Thursday, August 28, 2014

Once again COMMON SENSE was killed....

We have all seen it in the news, on the social media, and
read about it... 9 year old kills instructor.

What ever possessed anyone to put a UZI in the hands of
a 9 year old child?  She was too young.. she was too small,
she was too immature...  But it isn't her fault.. it is her parents fault.  And now what.. This child will have nightmares the rest of her life.  She will grow up, knowing full well she shot and killed a man.. accident or not.. doesn't matter.  The sight she had to see, when the man was shot in the head..the blood..the whole mess.. 
well  we know.. they weren't. Common sense
was once again killed that day. And the child pays for it the
rest of her life.

For every miss shot, be it accident, on purpose, this destroys
those who do own guns... For every one of these that happen, there is over 100,000 gun owners who will never be in those shoes. Will never let their guns be used to do harm.. They are the silent majority. Because they don't yell with the NRA.. they sit quietly in their homes, shaking their heads on how this happen. And scared that the few, will get their guns taken away. 

It is like the person who gets in to their car each day and drives
to work, school, or shop.. and never have an accident. Never
purposely abuse the right to drive. Yet be punished by some
one who was on a cell phone, while driving.. texting,
or drunk driving, or on drugs be it prescriptions or not.
The few who make it  worse for those of us who go by the
rules and laws of driving.
Those of us who will pay more for insurance, lose more rights of driving.  The same with guns.. the millions who own guns, pay for the few thousands who misuse guns... leave them in harms way for children.  Who like the  mother who paid for her life, gave the combo on the gun safe even tho she knew her son had a trouble mind. Causing the death of
teachers and children.

But the 9 year old at a target shoot range.. why? There is
enough time for her to learn how to shoot. The thrill of the
shooting.. REALLY?  a 9 year old?  Sorry Common Sense

but you lost this one too...  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Riding out Hurricane Carol 60 years ago

60 years ago on this date I think.. Hurricane Carol hit
R.I. full bore..

My mother and I had left our house in Middletown with warnings that the hurricane was heading to Newport.

We had to get down to the wharf that my parents boat was tied to.
It was a scary ride.. about 4 miles from our house to the wharf. With winds blowing hardy... Even trees falling down on the road behind us close enough to make the truck we were in bounce a bit.  We had to find another road to go on, as there were trees or branches across many of the roads we use to take.  4 miles but it took us a half an hour
to get there.

When we arrived we drove down near where the boat was tied. I got out and stepped down the 6 foot ladder that we used.. to get to our boat, or if the other boat was moored there, then we step on to that one and jumped over to ours.  Which was what we had to do that day.  I got the anchor with the 25 foot rope and threw it out as far as I could to the bow area.. and brought our boat out away from the other boat. So it wouldn't knock on the boat. My mother
took the other anchor and threw it out from the stern ... anchoring solid to the area, and pulled our boat out that way.  We  pull the other boat towards ours, and we jumped on it. Then taking their anchor throwing it out behind to help that boat stay away from the dock. We were able to jump down on to the dock as the water had rose up that
high by the time we got done. We had tied another line to the bow of the other boat and threw the anchor as far as we could forward of our boat.. that way each was secure away from the dock and each other. Mom back the truck up towards the buildings that were near Thames street. Parking just under one of them.. We sat  there to ride out the storm. Why? I don't know.. I guess because we were sure we couldn't drive home with all the trees falling. And it seemed safe there.

Pieces of the buildings flying by..shingles and more.. The water rising up the wharf. We watched as Ernest Coggeshall rode out the storm with his commercial fishing  boat called the Viking.. and saw the ferry's bobbing up and down like a cork in the bay. It was scary as we watched our boat rise and fall with the rise of the water. 
Thankfully the anchors held. Neither boat hitting the dock or
each other. Even with the boats rising up to the point, we thought they would snap the ropes.

About an hour later things calmed down.  But it was the eye of the storm. Mom and I decided we would try to head for home. Everything look secure. A lot of the roads were open.. some logs and branches laying on the side of the roads, where others sawed them in half.  And we made it
home in about 15 minutes.

