Monday, November 30, 2020

Good bye, November….

 Good bye, November….

And thankfully this year is almost over. 31 more days left.

As I have gotten some of the Christmas stuff out of storage in the garage, it kind of makes me reflex to Christmas past.

The one with the kids still all home and small.  The trying to find something that they like besides all the replacement clothes for gifts. See Christmas in our house was replacement of shoes, and clothes that wore out since Sept. when school started.  When you have a large family that is what is in all those boxes you see them show you. Instead of lots of toys and etc.. it is the clothing.

But we did try our best to get something the kids would love. Usually with a $20 per kid allowance, we would try to find what is new and what they like.  Near the end as the kids are getting in their teens it was harder, as we couldn’t afford the latest, newest, have to have gift.  I think that is when I really started to hate Christmas. When it became so commercialized.  Knowing my kids would be going back to school and see their friends with walkmans and later computer games and etc.  But I was really blessed as my kids always seem to be excited on Christmas morning.. and never seem to cry about what they didn’t get. 

As I look back, I  also think forward…  to the kids of today. Who have parents who will go to stores and fight with each other for the latest toy, that has run out at some of the stores. 

Our day seem to be a relaxed day. Kids putting their new clothes away, and playing with their toys.. me, finishing up the dinner for us to eat later. In our house hold that would be  a venison or elk roast instead of turkey.  One such year, there was a goose that my husband had shot and brought home. It was the most pathetic thing to see. After you take those feathers off, there isn’t that much left of that breast. He looked like he came over on the Columbus ships… So gave us a good laugh.. Luckily we had the venison roast as a back up.

So let’s hope this month is a better month. Let’s pray there is a lowering of the virus and less people dying.  Let’s pray there is more kindness, than we have had for the past couple years, especially this year.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020


November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Traditions 

This will be the cook for tomorrow.. Late tonight he will start a few things and then up at 3am to get the kitchen started.. Turkey in the oven.. potatoes peeled (my job)  getting the green bean casserole together. Getting the yams candied, and etc... He is a prima donna of the kitchen on Thanksgiving as he makes sure everything is perfect.. but he wouldn't  want it any other way..  


In my past Thanksgivings were my Uncle Tiny and my mother.. Depending on which side of the states I was in.. 


East Coast was my mother.. she could put on a hell of a meal for everyone.. She did it in style.. and the proper dishes, and the proper sterling silver ware, which my job was to have it polished for the meal days ahead.. Be it as a kid or an adult who came back to live for a short while.  There was the soup, and there was the shrimp cocktails, and there was the service plate that went under the plate you ate off of.  There were tiny salt containers with spoons.  The buns, the cranberries and pickles, olives, stuffed celery.  And of course the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, mashed squash and turnips. And home made pies. 


One the West Coast it was Uncle Tiny... who was a retired Navy cook... so you know he knew how to put up a meal and half.  Maybe not as fancy as Mom's.. but it sure was a lot and was cooked with love. 

 So I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.. remembering the pass ones, and making due this year.. and count your blessings for all that you have.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Starting the count down….

Starting the count down…. 


We start the count down… in just a mere 2 days is Thanksgiving..  Which may be a shadow of former celebrations…  A lot of the states are condemning the gatherings of family and friends.  Even to the point of asking for neighbors to spy on neighbors. (Germany Nazi like)   Thankfully we don’t live in those states.  And my heart goes out to those who do.   This is really going to be hard for some families. As it is their once a year gathering of all the aunts, uncles and cousins along with the grandparents.


We are keeping ours small. We are allowed 10… but we will have 7.  All of us health.  It will be different.  For one thing, right after we eat…. The King is taking meals up to his brother’s house for his sister in law. They are home from the town they go to for the treatments.  He has one more week to go.  So of course they can’t join us.. but we want to be sure they have a meal. 


So then we get the meal over..  but there isn’t any run to the stores for the big sales. I don’t know if the paper will be extra thick as it is every year.. with all the ads for the towns near us… As far as I know there isn’t even going to be Black  Friday this year.. The stores have been running a partial Black Friday on weekends.. doing different products each weekend.


Seems like all traditions are going to the wayside.


Then it will be Christmas shopping for 3 weeks.. but how much puff will be taken out of that as well, we will see.  And then there will be New Years Eve and day.. A lot of us are looking forward to that… hoping 2021 is better than this year.


