Tuesday, July 31, 2012


No, you don't understand.. I use to dance.
I went from the old days of rock and roll, and
country swing, Slow dance, polka, waltz even.
The chicken and some of the other crazy ones.

But as I was watching a show with my great
grandchildren.. I saw a show, that had someone
who came from the future.. (must have been a
take on the Michael Fox movie).. and they were
doing dances of the 1950's... okay... but then
one of the future kids said something about not
teaching the 50's group their style of dancing of
the future.

Then it hit me.. I don't know how to dance.. I haven't
dance for about 25 years.. (except at my daughter's
wedding last August, and they played a lot of 80's
music). What is the dance of today? I haven't even
heard of a dance being mention. Do they even have
dance halls, granges, do they dance in taverns anymore?

Oh, my gosh... I CAN'T DANCE!!! Guess I will
have to stick to the music in my head as I do housework and
play the Village People and Chuck Berry's music.

Do I hear groans out there? Sorry...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Memory Lane....

My cousin just got finish going thru a lot of the pictures and letters that were sent to
her mother over the years. I was one of those people.
In Thursday's mail, I got a surprise extra large envelope.

I came home and dumped the contents out on to the table outside.
I knew there was going to be pictures.. mostly of the kids over the years.
And she did mention the letters.

I looked thru the pictures, one at a time. Some of my oldest daughter and next to the
oldest daughter with their father (who passed away almost 20 years ago). These
girls are 52 and 50 now. Wow.. There is a sprinkle of grade pictures, as well
as others of places and friends. What a wonderful visit to the past as I went
thru them.

Then there was the letters.. that sprinkled from 1972 to 2005...mostly in the 1980's.
I was going to call my cousin to thank her, but figured I would read just one of the letters..
2 hours later I had devoured\each and everyone of them. One by one..
I walked thru my past with the kids in tow, and my husband who passed away
in the 1986, there was ones after each of my parents passed away. There was some
wow's, as I had met my niece and nephew for the first time..Some of my mother's
reaction to me on my return visit after not being there for 11 years. Some of
it was with tears.

After I finished reading each and everyone of them.. I thought about the letters of
today. A lot of people don't write letter now.. and more don't keep them, like
my aunt did. I keep the ones my children write, but to be honest I don't keep others..
Now I wish I had kept my aunt and uncle letters. But I answered them and later threw them away. What a shame.

Letters are almost like a diary. When you read the ones you wrote 10, 20 or even 30 to 50
years ago... you get a glimpse of what your life was at the time and what you
thought about it.

Being I devoured each one of them, couldn't read them fast enough to get to the other,
I will have to sit down one day soon and go thru them again, and this time read
them slowly, to thoroughly enjoy each story.

Thank you, Aunt Harriet for keeping them.. and I miss you every day...
Thank you, Terry, for keeping them, to send them to each of us to enjoy again.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bypass 2012 Finally

For those of you, who use to live here... and for those who didn't get to go
today.... by the way, the poor restaurant across the bridge had over 200 cars go thru
their parking lot with people who came across the bypass and then turn around and
went back across... We stayed for dinner, before we headed back across.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Grandma Duty

Tomorrow early am.. two sweet little guys (meaning one girl and one boy)
will be showing up at my doorstep...delivered by their grandmother, my
daughter. Dad is Army and he and the mom are heading
to California for some kind of a appreciation celebration.

So two little sleepy heads will show up at the early hour.. and then shortly
after they will become live wires. He is 2 or 3 and she is 4. And they are
typical little ones.. Especially the little guy. Hell on wheels, always on the
go. So bring out the Nana's toy box...

Lucky for me, I have a large and fenced in yard. And the weather is suppose
to be in my favor. I will have to try to reach back in this old mind of mine
and remember what kind of games little ones want to play besides carry the dog,
pull her by the tail and chase the cat. I think Rokon will find a hiding place for
the day, In the garden or somewhere under some bushes.
Misty knows to hide under the bed.

We should do pretty well, and I am glad to help out, while Mom and Dad
get some time to themselves, and have fun too. But come night fall, they
will be all grandparents charges. They do a lot better than I do, they are
younger and have more toys. lol..

