Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scary Times

We have always had radical groups.
We have had Aryan Nations, Militia of Montana,
And there is a new one starting up in Bonner’s Ferry…
There are others who are keeping a low profile. After
all until this week, how many of you had heard of
the Hutree group?

And of course we have the Hutree group, that is in
the news the past few days. Their mission is to
kill a police officer and then blow the rest of the
officers who come to the funeral.

A lot of people think the media is over reacting
to these groups. But can you say Tim McVeigh?
Randy Weaver, David Koresh to name a few.

And what about the group that goes to funerals
To spewl verbal garbage under the pretense of
the first amendment.

Yet our political people are using the words like “target”.
Showing crosshairs to show areas of Democrats.
Calling a Congressman names that we had hoped that
were gone for good. Feeding these kind of people the
message they want.

We use to think of Rush and his hatred group, blow hearts.
But these people take those words seriously… do you
think people are disturbed about these groups… read here what
some of the people said, about how one of the Athol, Idaho
group wants to relocate in John Day, Oregon… the remarks
will surprise you.. from humor to these people are misunderstood.
Not taking them serious… but I can guarantee that the nut cases will.

Scary times

We have always had radical groups.
We have had Aryan Nations, Militia of Montana,
And there is a new one starting up in Bonner’s Ferry…
There are others who are keeping a low profile. After
all until this week, how many of you had heard of
the Hutree group?

And of course we have the Hutree group, that is in
the news the past few days. Their mission is to
kill a police officer and then blow the rest of the
officers who come to the funeral.

A lot of people think the media is over reacting
to these groups. But can you say Tim McVeigh?
Randy Weaver, David Koresh to name a few.

And what about the group that goes to funerals
To spewl verbal garbage under the pretense of
the first amendment.

Yet our political people are using the words like “target”.
Showing crosshairs to show areas of Democrats.
Calling a Congressman names that we had hoped that
were gone for good. Feeding these kind of people the
message they want.

We use to think of Rush and his hatred group, blow hearts.
But these people take those words seriously… do you
think people are disturbed about these groups… read here what
some of the people said, about how one of the Athol, Idaho
group wants to relocate in John Day, Oregon… the remarks
will surprise you.. from humor to these people are misunderstood.
Not taking them serious… but I can guarantee that the nut cases will.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Travis and Misty

Misty is doing a lot better. Thank you to those of you who have asked.
She is about 90% her old self. But now we don’t let her jump on
things and she is getting better with asking for help up. Unless she gets
excited and tries to jump up in her chair to get closer to us. And she is
getting better about not flying off of things. She is at her best outside.
Her running across the yard with ears flying high. And she has her perkiness
back. and that is half the battle.

As you can see I have another new blogger on my links. This one is related. He
has done a few a while back, but lately has done more. And I really enjoy reading them. They are of the immediate concerns of Americans. And for so young …lol… 33 he is spot on so many times, with common sense. I like him, not because he is my nephew but because he looks at both sides of the coin… He inspects the subject from all sides. Then says what he feels about it….. So go click on his blog at the left. TG Rants and Raves.
You threw a brick because of a vote...
You broke in, but now you want a cookie?
Are two of the ones I like as well as his new one on Health care that he did today.
Happy Birthday kw

Monday, March 29, 2010

How Connected do we need to be??

Now granted I am a senior citizen, so my words
will seem like an ancient way to look at the most
modern of things.

But I have to ask… you have a computer, you have
a cell phone, and then there is Facebook, and now
you have Twitter… All which tell people what you
are doing and with whom, and why. Every thought
you have, can be shown to the world.

I know, I know, you can have only those who you
“friend” see what you have on Facebook and Myspace
Yahoo and all the rest of them. But it seems as you
make friends, all their friends come along for the ride.
A lot of people you don’t even know. Or may not want
to know… And Twitter is double fold of that.

And if this is what you want… go for it… and bless your
little heart…. But my question is why? Why would you
want everyone to know everything on your mind, in your
history of things going on in your life. How much do you
want out there? I think some of you, and even I have occasionally,
have forgotten who is out there listening and reading. Not just
Big brother, but future bosses, insurance companies and so
many more.

