Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Friendship, friendship

It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect
blendship. When other friendships have
been forgot, la la da... as the song goes.

This week, we have some friends staying
with us.. we go way back.. so far back to
my ex.. So I guess because we aren't in-laws,
we are out-laws. But best of all, we are friends.

We go back about 54 years.. he was my
brother-in-law.. and of course making her
sister-in-law.. and we have remained friends
over all these years.  We seem to get together
about every 5 years or so. Sometimes meeting
at the family reunion.. but as it has been
several times,  but they go the many extra
miles to come over to see me after they see
the Washington coast family. Quite a honor,
if you ask me.

We have one of those friendships that it
doesn't matter if it is a day, 5 years or more
we start up right where we left off.
The years are starting to take their toll on
all of us.. few more aches and pains, but

the love and respect is still strong. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wow, another month shot ...done... gone...

Is it me.. or are the months zooming by?
I thought it was just a day or two ago, that
we were celebrating the last b-b-que of
summer ... on Labor Day..

And here we are at the break of October. Will
it be Halloween in a day or two?  With the
summer zooming by in lightening speed..
And now September flashed by before my eyes.

I have been hanging on as hard as I can for the summer
to stay, but they say Fall started last week...

I have got all my yard art and different things put away
in the totes for next summer, but with the warmth of
the days.. and even the cool of the evenings.. I still
am in denial.

Usually October 1st means flannel sheets are back on
the bed, the summer clothes are put away and the
sweaters are out, along with long pants and heavy
jackets..  But I am still wearing shorts, and my summer
clothes are still in the drawer.

Got to ask, will Winter go by as fast as summer did? I

sure hope so.. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Keeping track of family is giving me a headache...

I found a book at a yard sale over the weekend.
I bought it for my niece. I figured because I have
all this information.. maybe she would like it.

All I have to do is fill out the blanks. Real easy,
right? As they said.. easy peasy.. NOT..

I was doing well in the beginning.. My brother,
(this is for his daughter) my parents, my grand
parents, and then great grandparents .. all going
well.. Then it was touch and go.

Why? After all I have information... fill in the blanks.
Well, the book skips back and forth. See it isn't just
for my niece.. or start with her.. it starts out with her
AND HER husband..  So leaving all of his side blank
as I don't know.. And then there is my sister in laws
side.. I don't know.. so leaving that blank as well.
And if they had the pages following that side.. I would
get along fairly well..

But they jump back and forth.. and it is the father's
side of the mother's side... grandfather... and then
great grandfather of the wife's side of the father's side..
well, you get the picture..

Finally had to put it away.. I was getting a flaming
headache... Be nice to have it just for one side.. and
then after.. do the other side.  All I know is that I
need a break.  Also have to get more paper work out.

Maybe I should have done it on a winter day.. as I also
look out the window and my yard is calling me.. lol

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is it time to go?

The numbers are down... but then they usually are in the
summer time.. Winter is when most don't have anything
else to do... so they tend to check in from time to time..

I am not a big time blogger. I am a drop on the floor from
the pail of water... spilt when others advertise or suggest
my blog for reading.  So I average about 22 a day. about
150 a week...(when I have a local event on I can get
up to 70).. Mine is not like friends who I know... who blog and
get numbers like 150 per day.  Some are still going strong,
while others blog once a week, unless they have fuel
for the fire and do a series on what is upsetting the apple
cart of life.  I am talking about the non paying blogs.

One of the ones that gives me a spot on the honor roll
of the day is Dave Oliveria on Spokane Review's  blog
Huckleberries online... HBO to most of us... and he
is the reason why this blog got started.  He gives me
a spot on the honor roll from time to time.. I think out
of respect for me, because I was one of the few first
one to encourage him, when he started blogging and
question if it was the right thing to be doing.. after all
his was a full fledged reporter on the Spokane Review
and this blogging was a new breed of media.