My mother went back down with my brother in tow... and they rode out the other side of the eye.. but it was no where as bad as the first half. Our dock survived with little damage. Our boat and the one next to it did well.. My brother helped my mother get the anchors back on board the boats as the water had receded. And helped Ernest moor the Viking.
Tying it back up to the dock. 

But there was so much damage thru out the city and towns. Trees down and near the docks there was a sail boat sitting on a piling near J. T. O'Connell's Dock. While the damage was horrible up the coast from Connecticut to Maine,
it wasn't as bad as the Hurricane of 1938.  Having steel gates near Providence had help keep the water out of downtown Providence.. which had water 7 feet tall in 1938.

It is one of those things that you never forget. Even 60 years later. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Robin Williams is a near perfect comedian. Maybe a little flawed as a human, as we all are. In his own life, out of the spot light, there are thousand of stories of his generosity of not just money but of his personal time. Some on a moments notice. Phone calls to those he thought needed a kind word.  Or jump in on a best friend to lighten his load. You could have asked Chris Reeves. Who was on
his way to surgery, only to find his best friend, Robin in scrubs..and cracking jokes.. to where Chris learn there was a reason to live, no matter what the hurdles were.

He was there with Make a Wish people, a phone call ... he didn't just write checks, he was there in person. His kindness was to the common man/woman that he dealt with in his daily life.

Robin had a sense of humor that was challenged by few. As few could keep up with his Gattening gun speed of comedy.
He took us along roller coaster of fun and laughter,of his movies, shows and talk show appearances... and brought
us along slowly, thru his drama of his other movies. Which made us think.

Is there seriously any one who did not like Robin Williams, as a comedian or even as a man? What was there not to like.

Yes, a near perfect man... and .. yet.. just a bit of a flaw.  Like a lot of comedians, there is depression.. the silent disease.. which took him to
that dark place to end his life.

Those around him have probably second guessed themselves. What if I had knocked on his door just seconds before he put that belt around his neck? A phone called a second before?  Would it changed the end of that day? No one knows the answer to that, any more than any other person who has committed suicide. The closest answer is probably not.. if not then.. then they will later. 

It breaks our hearts, as we want to share our joy that he brought us, with him. Hoping to carry him thru that dark moment. But it isn't to be.

Maybe the gift we can give Robin is to make a difference in the disease of depression. The chances of getting rid of depression, is a slim to none. But maybe Robin has taught us enough to take a bit out of it.

Robin.... we will always miss you. God gives us the gift of life of others in our life time... for just a while... some longer times, some shorter. We can be thankful that God gifted us with you, as long as he did. We weren't ready yet to let go.. But God was.

Robin isn't gone... he will always be with us.. Not just in movies and shows but most of all in our hearts.

Thanks for the memories, God Speed Robin Williams... we will be looking up, for the laughing jiggling stars

Monday, August 25, 2014

What is in your wallet?

What is in your wallet besides your cards and money?
Is there any pictures in there?

Remember when every one had one of those fold out
clear things that had pictures in each one and on the back
side as well.

There was girlfriend pictures.. then wife picture and of course your folks.  And then along came children.. and then grandchildren.

Does anyone have that in their wallet anymore?

Now it is your smart phone .... you click on the app. and
you can show up to 200 pictures..maybe more.
You hand the phone to your friend and show them where
to push to go to each of the next picture. 
Flipping thru vacations, family, scenery, selfies and etc.

But I miss the photo's in the wallet. One thing it seems like
they were bigger. But there was the graduation pictures of
your girl.. or your wife... or your kids.. 

No one carries pictures in their wallet anymore. I think the
folding clear thingie.. holds different credit cards, or store cards.

What is in your wallet? 

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Aunt Jo

This picture is of a good friend of our family.. Actually two good friends of my parents. The man's name is Herbie. Herbie met my parents when they were all young. I was about 1 or maybe 2.  He was in high school at the time. Somewhere Mom had a picture of him in his band uniform. He was a drummer. He and his father were neighbors of my parents, while they built their house on Beacon Street. Then they moved from the cabin near Herbie, into the new house down the street a couple houses away.

