Sunday, July 17, 2016

no blog for a while

have had some family thing come up.. no blog for a couple weeks..
have a nice summer all
see you when I can get back to internet

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The race is on…. But not today

I have been on baby watch for about 10 days… This
will be our 19th great grandchild.. (I see I need to up
date my front page).

The due date is actually the 13th… and for a while,today
We thought it was going to be a go, as we head to the
hospital.  But everything came to a screeching halt.
The kid… said.. “no way jose”…. Lol…  So we are back
on watch again.     I do the daytime Tuesday thru
Friday, as everyone else works on those days.
So back to square one …kind of ..  the baby is
dancing but he isn’t ready to appear yet.

By the way, it is the craziest thing… do you know in
our area, you can’t sign up for registration, UNTIL
the baby is coming.  If it is night time, you go to the
ER, but if it is daytime, you go to the registration
desk.  While Mom was in pain, she did make it thru
all the questions and sign off on all the papers.

You know… if I go in to get my leg amputated.. I can
give you the answers you need… and sign the papers.
If I am going to have my tonsils taken out, I can
talk to you, and sign the papers..  Or any other procedure.
But I am here to tell you.. from past experience of having    
been pregnant 7 times…  there is NO WAY IN HELL, I
am in any mood to talk to you, give you information, or
sign papers… you will be lucky to get my name.. and you
will be lucky if I don’t question your mother’s heritiage,
and a few other words that no one wants to hear
in a hospital lobby where the registration.   And I won’t
be whispering.    Had to be man who came up with that
policy change.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bernie, Bernie, we thought we knew ya...

So Bernie Sanders has thrown in with the witchy woman???....
How sad… so sad…

So sad for those who believed in him… Those who stood in
The rain to see him… those who stood in all kinds of
weather to be able to vote for him in the primaries.
So sad for all those voters who are 18 to 28 who for
the first time believed in the man… that they counted.
How many of them … won’t vote in November… figuring
what is the use… things will never change… They thought
Bernie would have made the difference.

Why didn’t he stay?  He said he was in it to the end.
Did he lie?  He just as well, as slapped all those who
believed in him…….. too bad he didn’t believe in them.

After all, what would have been the worse that could
happen?  To go to the convention…. And let the vote
go…let those stand up and yell his name?   Let those
delegates sing his praises and name to the rafters?
What was the harm?  Sure the vote would be lopsided.
But who cares… the peoples votes counted… the people
who believed would have understood, if he conceded
after the first vote…  But now?  Why now?

And why, oh, why, did I think it would be different this
time?  Why did I think he had a back bone?  Because at
the end of the day…. Politics is always the same..

Bernie, I guess we didn’t know you at all… 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What a difference a hair cut makes...

I was in yesterday getting my finger put in the socket
again, after having straight hair for almost a year..
Putting one’s finger in the socket is a slang way
of saying getting it curled.

After getting all the rods put in, and then the
solution put on, I offered to sit in one of the
back seats that wasn’t being used on the other
side of the wall. So the gal could cut hair or what
ever while we wait the 35 minutes.

In walked a young man.. who had long hair. I would
say at least a foot long on all sides…  while he didn’t
look sad, he didn’t look very happy either.
The other gal started on him.. and I had changed seats.

When it came time to rinse out my hair, I stepped
around the wall, to see the young man with a short
hair cut.  About inch and half on top and the sides
real short.   And a slight grin on his face as he looked
it over.  The gal finished up and then washed it for him.
Then the real grin started.. He looked great.   We all
commented on it..   I told him that not only it looked
lighter, but he looked lighter.. I looked at my gal, and
said.. look at the grin on his face..  Then he really smiled.
What a difference of the hair cut… The old didn’t look
bad, just this one looked so much his soul.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Life in the USA....

Life in the USA makes blogging harder…

There is no good news on the media of late.

With the shooting in Florida, the police

shooting of the blacks, and the blacks

shooting the police.. it is hard to be


Even though none of these things are

even close to our home town, it still

makes it hard to be happy and write

a lighthearted blog.

In my personal life, I have some ups

and downs.. We have a good friend who

just went thru open heart surgery and

he will be going home. As the King will

be going down to help him. He made

it thru the surgery just fine. So that is good.


And at home here, we are on a baby

watch for our great grand son who is

due on Wednesday.   So for us.. we have

happy news.

Monday, July 04, 2016

4th of July 2016 ... Sandpoint, Idaho

boy scouts giving out flags...

 Republican ladies... in uniform..

 everyone getting ready for the start

giving instructions to please remove your hats and but your hand on your heart.. 
sad that someone has to tell us... 

Wendy Sater .. Grand Marshall  


 Sandpoint Foot ball team...

 Sandpoint High School cheerleaders...
 even have gypsy dancers...

 We are still a logging county

 As always the Shriner are here..

 Kate McAlister... our Democrat hopeful... come November State Representative

 Got to have horses

Polo players... brings back memories of my child hood

The U-Pick blueberry farm float.

And Della of the Lions Club (who puts this all on) selling the last of the raffle tickets