So he will continue for a long time.. and I foresee my other
helper to this blog,  (as I read hers and the top line said
from Blogspot, do you want to start a is as easy
as 1..2..3..and I thought ...yea, right, but they were right)
and that blog is Slight Detour ...Hers started out as joint
adventure with her kid brother drawing the cartoons. And
the readers have come a long way with Marianne over
the years.. trips to Ireland, who's who of Sandpoint and
etc.  And what country living is like.. marvelous in Idaho.

So as I see my numbers dive down under 100, I wonder
if it is time to go.. Going to try to stick it out until March
5th.. the beginning of this blog 10 years ago... But we
will see.  After all, all good things have to come to an
end some day... or maybe I could make it weekly
instead of 4 day week. lol... wean myself off... as it has
been fun and I always said, I would continue as long as
it was fun.   While some days are hard to come up with

subject... it is still fun. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is a test....

This is a test.. just a fun test... I am going to give you a list of
names... then you figure out who they are.
No googling the names.....this is just for fun..

George Clinton
Richard M Johnson
George M. Dallas
William J. Wheeler
Thomas A. Hendricks
Levi P. Morton
James  S. Sherman
Charles G. Dawes
Charles Curtis
Garret A.  Hobart
Alben W. Barkley

So who are these men?  Do you know who they are?  And if
they have anything in common?

I will give the answers in the afternoon...

the answers......
George Clinton .........James Madison
Richard M Johnson.....Martin Van Buren
George M. Dallas.........James Knox Polk
William J. Wheeler...... Rutherford B Hayes
Thomas A. Hendricks.....Grover Cleveland
Levi P. Morton...............Benjamin Harrison
James  S. Sherman......William H. Taft
Charles G. Dawes..........Calvin Coolidge
Charles Curtis...............Herbert C. Hoover
Garret A.  Hobart...........William McKinley

Alben W. Barkley.............Harry Truman


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Eyes have it....

Yesterday, we went into  Spokane to the Pacific Cataract and
Laser Institute and the King got his other eye done.  We got
there early and they got us in right away.

It was amazing. See they take him and do something to the
eye to get it ready, put a rubber ball on his eye to help the
pressure. With that and the blue cap they put on their people
it is quite a sight. Wish I had brought my camera..

After about 5 minutes, later they come to take him
back to the surgery room. .then the amazing takes place.
They let the spouse go into this narrow room which is
just on the other side of the glass wall. There is a monitor
on the wall and I could watch the whole surgery. Which
goes by fast.. about 10 minutes. One of the gals went
in with me and explain what they were doing as they
where doing it. How they slice a little 1/8 of a slice in
the eye, squirt some stuff in there, on the natural
lens with the cataract. Actually is kind of goes to liquid,
and then they suction it out.  After they get all the debris
out, they slide in the folded new lens made by humans.
Which flattens out and forms to the eye, and seals back
up. Each lens is fitted for that person.  So in other words,
what works for him, would not work for me.

As I watch, I thought about the wonderment of  God
and mankind..  First God makes one while the baby
is growing in the womb and one has those lens
for life for some. Others who get cataract have surgery.
But I had to wonder.. who was the first one to ever have
this operation done on them? Was it scary?  And what
about the person who came up with the idea in the
first place. And who made the first one to be planted?
Did they know it would work, or was it a matter of

By the way, if you are in line to have this done and
your doctor sends you to Pacific Cataract and Laser.
Relax.. they are wonderful there. All the people who
work there are the most friendly, comforting guiding
people we have ever met.

Monday, September 22, 2014


A couple of months ago, I became aware of a book being written by two young ladies.. I presume the had something to do with the Jamestown Historical Society.  The name of the book was Legendary Locals of Jamestown.
I couldn't wait to get it.. I sat down with a cup of coffee to start to read... after reading some of the story of the island itself... I skipped thru to find my family. Nothing.. so looked in the index.. there was 3 Richardson's.  Who did deserve to be in the book, at least Edith Richardson did. After all she was the first woman Postmaster ever in the United States.  And two of her sons were in there. Who still live there. Aunt Edie as we knew her, had passed on a long time ago. But
not a mention of her husband.. our Uncle Alfred.. who ran a gas station across from the ferry landing.

