Wednesday, March 20, 2019

HELLO SPRING… and the fun of computers…

HELLO  SPRING… and the fun of computers…

I have my computer back.. temporary.. by choice..
I have it fixed.. well, actually it wasn’t quite exactly
Broke….  It was throwing a tizzy fit… But was also
offered an update of the hard drive.. so have decided
To go for it…  the part comes in today… so the computer
And the part will go back to my GO TO GUY… and he will
Upgrade it for me… 

I have been surviving with my old computer.. my 10 year old computer which I run to… every time this one gives me fit. This
one, it goes in the shop.  The new hard drive is suppose to be faster.
So will I have a sport car of a computer…  as appose to this VW
one?  I don’t know.. that remains to be seen.   So when I come
back next week.. I will let you know.

So here we are… the first day of SPRING 2019!!! YAH..
Now if we can just get rid of the snow outside.. it might
Be great…  Still have a foot of hard snow between us and
The greenhouse..  Sooooooooooooooo wanted to get started
With the clean out and set up.. But the snow is pack up against the door…   But as parts of the other part of the yard and driveway gives away to dirty messes… but bare.. there is hope.  But oh, I can see
so much work to be done..  Cleaning up the flower gardens.. pruning. And such… But it will be great to work outside in the fresh air!!!!


Sunday, March 17, 2019

For the next several days

My laptop died so not sure when I will be up to speed on blogging.  SO if you don't see any thing here for a while. will know why. meantime enjoy the weekend and the weather. ..well,off to pecking on a tablet. ..don't know how you all on smart phone do this. .

Wednesday, March 13, 2019



These hands have served me well… for 78, just about 79 years.
They have held my children, they have held their faces, as I kiss
them on their cheeks. And held on to them dearly with my arms as well, as I say hello, or good bye…

They have held on to reins as I guided horses and ponies over jumps, and held on as they tried to buck me off…

They also have dug out sewer pipes that clogged.. they have held grease from motors that were being worked on…They have guided  smashed cars on to a truck, that was loading for a trip to Seattle scrap iron business…

They have held the elderly, guide them thru to their wheel chairs, and held their hands when they were scared. Almost 18 years of guiding them as they walked, to lay them in their beds.. to help button their buttons, and help guide their brush as they still tried to brush their hair.  Guided their hands as they still tried to feed themselves. And held their hands as they laid in bed… and pass away. 

These hands have held grandchildren… have held great grandchildren.. and held the hand of my husband, as we worry thru some of life’s bumps and bruises...

They may not be as pretty as they once were..  the wrinkles have told on the time for them.. the liver spots shine thru as do the freckles…  all part of life...
Yes, these hands have served me well

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Lent… past & present

Lent… past & present

I was raised a Episcopalian… the middle one.. as there were some Episcopalian churches that were close to the Catholic church.
Then there was the other that was more relaxed..   I was told ours was the middle.. which means we did a lot of what the Catholic’s did but not as much.. We did the standing praying, and then down on our knees on the rail near the floor on the back of the bench that was in front of us… Up and sing.. down and pray.. heck, I got a lot of exercise during service.  We had communion first week of the month. We had to take lessons as young teens.. and we did do LENT… we had to find something to give up for the 40 days and nights.
I remember giving up candy… which was easy.. I wasn’t a candy type person… Gave up meat with one of my Catholic friends.. much to my mother’s displeasure, at dinner time.  So it was the usual give up something and hope you didn’t mess it up.

As an adult.. I wasn’t so much into it as I was busy raising kids.. I was still a Christian, just not a church going one..  Celebrated Easter, Christmas and half heartedly did Lent.. 

Last year, I did the clothing Lent… that is giving up 40 items in 40 days…  To the benefit of the women’s shelter…  The first 10 was easy… second 10 days wasn’t too bad.. 3rd 10 days, was a crunchier but doable. 4th 10 days… was hard…  I don’t know why, as I have too many clothes, that I rarely use.(you know the.. someday I will wear this). so you would think it would be easy. But got to say I enjoyed that Lent better than others.. as it was for the benefit of others..

This year.. I got a Lenten Devotional to read each day..Figured giving my soul a teaching would be better than giving up something.   I don’t know why, I still do Lent.. even when it was half-hearted… but I feel I should… Old habits die hard, I guess.. 

Friday, March 08, 2019



I was just minding my own business.. and guess not paying attention..
But the week went flying by… it was Tuesday and then it is Friday..
Where did those days go?  

