Thursday, September 27, 2012


Saw a story on television yesterday about an automatic

car.  It has a GPS system in it... You can program where

you are going and the car will take you there. Didn't see

if it will park the car for you or not. Maybe there will be

sensors on the curb that will tell if the parking space is

empty.  But one has to wonder, what happens if a human

parks a car? After all, we all know how humans are great

about parking a car not exactly in an area, where other cars

can park too. Even the side by side parking area's have

vehicles that straddle the line...taking two parking space.


So will they have all cars automatically park the car?  Which

would not be a bad thing.  And will blind people be able to

drive after they have automatic drivable cars? They can get in,

program by Braille keys  and off they go.  Also other handicap

people can drive. Have where a wheel chair can load in the

front seat, the person program the car and off they go.


The only problem I have with all of this.... and think about this,

all of you who have GPS systems (be it installed or portable),

what are the words from the GPS that you hate hearing......


you override the GPS, because you know a shorter route, or

the GPS is directing you down the wrong way on a one way

street... which the system, didn't know about.  And those road

changes, that where just months ago were fields and now are

highways and the old highway is gone...




Nope, I am not ready for automatic driven cars yet. But they say it

is about 10 years away, so I will either not be able to drive by that

time or won't be here to see it.... And if I get to look down to see

all the cars gather at an intersection.. not hitting each other but standing there with all the cars GPS.... in a circle trying to get thru

the intersection.... with all the GPS's in unison ....RECALCULATING... RECALCULATING.... and smile.

Can you say, road rage...  the system and the drivers...



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

Names that make you shudder...


Why is it when someone uses your name in full, you

shudder?  At least I do.. Authority uses it and you shake.

IRS, Doctors, Police Officers, Dentist, Teachers, anyone

who uses your full name... And especially those who use

your legal name when you use a nick name with friends.


Have you figured out why that is? I sure know why. It wasn't

true of my father.. and most fathers don't get the reaction.

But YOUR MOTHER... who else when has had it with you..

used your full name, and not in


Then there is some of us, who not only use the full name when

you are trying to rein in your child...but when the household

has multiple children... as ours did.. sometimes you have to go

thru the list of name until you get the right one. Putting every

one on alert.


So, next time someone says your full name and a slight shudder

comes across your shoulders.. .... it is your mother's fault. lol


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25

Life is not fair...


And I taught that to my children. You live with it,

deal with it and go on... It is life.


I read recently in my home state of Rhode Island that a

school has stop having father/ daughter dances or dinners.

Why, you ask? Because there is a woman who is a single mom

and her daughter didn't have a father to go to the dinner with.

In the old days, when such things came up.. there were men in

the woman's life that would fill in. Uncles, Grandfathers, Brothers, or a good friend of the family...


Why didn't this woman have such a person go to the dinner

with her daughter? Why did she chose to shut down a long

time tradition? How selfish of her. To ruin for so many other,

because she couldn't come up with a solution. And shame on

the school for feeding into the selfishness.


Parents have to teach their children that life IS NOT FAIR.

Never will be, all the time. They need to learn how to cope,

with disappointment. Some days are roses and some days

are thorns.


As we women say, pull up your big girl pants and deal

with it.. and get on with life.








Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Another happy, sad time...


Today, I go to a funeral of a  friend...a co-worker of 15 years.


Yesterday I got to see another friend, who goes back

43 years, when we first got pregnant with what we

thought would be the last child for each of us. It was for

me, and she had one more.


So much has happen in those 43 years. Great deal of

happiness and sadness. Both of us remarried. She has

gone on to a foreign country, to find a wonderful French

man, who has made her life the happiness she has ever



And every year, my friend returns to the states to see her

children and her growing family, of grandchildren and now

great grandchildren.  Sisters and brothers.  She with her husband has traveled across Europe.


