joke national of late) nothing changes. So we have been silent.

I can remember in the 70’s when the Boomers and the Generation X were coming of  age, they thought they had all the answers.
With the motto of, don’t trust “THE MAN” .. LOVE POWER.
And etc.  Who are now full fledge adults, heading towards retirement…  I wonder with all their knowledge of the 70’s and straighten up the rest of us… how is that working for you all?
Or are you finding out, it is all the same.. before and now?
And with internet, running away with your lives.. How is that
working out for you all?

Yep, SILENT GENERATION, sounds good to me.     

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Was sitting there, last night when the King jumped
up and ran to the window area.  I asked him, what
is wrong.  A MOUSE!!!  We have a mouse in the
house.   Trying not to laugh at his words, but still.
Plus for me.. there is the …. I don’t like mice, period.

So he looks thru drawers and the garage.. no mouse
trap.  We haven’t had a mouse in the house since
Rokon came to live with us 12 years ago.  But with
Rokon passing, we are catless.  Hense, a mouse in
the house. 

The man who said he wasn’t going ANYWHERE..
Put on his boots and was out the door to the store.
See we didn’t even owe a mouse trap.
He return with a standard wooden wire mouse trap.
But also a box called Tom Cat.. it looked like it would
have the mice feet stick to this thing and would be
trapped ..   He already thru the box away, otherwise
I would have a picture of it.. I don’t know where he
put that.. but I am here to tell you… if I hear a
squealing, squeaking sound.. I am going to be
long gone..  I don’t do mice, I don’t do mice
traps…. Besides I was told that you kill one mouse,
there will be 20 coming to its funeral… 

Oh, and I found TOMCAT mouse trap on line…it
looks like this..   

By the way, Misty has no interest in this mouse

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

And the wind blew....

The past week has been interesting ..
weather wise.

We have had about 4 days of deep freeze.
9 for day times.. and any where from -6 to
4 above for early mornings.

Leaving us with open cabinets to sinks,
and dripping water, so we didn’t have to
have frozen pipes.  

Then the snow came once again.. leaving us
5 more inches…but also adding the wind with
it.. so there are drifts everywhere.

We have about 2 feet on the flat, about 3 feet
in the middle where the King has blowing the snow
to make a pee trail for Misty.  But out back by
the green house, there is drifts up to 4 feet tall.

Yet this is not a bad year.. this is a average year.
Those who are moaning and groaning about it
this year.. forget that just 6 or so years ago, we
had so much more.. garages, and barns were
falling in from the weight of the snow. Even
some homes roofs were falling in.
Also in 1995, there was so much.. that they
were having a hard time finding a place to
put the snow from the streets.  And it was
common to drive thru town, stopping at
ever intersection, and ease out pass the
wall of snow to see if the road was clear to
cross or pull out.  People were getting paid
$20 to $75 an hour to shove off buildings.
I worked in a nursing home, and they shoveled
it off and what was already on the ground.. the
windows were covered… I remember one family
member stumbling across the yard to get to the
window of his mother.. so he could dig out a
port hole for day light in her room and for her to
look out thru.  

One year, about 1988, we had a week
of below 0.. with the wind blowing.. one day it
was -40 degrees with wind chill factor.

Yep, this is just a regular normal average Idaho

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The future looks like fun, but also scary....

I was watching 60 minutes on Sunday with
the King.

The second section had a story about A.I.
That is for Artificial Intelligent.  And it was
interesting.  The WOW factor.  They start
out with the little tiny, well, not tiny, but
smaller than the average drone.  It was a little
bigger than the guys hand.  And they flew like
20 at first… and showed how the A.I. communicates
with the others.. and they fly around each other with
out crashing in to each other.  Which I found amazing.
As they came from all directions, milling around in the center
area.  The guy talked about how they could be
sentries for guarding a 3 mile area.  Interesting.

Then they went on to a robot type deal with a disc
on top that flies off and hovers around and can
find anything that the owner wants it to find.
From things to humans. It knowing the difference
from one human from the other human… Interesting.