I guess I was so busy being a taxi, that I forgot to do the blog, I didn’t
get my wash done until early this morning, I usually have that done on Wed. or
Thursday at the latest…… I didn’t even make it to
the council meeting on Tuesday night…

One of those weeks where you don’t know if you are coming or going.
And going I was…  there were dr. appt.  there was physical therapy,
I think Tuesday was the only day I didn’t have to go somewhere..
Oh, yea.. I did taxes on Wednesday… that turn out to be not too bad.
At least I don’t owe the state or Federal anything.. and got small checks
Coming back..   enough to go to dinner and show maybe..

So anyway. This is a heck of a way to start up a new year.. Number 15.
Got to get it together. Lol..  But next week is going to be slower.. so that means
I will have to use my brain… and come up with something worthy reading..

Some one a zillion years ago told me that life as you get older is like a bike with toilet paper for wheels and the paper keeps unwinding from the roll….  Like time….unrolling.
I thought that was funny years ago…… I am not laughing anymore..

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


MARCH 5, 2019
THE anniversary of the blog…

These words were written…. Short and sweet for a beginning..

SatURDAY, MARCH 05, 2005

From a Simple Mind

March 5, 2005
Going to try this out... I am just a word tosser... but a lazy one... don't know if I have enough in my mind to do a daily blog. So don't expect much...

Well, here we are… 14 years later. 3242  post later…..

No one is more surprise than me…. I am thankful for my readership, those who have stuck thru thick and thin….  While the numbers are hardly what they were.. there is still  some who think I am worthy of  the time to read it..   I thank you from the bottom of my heart…  So let’s see where the next year takes us…  I will try not to be too political. As some times, I stress my frustrations, with this Administration… I am as those who have read me over the years know..  I am of the CAFETERIA PARTY .  taking candidates from each side of the table… picking who I hope will do a good job..  And as I have said in the past 2 years.. I have been on a diet, as each side is slim pickings… 

I will try my best to find humor in life… some times life isn’t too humorous.  We lose people.. Cancer enters the family,  but also in our lives come great joys…  As last Friday did… as one of our grandson’s announced the birth of his son..  one Deklan John… he is number 23 for us (great grandchild)…  and number 24 will join us in 4 and half months… another boy.. with the tentive name of Isaac Gallagher … Isaac is solid.. the tentive part is Gallagher.. I love it .. myself..  Irish sounding…  not that we are Irish (wait a minute.. not so grandson IS part Irish, forgot that) .  I was thinking it might be an Hawaiian name like his brother..

So we start this year off.. the year of the blog,  that is.. heading towards  year number 15…in good spirits.. with hopes, and joy and blessings…   Hope you all…… good readers, also have joy in your life..    UPWARD AND ON WARD..

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The End is not as near….

The End is not as near…..

I seriously had thought, like each year…..of ending the blog..
Really … my readership is down.. some sweet people are still checking in… So thought, maybe it is time.

Next week will be the 14th anniversary of this blog.. that I decided to do as a fluke.  I blame it on Dave Oliveria of the Spokeman’s Review blog called   NO BARS HOLD.. at first then switching to HUCKLEBERRIES ON LINE… I use to email him before he allowed comments on his blog… 

Then second culprit is Marianne Love of Slight Detour..  Dave had challenge me to start my own blog… I told him, nah…. I am just a wordtosser..  Then I was reading Marianne Love’s blog and on the top of the paper was….  START YOU OWN BLOG.. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS 1,2,3….  Well, when it comes to computers…..nothing is as simple as 1,2,3.  but figure, I will show them,  it isn’t that easy… Unfortunately it was that easy.. because I found myself a writer of a blog..  1,2,3… as I filled out the form… it ask what was going to be my name….  thought for a moment and remembered telling Dave… I was a wordtosser…. So filled in that slot…  Then it asked for a title to the blog..  WHAT?  I thought that was what I just used..  see I KNEW IT.. it wasn’t that easy.. but then I settled down and thought..  FROM A SIMPLE MIND … pretty much described me…. So with that.. and up popped a blog.. with FROM A SIMPLE MIND …. I was on the road and still on the road for 14 years.. I have cut it down twice.. First I started out like a wild fire.. posting daily… and a few times twice a day..  Well, eventually I burnt out on that… so narrowed it down to Monday thru Friday….. and then a year ago, I believe.. knowing I was burning out… I narrowed it down to two days a week.. picking Tuesday and Wednesday.  Why I didn’t just quit, I don’t know.   I guess because every time I think I am going to quit since the 10th year… something comes up and up on the soap box I go… or something too funny ..not to share.. and there I go…

So here I am 5 years later..  BUT THIS time.. I have a purpose… and a deadline.. of sorts.. I have decided.. one more year… for two reasons..  it will be then 15 years.. and also.. I turn 80.  So April 5, 2020… Lord willing I am still around.. and mentally here… I will end the blog. Or a day or two later, in case I do something so wonderful for my 80th birthday.. I have to share..