Who would have thought, over 42 years ago, as we sat in a small

restaurant in the little town of Cle Elum. Both of us pregnant

and for entertainment, we would go down for coffee around

midnight to people watch as the bar crowd stumbled out to

find coffee to get them home. Didn't take much to entertain us.



Safe trip back home, my friend Pat... God Bless until we meet


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yesterday, gladness and sadness

On September 19th,  our family... son #3,

had an addition... They now have a sweet little boy.

Making the number you see on the side, up to 20

grandchildren... and also this summer we got another

great grandchild.. making that number 13.


But also yesterday, I learn that a fellow worker passed

away, on Monday. We had worked together about 12

years.  The good Lord giveth, and taketh. 

My fellow worker, had gotten married a few years ago,

to a wonderful man who made her so happy, and a great

love and joy to her.  So she will be missed. By now only

her husband, but her children and many grandchildren and

I would imagine great-grandchildren.


To my son, and his wife, we celebrate new life. An addition

to his family, now makes 4. He was born on his great grand

father's birthday and carries his great grandfather's Hawaiian

name. What a wonderful tradition my son and wife keep going.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So imagine my face when I went to post my blog for
Tuesday, and found a completely new page. Nothing at
all the same. I thought I had clicked on the wrong page..

BLOGSPOT... I think you should at least forward us
that you are changing things...

I suppose after I get use to it, it won't be so bad.. just

strolling off, kicking stones, mumbling to myself...
I hate change...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18,2012

It is coming...


I am not really into fall yet.

I am hanging on to summer for dear life.

But as you can see from the picture.. it is coming.


Someone posted on Facebook yesterday.. that



BAH, HUMBUG!!!  I hate it when they do that.

We have not had HOLLOWEEN nor have we had

THANKSGIVING yet... Don't throw Christmas at me.


Like I said... I am hanging on to summer. I still wear my

shorts, and tee shirts... I have not started to put my yard art

away yet. I refuse.. this is NOT FALL... ...... at least not

until Friday...officially... and not for me until the weather

dips to 50's...... during the day...


In the best Herman Munster voice I can muster...

I DON'T WANTA .....I DON'T WANTA.... have

fall yet...

Monday, September 17, 2012

What a concept....Government for the people!

I like how Machy Sall of Senegal/Dakar thinks.
Recently, the country was strapped for cash.
Sending thousand homeless. (sound familiar?)

So Sall, the President abolish the Senate!
And the House of Senegalese Parliament!
Using the millions it saved for the citizens!

Sall said .. he believed the relief of the suffering of the people is more important
than the Senate. And his country men, agreed.

Wow,what a great idea.
Wow, what a concept! Government for the people!
Hope it is true and not another one of those stories that goes
around at election time... but it was in a magazine.. True or not,
you got to like the idea... after all instead of asking are you better
off now than you were 4 years ago.. ask.. what has Congress done
for you laterly?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social Director

I am the social director of our family.
If you want either or both of us...some where ... tell me.

As the King has the memory of a goldfish. UNLESS
it is about cars, hunting and fishing... and not necessarily
in that order.

I, on the other hand, have a memory like a match on fire.
Up in flames and out like a light..BUT I write things down.

If it is in the future ..I put it on the calendar that is on the
hall closet door, across the hall from the bathroom. So it is
seen often. When it becomes a day or two.. a
sticky note goes up on the mirror in the bathroom.
Depending on who it is for, on which side of the mirror it is posted.

So if you want him/us anywhere... let me know
Because he will remember a hour after we were suppose to be there.
Or when the phone rings, from the person we were suppose to met.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Living Large

We had a great time on our vacation.. which was topped with
family dinner get together. We had 4 generations there.

4 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and 4 of my children.
With 3 and half spouses. (last one hasn't jumped the broom yet)
It was great to see all of this.. and to see that with my grandchildren,
as parents, that one can see life will go on in good order.
My children have done a great job of raising their
own, and now some are reaping the joys of grandparent hood.

