Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Smoke, smoke that….. sky… 

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
So these should be worth 11 thousand, right?  

this is an early morning (about 5:30am) picture of the sun coming up thru the smoke

Those of you who follow my blog, know that normally there is mountains thru there. Lots
of mountains...  skiing mountains, and low mountains.

where oh, where have my mountains gone?  In between the red building and the blue building on the right ... there is a building behind there..   look below and you will see it..

 this is a day and half later.... see below, the white building between the red and blue buildings?

 these heroes have been flying in and out from the lake  along with two others. picking up water from the lake that is just to the south of us.. about 1/2 mile... taking it to the fire that is 25 miles east of us.

this is the sunset from last night...... you can see the foothills.. and make out the ridge of the lower mountain

 but even with these .... it is nothing compared to Washington state which is where we are getting a lot of our smoke as well..   as well as some coming down from Canada....  and then on the news you have seen California.. which looks like 1/8 of their coastal area is on fire up and down the whole coast...    While the East Coast is flooding...  weird weather...

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Your word..


Is your word any good?  Is it worth anything?
Promises kept?

Part of your character is your word.  And on that is whether people trust you or not.
I really tried to impress on my children when they were young, how important their word is .. seems simple enough.. but it isn’t always simple..  It is like trust.. you take a while to build it up, but one bad move, it gets wiped away.

If you give your word.. people who know your word is worthy, will trust you.  They know what you say will be true.  If you give your word, that you will do something.. they know you will.. If you give your word that a product you are selling, is of good quality, they will know they can trust it.

Just like a promise.. I never promised my kids nor my friends something… I would tell them I will try my very best to do what ever it is.  Or a promise with a disclaimer.. I promise I will do this, UNLESS, something comes up that prevents me from doing it. Because in life… one can never depend on everything turning out like you think it will. Things just happens.

These days, it is so important because to a lot of people their word isn’t worth the time to talk.  To some, they want your word, but they don’t feel they have to keep theirs.

So how good is your word?

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Computer frustration

My computer over the weekend froze up. Nothing I clicked on reacted. Zilch!... 

So called my daughter, because there is a guy who works with her, that I have trusted my computer with before..  He is great.  So off to the computer whiz on Monday and Tuesday am, I had it back.

What dawn on me as I was waiting for it.. was all the information I have on this machine, that I should be copying down.  It isn’t the pictures so much as it is the information..  So I better get myself some disc and down load them..   That is on my chore list for the week.

Funny how we of the older generations, who use to write things down. .and file them.. Now we put them in a folder on the computer. And now if the computer goes dead.. there goes all that information.  Not sure if I like that or not. 
We are all, passwords and numbers.  Without them.. you can’t access anything that is your’s personal.  You can call on the phone but without your password/number?  You are done in.   I have a book with 99% of mine.  Crazy… I use to be me.. just me. My brain kept that kind of information. .. No more.

So on my goal list of things to do this week, is to make a copy of the information and also download my latest pictures.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Who thinks up these things?

Who thinks up these things?

And actually does it, the first time?

As I sit on the thinking throne (toilet to others) and see my husband’s bottle of Listerine.. I think …who said to himself… “let me mix  this and that.. then swish it around in my mouth? “
And was it  a drink he was mixing and when sipped, he  spit it across the room and said GROSS…. SPIT SPIT..  with thoughts of UGH.. what a horrible taste.  A friend near him said… Wow, but Joe, your breath smells great?  And then some how figured it out that it also killed germs?

Who first volunteered to have a lens of some thickness, put in his eye after some one slit the eye to put it in?  Was convinced that it would help his vision?    Who said, sure Fred, slit my eye and put that lens in, if you really think it will help my vision. Let’s see how it works out…. Knowing full well that it could also blind him.  Can’t see an animal being the first one.. how do you tell it’s vision is better? 

Who are these fool hardy people who step up and say.. yeah, try it out on me..   Who ever you are …over the years… thank you from man kind…  Also thank you from mankind to the ones it failed and gave up their lives or part of their lives.  I know they use to use prisoners who so called volunteered… but there were those who believed in the scientist… and that took a lot.   

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Childhood memories flood the mind

Childhood memories flood the mind

Our bedrooms were upstairs.. my brother and I.
Neither of us was a great, heck, we weren’t even good housekeepers.  And Mom would make inspections from time to time. Especially while we were at school

After several raids, she decided to teach us a lesson, so she picked up everything we left on the floor and put it in a box. 
Then charge us to get it back.

I remember one ugly looking pink corduroy skirt that stayed in that box for quite some time. Mom caught on quickly that we would buy back what we like and left what we didn’t like.

So each piece came available by when taken. Meaning the pink skirt was top of the list of what I could buy back. Until I bought back the skirt… I could NOT buy anything else in the box.

Cost ranged from 5 cents to a dime each.  When your allowance was only a quarter a week, your money could go fast. And when you are a steady customer of the neighborhood penny candy store.. your funds would fade away.
AND buying from the box came first on allowance day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Good bye July

Good bye July

As I get older… it seems like time goes faster.. As we head into August.. it seems like summer is running out… only a month left.. and it seems like it was just the first of June a short time ago. 

MANY years ago.. I think I might have written about it before.. someone told of how life as you get older is like riding a bike with the wheels being toilet paper rolls, that are unrolling… I kind of thought that was funny..  not so much anymore and it really does seem true.

