Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guess my heart just isn't into it ...

Been pretty busy... but not that busy...
So I guess the best excuse I have for not
posting.. is  .....

I guess my heart just isn't into to it...

Haven't taken a vacation for quite a while..
So giving myself one now...

Will be back July 11.....
HAVE A GREAT 4TH OF JULY...... with your family and friends..

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Where in the family steps are you?

I was the oldest most of my life… I say most
of my life as we had a foster sister for about
2 years.   That was hell..  You see if anything
happen, my mother would say it was me who
did it.   My brother who was 4 years younger
than I… surely didn’t do it.. he wouldn’t have
thought of it.. And my foster sister was 18
months older than I, and she wouldn’t do it as
she was old enough not  to do such a thing..
So I was IT.

Being the middle child was the pits.  And even
when I was the oldest, it wasn’t good either.
See if my brother did do it.. well, it was my
fault as I should have stopped him, as I
was old enough to know better.  Which my
brother caught on to that early in life, and
played that game well.

When I was raising my children, I never had
my oldest ones be in charge. Sadly when
they lived with their father, later in life, that
wasn’t true.. She was the oldest of not only
ours but of the new family two as well.
So it took many, many, many years
for my oldest one to learn that her siblings
were not her responsibility.  That their lives
were just that.. theirs.

I have seen that happen in many families. Even
when I was raising my own, I had friends who
made their oldest be the baby sitter.  Even if
there were other kids their age at a gathering,
they couldn’t go play, as they had to watch
their sibling.  I thought that was horrible, so
made sure that didn’t happen in our family.

But what happens in your ex’s household you have 
no control over. 

I have watch the youngest ones struggle, as the older
ones usually boss them around.. and even as adults,
it is hard as they don't get the respect that they should.
The older ones seem to think the youngest just doesn't
know enough. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

I don't want to....

I thought about blogging today… and I didn’t
want to… I thought about it yesterday as well.
as I try to get my ideas the day before… but
I didn’t want to….

There just isn’t enough to write about.. We
are all tired of the Hillary and Donald pony show.
We are tired of nothing being done about having
common sense gun laws… and the fact we don’t
even uphold the ones we have anyway.

I think those who hunt, should still have guns.
I think those who live in cities where criminals
think nothing about breaking down your door..
You should be able to protect yourself.  I just 
don’t see the reasoning behind having a gun that was
made for the military, is a necessity.   And I get
that each year seems worse, and maybe you
might have to protect your home, no matter where
you live.  But they have been telling us this for the
past 50 years.   And NRA… I am sick of you screaming
you are not taking my guns and Congress you will
pay for it.. if you do pass a law.   And my answer
to that has been….. surely, NRA members.. you can
not help but be horrified with the murders… So why
don’t you come up with a common sense laws that
should be passed, that protect the innocent. Why
do you go for the all or nothing.. because I am
telling you… if the nut cases keep killing people,
you will lose your guns.. all of us will. So stop
being part of the problem, and help solve the

I told you I didn’t want to write a blog today.. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just when you think the bar can't go lower....

Representative John Lewis  had a Naval ship named
after him, because he is so well thought of.. He went
thru the civil rights with King in the 60’s  There was a
large article about how he so deserved this honor… YET,
yesterday, a Republican Representative decide to rescind
that honor… What did Rep. Lewis do that was so bad
to be stripped of this honor?    He, with others did a sit
down.. and peaceful protest over the Congress’s
lack of gun rules to make it harder for criminals and etc.
to get guns.  That in the discussion of those rules, the
Republicans threw it out with in an hour or the start of
those discussions. .. Remember the Congress is said
to be serving Americans… And the American people
have been very vocal about they want something done.
And they want it done now.. not years from now.

They want some common sense rules and regs brought
to the Congress and voted on.. Not just a few words
and grand slammed shut down.  As so many times

So there have been several participating in this sit
down.  Look at their faces, America.. these are the
same generation who sat down at colleges, walked
protesting for civil rights in the 60’s…  These people
know protesting and sit downs well. They know in
the past it has worked, sometimes. They are some of the voice of America… Yes, most of them are Democrats.
But at least they are listening and open to discussion.

But once again.. the Republican party acts like they
are in kindergarten.  Shut off the camera of CSPAN.
They don’t want the public to see.. (like in this day
and age of cell phones with camera, that is going to happen.)
But to say they want to remove Rep. John Lewis’s name
off a ship… because of this.. is even a new low for Congress and the Republicans. Mississippi Representative Steven Palazzo pretty well knows that… let’s hope the rest of Congress has some common sense left.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I keep telling him, this is not how it goes...