They will find out that being a grandparent is the best revenge on
their own children. Filled with my times of laughter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

busy days, busy nights

After a vacation it seems like one is busier than any other time.
Got to wash the clothes you used on the trip.
Got to clean the house, and pet areas.
Put the luggage away.
Run errands to get things you ran out of on the trip.
Pay the bills that came while you are gone..

So been on the run and that is why my posting is late.
That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wonderful week

So many windmillsThe after effects of the big fire outside of Cle Elum, Washington

So many windmills
Mount Rainier in the distance..
There was lots of laughter.......
This one was caused by my remark of....
Why do I feel like there are going to be two fingers sticking out of my head.
As the son above is a practical joker..
This is the girls.. that I have been blessed with. They all know that there is no
refunds, when they stepped up to claim each of the sons.... The laughter session
was caused by the remark..( I scrunched down, so you could see the two in the back).
Of which I said.. this is the first time I have ever been tall enough to block anyone.

The oldest son, took the King fishing.. and he was stoked to come home with this
one... which we had for dinner that night.
This is the next generation.... our great grandson..
This picture turn out great... it was nice to have all 4 of my sons together...
not always easy with the busy lives we all lead. And the distance ....

Saturday, September 08, 2012


I am going to do it.... do it?Yes, I am going to do
it...I am going to stop being so reserve...No, I am not going to do
anything illegal...but I am going to have fun... I havelived life inside
the lines. Doing whatis proper... doing what others think isproper. I
think the Red Hat ladies haveit right. I would join them... but I amnot
a joiner.. Never have...My daughter will tell people about myscrap
with the Brownies... Never shouldhave told her that story. Some
thingsyou just shouldn't tell your kids.Peopleshouldn't know about your
past...... Oh,heck.. why not.See when I was about 8, I join
theBrownies.. Or did my mother send meto Brownies? Doesn't really
matter.I only lasted about 5 months, if that.You see between my house
and theschool where I went to Brownie's,there was a candy store... A
penny candy store.Now for those of you who aren't oldenough... a
penny candy store wasabout as big as a living room. Andfrom one end to
the other there wasa glass display counter. Inside thiscounter there
were rows of boxes.At least 5, some times more rows.And each row about
15 boxes.. Filledwith every kids dream of candy. Therewere Mary Jane's,
which had peanut butterinside. There were Double Bubble gum,that was the
size or your thumb. Therewere jelly bean types, Tootsies Rolls,taffy
types, hard rock candy types, andwax types.Wax types were big red
lips, mustaches,tongues, big teeth. These would fit intoyour mouth,
behind your lips but notcompletely in your mouth with the restoutside of
your mouth on your face. . And sometimes it changed. Like atHalloween.
When they had fang teeth.You would wear this and laugh withyour friends
until you got tired of itand then you would chew it like gum,until you
got tired of that, and spit it out.There were all kinds of favors,
banana,raspberry, tutti fruitti, cherry, licorices(which turn your teeth
black... whichwas soooooooo cooooool..parents didn'tthink so.)vanilla
and of course, chocolate.The curses of curses for me was.....
DoubleBubble Gum. I loved that stuff. I wouldblow the biggest bubble
with it. And ofcourse, drove my mother nuts with myconstant chewing with
it. Of course it ishard to chew it with your mouth shut,when you got at
least 2 wads of it in there.Some times 3 or 4. Sadly, it only took afew
times, and Mom would make me spitit out.And that is where Brownies
came in.I would take my 10 cents dues and stopat the candy store. I
would buy 10 DoubleBubbles. And I would go to Brownies andgive it to 9
others. But after about 5 months,the leaders complain to my mother that
shewas not sending my dues. (I think I kepttelling them, I would bring
it next time).When the leaders and my mother matchedstories... it seems
the weak link was the Brownie leader didn't not findthat
taking my dues and buying gum with it,was within the moral code,and I am
surethat lying was in there somewhere too. So Igot dumped. I thought
maybe the fact Ishared each time might be worthy defense,but they
decided not. So there it is... my shadypast. My one and only fraud career.
Dashed.And I am sure my mother was very persuasivein her usual way.
Which sent me on theroad of honesty...And all penny candy store
owners arein Heaven. That is the only place that theycould go with the
patience they had aseach child in the neighborhood, day afterday, many
times a day, would change theirminds at least 20 times each, of whichone
they wanted."I want the red one... no, not that one, theother one, and a
green one, ok, no I don'tthink I want a red one, give me a yellowone
instead. Is the black one good? Ok, giveme a black one and put the green one
back."Yep, candy store owners are in heaven alright.Other wise there
would be a stack ofstrangled children behind the store.So, I have
decided... to splash my feetin puddles. After all, I am going to get
acold anyway. I am going to walk thru therain with my hands held high
and enjoyeach drop. I am going to color trees purple,or maybe red. And
color the grass in swirls...And if I feel a little quick step or a jig
whenI hear music... I am going to do a quickstep or a little dance
step... why not...Yep, I am going to do it...