But even more than that…. At least my point, is how much
time to you want to dedicate to these huge hungry machines?
How attached do you want to be?

This really came to surface for me when I went to Hawaii.
I did take my laptop, but it was a back up source for my
Grandson who was doing his college classes as he was
on vacation with us. And I did use it to send pictures to
my friends emails. But for the most part, I was not using it.

I gave up my cell phone 5 years ago. So if you want to
talk to me, you have to call my home phone. If I am not
home, you can’t reach me. Now that might seem horrible
to those who are always connected, but it is a blessing to me.
See I lived the first 60 years with out being so connected.

Now I can hear the birds and not a phone ringing in my
pocket. I pay attention to the traffic with both eyes and ears.
I also have more time to do things I enjoy, especially in the summer.
I have the yard work, in the sunshine, I can read a book instead of
reading so many blogs, daily. I visit friends, and can just travel
around take walks with my husband without someone having to talk
to us. As I have him turn off his cell phone. He can see who called
after we get home.. Just as I can see who called by our answering

So if someone dies, before they can get ahold of me.. then I will
presume it was meant to be that way. If someone is hurt, then I can
be gotten ahold of the old fashion way… see I do tell someone where
I am going… and I do leave a note for the King, if I leave while he is

And yes, I do have Facebook…which I started as a way to see the
pictures that my adult children put up on their site.. and I do converse
with friends…..when I want. Be it daily or weekly. Or if I am bored.

Yes, I do blog (obviously), and have for 5 years… but so far I don’t
feel tied to it…

And the pleasure of walking or going anywhere I want without being
tethered to someone or thing, well, that in itself is freedom.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What happen to being civil?

Is being civil going out of style,
like common sense went?

I cannot believe such bad behavior
of not only the Congresspersons, but
all others who claim to be Republicans.

Is it sour grapes or what? Is this really
a party thing or just pure hatred?

Throwing bricks or rocks at the windows
of the National Democratic Hall.

And it isn’t just the hate mongers of
the radio, like Beck and Rush.
It is 90% of the Republican people.
And the Republican Governors are
trying to beat each other to the lawsuit
of the Federal government.

Which is amazing as they are all crying poor,
yet they have money to sue the Federal
government. While they cut funding for schools
in their own states, yet can find money for
lawsuits. Amazing…

Then you have our (trying to find a civil word
here) glorious Governor of Idaho… Idaho one
of the states who only has one insurance company
for the people to get health insurance from.
Blue Cross the parent company of Blue Shield and
Regency. Which is one of the disappointments of the
Health bill, as I thought they were going to address that.
Open borders for insurance…

So where did being civil go? Anyone know?… probably
sitting on the bench next to common sense…no one
uses that anymore either.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


9 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! No, not Congress. Besides that is
petty cash to Congress.. This is for a woman, a wife whose
husband betrayed her with another woman. (what is new about
that?). The wife sued girlfriend… and the COURTS GAVE

No wonder why people are mad at lawyers and courts. And juries.
The one who should pay is the husband…. And it sure wouldn’t
be no $9,000,000! How do they come up with these figures? No
regular person makes $9,000,000 in their lifetime. Do they?

And what happens if she remarries next year or even in 5.. what
or how does she deserve that? She will get child support I would
think, so it isn’t for the kids…

No…no way. Are they crazy?
Oh, and this wasn’t a wife of a rock star or sport star, a CEO.
In fact I think he is an attorney.

I don't know what the girlfriend earns, but
9 MILLION?? let's get real people.

What happen to what my teacher told me in business law...
"you can only sue for what you actually lost"...guess that
went out in the 1950's when I was in school.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is Misty enjoying the weekend sun…
She is doing ok…

For those who don’t live close to us,
Misty, somehow, hurt herself.
she came to me a week ago Sat. and tried to jump
up on me to let me know she wanted
some attention. But couldn’t. So I lifted
her up. She cried. So I ran my fingers
across her body to see what part was
hurting. But nothing.

She wasn’t herself. She looked sad,
and walked around like someone was
yelling at her. And nothing we said or
did seem to perk her up.

Her internal system was working well.
But she didn’t come to the table
to beg. She just laid in her little bed.

