Monday, August 31, 2015


I have two speeds for being sick...
One is leave me the hell alone and
let me sleep, and just let me die.

The other is... when i am not real bad
sick. I am still mobile but like a bear with a
thorn in the side..

The second one is worse for those around
me.  Because I am in part.. denial and trying
to get work done so I will feel better. When
I work around the house, it takes my mind off
of me.. but I have sharp tongue.. My conversations
are a little sharp around the edges and I don't mean
to be that way..  So it is just best to leave me be.

And that is how this weekend went. Not a good
thing, when you have guest.  But found out the
antibiotics that I am taking for cut finger that got
infected... has the side effects of...
sleepiness...... check...
heavy stomach area with stomach ache....check
feeling like I could vomit, but don't....  check..
lost of appetite... ... check
In other worse I am not exactly sick.. but I am not
really well either.

All I can say it ... after these past 4 days, i better
have lost some weight... after having soup and
toast most of the time.. I think the scale should
honor me with a 5 pound lost... and for pain and
suffering.. another 5 pound lost...

Thank God tomorrow is my last day for the antibiotics.
As this totally sucks...


Thursday, August 27, 2015

The roll of toilet paper is going faster....

A long time ago, some person told me that life
as you get older, is like a roll of toilet paper...
The closer  you get to the end, the faster it goes.
I thought that was hilarious, but not anymore....

So here we are.. with August fading away....
taking summer with it.. and September coming
up fast and furious..

The garden is already reacting.. some of the squash
don't have the beautiful green leaves.  The tomatoes
are starting to turn red... and I hope we get them
all before the extra cold mornings hit us... The yellow
ones are still producing like crazy.

Another month and it will be time to put the yard
back to bed for winter.. but at least we won't
have to mow the lawn 2 times a week. No more
weed whacking.. YAHOO.... I hate weed whacking.

As I look forward to the turning of the leaves on the
trees, I look forlorn at the passing of another
summer.  And I refuse to even think about winter.

So guess the person was right about the toilet

paper roll.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I was innocently weeding my flowers
last week.  As I grabbed the big weed
I felt  something and then pain... A
YELLOW JACKET... this my second
in as many as week. 

I went in and got the baking soda and
peroxide and made a paste.  I took
out the stinger and put the paste on
the area... No pain... no sting. so
that is good.  I also, noticed I had
a cut on the top of the finger.

Second day, it was itching like crazy
and the paste didn't help that.. no
anti itch cream.. End up putting
a band aid on it so not to scratch it.

Day 3.. I now have two bumps on
the backside of my finger.. and they hurt.
Put another band aid on..

Day is stinging in several place
under the band aid.  The yellow
jacket sting is fine now.. but the
back of the finger is growing more
bumps that are painful.. 

So, as my doctor use to call me..
Dr. Cis...decided to relieve the
pain by opening the bumps with
a needle... BIG MISTAKE....

Long story short...... I ended up
going to Immediate Care and my
finger is infected.. not just a
little bit.. . It has gone around the
corner of my finger. So have to
clean, and soak and put cream
on it... and take antibiotic's of
course.  And leave it to the air
she said... that is easier said
than done...   Also typing on the
key board is no picnic... it is the
old peck system.. And so far I have
found the word can
be done on the right hand... all the
rest of the important letters.. are on
the left.

Sometimes I sure get myself in
trouble... and you don't want to
hear what the King thinks...
Well, you might, but I am not going

to tell you...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is the world losing it's treasures/?

I am not going to go into ISIS
here. There are sites after site
about them, besides what I am
going to talk about, isn't just them.

While watching the news for the
past year, I have watched scene's
of men destroying national treasures.

For years this has happen.. but mostly
stolen in the WWII..  There is even a
This that I found on internet

"destruction of cultural sites is forbidden
under a number of international treaties,
including the 1954 UNESCO Convention
on the Protection of Cultural Property in the
Event of Armed Conflict. And besides, the end
result is the same: the destruction of a history
and a culture."  (Washington Post- 6/5/15)

This year Yemen has been hit at many of the
historical sites. Castles, The 1,200-year-old
al-Hadi Mosque,has been hazed... and these
seem to be by the Saudi's with
planes flying over.. And it said, they can't tell the
old buildings from the new.. and it is war...kind of..

But what is disturbing is the ones on the ground,
who go into the museums and destroy statutes
of the country's founding fathers and etc.
That one was ISIS.  I presume they do it
because, if they get rid of the old, the people
would lose hope..  And you know that ISIS
does not pay any attention to any treaties...
heck they don't even pay attention to lives
itself... Especially others, as sadly we
have seen on the news. 

We know what will happen here, if they aren't
stopped. National treasures will be in pictures
only.. by the tourist.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A great mind gone, but won't be forgotten...