August 02, 2012

Friday, September 07, 2012

Seatbelts...and do Husbands listen?

Seatbelts....and do Husbands listen to public
announcement commercials?

First let me say, I hate seatbelts. For the
longest time it was hard because I felt trapped.
But I got use to using the lap strap ones.
Then they came out with the harness one
called shoulder strap. I am short. I can't help
this, it is an ancestor thing. It is in the genes.
So the shoulder strap goes across my neck,
like a slow slicing dull knife. I have fought
this for years. I thought I had solved the
problem by putting the shoulder strap under
my arm. Did this for quite a few years.
Until to my horror, I read Dave Olivera's
Huckleberry column and saw that someone's
daughter, I believe it was, was ticketed for
just such a thing. She was ticketed as if she
had no seat belt on. Which I don't know how
the officer came up with that, being she had
it on. Is there a part of that law, that says you
can be ticketed for improper use of a seatbelt?
About that time I saw in Harriet Carter
catalog, a seat belt clip. It clips on your
seatbelt and pulls the shoulder part over
just enough to keep it from slicing your neck.
I order 6! Why 6? Because I am a passenger
as well as a driver. So two of my Bronco, one
for his truck (I don't drive that) and one for
my daughter and one for just in case. Gave
one to a friend also. While it isn't the easiest
to keep in place, it does work.
Now, let's skip to the commercial. Have you
see the public announcement commercial for
Click it or Ticket, with the young man in the
convertible? You know he is driving along
happy as can be, when up pops his mother in
the back seat, observing he isn't wearing his
seat belt, and says "Well, you might just as
well run with scissors" which another woman
pops up and says, "Have you ever seen what a
windshield does to your head?" Which brings
another pop up of Death taking his long fingernail
across his own throat, which bring a police officer
along side, writing out a ticket for $110. The
which pops up a judge along side of him,
slamming down the gravel, saying "GUILTY!"
Which brings another man next to the judge
JUST WENT UP"....all of this in a matter of a minute.
Now you would think the average man would
catch on to that. And my guy, is the average
guy, has seen this, I know for a fact as I was
sitting in my chair next to him. But then again
he does fall asleep easy. lol... He has the theory
of you don't have to use your seatbelt unless
you leave town. And has made the remark a
couple of times as I am buckling up as we are
leaving the driveway. So what is the point of all this?
Guess who went to Wally World (wal-mart to rest of you)
on Memorial Day and came back with a ticket for .........
you guessed it... not wearing a seat belt.
Which by the way, thank the lucky stars as Idaho is cheaper than Washington
State. So far

June 01, 2005

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Funny ars and BAD Cars...