Sorry folks, but I was pissed. Not one word about my grandfather, nor my great grandfather.. Or even my Uncle Harold who carried on running the family gas station/ garage. Nothing. There are 6 generations of my direct family of JAMESTOWNERS... so you can click out and go on
your way if you would like..readers.. but I am going to make sure that the internet has somewhere.. that our family did and still does exist.

We start out with the first one..

Aaron Richardson..(first generation) and his wife Augusta
Johnson Richardson. Dropping the extra s... came here from Sweden.. the same town.. and got married 1878 in Newport, R.I. 
Aaron was a farmer and they moved to a little island,
called Jamestown.  There they raised several children. 7 of them. 4 girls and 3 sons.  One of which was my grandfather. Lived most of his life and is buried in Jamestown, R.I.

Aaron R. Richardson, (second generation) was 4th in place among their children. Aaron R. was
born, raised in Jamestown. As a very young man he met a young woman, Harriet E. Chase, school teacher, from the small island of Prudence Island. 
He courted her by rowing his skiff from the north end of Jamestown, where her father's farm was to the southern tip of Prudence Island.
In 1907 they went to Manhattan, N.Y. to get married. Moving in to Aaron's sister's boarding house on Jamestown.  
Thru several moves, and running a livery stable with a
business partner, he finally settled with a horse and buggy taxi to each side of the island where the ferries landed. Taking travelers from side to side to meet the other ferry.  Added to the family was 3 son's and one daughter. In the 1920's he changed over to cars.
Then taking over the John E. Watson Store at 29 Narragansett Ave.  they did deliveries to the summer residents as well as taxi service  to the ferries. And in the late 1920's and early 30's he with his oldest son A. Richard (the II) built and ran a gas station/garage.
At the end of WWII, youngest son Harold took over the garage which by this time, became a Ford dealership. And Aaron started a Dodge dealership in Newport, R.I. and a Ford dealership in Middletown ...  Having a heart attack in 1947. Born in Jamestown, lived all but 5 years in Jamestown, did business in Jamestown and is buried in Jamestown, R.I.

F. Gilbert Richardson, (third generation)  second son of
Aaron Richard Richardson. Born in Jamestown, raised in Jamestown, and buried in Jamestown, R.I.

G. Leroy Richardson. (fourth generation) . the weak link of the Richardson's of Jamestown. As he was neither born, nor is he buried in Jamestown.
He is the son/second child of F. Gilbert Richardson...
BUT he lived with his wife Dorothy, their two children, and worked in Jamestown, R.I. for over 30 years. He was on the Jamestown Fire Dept. staff for most of those years. He was a fireman, worked on the search and rescue crew and the ambulance service of Jamestown, R.I. for most of those 30 years. He with that crew took good care of the people in Jamestown, R.I.

Now we come to the 5th generation... Leroy M. Richardson.. born and raised, lives and works (as he is still there) in Jamestown, R.I.
Second child, and son of G. Leroy Richardson. He followed
his father's footstep by joining the Jamestown Fire
Dept.  and he and his wife Naomi, are raising the 6th generation , as his 3 children were born and raised in Jamestown.

Families do matter.. family history is as important as town history. as that is what makes the town. Jamestown is a small island to some but a mighty island to those who live there. And I just want it to be part of the record, that the Aaron Richardson family was and is part of that island..

all of this information is due to my Aunt Harriet, who is the daughter of Aaron r. and Harriet e. Without her, all of us cousins would have to start from scratch. 
and this is my 2500 post...a lot of words.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Taking the week off

I am taking the week off... so see you next Monday.. have a good week. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where were you?

