Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great day for yard work.... lights

So we got the tote out and it didn’t go so bad.
The King help with the first line.. which went from
one side of the yard, across the front and down
the other side. Not bad for a one line .. ok, it
was a connected line of 4.

But then the King disappeared. So I got another line
ready, and went backwards from the other. Going
back down the side and across the front.

The driveway side had enough older lights, I
filled in an area with an angel on the half gate..and
a wreath wrapped with lights on the other side of
the gate. Not bad for 4 hours of work. (King never
did show back up.. he was installing.. get this..
thumb warmers on his 4 wheeler. Yes, I said
thumb warmers!! woost)

Also last night I did a project I saw on Facebook.
Where you hang bulbs with a string in the window
and that went well… what do you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So it starts...the season of decorate...

I started half hearted today, getting the
Christmas stuff down… 

Already did my Christmas cards before
Thanksgiving and mailed them out the
day after.. so that part is done.

I finally, last year was able to down size
my boxes of Christmas stuff to 2 boxes.
I am more into decorating the outside
than the inside. 

And my Christmas tree is easy.. just
roll it out and hang it on the wall. Done.

But last year at the end.. some one gave
my husband a TOTE OF LIGHTS.. Oh,
my gosh.. a TOTE.. So he said …let’s
put them up tomorrow as it is not suppose
to rain…  Sure, why not..  We should be
able to do the neighborhood.. lol.. if they
all work. That is the second thing we do,
after we dump them out.. see how many

actually work. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Looking thru rose colored glasses?

I was accused of looking at life thru rose
colored glasses by my first husband. He
told me that wasn’t a reality way of seeing

A drop of kindness is like a drop in a bucket,
which starts a ripple that widens out to changes
to the water in the bucket.  Why can’t we use
our kindness like that.

We don’t have the gift of hope… WE ARE
the gift of hope…… if we so chose to be.

The hatred that is spreading across our nation
now, it worse than I have ever seen. Even more
than it was before civil rights. I just don’t
understand… what does hating your fellow
person get? There seems to be a movement
on both sides of the political spectrum.

It is sad that the goodness of the holidays,
Thanksgiving and Christmas is only given

for those two days.. Why can’t it be daily?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

For this day, I shall be thankful....

I know the big turkey day is tomorrow.. but
Thanksgiving day, is every day
for me..  Just like Valentines Day is every
day for the King and I.

You see, every single morning, when I wake,
I am thankful, that God has signed me up
for another day. Then I get out of bed and stand up..
I am thankful that I can do that.

When I walk out into my living room and
then to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee…
I am thankful, that I have this home and
    have enough money to have food and
    drinks.  As I know there are many on this earth
     that don’t have enough.

I am thankful that I have a car so I don’t
have to walk.. but glad I am in good
enough condition.. in case I had to walk.

When I see my children or hear their voices,
or see them on Facebook, I am thankful
that they are well.

I am thankful for the friends I have, who
when we don’t agree, we can agree to disagree.
without having to condemn the other.  

I am thankful for the men and women who
serve this nation…so we don’t have wars here on our door step.  Who are brave enough to serve, as no one HAS to
go into the service.. They go by choice. And I am
thankful enough to tell them ,thank you from the bottom
of my heart.

And this is how I feel each and every day.. So how
do I feel about tomorrow??? Well, it celebrates the
coming together of the Native America’s who
shared with a bunch of immigrants, who didn’t
know what they were doing , almost 400 years
ago..  While we celebrate each year.. it is too
bad we don’t have the respect for them as we
did 400 years ago.. and tell them THANK YOU,
as we do with our service men and women. As
if it wasn’t for them.. a lot of those founding father’s
families would not have been here, dying of starvation
like a lot of the families did.

So for tomorrow… as you sit down to the great food
that we hopefully will have… try to
remember how and why you are celebrating..
and be kind to the people around your table..
And for the love of God, leave the politics out
in the street before you enter the house.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Be kind .. enjoy
the company you have. And for those who open
their doors to strangers or the lonely on this day…


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Never met a Muslim....

I have to admit, I have never met a Muslim. At least
not that I was aware of. As not all Muslim, from what
I understand dress like what we have seen on the
media.. Meaning the long black dress.. the hood part
and etc.   I did see quite a few walking down the
sidewalk while in Portland.  But none with the full
face covered clothing.  And as we drove by
I wondered what their lives were like here in America.
Hoping people accepted them for who they, the
person, that they are.  

