Wednesday, August 05, 2020



I SAY… can I hear you now?

No, that is not, can you hear me now.. As you always could hear me…

But I am hoping by the end of the day…I CAN HEAR YOU….

Finally,  made it in to get my hearing tested last Sunday. And I swear it is so bad..  did not give me any confidence in my hearing..  But the guy said at the beginning, that I would be able to hear better after… After the testing was done, I ask him could I hold him to what he said….   He said what was that?  I said you said that I will hear better…  He said…oh, yea, I promise you, you will hear better… God, I hope so… I am so tired of saying…..

What did you say?   Could you repeat that?   Could you say that again and louder.. and also slower..  One thing I have found that when you are hard of hearing, it isn’t just the volume, it is the speed of the words as well..   So if they slow down and talk louder it is better.. not good, but better..   I did see a shirt that I thought about buying.


 So keep your fingers cross, that I can hear by this afternoon. I will add a update, if I can… or can’t… 


Hearing or lack of is kind of nice sometimes… but sometimes it is lousy.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Short post today…..

Spend our time going to Medical Lake area..

Over there is the Washington State Veteran’s Cemetery.

We went with the widow of a good and dear friend.

She had one of her other friends join us. Rules are only 4 people can be there. 


We laid to rest John Ivy…  short and sweet if you want to

call it that.    There was Taps played… then the unfolding of the flag and then the folding of the flag… Salute and given to the

the widow..   So sad in this day and age, as I remember military

Funerals in the past…  For one there was a 21 gun salute shot off.


We were proud to be there to say the last good byes for this Vetnam Vet.  Not just any one, but a man who was very proud

to be a vet.. He served as many did… with great honor. 

Came home to a country who could have cared less… Yet he held his head up high.  He was an honorable man, and compassion man and loved by all that met him.    


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

HERE COMES THE SUN… with heat on its tail…

HERE COMES THE SUN… with heat on its tail….

Yep, from hi 70’s and lows 80’s we jump to 90 to 94.
with rumors of 100’s to come around the corner.. 
I know last year or maybe it was the year before.. I said
something about practicing for HELL…. Maybe I was closer
than I thought, considering how this year is turnout out.
Because this is the closest I have been to hell, that I am aware

Here we go trading air conditioning for the winter heat bills.
With only one month of reprieve  in June..  Where the electric
bill is some what affordable. 

I do the old fashion way.. cave house.. Meaning pulling the shades down at 8am.. lifting as the sun circles the house… and leave shade behind.  I think back to the old days of black fans whirling back and forth.. No air conditioners in sight.   And we seem to manage.   But the King, he wants COOL.. TO COLD.. lol.. so the AC is clicked on by 9 or 10 until the cool of the evening. 

So enjoy the weather, hope it isn’t as hot where you are…I do all my outside stuff until 9 or 10am.. depending on the temps.  Then it is inside for things to do.. or just read.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020



So the BLM want attention.. they want to protest so we will know that BLACK LIVES MATTER.    Well, they have been protesting.. and the thugs that go along with them.. the destruction, the lives that have been lost, the business that have been lost with all of this mess.. for what 3 months now?  Just how long do you think you should be carrying on like this?   BLM group act like children..  who want attention and even if they get bad attention that is ok too.  As long as they get attention. 

I get it.. it is not always great to be black.  But there are a lot of people out there, who it isn’t always great to be as well…There those  who are black, who are doing ok, and some are doing a lot better than ok.. You have the musicans, the singers, the dancers the sports people. 

I am tired of protestors calling us privilege white people..  There are a hell of a lot more of us who are NOT  privilege… There are also a lot of black privilege..  Privilege is not a race thing.  Privilege is those who made a lot of money.. some legal, some not. Some damn hard and years of, hard work.. and some come by it easy. Having a good break.. having a voice that others love.. playing a sport that people pay good money to see.. 