So off to the Vets we went. She ran at
a trot around the Vet’s office, but she
was fretful. The Vet checked her from
stem to stern. And she said she thought
Misty had strained herself, or twisted
something… So we were given meds for her.

Here we are a week later and she still isn’t
herself. She does seem to be getting a tiny
bit better. Tiny bit. But she doesn’t greet
the King with wiggles and licking of his
face to the point of knocking off his hat.

So we are babying her. We carry her outside,
And pick her up. No more jumping up on
things, and no more run and jump off like
she thinks she can fly…

We don’t care that she won’t jump on things,
as we weren’t fond of that before. And the
same about her flying off of things. But we
couldn’t stop her, it was in her heart.
What we want is for her to be her perky self.
Her feistiness. The tug of wars with her toys.

So we wait and hope that this all returns.
As we know muscles take longer to heal than bones.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chicken Little or Domino's effect?

Here we are again, waiting to see what Congress is
going to do… and who knows maybe by the time
this is posted, they will have voted.

It was kind of odd as I was watching the news on
Sunday night at 5:45pm and they were talking about
how this was the night that Congress was going to
vote on the Health Care Plan. That was 5:45 pm, my
time…meaning 8:45 pm. Washington, DC time. What
were they waiting for??? Midnight.

We still don’t know what is really in the plan. After all
they seem to be making changes daily and even hourly.
Do the Congressmen even know?

When they were talking to George Will’s the ABC news
correspondent, he was telling them some of the points
that would be good.

Insurance companies won’t be able to cancel your insurance
because you are sick.
Insurance companies won’t be able to not pay because of a
child’s previous condition. And in 2014 for adults.
Then there is the mandatory insurance fees, if some chose
not to get insurance. Not that they can’t, but they refuse.
Of course our concern is where is the money going to come

Just checked the news sites and the plan has passed…
After the President issued an executive order pledging that no federal funds would be used for elective abortion. (personally I don’t think they
should pay for ANY abortions.) several Congressmen voted yes.

Now we will see what this is going to cost us, are the “chicken littles”
of the political scene right or wrong. Will the domino’s start to fall?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring 2010

The Snow is still in the mountains.....but

peeking thru the sawdust is....

And while the bushes look like sticks....

You can see there are buds on those sticks

And the garden raised beds are waiting for seeds and plants..

The pond is waiting to be finished..
The clematis is just dried leaves...
Or is it........ isn't that green among the dried leaves...
I took a picture of my metal bird near the water bowl....and I don't know if you can see
but there is violets growing there.....
And there is the table and chairs waiting for bar-b-que days...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are Family

As you all know, I spent a week with 4 of my
children, spouses and 2 of my grandchildren…
We had a ball.

Before this vacation, we were what we considered
close. But we did lead our own lives, doing our own
thing. After all, most of them live from 400 miles
to 2,000 miles away from the King and I. We have
one of the family, local. That being my daughter’s
family. And even though we call in from time
to time, we also do our own thing.

We do have get togethers one a year or maybe two.
Each of us, know the others are there if needed.
But I think this vacation may have brought us a little

As this weekend and week, one of our 12 group,
was so sick she ended up in the hospital. Not once
but 3 times. And without an instant of hesitation,
we sent flowers from Idaho and Washington.

Before we would have found out after the fact,
As that is the way of our family. Don’t want to
bother anyone. But Facebook has changed that.
As we found out right away. In the past when we
found out, we sympathize but that is about it.
If one of us finds out first, we tell the others
and then there are phone calls.

It isn’t because we don’t love each other, as
that is not true at all. There is a great love
in this group. I guess it is, we just don’t
think of it. Now we did/do. Maybe especially
with this person being the newest to the family,
we know her better now and we wanted her to
know she means a lot to us too.
We are family…..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Pat’s day to you all….
To those of you who are Irish…
and to all those who are Irish for the day…

As a kid, St. Patrick Day was pretty
special if you were Irish in Newport,
Rhode Island. As the Irish were the
second most popular nationality there.
Portuguese being first. Then there were
Italians and French. Us, English were
many pre1700 but close to a minority
in the 1950’s.