The human race, and I am pretty sure that
America doesn’t have the corner on this…
We, as humans, tend to hate what we fear.
And we fear, because we don’t understand.
And sadly, most of us, although not me,
don’t want to understand.

We did it when I was a young mother… it was
the Russians then later the Vietnamese
and shortly before there was the
Japanese and German. Some who were here before the war.   Before that was the Native Indians, and the
African who were brought here for slavery.
Still both have to deal with prejudices, to this day.
Even movies portray them as evil.

Look at the peaceful protest in North Dakota..
There are some who make nasty remarks, because
they don’t give them the respect they deserve. If
it was the average white person out there protesting
the possible damaging of the water… and the
police, security and etc.. treated them like they
have treated the Natives… wouldn’t there be more
uproar over this?  If they were maced, washed
back into the river with hoses, woman being
punched to the ground?   So why isn’t there
more outrage? Why isn’t the President saying
anything at all.. His silences is deafening.
It is like the Governor (as he is silent too) and
The President don’t feel they are suppose to
be representing the Native Americans as well.
After all we are ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.  

Again.. we seem to fear, not understand, so
ends up with hate..  Too bad we can’t walk
in our neighbors shoes after all.

Will there ever be compassion for those who
are different than us?  Be it nationality, gender
or any other prejudices we seem to come up
with.    I fear with a President-Elect it doesn’t
look promising.  And it seems those who
follow him, feel they have been given a
license to hate.  Be interesting to see how

he gets out of this one. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Looking out life's window

When I am in church.. like most, I head
to the rear pew… but I stay away from the
window…   knowing my penchant   for
looking out it when I am suppose to be
paying attention to what is going on inside.

There always seems to be something thru
that window that draws my attention.. and
like most, that was true of when I was in

I am drawn to the light, to the goings on out
there that seem to be more interesting than
what is going on inside.  The sunny it is, the
worse it is for me.

Even at home.. I am drawn to the window,
from time to time.. when I am sitting near
the living room window..  I see Schweitzer Mountain  
in all her beauty.   When in the kitchen, I love
to work at the sink, as I see the oak tree in
her many colors of the year… the clouds
coming across the lake.. that I don’t see.
Even the door has long windows, that I look
into my back yard, and over the neighbors
house, I see the sun or the light or clouds
depending on the day.

At restaurants, I want the window side.
And I love watching lightening, as it streaks
across the sky.  Yes, I am definitely a window
person. Told my family, if I get put into a nursing
home.. please oh, please make sure I have
a window side bed.   For without the light and
the view, I surely will die from depression

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to kill yourself inone easy lesson

It seems I always find things, when looking for
something else.  And as I was going thru an
old closet that gets things shoved in the back,

I found this… what is this,  you ask. Well, it is
a simple little thing. Two piece of wood held
together by the piece of metal with ball bearing
in it.  Was sold years ago, for fun or exercise.
I bought this one at a yard sale for the mere
price of $2.99.

It looks innocent enough. And being I have been
going to physical therapy for my hip, I figured
why not..

The principal of it is like the dance called the TWIST.
You stand on it with both feet and then twist back
and forth.  Simple enough right?

1.   don’t do it on a rug. You will get thrown off
like a horse.

2.   When using a flat smooth surface, have some
thing to hang on to. Or you could kill yourself.

3.   You are not as young as you thought you were,

So best left for younger ones.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is it me... or is it the time???

Where the heck is the year going???
Here we are already thru half of November!

October flew by, I barely was into the month
and it was Halloween before I knew it.
Now here Thanksgiving is just a week and
a half away…

The summer flew by, but I kind of understood why
with that. We were so busy running back and
forward every 2 weeks between Portland and
Idaho. From July to the end of Sept.  So I
understand how I missed the summer..but
these are the fall days, when things slow down.
And I don’t even … want to think… about December

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Twist and Shout.....

This week is the week of senior social time…
This is what my aunt referred, to describe her
and my uncle’s doctor visits..  She said if it
wasn’t for doctor visits they wouldn’t have any
social time.. she was joking..

So this week, it is me, on Monday and then on
Tuesday, the King and back to me on Wednesday.

