Monday, December 11, 2017

The mores of today, brought to you by yesterday.

The past months have had every media source full of the scandals of sex abuse.. either the actual act or the behavior.  Meaning words, or actions with out touching.    

Some can’t understand where this is all coming from. What gives the common man the desire or thought of doing this.. We already know about corruption of the corporations of America as well as overseas.
Ask any Japanese woman and so many other ones.  We won’t even discuss Mid East where women are like furniture..

But really people..  look at advertising.. it is a huge display of SEX.
How many times have you heard the term SEX SELLS… and that it does.. from cigarettes to cars.   Even hamburgers.. remember the ad with Paris  Hilton, laying down, eating one of the famous brands of hamburger skanny dressed? Others less known have done the same. There is hardly a commercial that doesn’t have some sexy woman and some times men.. walking across your screen or looking out at you, with words dripping with undertones…to sell you the product.

Same thing with magazine, especially the ones with the smelly ads..even hunting magazines have gotten in on the play of it … Never see a common homey hunting woman… she is always in her 20’s and well built with a gun.. I live in Idaho, and I am here to tell you, that gal is a rarity.

So it is hard to say, that society doesn’t promote the sexual image, and media surely does.. And this has gone on for years.. maybe even a 100 years..  So no wonder men, thinks everyone woman is like that.. she is just teasing.. that she doesn’t.   What is the saying? She is just playing hard to get..  She will like it, once we get started…
Yea, right..  

Even the courts look the other way, if the woman is good looking and protesting against a man.. Well, she dress the way she was.. so she was asking for it..  We have all heard the excuses..

And granted.. there are some woman who have dress to kill.. with sex on their mind.. or to torment the males.. and are shocked when they are taken advantage of..  they are the 10%.. but it makes it rough for the other 90%.

After all the movies show how a woman wants it.. The movies show it is ok, to slap a woman around.. the games show it is ok to call her names and slap her around and if she protest, you just shoot her..

And we wonder why all of this latest stuff is coming up?  Look around you. 

Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Saddest Day

December the 7th  still the saddest day…. Most of us over 60 remember this date each year… We not only had it in history classes.. and some of you all, are old enough to remember the day.
I was only a year and ¾ old.

I wonder what the media and other will do today.. will there be words, will there be mention on the news.. or will it become like the day that Kennedy was shot, just a memory for those of us over 60?  After all last month the shooting of Kennedy was barely mention in the facebook daily feed… and I don’t recall the news station that I watch mention it at all. 

And for those of you who are wondering what am I talking about.. December 7, 1941  was Pearl Harbor bombing of our ships by the Japanese planes.  I took care of a woman who lived in Hawaii on that day.  She said she had been to a party the night before. She still had her blue gown on, as they came home late and had been drinking pretty heavily.  It was getting close to Christmas, and everyone was starting to have their Christmas parties.  So she and her husband plopped across their bed.. To be woken up to bombs dropping. At first they thought it was the Air Force practicing in the harbor. Her husband cussing the damn Navy and Air Force, couldn’t they give it a rest, after all it was Sunday!!  As he got up to go to the bathroom, he looked out of the window, and to his horror.. he screamed  OH, MY GOD.. THEY ARE BOMBING US..  forgetting he had to go pee, he ran to his car to drive to the base. It was the most horrible day of our lives, she said.  She said it took months before they had a normal day again.. but actually she said.. there was no more normal days.

And for us.. our family..  we lost our dear sister/sister-in-law  2 years ago, on this day.  Depression is hell.. Hell when they are alive and you try to understand… and hell for the family after they are gone.

A sad day indeed… 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Christmas cooking

I have been cooking up things for my baskets that we give for gifts. And yesterday, I made up the Choc. Christmas Pizza…so thought
I would just give the recipe to you all.. so you can make it too. It is fairly easy to do.. lots of mixing up the choc. But after that it is easy.
So here you go …

                     CHRISTMAS   CHOCOLATE   PIZZA

Prep Time: 15 minutes plus refrigerating.   Microwave Cooking Time: 6 Minutes

1 package (12 oz) Bakers Semi-                  1 jar (6oz) red maraschino
   Sweet Real Chocolate chips                         cherries, drained cut in half
1 lb. while almond bark, divided                  3 tab. green maraschino
2 cups Kraft miniature marshmallows                cherries, drained, quartered
1 cup crisp rice cereal                                 1/3 Cup Baker's angel flake
1 cup peanuts                                                                                 coconut
1 teaspoon oil
-Microwave chips and 14 oz almond bark in 2 qt. microwave - safe bowl on HIGH 2 min. stir. Continue microwaving 1 to 2 min. or until smooth when stirred, stirring every 30 seconds.
- Stir in marshmallows, cereal and peanuts. Pour into greased 12 - inch pizza pan. Top with cherries, sprinkle with coconut.
- Micro wave remaining 2 oz almond bark with oil in 1 cup glass measuring cup 1 min.; stir. Continue microwaving 30 seconds to 1 min. or until smooth when stirred, stirring every 15 seconds. Drizzle over coconut.
- Refrigerate until firm. Store at room temperature. Makes 10 to 12 servings.

