Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good bye Summer..HELLO FALL ...officially..

The last roses of the summer?

Now matter how we look at it.. summer is dead
and gone.. even with the teases of warm weather,
there is no denying it... Fall is officially here.

The mornings are cold.. the frost is slipping its
cover over the grass, and the garden is turning
yellow fast.

Most of the yard has been put away.. there is
a few things I got to get to before it turns completely
cold and I lose the plants I have left.  As it is, I have
moved the pots up close to the deck.. except for the
ones hanging on the pergola corners.
And the solar lights.. although those are the last to
go into the shed.  Some I leave out all winter long.
A glimpse of light on the snowy nights still are nice.

So GOOD BY SEPTEMBER... you were challenging
to say the least.  Sadness and surprises, and some laughter.

And HELLO, OCTOBER, please be kind to us as we let
go of Summer, gives us a long Indian Summer, before
you bring on the snow...

I know the chores start inside.. with winter clothes
coming out, summer clothes go back in the totes,
and flannel sheets back in the closet.

Only thing that helps, is the beautiful colors you
have started to give us, before the leaves all hit

the ground.   

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

Almost hate to put my pictures up
as there were so many out there that
are far better than mine..

My daughter has one that is in the dead
middle of the ellipse and it is RED. It
is a great picture.

I saw on one Texas television station,
where they did a time lapse of it.. really

The next one is in two years according to
is in January and July 2018.   That is the
Luna ones.

So maybe I will have better luck with taking
pictures.. as it was hard getting these.
First I set the zoom as far out as I can go.
Then steady my body against the wall of
the deck.. and then stop breathing.  It is
funny when you think you are so still you
are weaving back and forth.  And when the
zoom is out that far.. it is hard to find the
dang moon.. as it blurs so bad until you

are so still.. and not breathing. 

Monday, September 28, 2015


Kill them, Kill them all...
Kill every one of the sumofbatches...

No, I am not talking about Congress..
Killing would be too good for them, with
the way they are ruling right now. No, not
making rules.. ruling..

I am talking about flies.. Flies every where.
It is bad enough that they are outside.. but
now that it is getting colder, they are moving

So I walk and keep a vigilant, my eyes
going like a radar... with fly swatter in
hand. And then they disappear, like they
can see the dang  thing.
But as soon as I sit down without the
fly swatter, in they come.. dive bombing.

I didn't think much about flies in the past.
I just swished them away..  off my food,
off my body.. and then  I saw the movie.
THE FLY...   O. M. G. .. uuuaggggghhhhhh.
And they do it as soon as they land on


by the way.. RAID's fly catcher????
the spray might work.. but that new

catcher is crap.  in my humble opinion.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

They found me and know my age....

Off and on I have gotten some ads that
could be said to target me... but they are

Most are the usual.. charities, insurances,
PBS station, politic, and etc.. just like anyone
else...of any age...

But this week, they got me.. they found me
and know my age..... as  in  OLD...

I have gotten seniors life insurance for
me to have for my family... after all I can't
collect it, if I am dead...

Then there is the funeral insurance... I didn't
know I was that close.... guess I better check
and see if the expiration date has shown up
on my heel yet...

Then yesterday it was the HELP ME, I HAVE
Geesh,  I don't need one of those.. at the age of 48,
oh, yea.. forgot.. I am 75... oh, well.. it all shreds

the same.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I am up to my elbows with a wet dog...
And the door bell rings... so don't dare
leave the dog in the sink..   so grab a
towel and wrap her up and answer the

To my surprise.. my favorite gal Nancy
from All Season's Garden and Floral, is
standing there with flowers for me..

I am shocked as it isn't mother's day,
Christmas, grandparent day, or any the
other flower days...

But it is my favorite flower day.. the best
of all flowers day.... that would be the
"no reason, just because I thought of you"
flower day..  and that is just what these
are.. from my oldest daughter... what a
great surprise...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Well, how many do you wear???