I have had trouble with my hip since they decided
to remove some bone marrow to try to understand
my low platelets and hit a nerve.. but lately it has
gotten much worse.. (that was 10 years ago)

So here I was laying up on the table, twisting
this way and that way…stand up and swing the
leg, back up on the table and he says……….
“Take your right leg and lift it up to your left
shoulder”………………..”WHAT? with whose
body”, I asked..  “ Oh, I guess I should rephrase
that… lift up your right foot and POINT it towards
your left shoulder”.. 
This is going to be so much fun….. not… but got
to admit, I did feel better as I was leaving.

Hey, this is better than a political post, don’t you

think.. lol

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sigh, don't know what to write...

As I look at our nation the past couple of months
and especially the past couple of weeks, it is just

Between the election and the reaction from
the treatment of the protestors in North Dakota,
I find myself saying.. this isn’t the America that I grew up
In.  But then maybe I chose not to see what is
out there..  Or maybe the media is rubbing my
face in it…

No matter what side you are on in the Native
Americans and the oil company battle… it is
horrible how the security is allowed to treat the
people who are protesting.  To have huge
mace throwing machines, to use powerful water
hoses on these people is to me, is disgusting.
Where are the government people who love
committees.. where is their call to have a meeting
and find a mutual comprise … there has to be
something all of these people can talk about
and make good decisions ..after all if Nations
are asked to do so.. why not these people?
This is no way to treat humans..

The protest of the people who are so disgusted
with Trump winning… that they feel it is ok to
burn, trash, property that belongs to those who
are innocent and have no horse in that race. Or
who are just as disgusted but show class and
adulthood, by not protesting… The protestors,
who kidnap people on the freeway… and think
Nothing about the children or the mom with them
in those cars who are scared to death of the protestors
who are ranting.. the people blowing their horns in
defiance of being held hostage.  What about the
person in those cars, what about their rights, their lives
and what could be hurtful for their families as they
may be home waiting for that person. Health issues
that should be effected.. What about them?

What an entitled nation we have become.. People
who can’t handle disappointment, who feel they
can act up and it is ok.. it is about them and their
feelings, having no care to those they have used
in their protest? 

Has this all been born out of the late 80’s and 90’s?
I went with a friend to drop off a present for her
granddaughter.. she also had one for her grandson.
I asked why, it wasn’t his birthday… It seems the
mother doesn’t like the other child to feel shorted
because they didn’t get to open anything. It would
hurt his feelings.   We also started about that time
rewarding children who did not work hard enough
to win an award.  That they had a “everyone gets
an award.. or a certificate…. To reward everyone.
What is with that???  

How does the child feel special on “their day” if
Everyone gets a present?  How does the child
Who worked so hard to accomplish a project
or play the game, only to see all the players,
get the same reward that he did?  Kids who
didn’t care .. that didn’t work days or weeks
on a project.. and it showed in their workman
ship… and yet gets the same reward? 
Are these the same kids who are now running up
and down the roads, blocking cars, burning a business
of some one who may have voted the same way, who
Is innocent bystander?  Who don’t know how to handle
disappointment?  Who don’t know how to use it as a
learning tool, to work harder?  Are these the entitlement people?

And as other  Nations watch on television and other media,
As the Americans come unhinged, riot, protest, and
the treatment of those in the way… oh, how proud
we are… 

But the sad thing is.. they are only about 15% of the
Nation..  the other 85% are going to work, living their
lives as they did last week and look on in disgust..
But those people  don’t get on the television screen, or the
other media… Sad.. very sad… indeed…


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time to Exhale....

Well, you have had time to breathe again
after yesterday.  Trump is the man…

So surprised, and I think that pretty much
aays it for everyone.. even on both sides.
Trump group, thought they would win..
but……….. things really didn’t look that
Hillary’s group, knew they had it in the bag.
Even a magazine had a cover ready to go,
with MADAM PRESIDENT..  to only have
the rug pulled out from under them.

Now what? Well, for one thing.. we will
have the haters still revving up .. this time
it is the Democrats..  We just finishing up
the Republican haters.. no matter what
Obama has done or will do in the last 3
months.. he won’t be able to do anything
right. And Congress is going to make
sure he goes out the same way he came
in. No co-operation at all.  
Before that, we had the Democrat haters,
lambasting Bush thru his 8 years. So
we are back to that. Some of it already
has started about Trump.

