Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Living in the bubble….

Living in the bubble….

I was thinking the other day, as I watch the news…. With the hurricanes, the shootings… in so many states… and now the fires in Ca.  during the late fall….

I feel like I live in a bubble…. A bubble that I am comfortable with… so much so, I don’t care to travel anymore…

Here in our state, especially up here in the panhandle area, we don’t have that.. the nearest and even theirs is low is Spokane.   Well, I shouldn’t say that.. because we have had some… but it is so rare, it surprises us.. and we are shocked.  We had some one murdered next to our local gas station… The man had taken a taxi from Spokane to our area and had the driver drive around.. and then had him pull up along side of the gas station… and stabbed him several times.. I think he called 911… and waited for the police..
To say we were shocked is an understatement.   Part of us wanted to ask.. why did you come to our town to kill him, after all you got the taxi in Spokane 72 miles away…

We don’t have the hate protest here.. or people who block the roads.. if they do protest, like right to life type, and etc.. they are respectful, and line the street or walk across our bridge with signs.. that is about it.

We complain a lot about our government as we bleed red with Republicans here, yet there are a lot of us Independent votes here..  But nothing like what the nation is going thru right now.. Maybe because we have a say in what is done in our state… if we can get enough signatures we can change things and have it put to vote for ALL of the citizens to decide.. where as nationally we know we have no control. Even sending our senators and representatives to DC doesn’t do much for us… and our guys are voted down anyway.  Unless the congress is Republican run.  

So I love our bubble.   And hope we continue to keep it. We do have some Redoubt party people who have showed up in our state, but so far they are very inconspicuous/subtle so far.. but are inching into our politics… they are stronger than the tea party which we have had quite a bit of them over the years…

Yes, I want to keep my bubble.. we are still like it was when we were younger.. our word means something.. Business still care about their customers… and etc..  I just hope I don’t live to see what is going to happen once it burst.. and really fear for my great grandchildren.. who also live in a bubble where they are..

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


THEM and US….

It has always been a THEM and US world.. even when I was a kid… My folks did the best they could.. by the time I came along there was a war starting, and we were in it a year later.
My father was a civil service person.. he built torpedo’s for the war.  Then later after the war .. worked for the Seebee’s in R.I. at Quonset.  We never had to worry about our next meal, and we had a house that Dad built.  But there were those of money.. us in the middle with a lot of poor people..who just inked by.  Even though it was NEWPORT, R.I. the home of the mansions.

Over the years the gap has widen between the THEM and US  And never so much as it is today.  Much of it is not because those with little money didn’t work hard. As they did and do… but if you had a lot of kids which was normal in the 1950’s… then college was a luxury.  And still is.

Some say, well if “THEY” got a good education.. they wouldn’t be working in poor paying jobs..  As I said just before that wasn’t always true… And now.. with college ranking up there at the price of a new house or more.. it is less possible.  Some do it slowy.. taking one or two classes a year.. making that certificate out there like a carrot for some.. 4 or 5 years..  Some tech school are less.

But for the most part it is a stack deck against the regular guy.  As there are privilege who go to work for a company and get not only a good wage for that degree.. but also many bonus.. and the higher you go and do less.. the higher the bonuses go… Some in the hundred thousands.. some with a million.. some with hundreds of thousands AND stock in the company…  But this is just the beginning…  Because you see.. if we/I,  louse up.. and get fired.. that is it.. here is your last wages..and you are gone.. period.. But the CEO’S of the world… be it companies or school districts… YOU GET A RELEASE PACKAGE… Severance package… It can be hundreds of thousands…. Some even with stock.. Case in point… when K-mart started to go down hill.. they FIRED their head ceo… and he got, as he went out the door… now remember he was FIRED.. He got a million dollar, plus two million dollars worth of stock…  This is with the company heading into a downward spiral…. Which supposedly he caused..  AND then they hired another one.. for TWO MILLION DOLLARS plus I don’t remember how many millions of stock…    Now remember..when you are fired.. you are walked to the door with your coat in hand.. period..