Do you wear just 4 or 5 different shirts? or
3 different pairs of pants??  How about
your underwear?  The same top 3 in the drawer?

That is the hint.. the top of the drawer... What
I am getting at is.. out of the 25 different under
wear you have in your drawer... do you wear just
the top 3?  You know.. wear them, they go in the
washer and dryer and back in the drawer... and you
pick the same again.. Even though your drawer
has the12?  

Same thing with tee shirts.. do you wear the same
top tee shirts?  The black one, the blue one, and
maybe the grey, or the red.. There are at least 20
more in there, but you pick one of those, depending
on which color you feel like?

The pants are hanging there with at least 10
or more pairs.. but you have your favorite jeans.
So you rotate thru those 2.

Shorts in the drawer, same thing.. what goes
with the tee shirt that you are wearing that
day?  So you wear the black pair, the beige
pair, or maybe the blue ones.  Once in a while
you feel daring and wear the plaid... Even tho
the draw is hard to close with all those shorts
in there?

Are you a creature of habit.. and wear the top
3 items in the drawer, as they rotate thru the
washer and dryer and back in your drawer.

So it means you could actually own just 3
pairs of shorts or pants.. 5 different shirts,
and 3 different underwear... and life would
be  fine..but you have to own 25 of each.....
just in case.
How about the socks?  I am always buying a
package of socks for my husband..  So today
I decided they should be in his drawer, and
not on top of the dresser where he throws the
clean wash... and find out he not only has 1
drawer full of socks but he has 2.. one for short
socks and one for long socks.. He has 4 drawers
of tee shirts.. there is the LOST IN THE 50'S
tee shirt drawer, there is the car type of tee shirts,
there is the drawer with all the orange colored
from his days as a traffic director... and there is
the one with all the white ones... There is one
for the long sleeves.  There is a short drawer,
even though he has 8 pairs sitting in the chair
next to his side of the bed.  And then there is
the under wear shorts drawer that is cramped
full, not counting the rotating 6 he has on the
chair next to the shorts.

Just got to shake my head... but got to admit
I have a few favor shorts, that I rotate. I do
better in the tee shirt .. as I rotate about 8 of


Monday, September 21, 2015

The last rose of summer....

Here are some of the last ones hanging on.. quite a
array of colors.. the coral, the candy stripe, lavender,
one white one, and one Sun flower.. left over from the
overflow of the bird feeder...

As we wind down, our summer and flowing slowly in
to Fall.. we still have a lot of our flowers still blooming.
The garden, as in vegetable, are pretty much put to bed
for the winter.. We have a couple of large pots with
tomatoes still blooming, and producing.. just slower
than the past month..

We have light afternoons still giving us a taste of left
over summer, not quite into the Indian summer..
we still sit on the deck to bask in what is left of
the sun.

Early mornings are getting darker.. and nights
are falling faster, so we know it is just a matter of time.

So enjoy what you can.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Once again...the SHIP OF FOOLS sails...

I didn't watch the debate last night... two reasons.
I don't get CNN and because even if I did, I will
wouldn't...  Wouldn't want to waste my time..

I like to wait until the, get near the end.. before I
get really interested in the debates.. Because I figure
why waste my time, listening to those who aren't even
going to make the cut.  And if there is anything really
interesting, it will be all over the internet and the news.

It is kind of like the contest shows.. American Idol, So
you can dance, Voice, Dancing with the stars, and
American Got Talent..   So unless you are really interested
in the contest subject.. it is a waste of time to watch at the
beginning.. so usually wait until they are down to at least
the last 12.  The ones with the stars, like the Dancing with
the stars.. I might watch because I want to see a particular
person..  Which I haven't tune in yet this time around.. but
was thinking of doing so, because I wanted to see Steve
Erwin's daughter and how she does.

So the debates are like that too.. so let the ones fall to the
sides.. Perry already has, and then see who is left, to
find someone who might be worth the vote.. or if they

end up at the end.. maybe who not to vote for.. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer is over, and the real work starts...