A lot of us have family who came from another country in the bottom of the boat, where the poor stayed.  Taking a chance that the boat doesn’t sink. Hoping not to get sick with the lack of fresh air. Gambling to come to the American that every one says it so great.  But there are also those who were the owners of this great land. To only have it taken away from them.. treated like animals, having no voting rights up to just a couple generations ago. Still living in home with out wooden floors. Yes, in this year of 2020 there are people living in the wonderful rich country, who do NOT have the great house. Some don’t have roof over their heads.  There are those of difference ethnic who are still being treated as less of a person..  Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, from India..  Do you see them protesting, burning businesses, stealing.. No..  So those who champion the BLM… movement.. stop and enough is enough.  If you want to find a good cause… change it to ALM…  YES, ALL LIVES MATTER.  The different nationalities… the children taken off the streets to use as sex objects, the guy who lost his job thru this mess.  So many more… stop looking at yourself.. look around you…  
Start… ALM’s with kindness, civility, compassion…  Stop being selfish and thinking of only you and yours… 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..  you want respect.. GIVE RESPECT. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

As if the virus isn’t enough…

As if the virus isn’t enough… 

Here in our little county of no where.
No where anyone knows about that is, unless they remember
Randy Weaver… 
Any way…. We were initiated into a new type of internet
process.. not exact sure what or how.. No one has explained that to us.  It just appeared.   One thing every one seems to know that it
is a product of Elton Musk.   You know the guy with so much money he invented a car… Tesla… has a space ship up at MIR… and some other stuff going on.  
This is what it looks like..   

don’t know if it looks like the movie
What do you think?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020



July seems to be full of birthdays.  And this weekend was no exception.. we celebrated  the little local great grandboys on Saturday…Then on Sunday we celebrated their mom’s with a bbq.
And then there was the phone call to our oldest son on Saturday.. 57 years for him... wildest part was while telling him Happy Birthday, he asked what time was I born…  and like a flash it came 1:28AM.. surprised I remember that.

And we aren’t done yet.. there is a granddaughter’s coming up on the 22  and another granddaughter on the 26.. with a great grandson throw in there for good measure..  Not to forget there is 3 friends…  

How about you… what month is your family full of birthdays? Our second one is April. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Handling it with humor…

Handling it with humor….

It is getting to be more and more stores are requiring mask. 
Some by choice, some by state orders… 
Lots of people are protesting it..
Some are glad.

One bad thing to me is the shaming.. Some are saying after the 20th
Of July, when Walmart puts in their order of no mask, no entering.. some are saying they won’t be shopping there anymore..  What are they going to do with the small shops saying the same..  Besides there is a lot of items at Walmart that are not sold local.. So that means a road trip.. and maybe more mask request.
To me, I feel it is a live let live deal..  You either believe or you don’t..  You can‘t make others change their minds..  
I just go and get my shopping done early in the day, if possible. And that way there is only about 10 people in the store.. doesn’t matter which one of the grocery stores I like .. as they are all the same.. guess no one likes to shop early.  Ha ha..

My trip of today was with 16 smiles with my new mask. And 2 outright laughing..   One of which told me that when I talked the mouth moves…   So what the heck did I have one?   Well here it is.. I hope it makes you smile too… After  all humor is one the best traits we have.. 
Be safe..  no matter if you mask or not.

mask mess with your hair do..  but show have maybe comb it before the picture..  lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Life’s little surprises…from out of left field….

Life’s little surprises…from out of left field….

Over the weekend, a friend of ours went to the hospital.  And as anyone can tell you, by personal experience (we can) your spouse does not get to go with you.  To me, the cruelest of all this virus stuff.

Our friend’s wife, who is also our friend, stated it on Facebook.  And we all send word of help, prayers as we knew how hard it was on her.  She and her husband are just about joined to the hip. He is older, so that makes her concern even harder.

During the time while she waited. I messaged her, to let her know what to expect.. as we and our brother in law went thru the same shoes she was wearing. 
Then the weirdest thing happen… After stop talking to her.. a message came thru the message area.. but there was a note that the writer had deleted the message.  Being I recognized the name.. yet she was not one of my Facebook friends… but she is the daughter of my friend.   So I wrote back to her ???? … figuring if she wanted to talk, I could… as I live about 2 miles from her mom and she lives in the next state.  And she said she had written something but has second thoughts.   So removed it.  She said she was concerned about her Mom..  I wrote back I was too.   We talked a few minutes and then ended the conversation.  Then I decided to call my friend.  My husband had already called but was cut short as she had another call come in.   My friend and I talked for about 10 minutes or so.. I walked her thru the system, that she was partly aware of.  Told her to wait an hour as they would need time to run test, so they really couldn’t give  her much info.  She seemed a little calmer… I told her if for some wild reason, they sent him home.. to call us.. Didn’t want her driving in the dark and upset.
Then after, I messaged her daughter and told her what I had said to her mother..  We passed a few more lines and then just as we were going to end the conversation….. she said.. by the way, do you remember me… I use to work with you a very long time ago. I told her yes, I did remember her and told her mother a funny story about her and her daughters visit to the nursing home we worked in.  She laughed and said she remember that and someone took a picture of them..  She said.. but I want to tell you something else.. I have wanted to tell you for quite some time.  She told about how working with me and another woman, helped her. That our talks to her as we worked.. had help her make better choices in life. And to be a good person, and to take life serious.   My thoughts were WOW… I told her thank you.. but I didn’t think I did anything great… I did see that she was having a hard time being a young mom and working.. She said yes, but you were honest and kept me in line with not only the job but life.   And then she shared about her children, grandchildren.. lol.  After a bit, I bid her goodnight and told her to take good care of herself..  I did message her the next morning and we talked about her step dad being home.. And one of these times when she comes to see her mom, I am going to stop by and see her… 