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I am not the woman that I use to be….

I am not the woman that I use to be….

One of the things I have learned as I age, that after 70 the game changes…. And you lose a lot…  it is physical and mental.

I use to do anything…that I thought I could do…
I changed the water pump on my friends car because the one who would have helped her was my husband.. but he was in the Vets hospital 450 miles away…   So I told her to buy the pump… Told which one as I use to order parts for my husband.  When it came.. I took off the old one and installed the new one..  Start it up .. wha la.. perfect.. even changed the thermostat for her while I was there.   Why did I do it.. because I thought I could..  Watched my husband do a few….. As a helper of getting tools for my father, and then my husband.. helping him from time to time… I watched.. 

So I always had the, I think I can do this.. changed tires, even when I was 9 months pregnant.  Got out and put my own gas in the car before  everyone HAD to.  Washed my own windows, and etc.. check the oil.. check the transmission fluids..  

We got pigs, I built the pig pen and fencing for it.. I slaughter the rabbits we had for dinner… hauled hay…

I smashed cars for junk.. with the equipment we had. If you read back in the Roslyn days, you saw where I smashed a load of cars while waiting for my husband to come home from Minnesota..
It wasn’t because my husband wouldn’t do it… it was they were busy too..  and I just do it.  Although if they were slow in doing something.. I was ot beyond doing it .. even if I didn’t know what I was doing.. so they would be scared of how it was going to come out, so they took over and did it right.  haha

I was just use to doing… something needs to be done.. do it… but now?  Hell, I can’t even open a jar by myself anymore.. Are jars tighter than they use to be?   I know I have not been doing enough of regular exercise.. sloughing off with the idea that yard work in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter is enough… But I have lost a lot with those ideas.. So on my bucket list will be do more..  more walking.. more regular stretching exercise… the old adage..  don’t use it… you will lose it.

I am not the mother I use to be either.
Now my children are now  not only adults, but grandparents, themselves.

But they would come to me, when life would throw them for a loop. And I not only knew the questions.. I knew the answers or where to get the answers… Or just that I had lived the questions so told them the options they had…   Most of the time.. I would just tell them what to look for… rarely ever giving advice.  Because advice is usually only good for the person who already lived it..  So if you show them options, they can make the choice that works for them.
But of late… and memory… I don’t have the answers hardly ever anymore… and don’t have many of the options… as life in 2019 has changed sooooooooooooooooo much.. that the options either aren’t there, or don’t apply anymore..

So part of me.. is sad.. I know it is time to hand the reins to others.. but when you find out, you aren’t the person you had built your life to be… it is sad realization..

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

MORE SNOW...OH, GOODY.........NOT!!!!!

You know we all get sick of snow after a while..
I seem to endure for the most part…. Keep telling myself
This too shall pass… And it is February.. so Spring is

And I tell myself.. again … this is February, thank goodness
this didn’t start last November… after all, to look forward to
5 to 6 more months of snow.. well, talk about stir crazy.

But this is February, and the end of February at that… so only one more month..2 at the most.. We have had snow in April.. but it is the kind that disappears over night..  So we are hanging in there.. Well, at least I am.. not so sure of the King..  He is so tired of snow blowing, and pushing snow with the plow… and now we are to the point of having to rake snow off the roof… which falls on the deck.. which means the deck has to be shoveled off AGAIN…  Then there is the trying to get to the other sides, where the snow is 2 to 3 feet deep.
The weather had warmed up last weekend… so some of it slid off…but still some left..
And here we are due more snow..  up to 4 to 5 inches in two days.. 
So may I express…..


We had cabin fever so bad on Sunday… that we went to Walmart, just to get out of the house…  and we don’t even like Walmart.

Monday, February 18, 2019



Big sale day… for furniture and cars and etc…

Do you remember what February use to have instead
of President’s Day? 

February 12,  Abraham Lincoln’s birthday… February 22 George Washington birthday… and remember all the cherry pies that were for sale in the stores.. or actually mostly when I was a kid…  our mother’s made cherry pie to celebrate George Washington’s day.

In the background today was the Kelly and Ryan Live show.. and they did a quick quiz…  Ryan asked Kelly… (who is in her 40’s, so should have had history classes)  What President said.. "speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far."   She did not know.. she thought maybe Johnson?  Lyndon Johnson…. Sad…

Sadder yet is the fact that History, Civic and Government is not as required as it us to me.. now they have arts and etc..

Well, it is back to getting the wash done.. and mop the floors.. it was 6 above when I got up this morning at 6:30am… now a big 11 at  almost 9:30…  good day for reading and inside projects.