So late Friday night, you will know which one is me.. as the kids will leave
about 5 and I will be the one at 6 laid out in the chair with the wine glass in
her hand. LOL... as I haven't taken care of little ones for 18 years.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moving on Up....

Sherman Hemsley, TV's George Jefferson, dies
is the headline...

Seems like there are a lot of our favorites are moving on up.

Kitty Wells has passed away... I had the good fortune to see her in
person with her husband Johnny Wright at the Bostonian Ballroom in
El Cajon, Ca. in the early1960's. She was such a sweet lady with a beautiful
voice. This was before Loretta Lynn became a big name.
Kitty was old time country western music.. With Ernest Tubb and
Hank Snow, Jim Reeves.
These were some more that I saw there.. and
Ernest, boy did he have a huge ring. I was on one side of the counter and he
was on the other, and he asked me to hand him the sugar for his coffee...When
he reached for the sugar, I saw that huge ring. Jim Reeves stayed over
the 1:30 am stop time. He sang until 2:30 am. He truly was a gentleman.
Glen Campbell, and Buck Owens use to come down from Bakersfield and
sing at the Lakeside Inn there.

Seems like parts of my young adult hood is passing away .. Andy Griffith,
Ernest Borgnine in McHale's Navy... and the movie Marty... and many more.

I know as I age, that it stands to reason, my favorites are aging and passing
away. I know when Johnny Cash passed away, I felt like my 20's, 30's and 40's all went
with him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They ask... what have you been doing this summer..

Ugly bird 50 cents(hiding under the flowers... cat planter, $4 at yard sales. squirrel 25 cents.
So this is what I have been doing this summer....so far....

plant on the left is a white clematis.. hope it does as well as the one on the right.
yard art... yard sales.. cowboy 50 cents.. old face, use to light up.. have had it 10 years,
doesn't light up anymore...but still worthy. pot in front is hard to see, but it has a tiny
rose in it..got it 4 years ago for mother's day.

motorcycle spinner...

So here is a few things that kept me busy for the past month...

this lights up at night time.. those are suppose to be lightening bugs in the jar.. we had them back East.. a lot...don't know why we don't have them here.. the temps run the same...

These are Hawiann shirt lights...
Our new gate between the garage and house... see the signs...can you read them? One
was a gift for our wedding.. 13 years ago.. and the one on the right, the King made for
me.. when I told him what I wanted it to say.

this is the fishing side of the deck... screen door art $2 at yard sale.. picture of fish $5 at yard sale
little signs 50 cents.
this is the farm side... barn art $ 4 and hobby horse $2 at yard sales... sign $1
This little girl I found at a yard sale for $1... she was stone color, and the King painted her for me. Dog was purchase from old K-mart store long ago..
driftwood garden and yard art...scarecrow 50 cents. globe 50 cents, trucks 25 each.
stacked these cinder blocks and the King used them for beans, peas, and sun flowers
Misty hiding among the plants...
50 cent signs from yard sales... one says.."Gardners know all the dirt" and Welcome
to our garden
Black berries are doing well this year..
Clematis is doing well... near the flag is a white one.. in 3 years it should be doing
as well as the purple one is..
Took these cinder blocks and made a wall planters out of them...
We have the pergola doing well, it has lights and spinners with a plant at each
corner. The King out did himself in these planters this year.

Duck family at the bottom of the tree.. yard sale... $5
I like the Dusty Millers, they always seem so nice, and do well with the reds here.
cat, wooden shoes, and turle ... all gotten from the yards sales... Cost average $2. each
Early spring, i thought I had killed this clematis... it is old. have had it for 12 years.
and I had cut it back waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much... but it bounced back. The lighter
purple flowers have gotten up to about 9 inches. This year I think it average 6"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Once again... tragedy hits...

What happen in Colorado is horrible.
Did you know that in April there was another one
in that very same town. A man entered a church and
started to shoot... the difference is between these is
the outcome. In the church was an off duty or retired
(I forgot which) police officer. He shot the man before
the man shot another person.