I am old enough to have several WHERE WERE YOU?
Today, most of the world is doing the WHERE WERE YOU
ON 9-11?

But I can tell you .. where I was when Kennedy was shot.
I can tell you where I was when the space ship blew up
on January 28, 1986.
I actually don't remember where I was when Oklahoma
court house was blown up.  That is odd.
I know where I was when the world turn from 1999 to
And of course for today.. I know where I was for 9-11.
Is there anything else that we should remember where we
were, for what?  I can't think of anything.

But to answer the question of the day.. I was at work,
actually pulling out of the parking lot at work, when the
first plane hit.  I had just turn on the radio as I pulled
out on to the street. The announcer was talking to the
other one, about a plane hitting a building in New York.
Just that.. a plane hit one of the buildings.  In New York.

As I traveled along down the road on my way home.. it
became, they thought it was a private plane, not sure.
Then it became the World Trade Center was hit by a
plane. And then ...rumor it was a bigger plane, as
I pulled into my driveway and turn off the radio.

I went inside, turn on Good Morning America, New York.
I use to get the New York channels at that time thru DISH.
And the reporters were a buzz with the news. AND THEN
GOD.. it was a airliner.. Then word that the first one was
a ... airliner,  as well. My daughter called. She was getting
ready for work, .... DID YOU SEE THE NEWS, MOM.
Yes, I am watching it.. I was watching New York ABC..
she was watching NBC Spokane.  We talked as we watch
in amazement.. How could two airliners lose it and hit
the same building.. She had to leave for work. Told her
I would email her with updates when she got there. She
said on NBC, they said someone said one had hit the
Pentagon. Told her I would let her know.

Moments later, it was confirmed that one had hit the Pentagon.
News crew were heading there as fast as they could. New York
is going crazy.. people running, dust all over everyone and thing.
And then came in news of a plane going down in Pennsylvania.
HAD THE WORLD GONE CRAZY?  I emailed my daughter.
She said that is ok, Mom, the whole building is watching on
televisions and monitors. Talk to you tonight.

And every one knows the rest of the story... as we all remember
this day.

About 20 minutes of the horror we saw.. the second plane had
hit.. it dawn on me... my morning routine at work was to get
two ladies up, turn on their television, and let them watch until
it was breakfast time.   Oh, my gosh.. what did they see?  Did
they think, and I had hoped they did.. think it was a movie?

As we all know now, the world had gone crazy that day, and
it hasn't gotten any better since then..     

Also in sadness.. there are some .. who are like my niece,
Barbara ... whose birthday is 9-11 of every year... hard to

be happy on your birthday... while everyone one else is sad. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Driving Mr. G

Now that the King has had eye surgery.. he can't drive. Which means I drive.. Now I purposely don't drive when he is well. It isn't the "man should be the driver" bit.  It is a matter of survival. Or sanity.

My sanity that is... and I almost forgot what that was until Monday
afternoon.  And Tuesday was worse.  I can hardly wait until he
can drive himself again.

See I seem to manage driving to town, to the mall, to Walmart,
quite well every day that I drive.  ALONE.. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, I almost hit someone.. because I was slowing
down and he screams at me.. YOU ARE GETTING TO CLOSE!
I about jumped out of my skin..and almost took my foot off of the brake.
I was 10 feet away or more. 

I also seem to be able to pick the right lane when coming to
an intersection. But he started with .. "you are in the wrong lane."
"YOU are in the wrong lane.". (I explain I knew where I was
going) and then it was "YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE."

As I pulled across the intersection of HWY 95 and Kootenai
Cut-across road.. The car next to me turn left and I went
straight where I was going.. then a meek, "Well, if that
car had gone straight, you would have been pushed over".
It is hard to keep your mouth shut while you are biting
your tongue..


But I have to do it all over again in 2 weeks.