Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Easy Come, Heartache Go

This past weekend I decided
to loosen up some of my space
in my computer. One way that
was suggested, was to download
my pictures to a disk. Which
sounded good, as I would lose
them if the computer went
So I download all but my kids.
I was going to put them on a
separate disk. That is the good
The Bad news is that half of
the kids was included in the
download. Reason for the
words bad news... is because
I downloaded to the cd. It said
it was downloaded.
So I went back and deleted and
deleted all but the kids..(with
the except of the three).
On Monday, I was looking for
a picture which was put on the cd
and is the heart ache
and real bad news.
I put in the cd in the D section, meaning
play cd. And to my horror it came up with
a warning....
"Windows cannot read from this disk.
The disk maybe be corrupted or it
could be using a format that is not
compatible with Windows."
It isn't corrupted as it is new.
How can it be formatted to something
else besides Windows, after all that
is what I have? I even went and restored
the computer for two weeks ago... Nope.
They are gone... gone.....gone......
Oh, the disk says it is room.
Now isn't that nice. Guess it is time
to hit up the kids and see if they know
what to do. How to get the cd to
format to Windows.
In the meantime... this is me
:-( Pouty

Happy Birthday, God's Helper

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TWO for One... TWINS

18 years, of which those years it was
a heck of a a roller coaster.

Now they are 38.

Wow, they have had the controls
for the past 20 years...
that is longer than I had the

And they have done it well.
I figured I'd laid out the ground the foundation. But
after that, they were on their own.
And now they have to hold on to the
controls on their own children..

Thanks for the ride...
Happy Birthday Wounded Moose and Brad

Monday, May 29, 2006


WW.II, Korea, Vietnam


Sunday, May 28, 2006


I wasn't going to blog today.
It is Memorial Day and I don't
do holidays for the most part.

But one thing that is laying in
my craw. It is when an official
takes it on to ban something,
for his own personal reason.

A commissioner in Coeur
d' Alene put a ban in the
courthouse against a newspaper
blog. This commissioner with the
agreement of his two fellow
commissioners decided to ban
a blog.

It is kind of a political
blog.. Actually it covers all
kinds of subjects but during
election time it is heavier in
the politics. There is usually
a subject line, but even a wild
card can invoke heavy discussion
of politics. These people who
comment are from all walks of
life. All sides of the political dish.
All kinds of opinions. And 90%
of them are from the town which
the blog is done. Voters folks.

So for a official to ban just one
blog, for the sake of what was
said about him, by the public,
or the other candidates is not
only childish, but borderline
break against the First Amendment.

Had he said no online except,
direct business with the courthouse.
Then so be it. If he had said no
blogs, or other reading material
while working, that would have
been fine. But to single out one
blog... run by a newspaper.
Well, folks, it is just wrong.

I may not agree with
Huckleberrys Online
all the time, but I sure
will defend its right to blog, and
the public's right to comment.

And his deed is toothless, as the
people will read the blog when they
get home...or on their own personal
laptop. HE only showed the voters

were right... in not voting him in for
another term.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Gone Fishing Posted by Picasa

Here we are in a lull before
the next push. The next push
being November elections.

Being the county is still
reeling with the overturn of
the old guard by the really old
guard and new people, it is a
good time to...................
go fishing.

The King has today off. No
school so his boss decided
a day off to go with the other
3 ..makes a nice 4 day weekend.

He has lots of honey-do to do.
Some of which I am suppose to
help with. But we both decided,
it will be a good day to just mellow

You see, to me every fishing
day is a good day. I don't care
if it rains. Just the peace and
quiet of the lake. The ducks
flying in and as they
put out their feet to soften
the water for landing. All
is good.

I know the world is just
down the dirt road we turned
right on. But I can't hear it.
All I hear is the splish and
splash of the playful fish,
or the King's lure hitting the water...
Yes, life is good, and every
fishing day is a good day.

Have a great Memorial
weekend. Enjoy.
We will be back to
do the honey-do's on
Friday afternoon after
the tourist show up.

But for now...shhhhh
listen to the silence.
Gone Fishing....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And That is What Blogging is About.

Yesterday, Toni and I went around
Sandpoint with the Golly Gals.