Had there been an concealed weapon person there, who
shot out at the young man, would it have stopped? I don't
know. They would have to figure out fast, that he had
a flak jacket on, and shoot him in the head. Otherwise,
it would have been a shoot out. But 12 people so far
have died, so maybe it would have been the same or even

There is always should have, could have, would have after the
fact. But as we find out that we are not safe in schools, churches,
and now theaters... will here be more people getting concealed
weapon permits?

I know that with all the crash in the door, and rob people going on
in Spokane, city about 70 miles east of us... there has been more
and more women who are talking about taking shooting lessons, and
getting permits.

I still am not comfortable hooting a gun yet. Not to that point yet.
I use to shoot guns in the past, but got away from doing it. And
if you aren't sure, you are a fool to carry a gun. But there are a
lot of women who are taking the classes.

I would like to see the laws we have enforced... so many times there
is plead bargains and such. Let's use the laws we have, before we make
more news ones that won't be enforced.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why don't people care?

I am involved with the meetings that the little city I live in, that they have
for a workshop dealing with zoning.. they meet once to twice a month.
This is besides the usual council meetings.

It always amazes me that I am the only public person there. These
people are trying their best to do what is good for the people. Even
going back and forth with their ideas of what they think is the way to
handle things. Always with the public in mind. Here they are, 3 to
4 council persons each time, the mayor with the city clerk and our guru Ms Keys.
Hashing out the dos and don'ts.. They could so easy put up what
every they wanted, and no one cares. They will have a public meeting
after they are done honing the laws and policies. But 99% of the time,
no one shows up. Except me. I find that sad.

We are so lucky to have the council we do have. They are 4 very
concern people, who are constantly weighing in, on what the public
would want. Not a selfish one in the bunch. And the mayor is excellent.
He has some very good common sense thoughts. Isn't afraid to throw
them out there for others to chew apart or agree. We are so lucky to
have him. We are so lucky to have these fine people who come together,
for so little pay, but for the good of the city. Giving up their time for each
meeting, for a town that doesn't seem to care....... unless it is something in
their neighborhood.

For those who having caught it yet, being a council person or even a mayor,
is a thankless job. Even more so at other cities that you read about. Why
anyone would want to be a council person is beyond me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday and I HATE CHANGE!!

I got an email from my
server, last night, that they are changing a few things.
I let out a big sigh, and
looked it over... and started see if I could
take care of business...
Well, it doesn't recognize my password,
so I went with forgot
password. Of which it then tells me it
recognize my email. Well,
that is wonderful... how did I get the email
from their office, if it
doesn't recognize my email... Oh, well, I emailed
back and told them there was
a mere little problem... so will take care
of that today when they
email back.

I know you have heard this
before.. BUT I HATE CHANGE!!

49 years ago, I was sitting,
well actually laying in a hospital, waiting
for the magic to finish...
and then there was this cute little boy with
black hair, long hair. Which
was really weird as his two sisters came
to the world, bald, and
toothless and blonde/red headed.

His father was thrilled, as
it looked like side burns... you know the Elvis
look. He is our first son...
so he became spoiled. And as he aged he
became no sister's fool as
they tried to pull things on him. He was an
escape artist, as he made it
over to the neighbors house for cookies by
removing his slates in his
playpen, and pulled up the fencing from the
bottom and scooted
under. His sisters dared him to ride a
calf bull that
was in our yard, that belong
to his uncle. They had tried and was dumped
off right away... Which at
the mere age of 3 he climbed on and rode it to the fence.

He has a smile a mile wide.
He is a great husband, father and grandfather.
Lover of the woods, his
Harley and pulling jokes on his brothers. But first
to help out. And I can't wait until next year..... you
see.... son #1 is turning
49 today...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

& if all went right...

This sign kind of said it all for our Saturday.. With us waking up to pouring down
rain... we had a cookout planned for at least 2 months... with invite to 14 people.
We woke with .. WHAT THE HEY? What do we do now???...
So it was time to putt.... shift gears.. and set up tables in the house...for a cook in..

So the King started cooking... the whole inside was ready for 14 to eat... but then to our
surprise... out came the sun... So it was make shift sitting cushions.(others were soaked)
out comes the tablecloths.. and wha.. la... we are ready for a cook out after all...