Then there is the yearly bonus.. Now this man or woman is paid.. paid a huge monthly wage.. HUGE… by the standards of the production people..  So tell me why.. are they entitled to a bonus.. ?   Some say.. because they ran the company and it did well… First of all, some companies are not doing well and the bonus is still there. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars…  But lets say for the sake of argument, the company is doing well… Why should they get a bonus?  THEY ARE BEING PAID VERY WELL…FOR DOING JUST THAT.. THEIR JOB..  The production worker who makes sure the company is working well.. gets maybe a $25 bonus.. if lucky.. some get a fricking 10 pound turkey..If you are a supervisor, you might get $50…

So tell me again.. why does this Ceo.. get extremely over paid and a extremely.. high bonus?   Just for doing their job?
Talk about a stacked deck… No wonder there is a THEM and US problem.

By the way, when I was a kid.. my parents taught me.. I didn’t get extra…. BECAUSE IT WAS MY JOB… and for many years.. I was told, I had a warm house to live in.. and food on the table and clothes on my back.. THAT WAS MY PAY…  It wasn’t until I was 15 and got a job (not counting babysitting..which went for clothes) …and I was to put 1/3 in the bank to save.  Only got 75 cents an hour… And after school I got a job for $1.00 an hour, which paid at the end of the week was $36.00 with deductions.. which I paid my parents $10 a week rent… Plus put $10 a week in savings.. And because I had a car I bought with my baby sitting money.. (hell, no Mom and Dad did not give me one) so I had gas to pay for..  Luckily for me .. I could walk the 2 miles to work, when I didn’t have enough gas.

So can some one really seriously tell me where it started that business heads get bonus on top of their high wages?  Who started that???   And how can they look at the guy in the production line, who brings home his pay check which is just barely over what his company head paid for lunch with his cronies? 

And you wonder… why we bulk at the THEM and US.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

As the dust settles or is it?

As the dust settles or is it?

Well, here we are .. the day after the big vote.
The mid term elections…

Who survives… the liars and cheats.. or the good people of United States of America?   Way things have been of late,
It is hard to say..

I am sure most of the voting counting isn’t over. There is the absentees that have to be counted, as they are written so slower to count…  Volunteers counting thru the night until they are stir crazy….  Some of the poll places have changed back to marking on paper because of all the stories about different states being hacked. 
Some of the states are using the post office… as the ballots where mailed out the last two weeks.. so they are coming in… and as long as they are postmarked the 5th.. they have to be counted.  Again.. one by one… verifying first that the signature is in fact the person who is voting.. open next envelope and remove the ballot, … smoothing it out from being folded.. and placed in the pile.. next volunteer is counting that pile… And piles there are.  Hundreds for many places… smaller town probably if they are lucky there is a thousand in all.. and the real small towns.. have maybe 100 or even less.. Our little berg averages 32. Then turn into the county court house…

All of this will take time. Answers won’t be in, until  the wee hours at best… way past the deadline of the newspaper, so your morning paper won’t have the end results either..  so if we are lucky we will have an idea who won by the night fall of the 7th if we are lucky and in the newspaper on the 8th..
So much for the modern day of computers and fast results.
Personally…..  I like the fact it is going to take a few days..
And this year.. this particular midterm election.. they say the turn out is more than the Presidential year.  I truly hope so. I hope everyone who can vote… voted.. 

And as the dust settles… will you be happy?   Will there be cries of fraud?  There are always that.. will there be recounts?  You can bet on that… So hang on to your hats folks.. this is going to be a hell of a ride.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018



That is just what I don’t want to hear on Wednesday the 7th of November…that you regret that you did not vote…  

I know I am repeating myself… same thing I said 4 days ago… BUT THIS IS SO IMPORTANT…

And Democrats… if you lost today… that is on you… on you for not making sure every Democrat friend you have.. went to vote…constant reminding them.. take them to the polls..  have them fill out their ballot and mail it in.. what ever it takes…DO IT..

And those who are young.. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.. some of you were discouraged after the Democrat party railroaded Bernie out to left field… robbing you the right to vote for him.. but this time.. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE… you can make a difference locally, state wise AND federal wise..  so get out there and vote.

No excuses!!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2018



Thought I would write this  early.. being in 4 days you all are suppose to vote, unless you have already by mail.  Tuesday is the big day… THE MID TERM ELECTION… this year more than any other year.. it is a big deal…  We will see if there is such thing as a Democrat party… It is a make or break deal….  If they can’t get the people to vote for them ... then it will be a run away train.. They will become the ALSO RAN party…  The Republican party will take this mid term and run with it.. 2 more years of hell, and who knows even 2020 could mean the end of the Democrat party.  The Democrats better have their party members voting as well as convince the Independent voters that there HAS TO BE  a change.

