Monday, March 29, 2010

How Connected do we need to be??

Now granted I am a senior citizen, so my words
will seem like an ancient way to look at the most
modern of things.

But I have to ask… you have a computer, you have
a cell phone, and then there is Facebook, and now
you have Twitter… All which tell people what you
are doing and with whom, and why. Every thought
you have, can be shown to the world.

I know, I know, you can have only those who you
“friend” see what you have on Facebook and Myspace
Yahoo and all the rest of them. But it seems as you
make friends, all their friends come along for the ride.
A lot of people you don’t even know. Or may not want
to know… And Twitter is double fold of that.

And if this is what you want… go for it… and bless your
little heart…. But my question is why? Why would you
want everyone to know everything on your mind, in your
history of things going on in your life. How much do you
want out there? I think some of you, and even I have occasionally,
have forgotten who is out there listening and reading. Not just
Big brother, but future bosses, insurance companies and so
many more.

But even more than that…. At least my point, is how much
time to you want to dedicate to these huge hungry machines?
How attached do you want to be?

This really came to surface for me when I went to Hawaii.
I did take my laptop, but it was a back up source for my
Grandson who was doing his college classes as he was
on vacation with us. And I did use it to send pictures to
my friends emails. But for the most part, I was not using it.

I gave up my cell phone 5 years ago. So if you want to
talk to me, you have to call my home phone. If I am not
home, you can’t reach me. Now that might seem horrible
to those who are always connected, but it is a blessing to me.
See I lived the first 60 years with out being so connected.

Now I can hear the birds and not a phone ringing in my
pocket. I pay attention to the traffic with both eyes and ears.
I also have more time to do things I enjoy, especially in the summer.
I have the yard work, in the sunshine, I can read a book instead of
reading so many blogs, daily. I visit friends, and can just travel
around take walks with my husband without someone having to talk
to us. As I have him turn off his cell phone. He can see who called
after we get home.. Just as I can see who called by our answering

So if someone dies, before they can get ahold of me.. then I will
presume it was meant to be that way. If someone is hurt, then I can
be gotten ahold of the old fashion way… see I do tell someone where
I am going… and I do leave a note for the King, if I leave while he is

And yes, I do have Facebook…which I started as a way to see the
pictures that my adult children put up on their site.. and I do converse
with friends…..when I want. Be it daily or weekly. Or if I am bored.

Yes, I do blog (obviously), and have for 5 years… but so far I don’t
feel tied to it…

And the pleasure of walking or going anywhere I want without being
tethered to someone or thing, well, that in itself is freedom.

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MarmiteToasty said...

I do facebook, but not every day and sometimes not for weeks on end.... but Im also careful what I write, unlike so many, and the thing that makes me laff is those that leave statements whilst out places or visiting family or are on trips with friends, yet they still HAVE to pick up their phones and leave a faceache message instead of just enjoying the moment and the place and the people they are with..... dam crazy if you ask me..