So with a mere 31 days left of summer… I know it doesn’t end until September 21st.. but still..  so it is 52 days...left..
It still seems a short time. So got to maybe make my list of things to do before the end of September…  it is mid-October when I start packing the yard art away for the winter.  And the King will be planning his hunting schedule.
So much to do.. so little time…. How true that phrase is.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The importance of hugging…

The importance of hugging…
Leo Buscaglia, who was a professor in California, I
believe… talked and wrote a book about hugs and
how important they are.  He started his speeches and ended up writing about  it after one of his students commit suicide.

I am from a family.. meaning my brother, mother and father, who did not hug.. Never that I can remember.  But my father’s sister was a hugger, so I got use to hugging people. After seeing him on several talk shows … talking about how important hugging is.. I hugged people more.   I have gotten so I ask, as some people don’t like you in their space. Which is kind of a shame.  As I believe everyone should get hugs. Sincere hugs, that is… 

Years later, as a certified nurses aide… I found it is so true. There was a woman, who I gave a hug to.. and she hung on to me for at least 3 minutes.. When we backed away, she had tears in her eyes… and told me thank you for hugging her. That she had not been hugged for over 10 years when her husband died. And that it felt so good.  So from then on, I would, when possible.. give hugs.  Even to those who were bed ridden. 

After leaving the nursing home.. I did the same in home health jobs.. Men and women.. each one had the same reaction… I also hug my kids.. all the time.. every time I leave them.. I hug them and tell them I love them.  One never knows if you are going to see that family member or friend again..

So when you can.. (and do make sure they aren’t offended) hug each friend or family as you leave them.  A hug means I care about you… I hope you are well,  You are not alone all in one hug.   

The sad thing is ….. in this day and age, one does not hug children unless you are a parent or grandparent..  There has been so many sick people out there.. who make hugging a sin, an intent to do harm. Even a bus driver can’t hug a child on the bus, if they fall and get hurt. That I find sad.. nothing tells a child that they will be ok, like a hug.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Some days you need to break away/ an airing out/…

Last Saturday, I was doing the usual house work stuff.
Changing sheets, and washing the ones removed.   I
took a break and checked out Facebook.  There was as
story there about how a homeless man was playing a piano
that was left on the sidewalk for the public to play. He played beautifully and some one discovered him, the did a Go Fund Me for him.. He was 60
years old and a exMarine whose wife had died. And he lost custody of his forward to the fund, he has an apartment, a job and reunited with his son..
So I forward it to Sandpoint Forum which has ideas of interest to all..
Some times  It can be an  accident or a fire in town or the woods. 
Just general information that others would like to see…. Most of the times.  
So I forward the story  to Sandpoint Forum with a comment of how it would be
Nice to have a public piano in Sandpoint.
To my surprise, comments came back about there were two
piano’s on 2nd Avenue… near the park that has Farmers Market
on Saturday am and Wednesday afternoon.   I was so surprised.

So as I got back to my chores, I got out fresh sheets for the bed..
As I entered the room..  took the sheets and tossed them on the bed
And thought… you know… the bed could use an airing out.  And so
do I.. 

So off I went to find the piano’s and while I was there… check out
The Farmer’s Market as well.  

 First he was playing....

 then she started to play... I asked her if it was ok to video her play and she was very sweet and said yes

 sounds of the fountain

 this is the solar project..  the city had the people put this in over a year ago.. it was on bumpy road to start... they had problems and the locals booed it... but now it is working great.. and looks great..

The sights and sounds of the Farmer's Market.. wish I could have included the smells of the soaps, flowers and food.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It back to the cave, Batman

It back to the cave, Batman

Every year about this time of the year… we go into the cave.
It is pre AC time… We close all the curtains at 9am. As the sun goes around the house. So the house remains cool.
That is until it gets about 95.. and then that doesn’t work very well.  Way cooler than ourside.. but not really cool… As the house is really cool when it is the 80’s.
It is the way we use to do this before there was AC.  We had those old black noisy fans.. Remember them?

Being a person of daylight, sunlight.. open windows of breezes…  going cave like is not fun.   But it saves on the electric bill…  But over the weekend we weaken and the bedroom was the first AC to be installed. It was amazing how fast and well we slept.   And then Monday the main AC went in.  So we can open a few windows on the north side..  still keeping the others closed until  9pm
rest of the week is going to be the 80’s so it should be curtains open and the AC on low.

So how do you keep it cool in your house? 

Happy birthday… WLWII

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trickle down system….

Trickle down system….

President Bush…(senior) talked about the trickle down
system he was going to put in place for all of us..  The
theory was that those of money, would get tax breaks and then they would spend more money and that would all trickle
down to the rest of us..  I don’t know about you…but I wasn’t
one of those who it trickled down to.

Most of us didn’t get any, so we just continue to go on with our lives. Working, paying bills and surviving the best we could.

But now I am beginning to worry about that trickle down system, and how it will come down and get to all of us.
The money that the big tax breaks, once again is not coming down.. but the trouble is, I beginning to think there will be a trickle down that will bother us… and effect our lives.  With these new tariff wars, which will raise the prices of everything we use.  From produces of steel and etc  as well as food. Gas is climbing up, and they figure the prices in the stores is coming soon. Being you buying fencing, home repairs or what ever.

Then we have Congress who is trying once again to down size Medicare along with decreasing Social Security. For some reason those fools call these programs…  ENTITILEMENT.  All of which you and I PAID FOR. IT WAS DEDUCTED FROM OUR CHECKS.  This was not a gift.

So that trickle down system is starting to work with what Trump is stirring up, is surely to head down our way… trickling down slowly but surely.