The brave English classmates wore
Orange. I didn’t. And I don’t recall
wearing green either . Don’t know
why I didn’t wear green and fake it.
After all, all of us without green got
pinched… pinched all day long…

So may you all have a great time,
Eating cabbage and corned beef,
Murphy’s stew, green beer and
the rest…. But please don’t pinch me..
(do they still do that?)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is important....

When you have a semi expiration date
on you, you start to think about what is
really important to you.

Semi expiration date is one where you
know the odds aren’t in your favor.
I am approaching 70 soon. So I know
the law of average is not in my favor.
Being the average female lives to 75,
then I have a semi expiration date of
5 more years. Maybe. Then again
I could go longer with good health
choices. But gene’s also play in
the deal too. And mine are mixed.

So as I get older, I think about what is
really important to me. The ones that
comes to mind is of course, my richness,.
family and friends…

But as the rest of the world goes by, I
know I am wasting time on dumb stuff.
And as they same about simple stuff…
It is all dumb stuff.

I am tired of worrying about how the
State is going to be run, I am tired of
worrying about how the Federal
Government is going to be run.
I can’t make any difference in either,
except by voting, which I will do until
I am too senile to know how to.

I want to just live my own life, and
do it well. I want to do things that are
fun. And do things that make my circle
of friends and family happy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinese Torture

Isn’t Chinese torture where they drop a drop of
water on your forehead, constantly..over and over?

That is the way I am beginning to feel. I have about
7 Republican friends. And I am beginning to feel like
I am in a Chinese Torture Chamber. Drop drop drop…

Emails, after emails, after emails… grand slamming
Obama. Like Bush, Obama is blamed for everything.
Except I didn’t send the emails on to my friends about

It would be bad enough if it were all true. And Obama
does enough on his own, that he doesn’t need to be lied
about. But they still keep coming. I use to reply to my
friends with the and the
telling them to check first before they forward their emails.
And that if the emails had 4 Fw’s to them, they probably
weren’t true. But they keep coming… so I hit the delete
key. A LOT! Yes, I have told them how I feel, but they still

It irritates me two ways. First because of the usual. But
second, because I really don’t like it when you get slam
or hate emails or even tales about people. I don’t care if
it is about the President, Governors, or even your neighbors.
So much negativity sure can drain you down.

After all, there never has been a President that some
American’s didn’t hate… while they are in office.
Even Truman, Roosevelt, and Kennedy who are now
thought to be great Presidents.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We are so poor......

We went to do our taxes today…
It takes about hour and half to get
thru the process…

We have had Tricia do ours for over
15 years. She is a delight and smart too.

This year after making sure I had all
my paper work, we got thru the whole
thing. Then we found out there was
one piece of paperwork not in the
bunch… it was from my savings account.

But was able to save face as we could call.
We found out that Wells Fargo does not send
out any paper work for interest rate less than
$10. Because you have to claim it if it is over
50 cents, I had to have the information. Well,
that was a horrible eye opener.. After calling
the main office, I found out it was $1.16 for
CENTS !! While I don’t have a lot in my savings,
it sure should have collected more than that. Then
found out because of the recent bank problems,
My account is only earning .0004 …..but

Which we were then told at the end… that we didn’t
owe any money (that is good) in fact, we were getting
it all back. Folks, I am serious.. we are so poor, the
Government is giving all of it back. We also found
out we qualify for a tax break on our home.

I knew we downsized, and we have gave up a lot,
And then there is the insurance thing… but we didn’t
know how poor we are… good thing we are rich infriends and family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There ought to be a law/protect the elderly

I hate to add any new laws. We have so many.
But when it comes to children and the elderly, we need to protect them.
Even those who don’t think they need it.

In this day and age, those over 70 are younger than those of that age,
20 years ago or more. But they are still being taken advantage.

The newest scam or heavily push from salesmen are the security systems.
All of us have seen the ad…”I have fallen down and I can’t get up.
But now the sales people are even more aggressive, playing on that insecurity
of those over 60 and really on those over 70 and 80.

One resident was talked into a system, even though she already had the
necklace that alerted the closest neighbor and family.