You know, we go thru life.. never thinking of any impression we make in or on others…  It is a blessing to hear that one does good. This gal is the 3rd one in my adult life time, who have told me thank you for doing what I thought was just a general thing. The first one was a daughter of a friend from a long time ago. And I use to baby sit her and her siblings with my own kids…  And when she told of how great it was to grow up with me.. and I said… I didn’t think I did anything great.. just treated her like  my own kids.. And she said exactly…  and that is what made her feel so good. That I showed her what a normal life was like.. and how one can love someone.. as her own family life was very disruptive to say the least. (her parents drank a lot). She said she always felt safe and loved at my house…  She became a judge.   It still wows me to know I made a difference.
So know, some where along the line.. you too made a difference in someone’s life. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Going thru stuff…

Going thru stuff…

Reminds me of George Carlin… and the subject of STUFF…
Today it was raining off and on.. and what better day to clean up my side of the bedroom… uncluttering the desk, and the catch all.
The desk and a chair…  Clothes everywhere.  Pilled neatly but..

It took a hour.. but the part that took the most, was 3 storage bags of pictures…  One labeled PEOPLE,  another labeled  PLACES WE HAVE BEEN….and finally one with the address of where we live now..  And all I could say was WOW… how the place has changed… There were no fences in the front.. no flower gardens.. And the back was different too…  There was the one fence but no flowers on the garage, or the house or a garden at all..  Later pictures were of a veggie garden and then a pond…   No small buildings.. and back fence.  

The other bag.. of people..  was sad, as we realized how many who have passed.  As we looked at pictures of celebrations of the past.

But the clothes are put away.. papers have been gone thru and some tossed…  Got a bunch to shred…  But another chore done.. of many to still do.. 
Some times rainy days are good.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The start of summer….

The start of summer….

With the 4th of July over, it is the beginning of summer..
Hot weather, rain, some have tornados, and lots of good times.
We have picnic’s   ...  cook outs, BBQ… fishing and etc.

But also on our minds is what is coming up in ..4 months.  I know we have not even have had the conventions starting up yet.. Which seems weird.. As I thought we had at least one of them by June.
And because of the virus.. we have been spared the commercials, which should be started soon.  Then I can turn off the tv for sure.
Although I am beginning to enjoy the King’s channel that I refer to as the Dead Man Channel.. It has all of the old westerns and etc.. and most of the actors are dead. 
But also we have the great outdoors.  And with the recent rain every 4th day… or more,  and with my flight to the ground, I have not been keeping up with the weeds and they are taking over fast.

But the one thing we really do need to think about is the election.. if ever voting has been more important, that it is now… After watching on PBS.. the women’s fight to vote.. We, women, have to seriously look it over.  I have to admit.. there are slim pickings.  We have a tyrant in office, who is no surprise as we all knew the story before the 2016 election, yet people voted for him.  Some have gotten buyers remorse.. but there is a lot of those who still think he is the best.   And then there is the Democrat going with Biden.  And sadly he is looking like the lesser of the evils. And as Judge Judy says.. he does not come to the table with clean hands either..  There is a Liberation Party gal.. who I wish people would look at and take her serious.   But I got to be honest.. my vote of NONE OF ABOVE of the past, seems to be coming to my mind once again.  I can’t believe this is the best that both sides have. We need someone who can be in charge.  Not sure this gal has it either…To clean up this mess of the past 4 months.. and especially the past month.
So while you are enjoying what is left of our freedom, be sure to vote in November.  And you have 4 months to research .. these who have thrown their hats in the ring… and all I can say is.. Good luck…

For me, it is back to the yard work.  And WOMEN… do those proud that fought for you to have the right to vote 100 years ago.

and happy birthday G B W...