First, we hit the Bonner County Museum.
We must have spent an hour or so there.
Another half hour out behind it, in the
paths.Trees and flowers and cane made
seats. A beautiful view of the lakeand

After, we went to lunch at Sandpoint's
(I believe) oldest restaurant still in
business. Connie's. We enjoyed
good food, and great conversations.
And best of all... laughter. My favorite...

But that is the surface of the visit.
They came out to my place and saw what
Kootenai looked like. (doesn't take long) and
then we took them to Toni's. Which added
more laughter.

WhatToni and I didn't know,
was the backroad was being worked on.
We got up to the area, and there was black
typar there. Toni stopped and looked at me.
I yelled up to her vehicle, there was no
closed sign and they didn't say no traveling,
so we must be able to go, after all...
how bad can it get? LOL..
Behind us was CJ driving her car
with DogWalking Musing.

Well, let me put it this way, they
should have closed the road. I thought
at the time.. here is two country gals
in their SUV's (which is mandatory
driving in Bonner County) with the city
girls following behind us in their car
and trusting us. It ended well, as we
made it thru the area and back on good
dirt roads and then the paved road.

We enjoy the tour of Toni's place. Words
doesn't do it justice. As the Golly Gals can
attest to that. So you will have to go to
the Golly Gals (link on side) to see if the pictures
are up yet.

Hopefully some of the admiration we learn
of each other, comes out in the pictures.
This is what blogging should be...
meeting of the minds and friendships
that grow from them.

At least that is what it is all
about for me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Living in One's Own Mind

Sometimes living in one's
mind is not a bad thing.
From time to time that is.

Case in point, I had asked
one of my Roslyn connections,
how the old motorcycle area
was doing and what was there.
So he sent me a site to go
check out.

It seems that all of the area
of trees and some flat land
and lots of ridges and trails,
that all the people who came
over from Seattle each weekend
to ride,...... it is for sale. To be
coming soon...houses.

Pictures makes you sick,
if you remember what it
was like. I don't think I will
ever go visit there. In person.
I rather go in my mind, and
live it like yester year.
Yes, living in one's thoughts
is not a bad thing from time
to time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blog...different ones..

While reading one of my
favorites... a local one,
called Slight Detour, which
in a sense is the mother to
this blog (I started it from
hers..where it says innocently,
start your own blog).

I wandered, sorry, but I saw a
blog link so I clicked on to it.
It is a neat blog, of pictures.

Some one who lives on the
West Coast (her daughter)
has taken some great pictures.
Being I had visited over there
thru the many years, it was
nice to see some familiar
places (and new ones).

But what is interesting is,
she took pictures of things, we
normally would over look.

The stadium seats at different
angles. The window of the light
house I believe... all by itself.
The picture that tease of a
fish statute and then you see.

Well, why am I telling you...
go see for yourself.
check out All you need is Love

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 26, 2005

May 26, 2005 was the start of
Doing it Again blog.
Anyone who reads my blog,
knows that the writer is my
friend of about 32 years. And
I suggested scouting it out, shortly
after she started. Some of you

It is about her and her husband
raising their grandsons. A far from
easy task. These boys were taken
in at the age of 2 and 3, I believe.
So for 12 years these boys have
been in their care. Because their
mother let unspeakable things
happen to them.

The 12 years haven't gotten
any better or easier, with teen
years coming on strong.

She has written about how
she got the boys in the first
place. And then she wrote
about life with them. Some
times writing once a week,
some times 2 or 3 times
a week. So people have
given up on her as she
does not do it daily.

It isn't easy writing what
she writes. She writes from
the heart. And some of the
things she writes about is
hard to live, never mind writing
about. There is some good times.
Happy times, but they are not the

I had talked her into writing the blog,
because I thought it would help
her to be able to have a place for it.
Also later the boys can read it and
understand how much God's Helper
and her husband gave up of their lives.
Not only money but time, vacations,
and etc. all for the love of them.
They were there, when their parents
wouldn't be.

Also we both thought if she wrote,
maybe it would help some one
out there who is walking the same
trail the two of them are. How they
aren't alone.

So for those who think raising
grandchildren is easy. Go read
and count your blessings that
you don't have to. Or if you
are, that it isn't always easy.
And for those who are and
you have very troubled
grandchildren... go read, and
find out you are not alone.