It is kind of funny…  I am reading a book and in it was a paragraph, I am going to kind of quote it to you… about voters and why they don’t vote….  here we go.. and then I will tell you who and why…

“They say the reason the majority of Americans don’t vote is that they are tired of having to choose between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber”.  And then he went on to compare it to a restaurant… “ If you went to a restaurant and the waiter said..  “We are sorry, but the only choices we have left on the menu are cottage cheese and fried breadsticks,”  You would get up and leave, if that wasn’t what you wanted… But imagine that this is the only restaurant in town and there was nowhere else to eat.”

This is not his exact words..but enough you can tell where I got them if you read the book.  Now get this… this book was published in  … ready?  1997… by one Michael Moore.. the book?  Downsize This! … wow.. 21 year ago!!! And it is still true….  

SO… I AM TELLING YOU…. and I don’t care who you vote for….(yes, I am serious, because I don’t tell people who to vote for)  GET OUT AND VOTE..  and for those who come up with excuses… I …… DON’T….. WANT…. TO .. HEAR… FROM … YOU..  don’t even bother… go talk to the wall.. go put a quarter in the phone and call someone who cares…  because as far as I am concern.. you aren’t worth the time you didn’t spend voting… THERE IS MAIL VOTING.. for those of you who work… there is early voting for those who can’t be in your town at the time of voting… get your lazy ass out and vote… even if you are sick.. you can vote by mail.. There are people who will drive you to the polls if you need a ride… SORRY, BUT UNLESS YOU ARE DEAD.. you have no excuse..

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What I told my daughters/strong women

What I told my daughters…/strong women

When I was raising my daughters, I told them they could be anything they wanted to be.. they just had to want it bad enough… that they only thing that would stop them…….. would be themselves. 

So they have gone on and some have worked in a man’s world… One sold tools in the Northwest district…then she decided to be closer to home and works for the city as a groundskeeper because she loves the outdoors and gardens.  The other one that just past away last year… she too, worked for the city, with mostly men…  Keeping all the parks mowed, the flower beds in great shape and etc..   in a different area than her sister..  The third one has been a cook, a welder and I forgot the other thing she did.. The youngest one is working in the office of a manufacture company.  For 20+ years..  Some times these girls had to fight their way thru… but they have done a great job of being independent.  Youngest one went out and bought a house for herself and her son, 20 years ago… it was later that she married… but she is strong. And strong enough to call me on things.. if she think I am wrong.   Just the way I raised them..  

I think all women should be strong.. I admire the ones who went on and did their own thing. I have one friend who bought her own sail boat.. and she has sailed across the ocean from Seattle to Hawaii  with just one friend with her.. and she was in her 50’s at the time.  I love it when woman can be strong enough to believe in themselves. 

I don’t think women should be like the ones in the 1940’s. Stay home and just be a housewife.. if that isn’t what makes her happy…  And she better have some interest besides the family…… because when those kids fly out of the nest…she is going to be lost.

Now days most couples work..  So they have their home life.. their work life.. and if they are smart they will have their own interest besides their husband’s interest.  If it isn’t a matter of money, then hobbies.. volunteer… there are so many groups that would love to have help.  There are dog shelters, if that is your thing.   If children are your passion.. then there is lots out there to help with.  Children advocate for the courts.  Animal shelters…  even they have foster plans where you can take an animal until they find a home for it. 

There are so many avenues.. so if your husband is a hunter, or a golfer or loves to work in his garage and that is not your thing.. then find your own thing… there is still plenty of time to be together.. and enjoy things together.. and even help out each other in the  interest of your partner.   And talking about their interest over dinner..

So if you are sitting home by yourself.. it is your fault as there is a lot out there to do… that you would love to do.. and they would love the help. 

Myself, my yard is mine.. I love being at home and working in the yard.. but I also strike out for the day for something of interest..  And when my husband comes home.. I ask about his day, where he went for the day.. (that I did not want to do).  We love talking about how our day went… So will you. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

They are not recruiting….