We all have
memories of our first car,
our best car, or favorite car... but what
about your worse car...or your funniest car.
My funniest car, I painted a small sign
on the tail gate. It was a brown station
wagon. Chevie, but I forgot what model.
I had printed on the tailgate...
Chitty Bang Bang..
My husband was not happy with me.
But it wasn't that bad. It would get me
where I had to go. Just a lot of times
it didn't sound like it was going to.
And it used oil. Oh, gosh did it use oil.
I use to joke about how you put in gas
and fill it up with oil.
My worse car/vehicle was a Jeep station
wagon. It also was brownish. brown-grey,
is that a color? My husband bought it and
brought it home with pride. He took it to
work and got new tires. That vehicle loved
him. I lived in Roslyn and he worked in
My first trip was to Ellensburg with it.
Had to take some tools to his shop. It had
its new tires. Half way it had a flat tire.
No problem, I have changed many a tires
in my life time. I am not shy about changing
tires. BUT first there wasn't a lug wrench.
Then I find out, there is NO JACK!!.
Now my temperature is rising. But God
takes care of animals and fools.And I had
6 of my kids with me. Along came a guy
with a backhoe. He was nice enough to raise
the Jeep with the backhoe and flagged down
a car which let us use the lug wrench. And I
was back on the road. Got to his shop, and
traded vehicles with my husband. So he
could get the tire fixed.
The next day, I was going to town and
the back window in the tailgate, dropped
down with a bang. Again, I traded vehicles
with my husband. Now this vehicle would
go anywhere, with my husband and no
trouble at all.
3 days later, I am in the grocery store...
and come back out to water all over,
under it. It blew a water hose. Luckily, it
was the weekend and my husband was
home. So went back into the store,
called him. He got a hose and came
and replace it. I swear this vehicle was
possessed. I asked my husband, couldn't
he drive the Jeep for a while, I was
really leery of it.
He drove it for 2 weeks. Nothing. But
then, it turned on him. He got off work
and there was a oil spot under it. It took
him two days to find out where it came
from. A couple days later, he had a flat
tire late at night. And then another
water hose broke.
A week later... he traded it off

Friday, June
24, 2005

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

THE LINE ..and when do you stop kicking it and cross over?