You might want to start with
April 12, 2006 and read up.
It is called Pray for the Children,
but it isn't about her grandson's.
But as you read upward, you
will see how it will connect to
her. She works at a school,so
it especially hit home, and then
it did hit home.

If you read the whole year full
of blog you will see that the
grandfather had a heart attack
thru this. This has not been
an easy path. And right now,
it definitely isn't.

And C & B, you are a blessing.
You are so brave, I admire your
stamina, your faith, and courage
to continue matter what.
Hopefully some day, and hopefully
some day soon, these boys will
realize how much love it took.

Happy Anniversary, Doing it Again.

So go click on Doing it Again in my
links, read, and if you have a
spare pray, could you say one for

Saturday, May 20, 2006

STORMY WEATHER brings RAINBOWS Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Meeting the Candidates.

Last night the King and I went
to meet the people running for
office. We couldn't stay the
whole meeting. As the King works
really early shift and has to get
up at 3:30am.

One of the things that I notice of
the 130 some odd people was the
age. I would say the audience was
2/3 over the age of 50. 1/3 of that
over the age of 70.

Also Royce Chigbrow was there
and gave his credentials. Pretty
impressive. Even the King was
impressed. There were others
running for office in Boise there.
But they were just introduced, that
was it.

Coming in late was John Mitchell,
(he was coming in from Priest River
meeting) also introduced and he got
to tell of his view in a one
minute talk.

David Keyes, editor of the local
paper, (they were running the
meeting) told the audience to
watch that race very close.
To read everything about
BOTH candidates very carefully.

That leaving the 5 local
candidates, to be at the tables.
They gave a two minute summary
of their views and why they believe
as they did.

There was Dye, and Rich
on one side. And Phillips,
Mueller, and Lane on the
other side. All of which
did well.

There were questions from
Mr. Keyes and then the
audience. Dye and Phillips
came off as very polished.

Lane came off as informing
but learning. Seems to be
a very fair person. King was
impressed with him.

Rich and Mueller, I have to
say, had the audience attention.
I would say that more than 2/3
of the audience was impressed
with them. Some from knowing
the gentlemen, some from hearing
what they wanted to hear.
Less taxes, less government in
their lives. The senior citizen is
very aware of where their money
is going.

And when they see the farm they have
lived in for over 30 years being
taxed so high to the point where
it is almost three times the amount as
the payments a year were
when they bought them.. they were
interested in Mueller's views.
They liked Rich's down home
common sense. These are
just some of the views I heard
said around my chair.

But like I said, I left in the
mid-way break they had.
Have to break down and
buy the local paper to see
if it got better in the second

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hot One

Fever, fever ....
Fever in the morning
Fever in the night...

It sure is a hot one
these days. Weekend is
suppose to cool off.

Scary part is the woods
are dry, but the creeks are
raising up fast. And then a
threat of a thunderstorm.

The snow is melting fast, with
this hot weather. We are use
to high 60's at this time of the
year... We have had 90's for
the past 3 days.

And now, I don't know if it
is caused by the weather or
not, but the mountain let
loose yesterday. Mud slide.
They are doing construction.
They think, it might have caused
the mud slide.

Took out an section, where a condo
is. Don't know yet how much
damage is done. Luckily no one

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just Send Me Flowers

I have finally reached a good
place in my life. A place where
finally, I don't feel like I should
own everything I see that I like.

I can look at something, and say
that is nice. That is pretty cool.
AND not want to buy it.

I can pick up something
at a store, appreciate it's
workmanship, it's
usefulness, or how
much someone can use it.
Then put it down and not
want to take it home.

You have no idea how many
small appliances I have bought,
that I thought I had to have.
Way too many.

Latte machine, juicer, are
two that are on the top of
my mind. I had to have them.
I was going to be healthier.
Make my own juice. And
save myself money, make
my own latte's.

What I found out was,
that I am a lousy
latte maker, and the
juices I made were
horrible. Nothing like
store bought.

Both machines given
away after maybe the
total use of 3 times each.

I need to declutter my
house and self. So the
last thing I want to do is
buy that gadget or doodad.

I don't need that pretty
butterfly wall mount,
or hanging basket for
my house plants.

What a relief that is.
Now my problem is,
how do I get thru to my
kids, I am no longer that
doodad, gadget, have-to-have
craving person?

