Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thru the Valley of fat... lead astray by husband...

Forgive me for I have sinned...
I have walked the thin line between Christmas and New Years day.
But I have fell in the alley between, pulled in by my sinful husband..
and lead to the unspeakable of cheeseburgers, he has tempted me with his store bought candy (like we needed more)
Ah, but we will repent next week as we go in to the deep depth of limited food.
For nothing of sugar will reach our mouths.. No pasta, no potatoes, shall tempt out souls... Yea though the valley of sweetness will surely call our names, we shall walk no further. 
For our lettuce shall sustain us.
As well as our broccoli and cauliflower, shall hold us up out of the murky
valley of fat.  May water and black coffee aid us in our journey of the thin bodies we desire.  

And the King and I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.. may
2016 treat us all kinder..

Monday, December 21, 2015

This season, this hard

The season is hard when death knocks on the door
once again...  

We are pretty much on overload... A nephew in August.
A dear friend loses her son to a heart attack during
a day of hunting out of state...
A sister dies, (of ours), 2 days later...
And mother of my son in law Sunday early am....

So we are going to wish you all a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year to all of you...  Be sure to hug your
family members... enjoy your time with them.. make
lots of memories, enjoy lots of laughter...  and be blessed
by our Lord...

May the year 2016, be kinder to all of us....

Be back hopefully on the 4th of January...  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The more I watch the less I know....

I gave up on watching the debates... while rile
up the system, over some one who may not even
be around next year... Lot of them are like a firecracker..
the fuse is bound to burn out... and the fickle
public will forget who they are.. So why bother
now..  Easier on your heart as well.. after all
why get upset over them and their outlandish

But I digress... the more I watch the less
I know, about modern music.  Never been
a big fan of rap or  Iron metal Rock, I
think it is called..  And then there are the
different artist.  There is the arrogant
Keena West, I think his name is.. but
tell me.. do tell me .. what the heck is
THE WEEKEND....   No,  I am not talking
about Friday,  Saturday and Sunday.. But
a singer, who I think is male.. with the
most wicked hair do, I have ever seen.
I couldn't tell you if he is a good singer,
as his head is so distracting. I don't know
if his/her hair is pulled to side and wrapped
or what.. or is the head partly shaved? 

My attention span is bad, when it come
to the music of today.. For one reason is,
why do they scream when they are singing(?),
that question mark is for, is that singing?

I remember the day when the singer sang
a story.. some times sad, some times happy,
some times of love that is gone.. But you
could understand the words.

I guess I am just an old fuddle duddle...
Not with it. Remember I am from the
first Rock and Roll generation.. Elvis,
Lit Richard, Fats Domino and such.
And I  am sure it baffled my grandfather
as he was a fan of Lawrence Welk..
Ah, one, ah two... etc.   But I don't think
he was as baffled as I am at the way the

stars are not. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boy, talk about bad timing...

As you all have seen in the past blog post, we lost one of
our family members....  She passed on Monday, December 7th.
So Pearl Harbor Day will have a more mourning day for us.

On Wednesday, in our mail... we got a letter from the local
funeral home... not the one we used.  Telling us of their
services...  talk about bad timing...  I am sure they didn't
know, as the obituary didn't come out until Wednesday
paper.   We know they had no way of knowing.. but it
sure does hit hard... and yet, you end up laughing... release
I guess...

We had something similar happen to us when the King's
mother passed away 14 years ago... it was an ad for
life insurance... about 3 months after she passed... by
that time I had gotten a sense of humor... And wrote
that I didn't think Mary would be interested in their
insurance, but they could contact her at the cemetery
and gave the plot number..and ask her.
Telling how she had passed 3 months prior.
Got the most apologetic letter back.    Then 5 years
later we got two different letters selling something..
My guess is someone sold her name to some companies.
Wrote to them and told them to remove her name as
she had passed away 5 years prior.   Nothing back
from them..

It where you want to say.. boy did you get the wrong

number... luckily we can laugh about it now. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas isn't fun any more...

I have said that Christmas is for kids.. and it is..
Nothing brings out the brightness and sparkle of
Christmas than thru the eyes of a child.

But as an adult, with no little ones in my life
local... Christmas pretty much sucks.  It is
just another day, with lots of commercial hype.
Buy this.. buy that...

It isn't just because this year Christmas has gotten
knocked out by tragedy in our family and also
our friend who lost a son 2 weeks ago.. We just
don't do well at this time of the year.

The King and I kind of ruin it for those who want
to do for us at Christmas time.. but when we have
needs, we go out and buy it.  So trying to figure out
how to surprise us with something..  it is hard.. even
with the King and I with each other.  Like this year.
During Black Friday, they had tablets on sale.. so
he told me to go get it.. he needed a tool.. go get it.

What we really like to do.. and maybe in 2016 we
can do it.. as he will be retired.. but go way from
Christmas.. go to the beach.. even if it is cold and
windy... it is still cool to see. and even bundled up

and walk it..   Maybe next year.. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Death Be Damned....

Death affects us differently.   And a lot of it depends on
how that person died.

Those who suffer greatly, like with cancer.. or such...
we get to the point where we can't take our love ones
painful ordeal, that we welcome death for them.  Even
though it tears our heart out that they are gone.  Yet we
get to say good bye to them and have closure. 

Then there are the sudden ones... the car accident or the
out of nowhere heart attack or such.  It is a rip of an
emotional band aid off of your mind.  No good byes. 
There are reasons, sometimes, that you can adjust to 
and understand...  even though it still tears your heart

And then there is suicide.  This time, a rip of your
heart out. Your mind going through it over and over.
The "If only"... the bottomless pit ... the useless pit, of
if only I had said...if only had done this, or if only I
could have been there.... the if only... is a deep,
helpless pit.  

