Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These Boots are made for Walking...

These boots are made for walking…
Actually for walking, climbing ladders, standing
on platforms holding boards up… and many other
I love these boots. They not only fit comfortable, but they
give me stability, especially when I am working.. Make me
sure footed.
They are my work boots mostly, but I could walk quite a
ways in them as well… some might even call them hiking boots, but I am not much of a hiker anymore.. Maybe I
should be.
And if I am posting about my comfortable work boots, you
know I don’t have much to blog on. So go out and enjoy the
day, I am.. And this is the last day of August… so little time
left of su

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let me know who the survivors are....

When my kids were young and they use to fight with each
other all the time, as kids will do… one time my girlfriend
asked me…don’t you worry about them fighting.. I said no,
it the fights don’t last long each of them.. and besides I just
wait until the survivor comes out and tells me what is going on…

Well, politics is somewhat like that this years… I have decided to
do other things than listen to the rants of the different politicians.
I will just wait until next June and check out the survivors.

Here in our own little state and even locally there isn’t anything
going on, no heated debates or allegation. Maybe they are waiting
as well… Our state, be it state or local, is pretty flaming red, so
the other side rarely ever gets to get into heated debates..
In fact most of the fighting lately seems to be within the Republican Party itself.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wind and Fools....

Coming from hurricane country myself, I know
you have to have a lot of respect for it..
You don’t try to beat the hurricane.. it just isn’t
wise. The worse part is that these fools endanger
other people …good hearted people, because they
have to go out and try to rescue these fools.

It is one thing to go and watch a storm.. but you
do it from a safe distance. Being on the shore,
on the rocks near by, is just down right stupid..
Not dumb.. but stupid. And that is why we ended
up with dead people. 90 percent of the people who
die in a hurricane could have been prevented.

But no, the fools think they can drive thru it.
Don’t heed the weather report. Think the warnings
are for other people.

Trees can be replanted, houses can be rebuilt.
It is material things.. give it up.. if you can’t take
it with you while you run for higher ground.. leave
it behind..You have plenty of warning.. the Weather
Service is quite good at predicting these things.
And usually with 4 days to a week warning.

Yes, sometimes the hurricane does go out to
sea, but it is better to go, and be safe than sorry.

So when I see television reports being blown side
ways or what ever.. (think Dan Rather about 10 years
ago) I think what stupid person would risk their lives
just to show the wind and rain?
Surely they must think more about their children and
family, because that station could care less if you end up
in the hospital or worse, because you decided to hang on
to a lamp post to show how much wind is blowing..

Or your family could care less if you have a great picture
of the wind and rain, that is in your camera.. when they
claim your belongings.. Get real people.. life is too fragile to waste it

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am truly baffled...

As I have written before… we, meaning the King and I, are the best
garbage compactor, you can’t buy. Those who read my post often, know that means we have an on going competition of who is going to take out the kitchen garbage to the cans in the bin outside. And in order not to be the one, you just push the garbage down in the can, just enough so the next person has to take the garbage out. Which could be up to at least 2 days, if you are good at it.. and we are. I know, I know, it is petty. But it is the principal of it.. And I will own up to it, I am the most petty of the two of us. How do I rate myself that? Well, the King has a saying, “inside work women’s work, and outside work is men’s work”. So one day when I insisted that he take out the garbage, as he was pushing it down… he repeated his words. To which I took the garbage bag out of the inside can, and tied it off… and put it outside on the back porch… looked at him.. said “well, it is outside now… men’s work”. I know, I know.. petty. This is all in good fun.. no one is mad at anyone.

But I have to say I am baffled about dishwashers. I looked in my instruction books from front to back and I did not see one place where a man’s hand can not work the door on such dishwasher. I get up in the morning (the King is up and gone by 4:30am and it is against my body functions to be up at that hour) and on the counter above the washer, is his dishes. This is just 4 inches away from the handle that opens the door to the washer. Same thing happens at night. UNLESS, I leave the door open after I put my dishes into it. Then he will put them in the washer. And
some times closes it. Sometimes not, as he says, “well, I didn’t know if you were done yet or not”.

And open, to take out the clean dishes…FORGETABOUTIT… not even going to there, girlfriend… but it sure would be nice if he put the dishes in.
Although one time… one time, he started it up… I about fainted.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waste of my time....

I am finding there is a lot of things that are wasting my time…
Politics, computers.. (ok, so maybe I should say servers)
But I am tired of reading about politics… what is becoming the
looney farm… and tired of waiting for my dial up so I can get
done with my emails and etc.