Just send me flowers, get me
a plant, or a free meal at
a healthy restaurant.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why it Takes Women So Long to Dress

How many dresses does a woman
go thru before the final dress she
walks out the door? And the reason
why it is more than one.

1. the blouse isn't the color
you liked yesterday when
you picked out this outfit.
2. Now the skirt doesn't
match the new blouse you
3. the shoes don't match
the outfit. So change
the blouse again.
4. repeat 2.
5. The dress looks
6. You are heading
out the door, notice
a string. And before you
think, you have pulled
string which makes a
seam open in front.
7. pull off dress, throw
that in the pile, of
blouses, skirts,
dress, and shoes.
8. Put on pants
and blouse and

Now you are comfortable.
Look back at the
pile on the bed.. Shut
the door, with the idea
you will put them all
away when you get back.

But you know you will
pile them on top of the
exercise machine, because
you will be too tired, and will
put them away tomorrow

Monday, May 15, 2006

Manor Gals

I am post dating this posting.. got a
few things to do before I go to lunch.

I don't know where this picture
came from. I have gotten it from
several different emails.. different
stories to go with the picture.

I would give credit to who ever
came up with the idea, if I knew
who did it.

It is a neat picture and kind of
reminds me of our monthly
meeting for lunch that "the
Manor Gals" do together.

We are as the saying goes,
a few gals who go way back.
We have no rules for the lunch,
except to come if we have nothing
else to do that day.

20 years ago, I started my
first job after my husband
has passed away. The owners
(at that time it was private
owned) took a chance on a
46 year old, who had not
had a job, other than mother
for a heck of a long time.

Most of these gals were
already working there, and
for quite some time themselves.

So here is the picture.
"Just a few gals who go way back" Posted by Picasa

Maybe I should ask the gals,
if they are into hats.....
Have a good day, I know I will.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rokon inspects the new basket

Thursday, this big basket with all these leaves showed up at our door step... and the staff put them right in my way. How am I going to watch for the birds with this thing in my way Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 12, 2006


Mothers come in many sizes &
shapes. Many different attitudes.
Some good and some bad.
Some you learn from, not so
much by example, but by the
rough times.

My mother didn't know how to
be a mother. She was an only
child of an only child. I don't
believe she ever saw the cousins
from her mother's side. And of
course there weren't any on her
father's side.
Her mother passed away when
she just turned 13.

Animals she understood.
Children she never did.
It made for a rough
childhood, but I learn
from it. I learn to face
problems, not run from
them. Facing the music
was a lot quicker than

I learn that you can be
tough and yet loving.
As my father showed
the loving side.

I learned that there
wasn't anyone to stand
up for me...but me.
While my mother and
I had a love/hate relationship,
I grew stronger because of it.
And I learn never to expect
more out of her than she could
She believe everything was
black or white.

Thru my second Mom, I learn there
is grey. Thru her I learn more
about love. Thru her I learn
forgiveness. Thru her
I learn unconditional love.

You see my second Mom
was also my aunt on my
dad's side.

So my maternal mother
showed me how to have
a backbone, to not let
others run over you.
My second Mom, showed
me compassion, and
how to have that and still
keep your backbone.

1st Mom's sayings...
clean the toilet from the man's
point of view.
Iron shirts sleeves first.

I saw the ironboard out
with the iron heating.
we were all going out
to dinner on one of my
visits. So I ironed her
shirt that was there. She
came out to iron it and it
was done. And it passed
inspection. When I told
her how I did it and where
I learn that... she was
amazed. I remembered.

This too shall pass:
in trouble times.
He pleases me:
(meaning an animal)
a donkey she had, that
was old and I asked why
did she keep him around.
Mom 1..passed away in 1990.

2nd Mom's sayings...
One day at a Time.
I learn this from her
way before the song
came out.

Walk in that person shoes
before you judge.

Look and see if there
is a reason, before you
jump to conclusions.
Mom 2 is going to be
88 soon and going strong.

You could say I had
the best of both Mom's

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dateline show

Dateline has about pedophiles.
Men who meet young girls on
line. Make dates with them.. and
then Dateline steps in. They usually
have a police officer who does the
job of being a 13 year old female.