Then comes the next phase of it.... the handling of
the affairs.  Finding out the information you need
to take care of their affairs.. as there is no warning,
there is no list to follow, there is no will, there is
no nothing... So you blindly, thru tears and anger,
go thru papers, try to find all the papers.  Going
down the funeral home and face reality of cost,
which you didn't save for.. but find the money
anyway.  Then going thru the rest of the person's
personal things...and decide how to get rid of them.
And you play the hurry up and wait came of the
legal system.  And you wonder, if life will ever
return to what you thought was normal again.

Depression.. we hear a lot about it in the news media.
Robin Williams and such.  You feel bad for the family.
The articles on depression, you read everyone if you
have a family member who suffers from it.  Trying
to understand it.  So you will know how to help.
Some times you can... some times it take others...
and some times the black hole of depression grabs
our love ones, and you lose the battle.  You both do.
Once again.. this death .. has no good byes.. if there
is.. it is one sided.  

We need better laws to address depression... we need
better approaches... we need help... Hopefully the program
and building in the town south of us.. will have some
of those for the others.   

Good bye, our smiley pixie girl.   

Monday, December 07, 2015

Very sad day.....

We have a death in our family.. so taking the rest of the week off..

R.I. P.     K.M.G.    may you be a peace finally

Pearl Harbor

The younger generation has read about this.
My generation lived part of it as we were
just small children.. I, personally was only
a year and half old.  My father worked
for the government.. as a torpedo assembler. 
So he did not go overseas.

But there were a lot of children's fathers that did
go over to fight the World War II fight. Some
never return.  Never getting to know their father's
just as it is happening now, as our young troops
are over in the Mid-East fighting or policing the

War is hell.  I know that was said a long time ago.
And this one, the WWII, was suppose to be the
last war.. We learn nothing. The world has seen
the pictures, video's, films of Pearl Harbor.. they
have seen the video's/film and pictures of the Japanese
cities that we bombed, yet each country signs up
for settling the differences by ammo.  The only
difference of the two wars, is the WWII bunch
valued life.  Yes, they killed each other, but bottom
line they valued life. The ones we have now, do not.
The only good human of other faiths or countries,
to these people, are a dead human.. no matter what
country they come from .

Sad as we look back at Pearl Harbor, and then the
end of the war in 1945... that it was not the end of
all wars.

To all those who fought the World War II, and there
are a few still around.. more than you think... to all of
you.. Thank you for your service.  My generation still

remembers the price you paid. 

Thursday, December 03, 2015

What is wrong with God's model?

We have had in the past, clone sheep. I think
even a baby in England.. That has to be at
least 20 years ago... haven't heard how all
that turn out.. From what I understand the
baby is still alive and well (who must be
a teen or young 20's by now) but have not
hear about anymore of them.  Neither child
or sheep wise.

The other thing of great protest is Monsanto's
insistent of doing gene changing of our food.
There are about 30 countries who have banned
it. Hawaii has banned it.. Why in heaven's name
the rest of our country has not, blows my mind.
I know when they tried to at least have it marked
so we customers could make a choice, there was
a great push out of state interest to put it down
and it did not pass. Some times voters are crazy.
I don't understand the want of this program.
It is like us neutering all males. How not having
a seed or plant with seeds not be able to have
them used again... is beyond me. What happens
when every USA plant does not reseed?  Then
I guess we will have to look at the countries
who were smart enough to ban GMO.  The
fact that the government is behind or protecting
GMO, really baffles me.  It isn't just the idea
of no reseeding... but it is coming to light that
there are health issues to it.

But that isn't enough for those who like this. Changing
of God's plan... now we have interest and studies of
Gene editing... So the scientist can do some editing
to get rid of a bad health gene out of children.  And
of course, then they will go further trying to get the
perfect child.  This is a very dangerous idea in my
book..   To me God has perfected everything he
has created.  Yes, there are flaws.. but those flaws
are part of life.   I suppose there are those who
want the perfect life.. in every form, but I am not
one of them.. Life is humbling.. something I see as
a good trait.

In my humble opinion... God's model has been doing
just fine for over thousands and thousands of years.

Why mess with it. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Lists.... checking them twice of more

The count down.....

Just 23 more days to Christmas....

Are you making list.. I am.. a list
of those I already sent Christmas cards
to.. so I don't send doubles...
A list of baskets that I am making up
and what to put in each one.
A list of what books go to which child.
A list of the different food I still need
to make for those baskets.
A list of who do I need to get a gift for yet.

So much to do and so little time.. as this
is the time of the year.. December,  that
flies by us, faster than the rest of the year.

On January 2, 2016, we can breathe a
sign of relief and endure the rest of the


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Kindness Season

Here we are.. the 1st of December. Heading
into the holidays, called Christmas and New
Years Eve.. and New Years day.

Most people get the "Christmas spirit"
which is where everyone is nice to everyone.
At least they try to be.

So what is it about Christmas that makes
people think they should be nice to people,
but not the rest of the year.  Why are they
even nice during this holiday season?  Is
it because Jesus was born?  Because Jesus
is with us year around.. so why not be nice
year around.. after all, this is the "Christian"
thing to do..

Which brings me to the politically correct
question.. are Jewish people, Muslins, and
etc.  nicer during December?

Personally, if you are going to be nice to
people, it should be year around and have

nothing to do with religious reasons.