So I will be thinking of you all, and our family and friends we can’t get together with. Wishing you all a wonderful day, hopefully phone calls … zoom calls and etc. will help. God Bless and be thankful for all you have.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Sometimes you just got to do what you do… VIRUS HAIR CUT

Sometimes you just got to do what you doVIRUS HAIR CUT


Anyone who knows me, knows I really don’t do the normal stuff. I just think something is a good idea and go with it.. sometimes it works.. some times it doesn’t..  And if it seems like fun.. all the better.


So yesterday, Tuesday, I decided to go with the idea of getting my hair cut.  Our Governor is back tracking on his phases.. and we are back to phase 2.  Which means a lot of places are being closed or shut down to a quarter of their businesses.  And the virus is climbing daily.  Hospitals are starting to fill up again. 


So I figured it was just a matter of time before he goes to phase one. Which among others… is the beauty shops.. And my hair needed to be trim.   I scanned the computer internet looking for short hair cuts. Because who knows how long this will go on this time. Last time they shut them down it was 3 months before they open up again.


I came across several short hair cuts that was intriguing. And figure.. what the hell.. go for it.. so this is it…  This is my VIRUS HAIR CUT.

Yes it is short.. ooooooooooooooh, ya… lol..  Kind of whimsical … and that would sum me up pretty much… doing things that are whimsical.. fun.. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

We will survive….

We will survive….


A lot of people are worried about the new President coming in.

Some are thinking Trump was the only answer and the government is going to go to hell in a bucket… or hand basket.


But you see, we have survived many different administrations over the years. There was Tricky Dicky better know as Richard Nixon.

Then there was Bush Jr.  and we can’t forget Clinton.  And then of course, Obama, where so many thought he was going to turn us into another Africa.  And that is the reason why we have such a great swing in the pendulum now.. called Trump.  A lot of us thought he would take our nation down to its knees… and a lot of us think he almost did and can still before he is out of office.   But we survived each of them.




Now the fear is Biden and his outspoken woman vice president. The country is not fond of strong will and thought woman.  Women who will act, and call up accountability.  Be it politics or anything else.

Women who say exactly how they feel and thinking.  They don’t see a warm hearted, do good for others, they just see a mouthy person.


We,  the women of the 60’s have been waiting for such a woman. One to be reckon with. Those of us who really thought a woman could be President, really in our hearts knew Hilary Clinton, wasn’t that woman.  And we did not vote for her. Too much luggage, to thick with her husband Bill.  If she had walked away from him after he got out of office, and stepped up..  She might have gotten more women votes. And I hate it when some women are soooooo dumb that they will vote for a person, JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN… You don’t vote for someone because they are a certain gender.  You vote for the person you think can do the job. Seriously people.. 

I love the Texas Governor, Ann Richards.   She stood up to the male peers… She said what she thought, she was a force to be reckon with .

And I think Harris is going to be one of those women.  She will be one to watch. Who knows maybe she will run in 2024.


And for all those Republicans… Trumpesters or not..  The United States will survive and so will we.  Just like we always have.  But then again, that will depend on you…  With so much muck, going on and no one is held accountable.. If you all.. let it continue without stepping up to the plate…  If you are so hateful, that you don’t care what happens to your fellow Americans.. who knows.. 




Thursday, November 12, 2020

from the past....

Funny as I read this... I laughed as it this is still true 10 years later


My Daylight body....

My body goes with daylight. Meaning when the sun is up, my body
wakes me and I get out of bed. And when it is dark, I start to run
down. Probably comes from my childhood. As we woke up at dawn
to do the farm work. And my folks had us in bed by the time it got
dark or shortly after. I think 8p.m. was our bedtime for winter.

Over the years, I was always an early riser. And raising kids you are up
early out of survival or call. And when I worked I was up at 3am, to
be at work by 5am. Then I switched to going to bed at 6am and going
to work at 10pm. When I went on Noc shift. So my own body had to adjust.

Now that I am retired and have no deadline, or early call, I can get
up when I want. Which is usually dawn. So summer, I am up and
on the run early and loving it… And of course, the sun is still going
at 9 to 9:30 pm. So I love summer…

I think the coined phase OLD MAN WINTER, is for a good reason.
because that is how I feel in the winter. And these gloomy mornings,
haven’t encourage my bouncing out of bed. More like dragging a wet
dishrag out. I mull around in my pj’s with my cup of coffee and paper
in hand, looking out to a bleak day. At least the afternoons were
deemable last week. But this week the forecast isn’t looking good.