Some one told me many, many years ago, that life after 65 is
like a roll of toilet paper… (got that vision? It has stayed with
me forever) Why toilet paper? Because as it gets to the end,
it goes away faster…

So wasting my time with politics, when it won’t even really matter until
next fall.. or even June or when ever they have their party show called
Conventions. So why should I watch this reality show called the crazys of politics?

So I am getting more impatient with what I want to do with my
time. I can handle winters being times of watching the snow fall
and reading a good book or magazine, with a cup of tea.

But I got to say, that beautiful weather like we are having this year.
With the average being 80’s and mornings of high 40’s and low 50’s.
Not too hot, not too cold.. Well, I just can find better things to do with
my toilet paper roll life.

So when you are this far into the post… I got to say, get outside..
Enjoy the day.. make the most of it.. as it is fleeting…

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I don't know which one is worse...

You all are idiots… you pound your chest as you run up and down the aisle in Congress touting how great your party is… and ha ha we won… you lost… You seem to think it is all about your party. That is all 3 of your parties… because Democrats did it when they won, the Republicans did it when they won, and now we have the Tea Party blowing like a whale hole.

It isn’t, so called ladies and gentlemen..( because you aren’t acting like ladies and gentlemen). You are acting like pompous asses. Get your head out of your backsides..
IT IS A ABOUT AMERICA… IT IS ABOUT AMERICANS… THE COUNTRY.. NOT political parties… so get over yourselves.

Get back to work for what you are suppose to be doing there. Protecting the AMERICAN PUBLIC. Not by throwing money.. pull in your spending, get jobs going.

Start off with downsizing yourselves…you have asked us to do it for years.
You set off the rolling ball of cutting back wages.. Let’s start with yours. Give up 10% of your wages…give up 10% of your benefits (still not as much as the country is giving up). Get rid of the lobbyist. Ring in the companies who ran to other countries to make products… and run under our flag for tax breaks.. Any American company who makes a product out of the country, should have to abide by the same rules as the companies at home. For wages, rules and regs. And if it isn’t made here, they you pay the tariffs and taxes like any foreign country does…Because it IS made outside of our nation. You don’t make it here.. you don’t provide jobs, HERE .. you don’t deserve an breaks…

Let’s make it once again about us… Companies that don’t want to go by
the rules our companies do here.. can buy back the buildings they dumped and make it here. And countrymen, buy American.. as you have seen on television news all you have to do is buy a couple of things American made. IN THE USA.. it makes a big difference… and will boost the economy more than anything else. So start thinking about AMERICANS, Congress. Forget your petty stuff…

Monday, August 22, 2011

Angels in one's life

Every once in a while an angel appears in the form of a person.
I was lucky enough to have two.. My Aunt Harriet… and one who
I chose to call, my Aunt Jo…

In this picture you see her with her sweetheart, that she married.
He got the best of the deal… Herbie, was in our family for years.
Neighbor, starting with his dad and him. Then after he was in the
service he got the thankless job of babysitting two brats of my
mother’s. My brother and I.

In 1954 or so… he brought an angel to a Thanksgiving dinner that
he always attended single… So we were excited to see this new
person in his life. And we approved wholeheartedly. And my mother
Is far from a push over.

After any big dinner… actually big or small… I was the lone dish
washer. Being 4 years older, and the only girl.. (Dad wasn’t keen on
boys doing dishes, so my brother didn’t do them until I left home).
So this dinner wouldn’t be any different than any of the past. But then again it was… Usually the adults head to the living room and my brother and I would clean off the table and I did the dishes… But this time was to be different… and I fell in love with Aunt Jo… See when I started with the task of washing the glasses and heading to the dishes, Jo stepped into the kitchen and said… “I will wash if you will dry. Because you know where all the things go… And that was the beginning for a great friendship and earned her the name of Aunt Jo. Which sad to say, I didn’t give to her until about 20 years ago. Herbie was never given the name of Uncle… don’t know why. He surely earned it..As he was the closes to a sibling for my mother, the only child.

Over the years, Herbie and Jo had a special place in my heart. You
would be hard pushed to find a more gentle man than Herbie. He
was very instrumental in my growing up… Sticking up for me, when
Mom would go thru one of her rants. Hired me to sell balloons at
parades that he use to do as a hobby… even selling things at charity carnivals, that he use to do the hit the bell for those who thought
they were the strongest.