Then back to a trial of 100 of these to see if they will
fly, and come from different areas and fly by each other
as well in as in a circle with out hitting each other.
They did.. although the batteries died on a few. 
They are working on that.   All very interesting..

What I found scary.. and the King agreed.. These
very same A.I. could fly into a large city such as
ChicagoNew York…. Or Los Angeles  and
spray poisonous stuff over the population, that
are walking down the streets, driving.. playing
in their yards, at the schools and etc.   If taken
over by any enemy.
After all, if we are to believe that Russia could hack
our computers enough to take over one at a water
plant, or interfere with the Democrat party.
I can see the possibilities of this going all wrong.

But still has the wow factor.  Especially the one
that could go into any building with a weapon,
and find the enemy, so our guys wouldn’t have

to go in and get ambushed. 

Monday, January 09, 2017

Toilet paper and the law of average.....

You know it is a slow day, if the topic is
toilet paper.

The other day, the King was asking me if
we used more toilet paper now than before,
say a year ago.  I laughed and said no, we
are on the same average for years.. Why?
He said because, either we were using a lot
more, or I was stalling, so he had to change the roll.  
And also getting out the toilet paper from the
closet and putting it in the 4 roll holder that is
near the toilet. Assuming that I was getting out
of doing that chore.

I laughed. I told him that it is because he is home
more now.  He looked at me kind of irritated.  I told
him I was not referring to the fact he was going more
here at the house, because he no longer was going
to work for 8 + hours. I was referring to the fact
that with him using it more, the law of average is, he
is going to have to change out the rolls and place
paper in the holder more often..   After, all I asked,
who do you think has been changing it for the past
30 years?  That twice a year he might have.. but
the law of average I would be the one who would
be the changer. (plus he was great at leaving an
empty roll)

This has also come up with the garbage, but I have
already posted on that in the past. And bow to him
as being the champion garbage compactor, anything
except take it outside to the can.   

Thursday, January 05, 2017

It is that time of the year....TAXES...

I know we have 3 and half more months..
But I am one of those who wants to get it
over with..  While I can’t file yet, I sure can
get my paper work ready..

I have a file folder (you know with the 14 slots.
one for each month and extras) full of receipts.
kind of like… yep, I got a receipt for that.. as
I look thru all my papers in the box, in years
past. About 10 years ago, I decided to buy one
of those accordion file folders..  Putting each
month tag on each slot. And put the word TAXES
on the extra slot… hoping I remember to put all
those tax related in that slot.  And at the end of the
year.. it is a like fat hog ready to be slaughtered.

This works in two ways.. I put ever single.. yes,
every single receipt in that folder.  And if I need
to go back and get that receipt, I just look thru the
folder of the month I bought.  Which is handy,
as a couple times we have had something go wrong
and have to prove we bought it at their store and
when.. and how much.   And I can do that now.

Then at the end of the year, I go thru it all, find what
is taxable information.. and put it to the side. Then I
go thru the extra pile, which is receipts for items
bought.. and I put those in the file cabinet, under
products, manuals, warranties and etc.  Just in case
I need it next year.

Then the tax able papers.. file it in order of information.
health, taxes paid (W-2 forms) and etc.   Then I type
a report of all those..  And if I am lucky to get an
appointment in March, I take it into my tax guy.
I have the report listed with each amounts on it,
in each department.. and I have the file folder with
the paper work to back up those in the report.

So today, is the day to open that stuffed pig case.
Take out each month.. making piles of each receipt.
One for utilities, one for receipts from Wal-mart, one
for North 40 and etc..  then there is the misc.

Going thru each pile making sure I didn’t miss any
taxable papers.   And after I am satified that I have
them all…. Then it is the shredding machine and I,
time… Don’t want all those account numbers and
etc. in the wrong hands.

Ah, yes, the fun of it all…but then again, what else
do I have to do on a freezing day, when the temps
are in the teens, and the wind is blowing.. and I don’t
want to think about wind chill factors.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

I am so confused.....

We all know that the English language is
Well, for a lack of better word.. confusing..

Like the word HACK..  I have always thought
It was a bad thing..  meaning to break up things,
Or to get into one’s computer and make havoc.
Be a hack was not a good thing..