I have been shredding zucchini's left and right.
I shred it and then bag it up into 2 cup bags..
That is for Choc. Zucchini bread in the winter.

Then there is the tomatoes... I have cooked up
so many batches of tomatoes, onions and peppers
for stewed tomatoes.. can use them in so many types
of sauces...

Then we cooked up spaghetti sauce for two days,
and canned that..

There is butter nut, and pan paddy, and acorn
squash that has been cooked and sliced and diced,
and into the freezer.

And  the peppers that are sliced and some diced
and bagged up for future use, and in the freezer.

Still have the prize winning Hubbard squash to do.
And then the King brought home a box of peaches.
This one is on him..   I will help him with prep work
but the rest is on him.. He wants to can them.. I hate

Oh, and did I mention the 4 gallons of blueberries
we picked which he want to make jam.....

All of this has to be done asap.. but he has two
projects he has to do before hunting season...

So much to do. so little time....

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oh, my aching everything....

This past weekend  I spent putting away the
yard for winter.  I have yard art everywhere.
Then there is the lights, and the hornet traps,
the net for the pergola and etc.  etc..

I filled 4 totes, clean up the shed so I
have room to store 7 rose plants in huge
pots that we never got around to burying.
Got to have room to put the lawn mower
away and the big two wheel weed whacker.

Out comes the snow blower. Got to figure
out what to do with the tiller. Up  on the wall
is the little weed whackers.  Got to around the
yard and do it one more time. Just don't have
the energy.  Maybe this weekend.

All of this involved bending.. going up and
down the ladder about 50 times.. removing
spinners, lights and etc.

I still have the solar lights.. up to 25 now.
And I forgot to take down the hummingbird
feeders and wash them.. did close the house
vents, rolled up the hoses.

Did all this while the King was in Oregon
going to his nephew's celebration of life.
The rest is up to him.. boat being winterized.
The beam he wanted to put up all summer and
never got it done.. and now he has to.

Then he has the "I have to get done before
hunting season starts" list.

Maybe I should leave the yard art in the totes

next year.. lol.. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

The new tv season...

This week's Entertainment Weekly came out
with their Fall preview.  After looking at all
the possiblies .. I don't think I will be watching

Now in all fairness, I have over the air service. Antenna,
to those who don't know.. The price is the greatest..
it is FREE..  So that cuts my options a great deal.
but there is Netflix, if there is anything that is too good
to miss.

Most of the come back shows to me are long in
the tooth. Meaning some of them have been around'
too long.  I use to love the CSI programs.  But we all
know that there is no lab that brings forward the
results as fast as the show. It takes months. But
even thru that.. it was interesting to see how they
come together.. But here we are how many years
later, and the stories are getting to be all the same

I don't like boring shows.. I don't like shows that
try to scare the hell out of me.  I sure the heck

Big Brother and the pimping shows (Bachelor and
etc.) leave me cold. Waste of time.

Holding my attention some what and even those
I am getting tired of.. like American Got Talent, and
Dancing with the stars.. I usually start watching the
last 3 weeks.. if there is someone who holds my
attention.  Lost interest in American Idol and So
you think you can dance years ago.  Bones and
Voice are getting thin as well.

So the pickings are going to be slim. And add the
elections coming up next year.. and some now,
well, that really leaves a lot to be desired...

Good thing I love to read.. and it  looks like
a great year for reading.  i have book shelves
full of books I bought when I was working.. to
read in my retirement.. And a few I have added
to it.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

What are the chances of.....

Ok, you have all the dishes and silverware in your
dishwasher, soap, shut the lid.. hit start.....
AND THEN... you see a knife and spoon in the corner
of the sink.  What do you do, wash it by hand?  wait
until the next load?  Or ... yes,  I do.... open the washer,
put the stuff in and shut it quickly, as the water is starting
to spray out..