Down in the lower right side of this blog is
a list of other blogs that I go to read. Some
are done often... some not...

The one called  TG's Raves and Rants
it is 3 years old.  He only did a few in
the two years that he wrote. But they
were each very powerful.  But the lure
of Facebook, where he could debate,
have fun, with his friends took over
the blog time. 

He had an opinion.. yes, I would
say on just about everything. He
could quote facts, he had common
sense opinions, something that is rare
in these days.

And a wild and wonderful wit. His
sense of humor was great... some
probably didn't understand.. but
those of us who read his comments,
ALWAYS laughed.. and if we weren't
laughing..  we were thinking..

Yet he was a gentle giant. His love of
birds and his dogs were huge. But
most of all.... the love of his wife, Emily
was the strongest of all.  They have
been married.....what 10?, maybe even
15 years?  And their love is so very
strong..  Great respect for each other,
yet could pull off some kind of prank
on each other.  They are a perfect

And the reason why I am writing this
today?  First this is the King and my
nephew... The King's oldest brother's
son.  And he passed away, with out
warning.. at 1:30am in his sleep at the
tender age of 38.

Leaving a huge hole in all of our lives.
Family, friends. gaming friends, Facebook friends..

He had a great love of music, movies, Star Wars,
and D&D type games... and some what W0W game.
Also he was a greatly loved cartoonist.

Face Book lit up, as the word past thru
the day, as each learn of his passing.
Hundreds of comments of broken hearts
.. and still coming in. 
Loving words... some showed pictures
of him, or the one showed the instruments,
telling how they played rock music for him,
in his honor......very LOUDLY..

In a couple of weeks there will be a celebration
of life for Travis... all will gather one last time
to share their love of him together.  Trying
to fill the hole.  And the sad feeling of what
could have been.  38 is way too young to
leave us all.

found this picture on his Facebook page.. seems fitting.. even though is is about 25 years ago..or so.
 Good night sweet prince.... 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Too much junk saved...

Don't know about you, but I have a problem of
using surfaces for catch all.. the dining room seems
to survived. But my back bedroom and my own
dresser drawers are my worse.  Also have a desk
that gets it too. 

So yesterday, I decided to clean off all the surfaces
and deal with it..  So piled it up all on my bed.
It took me 3 hours to clean it, find places to put
the stuff or throw it away. 

Filed some papers, put some of the stuff in the
drawers, and got rid of the rest. 

I have decided I save way too much crap. And
the sad thing is.. when I put some of the stuff
away in drawers, I know someday I have to dump

them out and deal with all that stuff too. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Harvest time is beginning....

We are getting tomatoes, every where. First it
was a couple of yellow small ones.. Now we
have all the red ones and the maroon ones the
King tried out.

Zucchini I have been peeling and shredding for
this winter. Bagging it in 2 cups in each bag.
That is how much it takes for one recipe of
Choc. Zucchini Bread... and then the neighbor
brought a couple huge ones.. So did the same
with them, but put them in a bag of 10 cups.
That will be ready for sweet relish.

We went out to the blueberry farm and picked
a total of 4 buckets in two days... So they are
in the freezer ready for jam making day.

Then there is the paddy squash that has decide
to grow crazy.. So par boiling, freezing them.

Then last night I made 34 bacon wrapped  stuffed
with cheese and wienies, jalapeno for the King's
Mechanic bar b que on Sunday.

So been busier than an one arm paper hanger..

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August is the visiting time....

August 18, 2015
August is visiting time...

It seems like August is our busiest time
for family to visit....
This is not a complaint at all..
As we have had fun with our visitors...

Then there is the "last of the summer bar-b-ques".
Eat weekend seems to be another one. The
King puts on a "Mechanic bar-b-que" for his
fellow workers.

And the weather is letting up, so it is enjoyable to
eat outside again.. The yellow jackets seem to be
a little less.. not a lot but some..
And we still have our senior citizen entertainment
of the evening.. the hummingbirds.. But there seems
to be less of them. We are down to about 4 now.

This is where we went last Saturday...  

 and the winner is... No. 8....
 At one time they were all like this.. with  No. 24 running around.. back and forth as the rest sat dead in the heap.. but as No. 24 decided to get a could extra hits in.... he happen to unhook  No. 8... which was his undoing... 
as No. 8 was able to come back around and slam No. 24 back into the heap and finished him off.. Lesson learn?  If you are ahead of the game.. keep away from the mess. 

I have not
been to a derby before... seen them on tv many
times.. but this was the first up and personal one.

How about you... when do you get the most visitors? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Some times... you just have nothing....

As a blogger, especially a long time blogger,
you just have nothing to write about. 
It is just blank.. nothing.