Fun was had by all...good food, good friends, lots of laughter...
See the sign was right.. & if all went right, what would we have to look forward to?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank goodness for blogging...

On Thursday night, I saw my computer, lack of a better
I was doing a restart after doing a restore... and a little
sign came up
that had letters and numbers, telling me, that it wasn't
going to start
because it was lacking something I needed to reset up. After trying
everything I could think of.. and still could not get pass
the sign.
Restart, cooling off ,safe mode and etc.
So had to resort to F3, the
Recovery... which means good bye all things personal on the
Documents, pictures and etc.. Back to factory condition... meaning
when I got it from the factory.

My heart sank, because it had been about 3 months since I
had down
loaded my recent pictures. Which I do every 3 months.. but
gotten to it... GOOD BYE PICTURES...

But wait.. I can get some of them.. I have some of them on
BLOG.!!! So it isn't
a total loss.. It is a recovery of about 2%,
put at least it isn't total.

Right now, it isn't as bad as I fear, because I had saved
things.. but the realization of it all, will come when I go
to retrieve
what I need... and find out ... that it was before the crash...
Gosh I miss hard copy paper stuff...space consuming yes, but
least it doesn't disappear before your eyes..

On top of the list of things that humble you... computer
has to be up there at the top.

And thank you son#4 for not only telling me that a computer
is just
a toy, (a darn frustrating toy), but for giving me a outside
of the computer
hard drive to download things to safe..

Onward, forward, and
trying not to look back...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The hurrier I go, the more behind I get...

I have so many things on my plate this week...

Last night I had nothing to post about... (a lot of times I will post date a posting for the next day.).. so figured morning would come and something would
enlightening me.. NOTHING... plus the fact I started
as soon as my feet hit the floor..

So far this morning, I have brought in the garbage pails (garbage day today) and
the neighbors.. I have pulled stuff out of the freezer, started to par boil eggs,
and potatoes and meat for this weekends get together...

And now I am preparing the cut veggies I need, cut, chop, slice and etc.
I grabbed a cup of coffee.. opps forgot breakfast.... dog is barking, it is
time to go get the mail.. Her highlight of the day.. to come back with her
head out of the window, with the breeze with her ears flying...

So much to do, and it is suprising... how much fun I am having, since I gave
up reading about the latest hate emails, and watching the latest on the television.
We saw about a minute as we were switching channels the other night.. and we
looked at each other.. wow.. so vicious and they haven't even started the convention yet. Wow.. and the ticker tape was giving a question, "should we skip
the conventions?" my vote would be, might as well, as they aren't what they
use to be.. most of it is decided already as it is..

Well, buzzer is buzzing for the precook.. have a great weekend..

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life's joys....

Over the years the King and I have joked about him in a red convertible.
We have passed some and I will point out, there goes your car..
Well, when we were at the "go to guy" for our mechanic stuff.. in the
parking lot for sale was a 1995 RED Pontiac Firebird. And of course the
famous words came.. look... there is your car... lol...
Well, he decided to look at it and was given the chance to go for a spin.
I was driving my car back home, as I passed him going back to the garage.
I didn't see any grill at all on that car.. it was all out shined by the grin on
my dear husband's face. I knew there was going to be a red car in our future.
He hummed and hawed for two days.. yes, I want it.. we shouldn't spend the
money on another car... no we don't need it... where am I going to put it in
the winter.. (I added, he could clean out the small garage and put it in there.)
Yea, but we have too many. I replied we could sell my little white car, as
it was starting to nickel and dime us.. Yea, that would be nice.. but no.. I
don't need it..We will get it for you, he says... Oh, no, I replied.. this is all
your car... And that is the way it went all day and night on Monday.
Tuesday, he calls from work on lunch time.. what are you doing, he asked.
Nothing, just some house work and etc. why? Well, I was thinking... I think
I will stop by to see the red car... lol.. Thought you had decided you didn't want
it. Well, I was just thinking.. Told him this was his last chance to the
"Red Convertible".... so he better think hard... it would be the last expensive
item, that he will get while I am alive.. So better make up your mind.
He comes home.. paces, tells me what the bottom line was for the price..
Checked with insurance gal, and it is affordable... So we went over and looked
and he is still humming and hawing.. told him last chance.. now or never.
OK, I will .. we went in .. paid for it, went to the motor vehicles dept, got
license, went to insurance company .. all covered...
He takes me for a ride in it.. and I asked.. so what finally got you to say
ok? He said, he didn't want to be sitting in a wheel chair in a nursing home
and think... I COULD HAVE HAD A RED CONVERTIBLE...lol...
So being we had not gotten each other anything for our birthdays, as we
couldn't think of anything we needed... that we had all we needed.. and that
was each other... I told him... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. for the next 4 years. lol..
After all when a guy turns 60... he deserves to have something special.
And that grin, as he drove out of the driveway.. paid for it in full...
The joys of life.. for me.. at least, is to see someone I love, so very