Found this on a Kraft miniature marshmallows package

AND this is what it will look like .... 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

It is the beginning of the card race

Each year, you look at your card list and  do you think
how many of these are really going to send one.
Or are they sitting in their home wondering if you are
dropping their name?  

Then there is the sending off and seeing how many come back.
Wrong address, or no longer here.. part of you are sad, as you wonder did they pass away?  And part of the time you are taking your fist and pulling it back and forth, with YES!!

I had a race about 15 years or more ago.. Don’t know what started it. It might have been the start of me making out my cards before Thanksgiving, and sending them out the day before or after Thanksgiving.  Just to get the damn things over with. Lol.. WELL, THAT STARTED IT..  it was like a silent challenge … because one of my girlfriends decided to send me one 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. So I sent one to her the next year.. before Halloween  …  So she sent hers the next year.. before Labor Day…  And I sent mine the following year… before 4th of JULY… with her following up the first of June.. and me following up before EASTER… that is when she gave up and called a truce…  and we are back to me.. sending my card to her the day before Thanksgiving and her sending whenever…and have each year since.

So when do you send yours out?  Oh, yea .. have you cut down on your cards and send e-cards now?   I don’t like e-cards for Christmas, as I like to hang the ones I receive on a ribbon that goes over the door sill each year… And love the different pictures that are on them. Some personal and get to see how their kids are growing.. and some I have use for pictures on the wall..  But I make an exception with my grandchildren.. as they are into e anything.. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

Gosh I miss programs like….

Watching the 50th anniversary show for Carol Burnett makes me remember what great shows there were..  And laugh… It was so great..

Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway.
What a great crew…. Who made us laugh week after week.. So funny that they would even crack each other up..  I remember one time that Dick Van Dyke was on, and there was a sketch about an elephant, that Tim Conway was describing.. by the time he had finished all of the comedians were on the floor.. no one could care on.

Those were the day.. Where it was good clean fun. No one had to be nasty to each other, there was no cussing.. just down home good fun.
Vicki Lawrence went on to play Momma.  Having a show of her own that Carol would show up once in a while.

The first time I saw Carol Burnett, was on a day show called the Gary Moore Show.. she was so funny, yet she could sing as well..   And the last special that I can think of, that I saw, was her with Lucy Ball. Both of these ladies were in their 60’s + years.. and what great bodies and legs..  and sooooooooooooo funny…

GOSH, I MISS THAT KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT.. Is it the time or the type?  When even life was simplier.. I miss those days

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I am a hugger

I am a hugger.. and so is my husband..  

 One time.. a fellow employee came to the work place, and was crying because she was a juror and was upset because of the case.. my husband who has always been a hugger.. hugged her and told her, he felt bad about her being upset... two days later she filed a sexual behavior against him.. thankfully all those above him, knew he was just trying to console her, as some of the female employees did as well later.. so it was dropped.. but I bet if it was done today, in this environment.. he would lose his job..

All of this is going to change me.. and I have had a talk with my husband.. which is a sad state of affairs... as hugging.. in my mind, is an acceptance of the person, and also to comfort... it has been an automatic feeling... I have told new people.. as I do, that I am a hugger... so I guess I have gave forewarning.. I just find it sad.. I worked in a nursing home.. and I would on occasions hug them.. they, almost melted in my arms because they missed human contact so much... I will continue to hug my family.. but will now have second thoughts on anyone else.. I still find that sad.

And where does the pendulum stop?  Which, when all of this came out.. I wondered.. about the alleged abuse… the person is found automatic guilty… With the Garrison Keillor, case, that it is said to be an intent of comfort, that made the woman uncomfortable.. which he apologized twice, and was told by her… to not to worry about it… and then with all that is in the news.. she has lawyered  up. 

So what happen to the way of America? You know, not guilty until proven guilty?  Now it is guilty and judged, losing your job….no court hearing?  No putting the person on leave until further investigated?  Now that I find scary.. And why is it not the same for politics?

Now don’t get me wrong.. some of these men are sleezy.. and have done the worse..And yes, they should have to pay for it.. as it has gone on for too long, with the good ole boy system..  But where do you drawn the line.. of Sleezy to someone who was trying to comfort, and it didn’t turn out that way.. for the hugee?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

As November fades out...

In fades December, with a crash and bang of the commercial season..  Some call it Christmas season  or the Holidays, but it is commercial season thru and thru.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us.. now they are trying to spread it through out the week. And I am sure they will come up with another name for December to the 25th.

Also there is the feel good music, and bright lights to bring the shoppers in.. and of course the ads on television and across every internet site.

I am lousy at Christmas.. I am a real humbug person.
Only good thing I find is, the way people…. well some people treat others, kinder for a couple weeks.  If only we could bottle that up and serve it the rest of the year.

Hopefully it will fly by fast, just like summer did.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Occupations that I would never be good at.