First off, this show has been doing
quite a few of these shows. I think
it is a good thing. But I got to
question the mental condition of
these male humans. Some of them
even have said they have seen the
show. Which goes to show, they
aren't the sharpest knife in the

The good news is, they are getting
these creeps off the streets.
The lowest one was last night
when the guy even brought his
child with him. One sick SOB.

The only thing that I wonder..
is, all the shows ..have men.
is there women who are out
there making dates with
13 and 14 year old boys?
Or is it all the male gender

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


With Mother's Day approaching,
I was wondering, do Mom's still
teach their daughter's to cook?
Or their sons?

Since the beginning of time,
girls learn to cook in the kitchen
with their mothers. But in the
1950's and 60's that started to
decline. Not all mother's, but
a lot of them, didn't push the
cooking envelope.

I know I did do the cooking
on Friday nights, on the folk's
night out. But that was soup and
sandwiches. Hamburger and hot
dogs. I remember I use to put
all kinds of stuff on the bun, and
one time closed the bun to spread
the stuff.... turn to get the meat,
and when I turn around again,
my brother had already taken
the bun.

So my cooking was mostly
prep cook (you know peel
the potatoes and such)
and parent night out. And yes,
my brother is still alive to tell
about it. And he was at my
mercy, as he and I were the
only children in our

I did give my own children....
sons as well as daughters, a
cooking night as they hit
their teens. Figured the boys
should learn to feed themselves,
until they could talk some poor
unsuspecting gal into marriage.

Just like my daughters had to
know how to split wood and
feed the fire. How to camp,
and such things that boys learn.

So did your mother teach you
how to cook? Do girls today
learn how to cook? Or do
they depend on Papa Murphy,
Burger King and etc.?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Got Him...I Got Him Good!!!

The King is a practical joker.
One of his favorites lines, is
"I am broke down out here on
the highway, can you come
get me." And then proceed to
tell where, after a minute or two
of stringing along the person, he
will fess up to the joke.

Like I said this is one of his favorite.
All the family knows this one, so the
first words are of our kids, is ..."let me
talk to Mom."

He also will tell someone who lives
far away from here... we are just 3
miles from your house. But we
didn't think you were home, so we
drove by your exit. After the
person tells of other exits and how
to get back to their place, then he
hits them with ... he is at home,
sitting in his chair.

Friends, now ask to talk to me.
Unless they happen to hear me
in the back ground...saying...
He is lying. He is lying thru his

So yesterday... I gave my daughter
a ride home, as her other half has
jury duty and got picked. I told
the King I was going. He asked
about dinner. Said when I get back.

When I got back I fixed dinner. He
didn't come in.. So figured he must
be still out working on his truck.

I called him on his cell phone, from
my cell phone. (do you see where
this is going?)

He answers in a yell. I gave my most
pitiful voice of .."Honey, you got to
help me." He said, why? what happen?
where are you?

I related how I was on my way home
and there was a loud bang, and the
oil gauge went way down. So I pulled
over. He asked WHERE?... I said half
way (making it about 8 miles out).

You could almost hear him cry. He
has been upset about how much
it is costing to fix his truck. Now in
his mind, is how much for this?

Where exactly are you? I will be
right there, give me a minute to
wash my hands, (he says quite
upset)... then as an after thought
He said, if you are messing with
me... and I started to laugh. I
told him dinner was on the table.
And I hung up...

GOT YA.. GOT YA... a victory
dance... lol lol....
He told me that was a rotten
thing to do, he had on his mind
the cost of the truck and now
a blown motor on the Bronco?
It was almost more than he could
handle.. he said....

I laughed... and told him, now...
maybe now...he knows how others
feel about his "little" joke...

I got him... oh, how I got him, I was
laughing so hard I thought I would
pee my pants!!!!...

Monday, May 08, 2006


Projects.... what seems like
an innocent deal turns out to
be a headache..

You start with one thing you
want to change. Put in a new
carpet. Innocent enough...
Next thing you are doing is
painting the walls. After all,
you have all the furniture out
of the room.

Maybe it isn't the project, it
is painting. You think small,
but painting ALWAYS FOLLOWS.

4 years ago we put in carpet.
First one bedroom and then the other.
And painted.

3 years ago painted the front
of the sink, which led to putting
in linoleum and painted the walls.