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words..

This is a friend of ours.. he has been in several parades this year...

the people behind me as I was recording were in awe .. wondered how

he trained that dog.. and were the sheep trained as well? lol

Monday, July 09, 2012

My money's worth and that is all....

If I go to a concert, (which I probably wouldn't anymore) and pay big bucks..
I expect to get my money's worth.
The entertainer owes me that much.

If I watch a show on television... I expect the entertainer to do a good show.
The entertainer owes me that much...

If I buy a cd or even a dvd... I expect the entertainer to do it well..
so I get my money's worth.
The entertainer owes me that much...

What the entertainer does NOT owe me..
is his or her personal life. Not the style, not the family life,
not their attitude about life. None of these.

I am sure I must be in the minority about this..
other wise all those scanda sheet type magazines, and papers,
wouldn't be selling so many of them.
And the different shows like Entertainment Tonight and such
wouldn't have such high ratings.
All of these, I do not buy nor watch.

The idiots and scum that run around within a foot of all
these entertainers, is not doing it for me.
See I could care less what the actor, singer and his/her family does.
Where they go on their own time. I sure the heck would not want
anyone doing to me.. what those do, to the entertainer.

Yes, I know, that a lot of the entertainers bring it on themselves.
Not all of them but I am sure the younger they are, the more their
ego's have to be fed. But the ones I really feel bad for, are the children,
of these entertainers. Use to be they were off limits.
But now it is a free for all. I have to question the safety of the
children in all of this.

I don't know why, but none of this appealed to me.
Same goes for my neighbor. Or even my family.. what goes on
in their own private life, is none of my business.
I am strictly on a need to know basis.
If they need me to know, they will tell me.
I won't ask.

a note....
I might be late posting tomorrow... or might even skip it.. have several things
to do, one of which is getting the car fixed.. So if I am a no show tomorrow..
don't fret.. lol.. as if you would.. lol

Thursday, July 05, 2012




Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I act like a grown up

At least I think I do.
And I am really getting sick and tired of being treated as a child because
other adults do not take responsibility of being an adult.

When others go thru life feeling the rest of us are responsible for their mistakes.
And we end up changing our lives to make it easier for them. I am talking
about the latest of these measures. The child proofing of laundry soap.

I happen to use the new Tide colorful soap packets. It works great for me.
But because some mother's who don't act responsible ...I have to deal with another "CHILD PROOF PACKAGE"

What kind of mother puts her laundry soap where a child can get it anyway?
I had many products that were not for children to handle.
I kept them in high closet/cupboards. I had later, when I became a grandparent, a child clip on cupboards.

Never did I think the product makers had to child proof the product for me.
It was MY responsibility to make sure my children, my grandchildren
were safe..NOT the producer, nor the government.


Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Morning down...

I am becoming a creature of habit...
It is Monday, so that means wash day.

Every week.. same thing.. Every Monday
and every Thursday. wash day.
Tuesday is vacuum day.
Never was organized before.. if anything just the oppose it.

Now why I don't do all of it in one day, I
can't tell you.. seems like it isn't as bad if
I spread it out. Besides even if you do it all
in one day.. you just have to do it over in
2 days anyway. lol...

And of course, weather has everything to do
with the schedule.. because when it is beautiful
out, I am out of here.. can't stand to be in the
house, when the weather is good.

And because today promises to be great, I have
coffee cup in hand and I am out of here.. Have a good day.