Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Harvest time is beginning....

We are getting tomatoes, every where. First it
was a couple of yellow small ones.. Now we
have all the red ones and the maroon ones the
King tried out.

Zucchini I have been peeling and shredding for
this winter. Bagging it in 2 cups in each bag.
That is how much it takes for one recipe of
Choc. Zucchini Bread... and then the neighbor
brought a couple huge ones.. So did the same
with them, but put them in a bag of 10 cups.
That will be ready for sweet relish.

We went out to the blueberry farm and picked
a total of 4 buckets in two days... So they are
in the freezer ready for jam making day.

Then there is the paddy squash that has decide
to grow crazy.. So par boiling, freezing them.

Then last night I made 34 bacon wrapped  stuffed
with cheese and wienies, jalapeno for the King's
Mechanic bar b que on Sunday.

So been busier than an one arm paper hanger..

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marlu said...

My mom used that phrase about the one armed paper hanger. Hadn't heard it in years!