As life went by and I left R.I…. Herbie and Jo were always on my mind.
Even though I was a lousy letter writer. They were the closest friends of
my parents… and were there, when Mom passed away, for my Dad. When
ever I returned to R.I. a visit with them was a must, if I did nothing else.
The King got to meet them both, and love them as much as I do. And
he earned a nickname from Jo… the Teddy Bear…

So here we are years later… and I print out every blog post with pictures
for my Aunt Jo, as she doesn’t do computers… Every month or two, I will
send it off for her to read with her friend Lucy. They are my biggest fans. Now, Lucy is in poor health, and Aunt Jo still reads the blog pages.

And this year… on this date.. we celebrate a great day… see 80 years
ago, an angel was born… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNT JO… love you.. and
thanks for helping out that 15 year kid so many years ago..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So just who do you want?

Friends, this country is going to be in a world of hurt come next
Summer…leading into fall to November.

I sit here and watch the news, and read the paper, and I have to tell you,
that as one of the main person’s in the Cafeteria Party, we are in trouble.
(for those who don’t read my blog enough to know who the Cafeteria Party is, those are the people who won’t have anything to do with the Democrat Party or the Republican Party and don’t want to be thrown in with the other, for lack of a better word.. kinder word, the off center other parties either) We, of the Cafeteria Party, are on a diet. As the pickings on either side as we walk down the middle are thin and without substance.

So you all out there, don’t want Obama at all. Ok, then whom do you really want? You surely can’t be serious about 98 per cent of Republicans. The only two that are of serious contention is Romney and Cain. And they probably don’t have a chance in hell, with the Tea Party taking over the Republican party… which makes me wonder.. why don’t they just run on their own party?. like the Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians, do.. why do they feel they have to commandeer the Republicans Party? They hang in there like an abscess

But so far, I don’t see anyone I am voting for. NOT ONE… and 98% of them are down right scary… and can’t believe that people with common sense are following these people.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



This past weekend, up today…is a bitter sweet time…

The sweet part was Saturday as you read was a wonderful fun day.. the wedding. Such high joy for our whole family as well as the groom’s.

But today, the bitter part.. As my same daughter let go of her son, who

Is heading to Hawaii tomorrow morning, but left this morning to put hispick up truck in a crate to be shipped. There was tears inspite of the factwe all tried to be so brave as we let him start his own life. This is a wonderful time for him and his girlfriend. A new adventure. This is one of those times, where you go do what you dream of… because if you don’t, you will regret it and wonder how it would have worked out. And if you go, and it doesn’t turn out quite like you think, well, at least you tried…

We are praying for it to turn out like they dream it will be. His gal, will start off to college there, and he will start in the spring. We wish the very best, we wish them success, we wish them love, and we wish them safety as well as happiness… We, the King and I, have been involved with this grandson since he was born. All the rest of the 16 grandchildren live in other states. So because he lived here in our county, we were the moral support and the back up in case of sickness. So thru out brave hearts ran tears. The bitter sweet of life.

(blogspot seems to have a spacing all of its own.. so if there is great spaces,

it is not my idea.I tried to fix it 4 times.)

Monday, August 15, 2011


On Saturday, August 13,2011, a very beautiful day, and a beautiful wedding.
The sun was in it’s full glory… and people started to gather at about 4:30pm.

Family was huge… as both sides have lots of sisters and brothers… and
They came to watch the baby of the family on both sides.. join these two
Great fun loving families together. And many friends gathered to fill up the chairs.

At about 10 after 6pm.. the music started… and then the second song came on… bumpa… bumpa… bumpa… BAD TO THE BONE… and every one either smiled or laugh… and the groom entered on his blue HARLEY DAVIDSON,
To the middle of the area… as he got off of the cycle, the music of HERE COMES THE BRIDE… was blending with the sound of another HARLEY DAVIDSON, as the bride entered on her pink and purple bike. As she
was walked to the alter area by her son. Who raised his hand, as he said..I do, to the question of, who gives this woman away. The son stepped back.

And the bride walked to the groom, handing off her bouquet to the maiden of honor.. The bride and groom faced each other …holding hands… and smiles of great joy. The ceremony was serious, and short.. and the exchange of rings… serious words, and then you may kiss the bride.
The bride and groom, walked to the blue HARLEY and the groom mounted the bike… which the bride mounted the bike facing the groom and off they rode together…

They appeared shortly after, and the party began. Pictures of the different sides as brothers and sisters step up to show who came to honor their sibling. Then the food, long lines of tables full of food, no one went home hungry.. but long hours of great conversations.. and laugher… with musicians showing up at 8pm… and the dancing started with great rock music… young and old danced the night away… pool playing inside the garage held court as the bar was open to those who wanted to have a drink or two…

The parents (I being one of them) decided to call it a night about 10ish. As some of the others were leaving with smaller children.. the conversation was all busy with words of praises of a great day, a great wedding, and so
much fun and laughter.. as the younger ones kept the party on until about 1am…

The bride and groom? There were so pleased with how wonderful it all went, just as they had plan it for the past several months… faces of great joy as they talked about everything and thanking all those who attended.