Fishing, fly tying…  You know .. circle the wire around, the up and over the feather parts, and thru the eye of something aruther.. (my own word) … tiny, dinky, stuff… no patience.

I didn’t do well as a seamstress either.. my mother had a few started but never finished projects of mine in a trunk for years.

Any thing that entails sitting in one spot, doing tiny little stuff with tiny parts.. is not my bag.. Now I use to smash cars for scrap iron.. (no, not on the road, those who have read my blog for years, know that I used a huge square iron)

I took care of the elderly, cleaning up all kinds of stuff. And ducking when there were swings coming my way.. as sometimes happens when you take care of the confused.
But small stuff.. count me out..

Candy maker is another occupation, I would have to pass on. Especially one where you have to dip what ever into chocolate.  Like strawberries, or cherries..  Nor pretzels.
You know where you get the chocolate really runny, and then you take tongs and dip the pretzel into the chocolate.
I found that one out over the weekend.   I make baskets of goodies for my friends, with bread, cookies, some have bacon wrapped jalapeno’s … and etc.  Well, this year I decided to give dipped pretzels a go.

After all how hard can it be to just dip it in, and put it on parchment paper?  Well, first off, you have to know how to melt the chocolate.  Now being one who doesn’t like to stand and stir forever.. in a double boiler pot… when I spotted you can do this in the microwave, I knew I had it made.
NOT…  first I went with chips because I wanted several different flavors.. besides, just chocolate and white chocolate.
I now have a small blob of caramel in a sandwich bag.  Plus a larger blob of dark chocolate… and medium size of bark chocolate blob.
How did this happen?  I did get one half of the bark chunk to get running and I was able to make all kinds of pretzels with that.  But when I went for the white.. well, it is now a white chocolate blob.   So I went on line to find out what the heck I did wrong..  Seems they can’t have ANY AT ALL moisture. Not a drop.. other wise it seizes..   you know like seize the day?  Well, this not that kind of seize..  and I am here to tell you it is not a good thing. And the chips recipe told me to put in 1 tablespoon of whipping cream.. NOT A GOOD IDEA.
And that is why I have 3 bags of seized stuff.

So I got the rest of the white bark.. put it in a super duper dry glass bowl.  And wa-la… it is runny.. and it is sticking to the pretzels.   So off and running with some more. 

Now I bought two large bags of pretzels.  I used half of one.  Two reasons.. one is because I was running out of stuff to do the dipping with… second.. to me  … dipping pretzels is right up there with putting tinsel on the Christmas tree.  At first you start with dipping carefully, making sure it is all covered.. then you tap the tongs on the side of the bowl to get the excess dipping stuff off… tap tap tap..about 10 times.. before you get to see daylight between the folds holes.
About 30 later it is tap tap tap.. about 5 times. When you are up to 50 or so.. it is tap tap and we are good.  So it has the dip in the holes of the folds.. extra candy.. folks…How can that hurt?

I have enough pretzels for my baskets.. and maybe even enough for the bus shop mechanic crew that the King use to work with..  And next year.. OH, NO..not this girl.. I might be not too sharp, but I am no fool.  Nope.. a candy maker I will never be.  

Monday, November 27, 2017

The fall out of the sex scandals......

Like I said, they are falling like flies..   BUT..

What about the innocent?  Not talking about the women who put in the complains… 

But what about the ones who surround that accused?  Look at the Cosby deal…  Has anyone seen the Bill Cosby Show since?  What a shame… all those actors get no residual for it playing..  all of the actors .. get a paycheck at the end of the year for how many times a show plays across the nation and maybe even overseas..  With the show cancelled in so many each of those actors get NOTHING..  What a shame.  To punish one, you punish many.

Same thing with each of the ones who are accused.. With out jury of guilty (I am sure most are) but..  the accused is guilty in the eyes of the nation, so the companies are firing them left and right. All but the politicians, of course.  

What about their people… the secretaries, the go for person, the drivers, and so many other staff members.. what about them?  They have all lost their jobs and they didn’t do anything..  most of them didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors.  The innocent punished … 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Losing one's youth stars....

Seems like a lot of people in the entertainment business are passing away… 

Just in the past couple days, we have had Della Reese, the AC/DC guy Young, country music great.. Mel Tillis.  

And I don’t even like putting in the same sentence.or paragraph… . Charles Manson…. And while it isn’t very Christian like… I am glad to see him gone..  saving the tax payers money.. the cost of keeping the human…. and I use that word loosely on him, alive….    The dictionary .. should use his picture of what does evil look like.  He makes my skin crawl..  I can’t think of the actor who played him years ago in Helter Skelter… but that guy scared the bejueses out of me.. and even knowing he was just an actor… it still made my skin crawl.  It is a wonder I didn’t have nightmares for nights after.  And every time he was in the news for a re-up on his parole, which thankfully was turn down..he would creep me out.

But as for the rest.. they are all part of my youth. My younger years.. pass my childhood.   But as I was raising my kids.. The one that surprised me was Young from AC/DC.. thinking he was in his 40’s it turns out he was 61.   But as I get older…the stars of my growing up, are passing away.