So when we went off daylight savings and had gloomy mornings, and
dark afternoons… well, my body doesn’t know what to do. Heck, on
Sunday, I was thinking it was bedtime, and it was only 5 pm.
This isn’t looking good, for this winter, if I am in this mode already.
Usually this hits about January or February.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

To all of those who have serve.... thank you for your service

 Veteran day

Everett Linekin   Navy
Parker Linekin   Army
Timothy Haines   Coast Guard
Marvin Hughes    Army
Harold Richardson   Navy

Worel Bros. Ted, Art Jr, Bill, Dick  Navy
Allen.. Marine    John    Army  
Jack Air Force

Mike Brown   Army
Herbert Brownell  Navy

Gary and Sandee Gors   Army
Edward Gors     Navy
Jeff Gors    Army

Stan Worel    Air National Guard

Larry Ellis Air Force

Robert Young    Marine

Some are gone.. some are still here… 

Thank you, to you all… for your service..

I am sure I probably forgot someone.. and I am truly sorry if I did..

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Hugs are not just for sex

Hugs are not just for sex


I was born and raised on the East Coast. Raised up among Italians, Portuguese, French, and Irish… And also good old Yankee Englishmen.  Yankee men were staunch people.. meaning not really expressive. They rarely hugged anyone. Not their wives or children in public.. not so sure at home either.  If they greeted another man, it was the hand shake. A medium to strong one. And if it was a deal in the making.. and very strong one.. Meaning this deal is solid. 


Now the others.. were very expressive. Italians and Portuguese were expressive, some times loud in their greeting of each other. Be it men or women. Irish and  French were fairly expressive.


Men have body language hug. There was the come on, let’s talk. As the men would walk off, one man would put his arm around the other and cup his hand over the other man’s shoulder. With his head leaned in. This was a “you have my full attention” style. Or it could be.. “I want your full attention”  And if it was the mafia guy, it was a tighten of the hand on the shoulder, meaning.. listen here guy, I am telling you now… and heed what I mean, style.



When a man greeted another man there were several ways. There is, at large gatherings, a come from behind, putting both hands on the other shoulders and squeezing. Some times it was a surprise, I am here type. Others were, I am sorry, I am late, but I am here now.  Some where a hand shake that turns into a hug. Most of the time followed by laughter.  With women, it was a hug around the waist. Maybe a kiss on the cheek type greeting. Women greeted each other with hugs. And if really happy to see each other, it would turn into a short dance as they hugged.  All of which were hugged when they left each other. It was just the way it was. Children were greeted with hug, and maybe a swing up in the air greeting. It just was the way it was. No one took offense.  If there was no hugs, then you knew one was not happy with the other.


In my own family, we were more like the English. My mother was half English and half German. Another nationality that was not expressive and stand offish.  My father was a little more at ease. He did hug women in greeting.  But my parents and brother and myself, was more reserve. I don’t believe I ever heard my parents tell each other that they love each other. They rarely hugged. It just was the way it was in our household. No kiss on the cheek, hello or good by..


So how did I become a hugger. That tribute would be to my Aunt Harriet. My Aunt Harriet… my other mother…. Who loved everyone. Hugged everyone.. She had unconditional love for her family and friends. She called us all Sweetie at one time or another. Everyone got hugs and especially kids.  



Men use to call women, Babe, Honey, Sweetheart and these were terms of endearment.  Women, have use some of these and they have used them with women. I had a boss when I was 18, and she  would say, take this paper down to Mr. so and so, honey.  Dearie will you go down and make a copy of this for me.  If she didn’t uses those words, you knew you were on her list, and it wasn’t good.


Men have had there arms around women waist, around children waist or on their shoulders, all in the I am protecting you style. I am here..  Some times even hands on the shoulders with a massage like motion.   All of this… was not sexual. It was terms or expressions of loving caring people.


Now jump to the 2000, and all of it has become a social no no. Don’t touch society. Watch how you talk, what words you use, and for the love of God, don’t touch unless it is your spouse. Or sister, or your brother. Of course the last bunch has all kinds of acceptable names, and some not so much.


