Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oh, my aching everything....

This past weekend  I spent putting away the
yard for winter.  I have yard art everywhere.
Then there is the lights, and the hornet traps,
the net for the pergola and etc.  etc..

I filled 4 totes, clean up the shed so I
have room to store 7 rose plants in huge
pots that we never got around to burying.
Got to have room to put the lawn mower
away and the big two wheel weed whacker.

Out comes the snow blower. Got to figure
out what to do with the tiller. Up  on the wall
is the little weed whackers.  Got to around the
yard and do it one more time. Just don't have
the energy.  Maybe this weekend.

All of this involved bending.. going up and
down the ladder about 50 times.. removing
spinners, lights and etc.

I still have the solar lights.. up to 25 now.
And I forgot to take down the hummingbird
feeders and wash them.. did close the house
vents, rolled up the hoses.

Did all this while the King was in Oregon
going to his nephew's celebration of life.
The rest is up to him.. boat being winterized.
The beam he wanted to put up all summer and
never got it done.. and now he has to.

Then he has the "I have to get done before
hunting season starts" list.

Maybe I should leave the yard art in the totes

next year.. lol.. 

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