Herbie was our babysitter.. a better description is, he was
my parent's baby sitter ...until he join the Navy during WWII.
Later he came back and was one of our neighbors for many
years.  He was close to our family and was like a kid brother
to my mother.  He was funny, great sense of humor
and as you can see, a great smile. 

In 1955 I believe, Herbie came to Thanksgiving dinner, which
was a regular thing he did every Thanksgiving.  But that year, in my eyes... he brought an angel with him.  Who he was smart enough to marry a few years later. Her name is
Josephine.  Better know to us as Jo... and to me.. Aunt Jo.
They were a great couple together..Herbie pass away a
couple years ago.

See I fell in love with Jo, that first Thanksgiving. After
dinner as usual, it was my duty to wash all the dishes. and
pots and pans, and serving dishes and glasses, and shrimp
bowls and salad bowls ... well you get the idea. It always
was a Cinderella type of duty. Dishes on all the counters.
Pots on the stove, etc... etc..

But that year, a angel walked in .. pass my protesting
mother, and said... I will wash the dishes, because I don't
know where they go after.. You can wipe them, and put
them away. I stood there, wide eyed in wonderment. No
adult ever ...ever .. offered to help me out.  And that my
friends was the beginning of loving my Aunt Jo.

Now we are 60 years later. And I love talking to her. I
call and check up on her. And for some reason she
thinks I write a great blog.. So I print out my blog each
month and send it to her.  And amazingly, she keeps them
all. Last I heard ...she had a huge box with them all in it.

But that is the way my Aunt Jo is. She is the sweetest
person.. the most giving person.. and always thinking
about others.. She is one of the most special people in
my life.
And best of all... she lets me call her Aunt Jo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Fair

August 20, 2014
The Fair..

Seems like each year it gets smaller.
Of course our fair is free, so there isn't as much.
But that is fine with me.  We are a small county.

Most of the fair is for kids.. The 4-H kids, as they
get to show off their animals. Show them and then
auction them off at the end of the fair.

The quilts and pictures are my favorite. And the
kids projects is great too.  I saw some of the vegetables,
but didn't notice the flowers this year.. don't know how I
could have missed that.  Even the vegetables seem to
be less this year.

I am not into the carnival part, so don't care to go to the
bigger fairs. But only seeing one horse and one horse
statue.. was disappointing.  Even the cows seem to
be less. Also some of the bigger ranches didn't seem
like they were there.

But I am sure the people of Bonner County will love it.
And the kids sure will.. And it is nice running into old

Fair seems like a sign of the end of summer.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things to do, places to go, and people to see....

Here we are already more than half way thru August and
I haven't got use to the fact we aren't still in July.

I have things to do, and places to go and people to see..
that is what my dad would say, when I asked him were he
was going.  And that is true of me too..

I haven't gone swimming yet.. And now I probably won't
because I am a 95 degree weather swimmer.  And we had
plenty, but I was busy.

Now I am writing my appointments on the calendar to make
sure I don't miss anything.. and even writing in FISHING, so I won't make plans on that day...

I told the King yesterday, we have to sit down and write up our goals for what is left, so we don't forget anything.. One of which is put the antenna back up on the roof by the chimney. We are only getting 2 channels right now. Since the wind blew it down on the roof.  Channel 4 which is ABC and what I call the DEAD ACTORS CHANNEL... ME-TV. We watch Rifleman and MASH every night after dinner. And either I have a bad memory, or I didn't see as many of those shows as I thought I did.

The King likes Big Valley, Bonanza, Kojak, Adam 12 and Emergency.
Also once in a while he will watch Gilligan's Island, Columbo,Happy Days,Mod Squad, just about any 1960 to 1980 show you use to watch is on the METV.  I called it the dead actor's channel, as most of the actor are dead.  And the question on most days is.. "is he still alive?"