There are many crossing of the line. . There is the one as a child, that you cross over
on a dare.
God draws lines, in our lives. Some of which we kick forward. Because we aren't
ready to cross over. Some in denial that the line is there.
That is the line of today's subject.
This the life of Mom and Son. That will be their names in this.
Mom is going to be 70 next month. Son is 40 or maybe 42.
Son is mentality challenged. Son has been in a home situation for about 20
years, I am guessing. There was a divorce, many years ago. and Mom and Dad
would alternate getting Son for the weekends over the years. Son has always
been a tender hearted caring person. And I would be guessing that Son's
mentality is in the 13/14ish stage. For years this life worked for all three.
But about 6 years ago Son came down with a virus that took a large toll on him.
He was hospitalized for months. He was in a coma like situation for almost all
those months. This was virus that went around the United States. Very few
survived. One of which was my ex-boss. They try to put a name to the virus, but
as far as I know there still isn't one. It is similar the to one down South
that some Indians Reservations had. But not that one. It hits the upper
respiratory area. Son was lucky enough to live in a city that has an excellent
hospital that is also a teaching hospital. The down side for Son was it left
him with a breathing problem. He had to be on oxygen for 24 hours for several
years. Now he can be with out it a good share of day time. But has it at night.
After the hospital, Son lived with Mom until he got stronger. Then he went back
to the home he was in before. And started on a slow climb back to the life he
had before. But Son had some problems and ended up having the family remove him
from the home. The long and short of this, is he is now in a institution that
he can leave from time to time. Usually on weekends. It is a behavior unit. As Son
was having some anger management problems. It was thought by family and
caretakers (Dr.and caseworker) that this would be best for Son. Thru the
therapy he could work on the anger. There was an episode that Son became very
angry at Mom and had hit her.
At the new facility Son seem to be doing well. They were working on the anger.
He had a couple of chest pain scares and was in and out of the hospital a
couple of times. Just days at a time. Mom was bringing things that Son likes.
And takes him home for the weekends when he was allowed. As Son did not earn
the right to visit on one occasion.
You have to understand that Mom has been a great Mom. She has taken Son to
dinners at restaurants. She has taken him to the lake shore cabins for holidays
and summer outings. She always has made sure Son has had everything he needs.
She has put his needs ahead of hers for many years. Even to the point of going
against her other children's wishes from time to time. Her daughter is very
supportive of Son. Even though she lives over 1,000 miles away. She calls and
visits. Son is loved by his brothers (there are 3) and always happy to see him.
But they live busy lives so they don't visit very often. Dad loves his son but
he has been busy with his life as well, with his new wife and business.
So where does the line come in this life?
There was another episode with Son. While he did not hit his mother, there was
a verbal confrontation, which scared Mom so very much that she ended up calling
the police. It had to do with Son being upset with Mom because he wanted to
call 911 and she asked him not to. She wanted to see if she could take care of
the health problem he was talking about and if not then she would drive him to
the hospital herself. He became very angry and yelled cuss words at her. Words
that she never had heard out of his mouth before. The police officer who came
over, had been there the 2 years before when Son had gotten out of control. Son
likes him and the visit went well. But when the police officer left... Son anger
started up again and this time called 911 when Mom's back was turned. She let
it go thru this time. And the paramedic's took him in. Mom's oldest son, was in
the neighborhood and saw the lights. Came and asked what happen. When
explained, he looked at Mom and said. "Maybe from now on, you should not
take Son out and just visit him at the facility." Then the ambulance left
and she followed over to see if Son was going to be ok. When they got him
settled, she went home. But the words of her oldest son cut thru her heart. How
could she leave Son?
And there is the line.... when do you stop kicking the line forward..... and
when do you cross it? I tried to reassure her that visiting is not abandonment.
She could visit as often as he would like. Take special treats. And if the day
is not a good day for Son, then she can go home. It is real easy to see the
situation from 3000 miles away. I support her in any position she takes, as it
is her position. But she asked. How do you tell another person where their line
is and should you tell them to stop kicking the line and step over?

March 14, 2005

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

CRAFTS....Some people just don't have it...

