Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

Almost hate to put my pictures up
as there were so many out there that
are far better than mine..

My daughter has one that is in the dead
middle of the ellipse and it is RED. It
is a great picture.

I saw on one Texas television station,
where they did a time lapse of it.. really

The next one is in two years according to
is in January and July 2018.   That is the
Luna ones.

So maybe I will have better luck with taking
pictures.. as it was hard getting these.
First I set the zoom as far out as I can go.
Then steady my body against the wall of
the deck.. and then stop breathing.  It is
funny when you think you are so still you
are weaving back and forth.  And when the
zoom is out that far.. it is hard to find the
dang moon.. as it blurs so bad until you

are so still.. and not breathing. 

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