Nothing amazing, surprising or etc. that
is going on. 

So you draw a blank.. and today
is one of those day..

So enjoy what is left of our summer,
as the days slip away... quickly.

And this blog is like the show, Seinfield

it is about nothing....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Judge not the tortured soul

Once again, shots have rang out in the little town
of Sandpoint.  Shots by a police officer. 

Then will come the judges.. not the ones in black robes,
but the ones who sit in a coffee shop, get on social
media and sit in the bars.   They will judge the young man
who lost his life.. They will judge the police officer... all with
no facts .. only rumors that fly thru the town and over the
social media.

But who is anyone to judge?  They were not there. They
did not see the tortured soul of a young man. A young man
who has had trouble with life for many years.  The family
who, God forbid, I hope did not watch it happen.  With
the exception of a brother. The parents who have watched
their son be tore apart by demons of life.

And the police officer, who had to make a decision to reach
for that gun.  To make a quick instant judgment, that will
haunt him for the rest of his life.  Do you seriously think
he went home that night, and hugged his family, and said
sadly, I had to take a life today, but that is part of my job?
No, he went home, broken.. knowing he had to make a
decision so quickly... and will second guess himself for
the rest of his life.  He will go over and over it with the
authorities as they try to find out what exactly happen.
But he will go over it ... and over it.. the rest of his life,
trying to second guess, was there another alternative?
Was there another way, he could have changed the
outcome? Could he have said something different?
No matter what the reports that come out of all this at
the end of the day.... He will always have second

The bad part of this the people who will second
guess what they think, they understand.. some with
a tiny bit of facts.. some will twist those facts, to their
own agenda. And don't think of the fall out of it all,
on the families who are involved.  The police officer's
family who will be called out because of their father, or
husband...  Some will rather believe the rumors, than
deal with the facts.  Some will over look the bare truth
of a tortured soul.

Instead of calling out, the situation itself, we need to
look into what lead up to the situation.  We have to be
as a human race, be accountable to the torture soul
of the times.  This young man isn't the first and sadly
won't be the last.

May the two families, find some way to find peace in
their lives.  And hopefully the town will support that


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The first day at the fair....AND THE WINNER IS....

The King and I went over to the county fair here
in our little town...this is the first day
so not so much is open yet. As the
big animal barn wasn't ready. 
but it was not a waste of time... because
we saw the WINNER.. 

This is the King's butter nut squash which got a red ribbon.. (second)   

 But here is the big surprise...... 
The King's Blue Hubbard Squash got ... a blue ribbon.. (1st place)
the purple ribbon... Grand Champion
AND the medallion.... BEST IN SHOW!!! ...
He was so surprised....  and then he saw the red ribbon on his butternut... he was amazed.  But thrilled. 

 they had some of the quilts hanging up..

Then there is the fish and game building...  the Elk which
the King hopes to get this year... 

This is the greatest scary of them all... the target deer.. also used by the fish and game to  fool the poachers...So used at night and 
during off seasons..  So if one is dumb enough to shoot it.. I am 
sure there will be a tap on your shoulder..   

This is the memory pool with the names of so many who worked with the Fair in the past.. a lot of them thru the 4 H CLUBS... 

AND THIS IS THE GRAND WINNER....... the King is pretty proud, as he should be..  He has another one in the garden almost as big..

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


August 11, 2015
HEY, Ma, you are not going to believe this....

I have a well known history of killing indoor plants.
It goes back many years...

My mother gave me a Yucca plant, because it
was dying.. and she didn't want it to die on her
watch.  She was a great gardener.  Inside as
well as outside.  They had a green house that was
L shaped, from the back door to around the corner
to the garage.  She could go to a restaurant and
see a plant she wanted...... pinch a piece off of it,
bring it home.. put it in a pot of dirt and
it would grow and she would have her own plant.
So she didn't want this plant to die with her.
She knew I killed plants and was use to it..
But surprise, surprise it grew.  I snapped off all
the dead or dying leaves and it came back with
it's own.. It grew to about 2 feet tall.   I gave it
to my sister in law when I left R.I.  And she got
it to go to 4 feet and it bushed out about 3 feet.
But that was the exception to my rule.

My husband who is deceased, finally brought
home a plastic plant and told me, "I know you
can't kill this one", after me killing 4 of his.

So when a friend gave me a Orchid about
almost a year ago.. I cringed...Thinking
oh, no... knowing I am going to kill this small
delicate flower.. Even the King said "oh, no..
she kills plants."

The only thing I had going for me... was my
neighbor has one.. and when she goes out of
town, I have had to water all of her plants.
She told me to fill the orchid with water.. let
sit for about 3 minutes and gently turn it
upside down... and let all the excess water drain
off.  And it worked for hers... I did not kill her Orchid.