We gave up Direct TV in March... and we really haven't missed it. We also have Netflix, for movies..  And save ourselves $75 a month. $900 a year.

Let me see, I better make up a list of what I want to get done this week.. Keep myself on track.  After all, got things to do, got places to go, people to see.........

Monday, August 18, 2014

Highway 95 Adult Guessing Game

You know when you were traveling with your kids,
you made up games for them to be entertained?
This was before hand held games and tv cameras in
the vehicle to have for them, to watch movies...

In the 1940's and 1950's when families use to take
vacations across the good old USA... there were games,
of counting license plates and which states they came

In the 1970's there became the violent of slug bug...
I modified it for my own sanity to just counting slug bugs.
For those who don't know.. slug bug was the Volkswagen
beetle car... In my game, you had to yell out the color as
well as the slug bug.. slugbug orange, slugbug green and
etc.  This game was carried over to grandchildren..
especially between Michael, our grandson and his grandfather.

Well, now we have the game of WHERE THE HELL IS THAT
ON THAT ROAD?.   This is the game that the King and I have
started every time we come back from the Coeur d' Alene area.
We see the roads from the south bound.. but it is too hard to
figure out from there.  So when we come back, we play it.

There are roads going off thru a field near Athol... there are
other roads along the road we are traveling.  Are they secondary
roads/frontage roads or are they going to be the real thing?  
There is the roads that look like they might be ones going to
Farrgate Park. Or Bayview. We aren't sure..
There is the bridge over the road that use to take us to Bayview..
And what is going to happen to the road we are using now? 
Is it going to be come a frontage road?

This one road is going to take the curve out near Granite Hill.
But where do we join that road? And leave it?

And of course, being this has been worked on for about 3 years
so far... in detail that is.. there was small stuff before that, like
putting in the frontage road that pushed the junk yards back..
BUT WHEN IS IT GOING TO DONE?  And we ask ourselves,

will we be still alive to drive it?    

Friday, August 15, 2014

MEGA LOAD ..... 2014

I came, I waited... 2 hours.. then was joined by my neighbors and then we were join by 3 protesters
Slowly it came down the road, and went by, quite noisey, actually...
Also had a nice lightening show while we waited.. with a mix of thunder and rain. . 

some things are better seen in the dark .... as it was
disappointing to see it in the day light

see the grey round.. that is the actual  load.. rest is the crate so to speak, that holds 
the load still.. So all of this is for just a small part in the middle... what a let down. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

It is hard to look cool on a bicycle...

Every time I ride my bike, I think of the old lady in the movie
Wizard of Oz.  Maybe it is my basket that does it to me?

There just doesn't seem to be anyway to look cool on a bike.
I have seen a lot of people of all ages... be it male or female.
And we do not look good .... not that we look bad.. but maybe it is just not cool...

The only people that I see, that look good on a bike is
Especially boys.  Girls don't really look cool either. 

Boys ride with authority, be it a mission at the high speed that their legs go like pistons, or just coasting along talking to their friends. They even seem the right portion for a bike.
Adults don't really look right. They don't look at ease.

And then throw in the mix, the guys on the 18 speed bikes,
with their Speedo's and helmet?  Like they are attacking the
bike, like a lion on a deer..... Just not cool looking..

I have never seen myself riding my bike, maybe I should ride
by a store front, but with my luck, as i looked I would hit a hole and flip off the dang thing.

I also can't relax riding.  When I ride over to the post office on my bike, you would think I was being timed.  Always rode it as a kid with speed in mind. Getting from point a to point b, in a timely manner. I see some people pedaling, and then glide thru.. not me.. I always feel like I should be pedaling.

Also I ride illegal. I like to see the cars coming at me.. makes
me nervous to have the cars behind me, when I can't see
what they are doing.. also the worse of worse ... that a REAL
bike rider would yell at me.. I don't like those dumb egg shell
helmets they wear.
I know, I know.. scramble brains... but I am 74 and never like wearing them.. and so far so good. 
Of course I only ride in my own little town now.