You fill up the clothes washer, throw in the soap.. shut
the lid... hit start....................AND your husband comes
in, and says I need these clean too.  Luckily I have a top
loader, so it isn't a big deal... But when I did have a front
loader... it was a big problem.. Shut down the machine,
wait 10 minutes for it to completely stop, and the water
recede, and then it unlocks.. to throw it in.

You take the garbage out to the front for pick up on garbage
day... you hear the truck coming up the road... you throw
something in the house garbage only to see you forgot
to take it out for the garbage can... So you grab it out of
the can, tied it as you run out front to the truck as he is
throwing your garbage in the truck..

Been there.. to all of them.. done that...

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I suffer from....L. W. A.

I suffer from L. W. A.... My mother use to
say that to me when I was little.
And as an adult I have
tried real hard not to practice it.

But my youngest daughter accuses me of it. And
really she is almost as bad.. and does suffer some
what herself.

You say .... good bye.. I say ...good bye.. You say
take good care of yourself..  I will reply, you do the

You message me a few words, I answer with a few
words.. the conversation goes back and forth.. and
then one of us will say. well, got to go (for what ever
the reason)...and I will reply.. me too... You say bye
I say bye.. You put up a cartoon of a good bye..
I will return with a cartoon of good bye...

Or you will message me that you got the gift, and
thank you..  I will reply welcome...  no matter
what follows.. I will answer it.. other wise they might
think I didn't get the last message...

So do you suffer from L. W. A.????? 

Last    Word... Annie.....??? 
well do you???

Happy Birthday.... Tim and Elaine 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hello September, can December be not close?

So here we are, in September... the summer is
all gone..  Oh, yea, we can get a couple days
here and there in the 70's or even 80's.. but
we know it is all over but the crying.

And crying it is.. that is me.. i am trying to grab
and hold every day of this past summer.. I still
have my shorts.. but got to admit, I dug thru and
got my winter pj bottoms out the other night as
the temps dipped to the 40's.

Ah, summer you went thru so fast.. I packed
so much, and you tried to show us what hell
would be like, incase we decided heaven
wasn't all that it is sold to be. 

I had the MEET ME AT THE BEACH, with my
family on the Oregon coast.. it was so divine...
so sublime... my children, their spouses, my
grandchildren, and their spouses and my
great grandchildren... maybe not all of them,
but 30 was a pretty fine turn out.  It went by
in a blur, if it wasn't for pictures, I would almost
wonder if it was all just a dream.

The rest went by with cook outs, only one fishing
trip, and lots of yard work.   Now it is time  
to put summer away.. so out will come the totes
to put away the yard art and etc.

So you think I put the title in too soon  with the
mention of December??? really, think about it.
It was just June a few several days ago... June
as we were planting the garden we just harvested.
It will come soon enough...

So I will be the one hanging on to that Indian Summer

we all love, watching the turning of the leaves.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Our nephew

This has to do with my post of August 24

Travis Gors

1976 - 2015 | Obituary  Condolences

Travis Gors

November 30, 1976 - August 21, 2015

Travis Michael Gors was born November 30, 1976 to Kimberly and Gary Gors in Spokane, Washington. He spent most of his childhood in Oregon where he attended McNary High school and then graduated from Silverton High school. Silverton High school is where Travis gained his love and appreciation of music and art. 

On February 16, 2002 he married the love of his life Emily Gors in Salem, Oregon. The couple made their home in Beaverton, Oregon where Travis found his career in the financial industry. While working full-time, Travis attained his Associates of Business from University of Phoenix. 

Travis was a talented musician and artist who believed that art, in any shape, was to be appreciated by the masses on a daily basis. Travis lived his art through drawing and writing; his love of comic books and table top role playing games influenced much of his art. 

While we only had Travis for a short time, he impacted us all for a lifetime. "The lifetime of a human being is measured by decades; the lifetime of the Sun is a hundred million times longer. Compared to a star, we are like mayflies, fleeting ephemeral creatures who live out their lives in the course of a single day." 

- Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Travis is survived by his loving wife of 13 years, Emily Gors; his Mother, Kimberly Nall; Father, Gary Gors; Sister, Brandie Lewis; Brother, Chris Reinwald; and the entire Rader family. 

There will be a Celebration of Life and a luncheon at 1:00 PM September 12, 2015 at the Red Lion Inn in Salem, Oregon

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The question is.. when is it a vacation....

Really I would like my comment box fill up with answers.

Two households had this conversation, about vacations...
We all know that when you leave your job for 4 to 14 days
it is a vacation.. that is not the question.

The question came in another form.

So... first scene is... you go away for 4 days.. to see
 a relative.  You drive for at least 4 hours.. visit and come
back 4 days later.

Second scene... You drive to a relatives house for 4 hours.
you visit for 2 days, then leave that relative's house, and
drive another 2 hours.. and visit that relative for a day or 2.
Then leave that house, go across town and visit another
relative for a day or 2.  Then once again you are on the road
for another 4 hours to visit another relative, for a day or 2.
Leaving that relative, drive 3 hours, and spend a day or 2 and
then head home ......driving 4 more hours.  You have been
gone 10 days or so.  Vacation?

And lastly.... you drive for 4 to 6 hours.. You arrive at a hotel,
or rented house.. You spent 4  or 5 days there. Visiting the sights,
laying on the beach. Going fishing on a charter boat.. what ever
pleases the two of you.. And then after those days you drive back
the 4 to 6 hours back home.  Vacation?

Well according to the males they are all vacations.. And to the
females.... only the last one is a vacation...  the other two are
visiting relatives.  

This isn't to say, that the first two are not enjoyable. They are.
Busy, and fast, but enjoyable.. but just not a vacation.
The last one is a not scheduled out, laid out, but play it by ear..
vacation... Even you come across one of those relatives during
the time, it is still a vacation.

So here you go readers, tell me.. what is a vacation, to you?
are we females nick picking?  I honestly want to know.

REMEMBER this is not about which one is enjoyable. as they
both are enjoyable... just one is more laid back, and maybe a
tat more enjoyable as there is no responsibility to it.

a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used forrest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:

: a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

What are you allergic to?

A question every time you go to the dr. It is a
standard question.. what are you allergic to?
and my standard answer has been... NOTHING.
All these years, I have never been allergic to anything.
no foods, no meds, no plants.. etc.

NOT ANY MORE..  Last week, my finger got infected.
I tried to fix it myself.. that was not good.. ended up
a the Immediate Care unit. The great crew there was
very helpful.. They clean up the wound, gave me a
prescription for antibiotics... I was good to go. In 4 days
the wound was starting to look good. But I was starting
to not feel so good.  My stomach felt heavy, I lost my
appetite, feel like I was going to throw up, and sleepy.
By the 3rd day of that, I looked up the side effects of
the prescription, and found out .. yep .. all those and couple
others were listed.  But with only a couple more days of
the antibiotic left, I figured I could tough it out. After all
the finger is getting better.. And they were pretty strong
about taking ALL of the doses. 

Then Sunday, late afternoon.. I am turning red. little
dots all over. I asked the King to look at my back as it
feels like I have little needles all over.  He said HOLY
COW, YOU HAVE HIVES...  sure enough.. all over the
body.. down my legs, on my feet..  Not good.
So I got some bendriyl and cream..   By Monday, it isn't
getting much better.  So back to Immediate Care.
Wow, they said... you are allergic to the antibiotics..
So more meds, stuff to wash in..

So I took the meds, which they mention, oh, it will
make you sleepy.  oh, yea.. I was in bed by
But this morning, I am wake and feeling good. No more
sick stomach, the hives look a little better, more like botches.
But as James Brown says...I FEEL GOOD.... LIKE I KNOW

And no longer will I say.. oh, I am not allergic to anything.

I will be saying...I am allergic to Spectra...