Now I see it used a lot.. It seems like it is suppose
To mean.. research something so you can use it?
Or what is online.. is
  1. Definition of hack

    The link above goes to the definition page for "hack".

    The slang term "hack" also appears in the following thesaurus categories:

You got that?   Because I sure don’t.. I don’t know if it
Is good or bad.. sounds like it is mostly bad.

add to this .. DUBBING... which is a dance or stance... while bopping up and down... which a young man got into trouble doing at the Congress swearing in. 
It also has something to do with drugs as well.. so be careful how you use the term.. but I am still confused... 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Yesterday, it was 12 here in our little burg.
Thankfully 12 above.. then mellowed out at 20.

BUT TODAY..THIS AM..  a not flaming 0!!
And it is going to get worse they said… dipping
Down under the 0 mark tomorrow and the next
Morning..   But there is hope.. Sunday is going to
Be a balmy 34.  

So this is what is going to be for lunch and dinner
So staying home and keep the fires going.. extra
Sweater on… nothing out there worth until at least
Noon… then it is warming up to 18..

I thought we got this out of our system in December

But I guess not.. 

Monday, January 02, 2017

HELLO 2017...

Well we all made it thru the year of 2016.

Do you know what the difference is between 2016
on Saturday, the 31st of December?   And Sunday
the 1st of January?     The answer is the number 7
that you now have to remember to write on your checks,
and any other piece of paper with the date on it.

Some times the change over comes easy..just one number.
But when it is two or more.. then it was tricky.. like from
2009 to 2010.. and worse yet was 1999 to 2000.  But it is
all do able..

So I have Christmas 2016 all button up, in the boxes and
out in the garage.. just need the King to put the boxes up
in the storage area.   All the inside of the house is done, and
the outside as well.. But got to admit, I am a lazy one, come
to the lights.. They stay up year around. They are under the
eaves, so no one sees them.. but the ones on the fence are
seeable..   Which in the past has been no big deal as they
blended with the cross pole… but this year, I had extra
lights so have a loop between each up right pole..  Maybe
come spring, I can tie them up to the cross pole and it won’t
look so obvious.

I was a little bend out of shape when I couldn’t find the Rose
Parade Sunday, but found out from friends that they never do
a Rose Parade on Sunday.. (why is that?  Church?, so it is better
that those who work on Monday, miss out?  As a good share
do.. except banks, postal workers and federal workers…
Anyway, I will be in front of the tv with coffee cup in hand,
watching the parade.. I love that one because they have horses and
usually have a lot of bands.. to me.. the bands make the parade.
no band, then it is just a bunch of people walking down the middle
of the street..

So enjoy the parade, and if you are a football fan, then the Rose
Bowl game.  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

End of the year.....2016

This is my last blog post of the year…
2016 has had its up and downs..

We had great joy, of the return from Hawaii.
Our grandson, who went there 5 years ago.
And he brought with him, his girlfriend, who
we all have come to love as much as we love him.
Then in July, they added another joy, a little boy.
who is the apple of their  families eye..

With this year, also comes sadness. With the
lost of the King’s friend of 40+ years.  And
3 months of 10 days at a time.. helping his
family take care of his business.

Also the lost of a blog friend of mine. Who I
greatly admire. A woman who spoke her
mind, loved animals, and the Democratic
Party.  I never got to meet her, but love
hearing from her.  And reading her blog
when she was active.  So long, Lorraine

And good bye to another Lorraine,
who I worked with for 10 years. 

Laced thur our sadness, as been smiles, as
we got to visit family, and watch a son get
married in August…

And then of course there is the nation divided
with the new election, which has to be the
worse election of my lifetime.  And now we
wait until 2017, to see how this is all going
to play..

Luckily, the year ends …for us … on an upbeat
note… as we have news of another addition to
our family in May of 2017… a little boy, who is
busy with his mom, our granddaughter,  now building up muscles, growing strong  bones, practicing smiling,
as he has a sister who is anxiously waiting, and
grandparents who are excited as the parents. And

great grandparents to meet.