I have admired people who can make things out of stuff that I probably would throw
away. Or they can come up with an idea of something, just by looking at the
material that is in front of them. I thought I had a pretty good imagination. I
can imagine things and stories. But crafts leave me dead at the starting post.
Like this past December when I came up with a project for Christmas presents.
This is what I wrote to my friends.
In the great spirit of Christmas and my first year of retirement.. and at the
push of friends? who seem to think anyone can do crafts if they really
tried....I tried. And the greatest gift is one some one made.
Well, that is true IF 1. it is a child or 2. Someone who is gifted. It is a
boldface lie when it is a adult who crafts something that looks like a child
did it. But what do I know, after all my father made some fantastic wood
carvings after he retired. My mother was one of the gifted. She could draw
anything artist wise. She was a hellva cook. And she knitted some grand
sweaters. So from these genes you would think there is a drop in my blood. But
yesterday I found out for sure, what I suspected. That the gene hid until my
children were born who seem to have all the talents of fore mention parents.
Yes, it is true that I did a fairly good job sewing western shirts and vest
when my children were young. I did them for my husband Marvin, a friend Mac, my
son's and Jeanette. Made my first reversible vest for Will. Nice dark brown
cord, with elk on the inside. Or the other way around if he wore it that way.
Although Jeanette said I scarred her for life because I sent her to school in a
homemade western shirt. Not because it was homemade......but because the
material had orange hippo and green elephants.
So two days ago, always the procrastinator, I started my attempt at Christmas
present hand made. I was making...bags that you hang on a door knob or what
ever and you put your grocery plastic bags in. And door draft stoppers. Now
that seems innocent enough.
Sewing machines and I don't get along very well, so I sew with my grandmother's
or great grandmother's 1912? portable Singer machine. This machine is suited to
me... it goes forward and back. That is my sewing mentality. I cut out the
material to what I wanted. The sewing went pretty well. Nothing great but fair.
Until I decided to make a neck pillow for a friend. I sewed that puppy back and
forth. Around that baby I went because I didn't want it to leak. 4 times
around. Got the picture? I left a small hole to fill it up with. Then as I look
at my handy dawns on me..... the small hole? Well, it isn't big
enough to turn this baby inside out. Small little detail I missed as I swung
around that last corner on my fourth round. So what to do... I decide to just cut
the top off. Turn it around. And then sewed a ribbon on the top for the
closure. I look at my work, as my grandson walks in and says, who are you
making shorts for, they sure are small? As this is in a U shape. The ribbon
looked awful!!. I tried to unstitch it. Wasn't going well....cut off with
scissors. I have had enough of this.. put stuff away until the next day, as
tempers are rising...Not good sewing time.
The next day I wake up and look at all the draft stoppers that are sewed and
thought well, I will get going on the filling. Luckily I thought enough to fill
these over the sink. I decided to use barley as it is cheaper than rice and I
couldn't find wheat hulls. First stopper went pretty well. Of course, a little
spillage. Then sewed the end up and one draft stopper done. Not bad... It is
the short one. Then went to the long ones. Using the funnel and bowl with lip,
I pour the barley in and down the funnel it goes... not bad, and of course a
little spillage (yes, you can see where this is going). Fill up the bowl
again..oops, the rice, just a little from the bag, leaked on the counter. Then
filled up to the top and sew. Nicest and heaviest snake I ever saw with bear
and moose on it. Then 2 more to go... They went like the second one.. except
#4...spilled on the table a little as I am sewing it. Tried to shove the barley
back in as I sewed... SNAP...goes my needle.. Found another needle, but it
doesn't want to work. Well, no biggie, sew by hand. And it turn out pretty
well. So I am left with the bag holders and THE NECK PILLOW. The bag holders
went well. Finally settling on elastic for a loop for hanging. The the
PILLOW... I sew the top by hand. Back and forth... this thing is going to hold
barley so can't have leakage. Finally it looks pretty good. Go to fill it. The
funnel would not fit. Hole is too small. I found a smaller funnel that would
fit. BUT it would only take about 8 piece of barley at a time, my patience's
doesn't do 8 pieces at a time. So got to figure out something else. I find some
Styrofoam cups and cut it so I can curl it, fit the bigger funnel in, and start
pouring barley... it is slow by steady, until about midway. It fell over,
spilling barley on the floor. But I got it up(no, I didn't put it in the
pillow, althought have to admit I thought about it... hate waste) and got it
done and sewed it. Looks pretty good... looks like at least a 10 year old did
it. I look around..... barley everywhere. I had tracked it into the living room
as well.
So I start the clean up. About 2 pounds in the sink... 3 on the floor and 1 on
the counter... The buzzer is going off on the dryer... my husband walks in...
looks at the mess.......he knows not to ask questions... looks at the pillow..
"interesting" he says.... Now the real test. I am giving the pillow to
one of the friends who suggested that homemade gifts are the best. WE SHALL
Well, got to go..... clean up more barley.... I think this stuff is going to
haunt me... like christmas fir needles that you find in July. So continue
making your crafts, and I will appreciate them, but I don't think I will be
joining you, thank you.
The update of this, is that everyone said they liked my "gifts". I
wonder where they keep them until I come over, ha ha...
So you see, others look at a blank piece of paper and see ..... airplanes, snow
flakes, and all kinds of things... I see a blank piece of paper and wonder what
can I write on it... or it is just a blank piece of paper.
So see you at the arts and craft shows of the year.... I will love your

this was
from March 8, 2005