Put in a new window.. and
yes, now we have to paint the
wall. After all, we had to replace
a section of drywall. And you
can't get away with just painting
one wall.

So yesterday, we went to Home
Depot because they have a paint
computer. You pick out what you
think looks good for paint. Then
go to the computer. Go thru the
process of finding the room you
are doing. Touch the paint color,
touch the wall that you want that
color, bam, the wall is that color.
Then we decided we wanted
two colors for the two walls. One
went well. The other... well... after
3 different choices, and yes, we
are still talking to each other...we
found one that we think we like.

Hit print out. All I could think of
while I looked at the print out..
was how I wish I could do that
at home. Touch the wall with
the paint color and wham... the
wall was painted.

I am so NOT looking forward to
this project. Luckily the King
has his truck tore apart so the
painting of the living room is on

Saturday, May 06, 2006

NOW YOU SEE IT............ Posted by Picasa
IGA........GONE Posted by Picasa
Soon to be gone...Hair Hut & etc. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

Organizing Me

It is not easy being me.
I try to organize myself.
But seem to be at a
disarray. I get close.
But I guess I am not
discipline enough.

Last year, I had it down
fairly well. I got up, read
the paper, headed out the
door, and walked for 45
minutes, and then came
back and did my blog.

This year I seem to be a
sissy-girl. As last year
I was walking at 19 above
weather. This year I am
waiting until it gets warmer.
Which is soon. As it is 35
this morning. And I don't seem
to be an afternoon walker, for
exercise that is.

So should I change, or
stay the same. Should I
post the night before,
which I have preposted
a few times because of
time limits the next day.

And the later day seem
to not work well yet either.
I want to get into the
garden..but the weather
isn't warm enough. As it
was, my hanging baskets
are ...well...hanging...

I should know in Idaho, you
don't plant until June, but
warm weather calls.

Yep, I really got to work
on my organization skills.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Home Sick

As most of you know I am
from Rhode Island... Middletown,
to be exact. I moved away 48
years ago. And then went back
in 1978 and left again in 1982.
My deceased husband's Marvin
had vein problems and the rain,
would raise Cain with him. So
we moved to back out west.

Over all those years.. I really
never got homesick. Kind of
joked like some.. that R.I. was
a nice place to visit, but don't
want to live there. I like the
mountains and the lakes. And
the Pacific Coast. Reminds me
of the Atlantic Ocean. lol

But yesterday... yesterday,
my sister from S.C.sent me
a site to go to.

I read thru a lot of it. And
they have recipes. My mouth
started to drool. Now why the
heck with the 50 million
restaurants they have in
America, and every town
usually has 20 of them..At
least 20.. why... I ask you why,
isn't there a Portuguese
Restaurant? Look at these

Portuguese Kale Soup
Portuguese Sweet Bread
Stuffed Quahogs
Chourico & Peppers

That is just the start of
the meals that are made. I
know this for a fact. I had
Portuguese friends... their
mothers are fantastic cooks.
Emeril is Portuguese... Why
don't we have them out west?

Then the site went on to talk
about places... well, a tear
started. I was homesick.

For the past, my childhood,
and all the things of R.I.
Rocky Point
Which was the greatest of parks.
Salty Brine
so much better than Howdy
Block Island
Pt. Judith
the beaches
fishing boats

I forward the site to all my
Rhode Island family and friends,
that had moved away... All of
which emailed back... "homesick"...

I emailed Ray who had the site... and told
him how much I enjoyed his site. And
asked if he knew where I could get some
good Fava beans to plant. He replied..and
such a nice person...So here it is..
the site address...
Ray is half Italian... so that is the
reason for the Italian half of this site.
And Italian.. is the other half of R.I.
Best Italian Restaurants...

Click HERE to go to the site.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You have come a long way, Baby?

"You have come a long way, baby"

That was a phase that was used
when I was in my 30's.. Of course,
it referred to a cigarette, but it also
was a idea pushed by the NOW
Organization. In the 1970's there
was a big push for women's rights.

Women's right in the job, women's
rights at home, buying power and

Women's rights not to be harassed
in the work force. Women's rights
to equal pay. Women's rights to
equal opportunities.

The women have come a long way.
There are women CEO's which was
unheard of, unless your father own
the company. But equal pay is
still a stretch.