It is kind of hard, when you have friends, at
least you consider them friends.. saying
hateful things about a candidate or even
the President.   I am not talking about
how the policies or what ever.. but personal
hatred.. talk of how the family should be shot
and buried.  Run them out of town, naked..
makes you rethink about your friendship.

Personally, I hate it when people are like that.
Just because they didn’t get their way.  They
don’t even know these people (the President
and his family), how do you hate who you
don’t even know.  I guess it is hating them is
getting back at what they represent in their

American are a very judgmental group.
And what they don’t understand, they hate.
And they have no interest in trying to
understand.  And those who say they were
not making racist remarks when they complained
about the Obama.. are full of it.. when you
hear them.. they can’t wait to get their black
asses out of the white house..   All I can say
my feelings of disgust is huge. And what kind
of examples are they leaving for their kids to

The more we as Americans are on computers,
hiding behind the screen as they type vile
words, the worse this nation has become.


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Where do we go from here?

Actually, today isn’t any different than yesterday,
In our own lives. 
The sun still arises in the East… the moon hasn’t
crashed down on us….. although they say it will
be huge on the 14th.. for all of us to see.. providing
the clouds stay away…

Today, we still go to the grocery store to get food.
Those who work, will still be going to work early
this morning..  and the rest of the week.

Nothing changes… in our own little world. 
The people in North Dakota are still protesting
the oil company, which is on schedule to
dig up the burial grounds, and dig under the
water…   every thing is still moving along
like yesterday..

Come January, it still will be pretty much the same.
At least for a few months.. While the new President
and Congress gets their bearings.  And then we
will see if the naysayers on each side are right..

In the meantime, the “SHIP OF FOOLS” will leave
the dock to sail again..


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Day of history....

No matter who wins this day’s votes, it will be a
history lesson in the future..

Of all the voters of today.. there are the diehard Republicans and the diehard Democrats.. and those
who will join them… who don’t really care for parties.
that will take up at least half of the votes that have
been casted.

The other half are divided up …  2/3 who voted for
Bernie and 1/3 who voted for various Republicans
thru the primaries and caucus. Those who are
disgusted with the left over choices that the above
left them to vote on.. Some will vote for the Independent
candidates… or Mickey Mouse, John McCain or
various other write ins..  Some of us will use the
N.O.A.  choice write in.. None Of Above.. in the
protest against the choices…

But tonight on national social media there will
be a blood bath of words.. even pictures.. as
the losers fail and the winner disappoints most.

These same people who look at their screens
nightly, for the past 6 months.. seeing words
and pictures … who have added to the barrage
of disgust, anger, and fighting with friends and
strangers alike over the options,and comments.       
Some more vicious than others.. Some fighting
for some truth as they quote Fact Check, Snopes
and other sites…  All this vile comes to a head to
night thru the media .. be it social like Facebook,
or other internet sites.

Which makes me wonder… what will life be for those
come Friday.. as I figured it is going to take a few days
to settle down on this very vicious subject.  What
will come?  Will it be back to what I ate for dinner? What
recipes are good to try??

Some of this might be true.. but I think we will still have
the blame everyone comments..after all we endured 8
years of everything was Bushes fault… to 8 more years
of it is all Obama’s fault. But at least there won’t be the
race card played anymore…


Monday, November 07, 2016

The Ship of Fools docks tomorrow night....

Ever since we have heard the names of the many
(at least on the Republican side.. and a few on
the Democrat side), I have called this election
 “The Ship of Fools..  As we bounded up and down
In the waters of election foolery. The party of
Republican side, dumping bodies over.. or the candidates jumping, knowing it was a sinking ship and not wanting
to lose their money.

But here we are heading to the docks tomorrow night,
and looking to see who gets to get off the boat, as the
ramp lowers…or who gets to walk the plank on the other

It has been a slippery deck, with the slinging of mud.
And with modern techniques of Twitter and Facebook,
weighing in.. loading down the ship…as it limps back
to the dock.

This is will be an election for the books.. history books
that is.. How much so, we will see on Wednesday, to
see if it joins the Bush/Gore stories.
We will most likely be treated to stories from the Trump
side, of how it was rigged from the start… if he loses..
And if Clintion loses, well, we will see if she concedes,
as easy as she said at the last debate.