Hear that the President and his group are talking about removing the word transgender ..don’t know where they are removing it from.. 
Don’t know why people get their panties in a twist
Over anyone’s sexual preference… 
They just want to be like all of us, they want to have someone to love… have a job, have insurance, they even divorce like the rest of us. 

It isn’t like they are recruiting people to be like them. Or as a partner for them..  To me.. just let them be.
I know some are pretty much up in your face about treating them well..  And I can understand how they get upset when they are being put down.  But if we would all just back up… and let everyone just live their lives as they want.. What they do behind their closed doors is there business.  Just as what we do is ours.

I don’t like it when they are physical about it.. but I don’t like it when my friends, family are physical about it in front me either… That kind of thing to me, is a private matter…. I am not talking about a gentle kiss and I love you as they come or leave..  I talking about the more aggressive type.
So …What difference does it make.. gender..
Don’t care about your sex preference. Rest of you.. why do you care, they aren’t recruiting..

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I’ll go hunting with you Jake, but….. and the sound of silence…..

I’ll go hunting with you Jake, but….. and the sound of silence…..

Hunting with the King these last 4 days, brings back
old memories…

See I wasn’t raised with hunting.  I lived in R.I.
And rarely there is hunting there.. and it is mostly birds.  Not saying there isn’t any deer hunting as there were..  My husband Marv use to hunt on Prudence Island..  My cousin own the farm and winery. Marv did some mechanic work for them.. so they let him hunt on their property..Down hill part was,  it was bow and arrow… So Marv learn how to shoot with bow and arrows.  Their deer were soooo much smaller than the ones in Washington and Idaho. 

My first husband didn’t hunt.. don’t know why as he was raised in Wa.  He didn’t even own a gun until his brother passed away and he got it.. It sat in our closet for years.

But when I married Marv.. he hunted all of his life in Minnesota… and Washington.  So he set out to teach me how to shoot a rifle.  I did pretty good.. hit the target anyway…  I hunted with Marv for years.  When we lived in Kelso we road hunt. As we hunted in the Weyerhaeuser area. Weyerhaeuser is a HUGE lumber/forest area.  And they allowed hunting. Lots of valleys and roads.  
Later we moved to Cle Elum, Washington…there we did a LOT of hiking.. thru the woods..  Then  we had gotten horses, so we would hunt using horses and also have a campsite.
Of all the hunting I have done, that was the best of times..  Cooking out.. camp fire and taking about where to hunt the next day.  The horse wore red blankets under their saddles, so we didn’t get shot. 

With the King, he has hunting partners and I really not into hunting anymore.  I love the meat.. but just not into it.   When his buddies can’t go hunting.. because they had to go back to work… I would go with him, over the years…I didn’t want him out in the woods by himself.. He would shoot with the gun.. and I would shoot with a camera.  Nice times.. talking.. enjoying each others company.  Usually Misty goes too…  she loves to sniff out the woods, while I take pictures .. always on a leash..  In the woods you have to be careful.. if a dog is seen chasing wild life, they don’t make it home..   Also I would take a book to read, if the King is out for a while… and now.. he doesn’t hike it anymore… he uses a 4 wheeler, like you saw in yesterdays, post.

One of the things that was eerie is the silence.  We did not see one deer, or elk..  but even more than that. While I waited for the King, I noticed no birds singing.. or talking.. or flying… just silence….. odd.
Real odd.  I use to love the sounds of the birds..

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


These last few days I feel like I have been everywhere .... in the woods... in our area... the first day was up by Clark Fork...  and then the second day we were out in the Vay  area.. which is west of Clark Fork across the lake..  and then on the 3rd day it was up in Elmira....  they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.. so this out to be worth a few hundred thousand words.. well, not quite but about 30 thousand maybe.. hope you like them..  it is Fall here in Idaho and Idaho gives New England a run for its money in the color department.. 

 sharing lunch with Misty

 this old house has been herer for ever it seems.. I took pictures of it 10 years ago. it has lost
a few boards on top.. but still standing

DAY 2...

 lunch with Misty...
day 3...

 coming into civilization...

 Bud's horses.. their foals..

finally day 4.....
just at dawn

 this was a good sign... it tells there is a house beyond and children playing... so don't shoot in that direction..

 the red square is the sign that means.. no hunting, no trespassing...
 Trout creek

 heading back to civilization..
and back the rat race... 
happy 57 birthday...  PHW