But what happen to women in
general. I see women in the
work place. But what about,
women. What have they done
for themselves.

Why do women still think that
there has to be a man in their lives,
so much so they will settle for any man.
Not one that they can enjoy living with,
be married as an equal partner.
But the kind that tells them what to
do. Why do women still cling to the
forceful man, the dominating man?
Where is their back bone?

When I was first married, women didn't
have choices. There were not places for
abused women to go. The general public
was of... "what did you do to him to make
him so mad?"
attitude. Even some parents,
when you complain about your husband
beating you... "well, you made your bed,
lay in it."

But this isn't true anymore.
So why do women live like
they do? Why do they let a man
dominate their lives? Why
can't they walk away when
it looks like it is going to be
an abusive situation? We
surely have been shown the
warning signs? I just don't
get it.

In this day and age of
anti-sexual harassment,
anti-abusive partners....
we have NOT come a
long way baby.

Mothers need to teach their
daughters, that the whole
world is out there for them
to do what they want. They
need to teach them at an early
age...7 or 8 years old... and
keep teaching.

Do what job they want...
welding, CEO's,wedding
planner, construction
foreman, or whatever idea's
they can come up with to
start their own business.
The only barrier is their own

And before the people give me
the "You must hate men bit",
the answer is no. There are
some fantastic guys out there
to share your life with. I am
lucky enough to have one.
But women don't HAVE to
have a man. Just like men
don't HAVE to have a woman.

Be whole yourself, before
you decide to blend your
life with a good partner.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life's little Adventures

In life one makes choices.
Some are good and some
are bad... some are funny.

Some are displeasing to others
but not a bad choice. Just
different from theirs.

Some of those choices, give
us a sense of freedom, that
others can't understand...

After 15 years of a debate with
myself. And being a coward
at heart when it comes to pain..
I decided over the weekend, to
bite the bullet and do what I
would like to do..

I bit the bullet and found out
it was almost painless, and
would tell anyone who wants
to do the same, that the pain
part is over rated and go for
the gusto.

And for those who don't like
it..or don't understand...
Oh, well...

Butterflies are are we Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 01, 2006

Story behind May Day

After reading my Friday blog,
a friend send me a site that
explains May Day. I chose a
section out of the middle of it.
As it explains it the fastest. But
the rest is very interesting...
Below is the site, so you can
go and read the rest of the
story. This is what I copied

Customs of the Day
May Day is a time to celebrate
the onset of May, the month
that sees the Earth reaching
itself ready to burgeon to its
maximum capacity. Since
the ancient days in England
there prevailed a custom of
"bringing in the May" on May Day.
This was why people would go to
the woods in the early dawn.
There they picked flowers and
lopped off tender branches to
bring them in and decorate the
May Day and flowers: It has
always been strongly associated
with flowers. Partly may be
because of their availability in
abundance. But that is not all.
There are other reasons as well.
For instance, the May Garland
and beggar girls. Making garland
is one of those ancient May Day
customs that has survived still today.
May garlands, is meant for the
coming of summer. May garlands
were also used while begging by
the kids from door to door. At
other times of the year begging
would have been an offence. But
if it was done at May time with a
garland. This is why groups of small
girls, crowned with leaves and
flowers, went from door to door
singing and begging.
Maypole dance: On the first day
of May, English villagers woke
up at daybreak to roam the countryside
gathering blossoming flowers and
branches. A towering maypole was
set up on the village green. This pole,
usually made of the trunk of a tall
birch tree, was decorated with bright
field flowers. The villagers then
danced and sang around the maypole,
accompanied by a piper.
May Queen: Also part of the
celebration was the crowning
of a May Queen. When the sun
rose, the maypole was decked
with leaves, flowers and ribbons
while dancing and singing went
on around it. The Queen was chosen
from the pretty girls of the village
to reign over the May Day festivities.
Crowned on a flower-covered throne,
she was drawn in a decorated cart
by young men or her maids of honor
to the village green. She would be
crowned there right on the green
spot. She was set in an arbor of
flowers and often the dancing was
performed around her, rather than
around the Maypole.
So Happy May Day.Here is your

May Day
if that doesn't work
try this

I prefer to the uplifting side of
May Day than the political side.