Yes, a great day indeed…

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And the blogging is skimpy...

This weekend is a special weekend….
So the blogging will be thin.
There is a great birthday celebration that starts
On Friday, which I will attend that…

And we have family coming in Friday and Saturday…
Saturday night Is a big event… for which all are arriving.

Brothers and sisters from both sides are arriving
this week and weekend… and Saturday night we
blend those sides with a marriage of two very special people..

So wishing you all a wonderful summer weekend..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just don’t get it…

I got the Newsweek today and as I scan the titles, I see…
talking about Bachmann…

YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.. As the generation after mine,
in 1970’s use to say.. gag me with a spoon… Now granted the
author wasn’t the one who said it…but someone she over heard,
who is 72 (who should know better) .

What is with these women? They grasp on to any women who looks good
without looking into what they stand for?
Palin/Bachmann…cotton candy politics, all looks and no substance.

Are the women, and I am generalizing here, of the USA, so desperate that they don’t care who? Just as long as it is a woman? We, over 60, worked too hard to have to settle with getting bimbo’s in office.

Gloria Steinem, are these women who you and others of NOW, had in mind
when you protested in the 60’s and 70’ and even the 80’s? Sure wasn’t what
I had in mind, when I champion women jobs. Telling my daughters that the
only thing stopping them, was themselves.

Especially Bachmann… God told her, her husband told her? What the heck?
Where is her brain, where is …. that she felt without her husband? And their
business, that is bases on telling homosexuals that you can be changed by
just a little talk of God and therapy? Listen to her, her husband, talk people
out of their sexual preference? Even if you don’t believe in same sex marriage.
and do believe in the holiness of marriage… this is so 1950…
I can’t believe women are following this person.

Marriage is a two way street… of respect for each other as well as love. Neither
should follow the other solely. You compliment each other.. You are a team.
Talk about walking backwards in time…


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Can you flush your money down the toilet?

My grandfather and his father, (my great grandfather) had money
in the market during the fall of 1929. They took a bath. But luckily was able to come back.. Their last job as CEO for Warners, which was a paving company in St. Louis, Mo. area.
When they reinvested, it was blue chips and bonds, put in a form of a trust fund. A trust fund that lived thru 4 generations.

When I was living with my grandfather for almost a year, in Florida, we had many discussions about stocks and etc. Sadly I didn’t pay much attention to them. It was a generation gap. He was 76 and I was 17. But luckily we got along..

But one thing he did say and that stuck with me for 50+ years.
And it is really true to day as it was in 1958.

If you ever decide to play the stock market… go to the bathroom,
open the toilet lid, and take all of your money and put it in there. Now put your hand on the handle… if you can flush the toilet with out a flinching… then you can play the stock market. Otherwise put your savings in the bank. Or under your mattress.

Some of us don’t have any choice. And can’t you imagine having our SS money in the market now? What an idiot idea that was.

I have thought about Grandy (our name for our grandfather’s in our family) a lot lately and more so on Monday.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Are you a mirror person?

Who is the most beautiful of all… I think that is the
way it was in Sleeping Beauty.

I have never been a mirror person. The one on my dresser
Is almost blocked by stuff I have on my dresser, like jewelry
boxes and other stuff that gets piled there. There are cards too.
As my daughter refers to it… the cards that are there…
card of fame, because if I put up a birthday, Christmas,
or etc. card then she knows it is the card of fame.. meaning that card meant more to me than the average card.. Also there are a few pictures that are there. So seeing one’s self in there is hard to do.
We do not have a full-length mirror. I kind of regret that, because
it would be nice to see how a outfit looks on me, or is there a
slip showing (if everyone doesn’t faint and I wear a dress).
But being I would use it maybe once a year if that, it isn’t a
necessity. Besides I don’t have an area to be able to put one up. So that leaves me with my bathroom mirror only.
And that one I use to see if my head is on straight (hair do) or
do I have anything in my teeth, when I brush them? Then I am out of there.