The selling point, as she was declining the offer? “well, I have been here for 2 hours
and no one has called you. So who would help you? Well, let her push that button and
he would see all kinds of calls. The next part was, “but this system of mine will also
protect you outside. (being she fell outside 2 years before, this gave her great thought).
And then the closing argument was, well, what if you have a fire here. Who is going
to help you? Our system will call for help for you. And we also have protection against
intruders. A neighbor had been robbed several years ago, so she let down her guard and said

Next came the set up. They showed up on her doorstep to install the system. But she
said, I can’t do it today, I am packing to go on a trip. They told her, they had to do it that
day, as they were only in the Sandpoint are this one day. After 8 hours, the system was
in and she had no clue how to operated it. There was no notifying the family. Of
which 2 of them lived on the property and another lived about a mile away.

In October there was an incident over boiled eggs. And no one was home.
Since then the Alarm blinks over and over “Fire, smoke in Living Room”
since October. No call, no reset, and when family called there wasn’t any
satifaction in their answers. Still no one came out to test the system
and no one knows how to reset it, as it doesn’t have a reset button.

My question is… is the system working? If there were to be an intruder,
would it contact someone? Who? The police? Surely not the family, even
though they live on the property. If there were a fire, surely it isn’t going to
work with it blinking, smoke in the living room since October.
Does the fall alarm work? And who would it call.
At least the old system had numbers of family and neighbors.
So much for 24 hour, two way voice and verified monitoring.

Their only prep work was reading the instructions to an 87 year old
woman who was worried about packing for her trip to Chicago.
that was leaving the next morning.

There should be a law, that the company has to have a family member
or a neighbor with the person while the sales person is explaining the
system to them. And if that elderly person decides to buy into it,
then that person should be there to explain how to run the system,
so both of them understand it.

While the woman didn’t have anyone calling her in those two hours,
the sales person would have been told, that she had two people who
live there, check in at 7am just before they left for work. That she got
another call from the daughter, who lived a mile away and a call from
a son who lived 300 miles away. Every day… and those same two who
live there check with her at 4 pm. She had an alarm that worked very
well, incase she fell. That alarm was back with several phone numbers
to call. This one doesn’t seem to be, as no one is called about the smoke
in the living room still.

There ought to be a law…

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Departmentize of our lives...

We all do it... we have our home life,
we have our work life. If you don’t think
you do, then I ask you…. Are you really the
same person at home, that you are at your work
place. I am betting that you are not.

Some times the job requires more aggression,
and that is just not the person you are. So you
are a kinder, show more compassion than you
are allowed at work.

Then if you are in your low 20’s to 30’s and single.
Are you the same person at home, at work as you
are in the local bar scene? Your boss or your mother
wouldn’t see any difference?

Super stars have it too... and that is how
they get in trouble. Like Tiger Woods,
there was his married, family life. He had
his sports/golf competition life... and sadly
he fell into the entitlement of wild life, thinking
none of them would ever overlap.

This can be said of Congressmen as well.
And even Presidents. Those who saw the
loving father, husband of John F. Kennedy,
had no clue that women were coming up the
back stairs to be with him. Only those in the
close knit of the in-group knew. Some whispers,
but never the nation knowing. That is until
Clinton open the can of worms, did all of the
whispers become books.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Riding the Insurance Train

4 years ago, the King retired from the
school district. Which left him without
health insurance. So we have been
paying cash each time he went to the
doctors. And because of the pharmacy
program that is at the pharmacy we use,
we were able to get his pills at a reduced

But this year, he decided he was tired of
paying Russian Roulette, by having no
health insurance. So we looked into the
prices, as he didn’t want to lose our home,
if he did end up in the hospital.

We became aware, in our search, (as most of
Idahoan’s have) that we only have one real
choice. The Blue Cross tri-play. Meaning,
Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Regence which
is a child of Blue Shield. So there isn’t any
real competition. Blue Cross must be for
the rich, and Blue Shield is close behind.
The average cost was $700 a month. Meaning
there was a couple cheaper but also a bunch
more. The cheapest we found was $450. Which
we could not afford. That is as much as our house

After our agent searched high and low in their
sources of the Blue’s, she found a new policy
that became available this year. It is with Regence.
It is called a high-risk insurance. Which was because
the King has high blood pressure and diabetes that
are controlled by pills. This insurance is $365 a
month. And that is with a $10,000 deductible.
Which, when we stretched our budget like a
tight balloon, we could afford.