Hang on to your hats, folks.. I think this is going to
be a ship sent back out  to rough seas with us on it.…


Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mother Nature is rarely wrong....

There was a man, named Harold McWilliams, who
lived in Cle Elum, Washington. His profession was
that of a packer for the government.. He told of his
4 times around Mt. Rainier with his mules. Wenatchee
forest and Cle Elum area was also his work place.  He did this for over 40 years.. before getting another profession
of being a scrap iron hauler, in his mid 70’s. to his 80’s.

Everyone knew Harold, but they didn’t know him by
that name.. they knew him as “MAC the PACKER”.
He was known as that, far and wide, as many tourist
were taken thru the forest with him.  He had many
tales of fun times, sad times and times he wasn’t
happy with the way the public treated nature.

Mac passed away at the mere age of 95, I say
mere, because he was ageless.  He had a sense
of humor but also could be very serious.

Thru all those years of packing he came away
with a great understanding of mother earth.
One of which was, telling what kind of winters
we were going to get.  3 signs that I remember,
(there were more, but I only remember these
3’s)….   1. was the caterpillar…. The orange
one with a strip across the back. If that stripe
was wide .. it was going to be a bad winter.
2. The bees and hornets…  They would make
their beds/nest in the ground.. deep in the ground.
3. and the one he said was the most telling…
Was the twins and triplets of the deer and
moose.  He said it was like Mother Nature knew
not all of them would survive, so she product
more than one, which was the norm for the year.
So if he saw in his travels, multiple births,
He knew it was really going to be bad..

What brought all this to mind is.. as my husband
was hunting this year, he talked about twins, a lot…
and pictures in the newspaper, of the moose who
are moving back to town to feast on the apple
trees, and etc… are pictures of twins and even
triplets.   Also I notice the bees are in the grassy
area of my yard.. almost stepped on a few.

To me.. mother nature is rarely wrong.. so I
am going with the idea…it might be a late
Winter.. but it is going to be a doozy.

Thanks, Mac…..   

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

For this I know to be true....

Which I have found out… nothing I thought
was true.. nothing I have learned is true..
and I am starting to wonder about my own life.

The part that I have control over.. I have pride
myself on being truthful.. Pushed that on my
children.. Honest….. truthfulness….

But now… we all know how tainted the media
channels are… And internet.. well, they are
more liar, liar.. pants on fire…

Use to be able to watch the nightly news and
pretty well knew, that David, Chet, John and the rest
were truthful.  It wasn’t so much as news as they
saw it.. unless they said that.. But the most part,
reporting was reporting the news as it was using
facts.. and only facts.. with out any personal views..
Now it is all columnist, who give you what they think..
or their company things.  They aren’t even held
accountable anymore.. they just say.. oh, that is
just the reporting… everyone does it..    

Even when you are championing a cause.. it is
heart breaking to find out the details are not as
they were presented…   I am getting so I hate the
news.. be it paper, television or internet.. 

What is the old saying.. believe ¼  of what you
hear and ½  of what you see…and sometimes

you wonder about that too..

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Not understand the thought process....

I have heard from both sides.. when someone remarks
about not voting for the Democrat or the Republican
Presidential candidate, that the person is giving the
other candidate their vote?  How is that possible?

Being I have heard it from both sides, it is not just
one side saying it….   But how is it so?

If one votes. not for either side… and the Democrat friend
says, well you just gave Trump your vote.. how is that
possible?  The same is said for the Republican friend,
who tells me that I would be giving Clinton my vote?
Trump did not gain a vote.. any more than
Clinton did… both are short one vote… as I did not
vote for either of them.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. their theory.  But for
me to vote for whom I want to… is to me.. to thy own
self be true..   No matter who wins.. I did not help them.
my vote went on neither side.  It is a matter of principle
to me.. This is not voting for the lesser of the evils..
Especially in this election.. as both sides are the evils
they speak of. 

So don’t tell me that I am giving the other the vote. As
I did not .. give it to them..  And I get to keep my
Bitching rights.   As those who chose NOT to vote at
all.. to me.. have no right to bitch..  And a damn shame
as there are a lot of locals who are also running on that
day.. and your vote could make a difference in the local
race.  So Shame on you.. for not voting at all… and staying

at home..