So that leaves me not knowing what I look like over all. Which is
fine by me. With the King and I losing weight, we don’t notice it
on ourselves. I feel like I did when I was fat, maybe a little bit thinner, as I can see my feet now… lol… So when someone is
surprised at how much weight we have lost… we are surprised they noticed, as we didn’t think we had, except for what the scale
says each morning. Wonder why we think of ourselves fatter than
what we are? Even when I was fat, I didn’t realize how fat I was
until I saw a picture some one took, (which horrified me) or if I happen to walk by a window in town and saw my reflection. Which of course, I used the old denial thought of… it is the warped window.


Thursday, August 04, 2011

So I missed a day....

I had good intention and you know how that goes..
Night before, I didn’t have much on my mind and figured
I would get something to write about in the morning..

But morning came and I was up early, and was excited.
Nope, not about the blog, but about a delivery. They
delivered my Texdeck material. So it was musical chairs
with vehicles, so they could get the delivery truck in.

Then it was one thing and another, and the next thing I
knew.. the day was over. BUT my deck is half done. AND
my pergola is done. The end of projects is in sight.

Slowly we are getting our yard back. The table is under the
pergola with its chairs. And we got to sit there tonight and look
around and see what we have done and felt great. Just as I
had envision. I love it when a plan comes together…

Once we get the materials that are left over, out of the yard,
and things cleaned up.. it will all come to life for me..
The kitchen is done.. and it is just as I had in my mind
this Spring. And we did it all with local merchants and
workers. We kept the money local.

I told the King, come December, we will be almost broke,
But we got some neat stuff.. and come winter, and the snow
comes, I can look out my French door and see my deck and
smile. I can cook up a great dinner and enjoy visiting with
friends thru the opening we put in. I can cook at the stove and
enjoy all the daylight coming in thru the doors and windows.
Boy, life is good. And I am a week away from finished projects.
For this year… :-)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Does your Congressperson care about you?

So here we are, August 2, 2011… the showdown to the last minute, and the House has voted overwhelmingly(by over 100 votes) to raise the debt ceiling.. and probably by the time this comes up on my blog, the Senate will have passed it as well.

I knew it would pass, that was never a question in my mind. And I refused,as I posted earlier in July, to be held hostage by our Congress. I was not going to change anything, I was not going to sell my things. I was going and I did live my life, day to day as I would have any other time.

I knew it would pass because the Republican party was not going to carry the blame of the SS checks, Troops checks, and etc bounce or not be written at all.. And the Democrats certainly were not going to take the blame as well. The Tea Party tried to hold everyone up… Congress, the nation, the stock market, as they posture with how they were going to run things. To the point of even telling the old timer Congressmen, that their time was done and they should quit. Republicans against Republicans…

So my question is… why in the hell didn’t they do this a month or more ago? The same reasons are there, nothing has changed that they couldn’t do it then. So why did they let the Stock market dive, ruin some people’s lives; send many more into anxiety attacks? Why? It wasn’t because they couldn’t have talked to each other before. So while they fiddled in Washington, D.C. showing what idiots they could be, we had to sit here and watch.

My question to you is… do you think Congress cares about the country? My loud and clear answer is no…hell no. Other wise they would have made this decision a long time ago. With out trying a power play that no one won.

Think about that, next election day… I don’t care what state you live in.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Gray matter....

I use to be great at multitasking..
I could be cooking, reading and getting the
kids to do their chores and some times even
write a letter back home, all at the same time.

I could micromanage as well… keeping the house
hold going, keeping the food supply going, have a
budget we could all manage to have what we needed.
and some times even things we wanted.

I also knew where everything was for everyone in our
household, where the tools were left, socks, shoes, homework,
pencils, and etc. I knew where everything was.. it was
my duty, because the rest of the family kept losing them.

All of this without one note to myself. Now I have
notes everywhere… bathroom for Dr. appt. so we
don’t’ forget, calendar in the hall way for all appt. or things
not to forget. Parties, going something for someone else,
you name it I have it posted… notes to take to the grocery
store, or Home Depot, or what ever store I am going to, and
need to get more than two items…

So when you ask me to do something for you, I will say,
just a minute I will write it on the calendar, and maybe you
should call me the night before to make sure I remember.

I use to tell the kids when they were growing up, that I didn’t
know what I was going to do when they became adults. That I
had to remember all of their appts, run the house, AND keep ahead
of them on what they might pull. That when they grew up, my brain
would turn to mush.. just Plain gray matter…
and I am sorry to say, I was right.