So figured, ok... I can do this. And it did work. Those
flowers lasted forever.. like 4 or 5  months or more..
they were there before they started to shrink and die off. 

Now what do I do with it, I thought.. So I stuck it in a window
on the North side of the house.  We were running AC
so didn't dare leave it where I had it.. just 2 feet away.

And then.....................then.............. I FORGOT IT...
And for some reason, yesterday, I thought about it.
Oh, no.. it has to be dead, where ever it is... so I
searched for it.. and found it.. in the window in the
back room on the north side,.... where I had not
watered it all that time.. what almost 3 months?
I gently removed it.. soooooooooooo slowly....
I DIDN'T KILL IT....  It survived somehow with
out water for 3 months...

HEY, MA.. there might be hope for me after all.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday ...good day for books....

We finally........finally got rain.. A good rain.
Our weekend guests have left.

So it was a good day to read or watch
television.   But I got to ask you.. what
happen to television on Sunday afternoon?
Remember we have antenna, which by
the way is working out really well. Saving
us over $70 a month.

But when we went to see what to watch it was
channel after channel of PAID PROGRAM...

All of them with the exception of PBS..
had PAID PROGRAM .. better known
as half hour commercials.

There wasn't anything I wanted to watch
on the 3 PBS channels we get.

So I did the best next thing.. turn off the

television and open my book that I am reading. 

Thursday, August 06, 2015

You got to be kidding me...Driving me nuts.

(v.) To be getting annoyed by a trivial or small matter.

Commercial: There is a tour bus... London like.. with the tour guide
or it is a African tour bus with a tour guide... and she jumps up and
a commercial for some kind of stomach product.. which I don't
remember because of the fact, I can't believe it. YOU GOT TO

On the news this morning... the Today show... they are
giving the latest news around the world.. Fires, shooting,
weather raising cain in the New England area.. Trees
down.. from subject  to subject of serious stories.. AND
THEN... out of this reporters mouth... A story about how
Ms. Piggy and Kermit the Frog have called it quits.
WHAT? That is serious news? They aren't even real...

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


The celebrities sure have been hitting the skids
in the marriage department... 

You have Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
Then there is Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Now there is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
with Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock
there was rumors of Will and Jana Smith
but Will says it isn't so... NO WAY..
and then today ... surely in jest.. there
is.. Kermit the Frog and Ms Piggy.
All of these in the past week and half.

Which goes to show.. that money doesn't
buy you love.  That money doesn't find
you happiness.....

As the Smith's so apply put it.. Marriage
is hard work... Something that the rest of
us can attest to.  

Which kind of shows.. when the bottom line
is shown.. you can be rich and famous.. but
when it comes to marriage.. they are like the
rest of us..   It is what you put in to it.. that

keeps it going.. or it dives out.. 

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Interesting or not...hard to tell...

It is hard to get excited about the coming election.. after all it
isn't for another year yet.  I think they should make a rule that
you can't throw your hat into the circle.. no one can start
campaigning until July of the year that the election is in.
Meaning it would be July 2016 before we would even know
who was interested it it.  But, alas, no we are getting hit up
now.. and already we are getting bored.

The Republican has about 16, I think.  There are about 4, I
think I could name.. and while the others are heard of,
there are some who I have never heard of.

The Democrats, I guess they are having a problem getting
as many. So far there is 3 that I have heard of.. Hilary, of
course.. (God, I am soooooooo tired of her already).. and
Bernie Sanders and now Joe Biden is thinking heavily of
throwing his name into the circle.  (what is he waiting for,
to see how much money is out there for him? It can't be
the death of his son, as rumor has it, his son's death bed
request was for his father to run.)

The fact that they are gathering billions of dollars.. Yes,
BILLIONS of dollars for each candidate, or at least the
most popular ones, is mind boggling.  Billions for a
what, $400,000 a year job?  Can you imagine what we
could do for education with that money?  College could
be free for every child... and even some adults.

Only interesting part of it so far.. and I do use the word
interesting very loosely..... it Trump on the Republican
side.. and Sanders on the Democrat side. 

Sanders has had a long line of years of trying to turn
the 1% having all the money.. It seems to be his main
push.. And the public likes that.. and seem to like his
honestly.  He isn't beating the same drum that so many
who have ran before. So the people are listening to him
and showing up to hear him in person. And sending
what little money they have to him, to keep him going.

Now Trump... what can you say?  The man has no tact,
that is for sure.  His mouth has no brakes.  He must be
driving his campaign manager nuts.  But the people are
listening to him as well.  They seem to over look most
of his FUBAR's... remarks.  I guess it is true of him as
well.. he is not beating the normal election drums. He
says what he thinks... Some people seem to like that.

Yep, it going to be interesting... on this ship of fools.