If he didn’t have a summer job for us to pay for it,
and save for the winter months payments, we could
not afford that one either. And Medicare is 8 years
away for him.

We were totally blown away at the prices of health
insurance. No wonder there are a lot of people with
out. No wonder small business are crying at the yearly
raises. Because without his part time summer job, we
could not afford insurance. Without my small trust fund,
we would not be able to afford health insurance and other
necessarily. And that is with our downsizing already in
place. Remember we gave up a cell phone, went to antenna
for television and have the $10 dial up internet. Dining out
is a luxury even if it is KFC. And if it wasn’t for the kids
treating us to the trip to Hawaii, and everything that went
with it… we would have been still sitting at home.

We, both have lived with less than most as we have grown
thru the years, so we have be able to live with less. But it
sure hurts to do with less, and see where the CEO’s of
many companies get for bonus more than we have ever
seen in our entire lives combined.

Thank goodness, we value our richness in friends, and
family, and each other. For that, we are very rich.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog......

For the 5th birthday of this get a double header... one at 12am and one at 11a.m.

Thanks Dave and Marianne, who got me started on this...
it has been a heck of a ride...5 years of talking about everything....
angry, sad, happy, joyful.....soapbox...

So for the celebration have my Luau pictures...
and also at the end...what happen to the King
in Hawaii.


pig in the pit removal

the start of the hula guys and girls.....

The 3 guys who decided to enter the hula contest... guy in the middle won..

This is the audience member who were brave enough to come to the stage and learn
how to hula... the gal in the black dress in the front was a hoot...and no I didn't go..

Look at that big grin on the King's face.... and hers too, wonder..
did she see the calf of his leg?

Well, here it is... what happen to the King in Hawaii......
Why the grimace?

Our grandson had decided to get a Hawaiian tattoo while there. He found an
ad, that said there was a discount if there were two. Being the King had said
off and on over the years, that he thought he would get a tattoo on his calf,the
grandson hit him up for going with him. After a lot of talking the King agreed.
He had decided on a tiger... but as time got closer he was getting cold feet.
And Grandson was holding him to getting the tattoo, after all he said he would.
So I told him if he wanted to get a turtle on his calf, I would get a matching one.
He picked out a turtle he liked and we got ours at the same time, and this is the results...

Poppa, checking it out... grandson took it a lot better than Poppa did.

This looks a lot better now since it is 4 days old.

feeling bad for the King, I decided to get matching turtle on my calf too..
Why turtles? because it is the Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, humility
and the spirit within.,



While waiting for the boat to come in.... we stopped by to see if they could see

Dog the Bounty Hunter. That is his office and around the corner is his store..

Here comes the boat


now a hotel, but formerly the Royal Palace for the King and Queen of Hawaii

it is where they entertained, in the early 1900's.

Rainbow Hotel ....hotel to the left was used for Hawaii 5-0

Diamond Head

Be sure to check back after 11 this morning... for the rest of the story.......

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Arizona Memorial

This was a sobering experience..... not many words can cover it... so will
for the most part, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Those who died here on 12-7-40

The list of Marines who also died here.
Bowfin sub

The Missouri


This picture needs words....when we came over on the boat there was a group of choir singers who were in Hawaii for some kind of a competition. We get about 40 minutes to walk thru the Memorial and take pictures. You would be surprised to see so many people and hardly a word
was said... some whispers, but not talking...about 30 minutes into the walk thru... the singers
gathered in the middle, and started to sing. They sang Stars Spangle Banner. There wasn't a
dry eye in the place, and those over 60 were in actual tears... they were not part of the tour, they just happen to be on the same boat with us. At the store I walked up and thanked them,
as others did after I did.

The ship is under this display, and these are above the water. The building is across the middle
of the ship.

I took this picture as we were leaving on the tour boat, it was later when checking the
pictures that night, that I noticed the flag was waving off of the tour boat...