So now when we hear some one use the words Babe, or Honey or Dearie, we cringe.  We see someone touch another personally, we cringe. Be it gay couples, or an older man… we cringe. We assume it is sexual.


My husband has a hard time with the word Babe. He has used this word for over 50 years. I have talked to him for about 4 years about, how he should not say that word.  That some women take offense to it.  He has gotten better about it,  I am afraid he would get in trouble about it.  He almost did one time. A woman he worked with, was crying.. she was very upset. He gave her a hug and told her, she would be ok.. She turn him in for a sexual harassment.  He was blown away and hurt. He meant to console her. He felt bad for her, as she was so upset.  Sexual had NOTHING to do with it.   See he too is a hugger. Has been all the 68 years of his life.


I, am a hugger as well, Like I said, I learn from the best.  But I find myself double checking myself.   If I meet someone and we talk for a while and get along greatly, enjoy each others conversation.. as I go to leave, I apologize and say.. I am a hugger, hope you don’t mind.. 90% of them, say me too.. And I wish her well and tell her I enjoy our time together…  If I am talking to a woman, and she is upset, and tells me how her life is upset down… and when we get ready to leave each other… I will say… Do you mind if I give you a hug? And if she starts to cry, I hold a little longer. 


Why do I have to apologize? Why do I have to ask.. why it isn’t it ok, to hug someone now.  Why is it when man is working with someone, and that is a woman… he mention how nice she looks.. he doesn’t say she looks sexy.. just remarks about how nice she looks.. he is brought up on sexual charges. Yet a woman can say to a man.. wow you look great today.. and that is ok?

Why does a man put his hands on a woman friend’s shoulder, and it becomes sexual…


All hugs are not sexual.. all touching of endearment  ARE NOT sexual.


Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The faster I go, the more behind I get…

The faster I go, the more behind I get…. 


As you can see I’m once again late at blogging… I had it in mind last night, but forgot this am..

Been busy, with so much.. cleaning the garage, transferring stuff from one garage to the other and transferring a car to the first garage.   Then there was applesauce to make.. meaning peeling slicing, and coring apples.  Each and ever one of them in a large box. We do have one of those apple peeler .. thingie… But still got to get them cooked and then puree, then put in the jars and then water bath them.  Then there was the pears. Then throw in the King taking a friend to physical therapy now on Tuesday and Friday.

I have Wednesday and Thursday with babysitting one great grandson, while Mom take the other one to an appt.  And then throw in there, a meeting with the insurance agent to make sure the King’s health insurance advantage is going to be changed to the better. And mine is down grading their monthly payment to 0 but same coverage.  And then there is a dab of the King running to his brother’s house to take care  of small stuff. While they are away for the week doing chemo and radiation.

So somewhere in there we have been running on a treadmill of life. And skipping watching tv news shows about the election that I feel can take forever…


Did seen the neighbor state kept their governor that they love to hate. Seems Seattle out votes the rest of the state.   Going to be a lot of unhappy people.  Then there was one I have been watching..  Kentucky… Nope don’t know anyone there..  but there is a horrible Senator that I had hope they would finally get rid.  I think I could almost tolerate Trump, if this Senator was gone.. but sadly turtle face won his race and the nation is stuck with him for another 4 or so years.  Unless he drops dead from old age.. Wishful thinking on my part. 


So with all the things going on,  Halloween, garage cleaning, Time changing, applesauce making..  the nation voting.. we did last month by absentee voting… and pear canning. We are pooped.  Yet still taking care of Tuesday thru Friday, helping others.  And with my pea brain, trying to figure out what to blog about..


So take good care of each other.. try not to let the election mess get to you.. We can all pray that calmer minds will prevail.  And we can go on with life.  


Will try to do a better job next week.. 

Tuesday, November 03, 2020




IF YOU HAVEN’T YET… vote.. I don’t care who you vote for. Doesn’t have to be the same as I did.. VOTE… if people can stand in line for 11 hours to vote in the early voting.. you sure the heck can do it today… should be less people because so many have voted by mail, by drop off, by standing in lines in the early vote…  THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!! YOU have had plenty of time and opportunity. NO EXCUSES…

Don’t give up your bitching rights. 


 If you don’t.. then talk to the hand because I don’t want to hear it from youNO EXCUSES..