This is day 22 of the King’s retirement… and
day 5 of his fishing trip…

I get daily updates on how the trip is going.
See he was invited by his nephew to go on
the fishing trip of a life time..  It is a 64
Foot by 15 foot house boat.  On a lake in
Washington state.  A week of it.. 

He packed for a week before.. had a list a page
full, of what to bring.. from clothes to food.
And gear, of course.  He went over a couple
hours early.. he wasn’t excited.. no .. lol

It started off bumpy.. seems they had to be towed
back to the dock about a half hour into the trip.
But all good things come to those who wait.. as
they were up graded to a nicer boat.. with a JACUZZI!
And they were given an extra day..

So every am, he calls to tell me how great it is..
On day four he was sitting on the top part with
coffee cup in hand, looking over the landscape of
woods, to see a deer mosey down the hill to the
Lake.  And the fish they have gotten.. and ate
for dinner.. And when I asked if he was going to
be able to bring some home.. he said he didn’t know.
Told him …hey, you are out there on the boat, enjoying
yourself.. eating the fish as you go… how about me?
I want fish too… lol…   
He called me on day 3 at night.. telling me about
just getting out of the Jacuzzi.
Also have to keep reminding him.. “you know this
is not the normal retirement life..”… I have been
retired 13 years and I had none of that in my
retirement years.. and he laughs, yea, I know.
He sounds so happy and relaxed… and I am

happy for him. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flying by the seat of my pants...

Trying to get things as I know it.. on
the new computer… so I know my way
around… has been an education to say
the least…  And sometimes I think this
old brain goes with the adage of …
Can’t teach old brains new tricks..

One of the things I had to take care of,
was putting in the virus protection of
my choice..   as the computer comes
with a temporary virus protection of
their choice..  one which I didn’t do well
with, years ago.. so went with another one.
I went with the free one for many years
and then in 2012, I spent the money to do
the better one.. and less ads.  Because as
we know, nothing is really for free.

Now I had to download my virus which is
paid up to 2017.  As I was trying to download
my paid one, it was getting complicated…so
asked for their support team..  which they did
a great job… but one of the parts was… letting
them control my computer, to get the right setting
that wasn’t working for me.  That took a leap of
faith…. A big leap of faith… as I could tell by
the name of my support help, that his name was
not from around here.   As it turn out to be.. he was
from India…  So I took a deep breath.. figuring
the company I am familiar with and has been
helpful in the past… so I flew by the seat of
my pants and click ok..  and it worked out
perfect.  Even had a nice conversation while
we were waiting for some of the download.
By the way they can retire.. depending on the
company at the age of 58.  

One thing I have found out from the new computer is,
NOTHING…COMES WITH IT.. well, nothing I use.
Office.. over $100 and that is for only ONE YEAR!!
I got that for free when I first started computers.
Windows photo gallery… gone.. and while the computer
recognizes my printer for printing.. it doesn’t for importing
pictures…  So download (luckily for free from Microsoft)
photo gallery which has all the things I know.

Yes, a learning curve… so far I am staying up with it. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

The longest day of the year....

Or so they say.. you see I never have
noticed the difference..

Just how much longer is it? 
A minute? Or an hour?
It just seem like any other day..
Just like in December.. the shortest
day… that never seem like the sun
went down any faster than it did
the day before or the day after.

I think it is all in someone’s head.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Plants in...... plants out...

The past two nights have been plants in the
shed, and then out of the shed in the am.
So came up with the idea of the wheel barrow.

Of course that means cover up the squash,
tomatoes and etc. 

Just think 8 days ago we were worried they
were going to burn up.  Well, with the rain,
we haven’t had to water them.. at least there
is one high point.

Just was looking at the date of this post.
June 16, 2016……..
6-16-16    or
61-6-16.. reading both ways is the same…

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What the hell happen to summer?

The King insisted on putting in our air conditioners
a week and half ago.. It is 78.. we need the AC…he
says…  I told him, we don’t put them in until the 4th
of July…  But nooooooooooooooooo, he wanted them

Well, we have them in alright!!.. and I am freezing
to death..   The weather went to the 60’s   and
then last night.. it dipped to the 40’s with early
morning today.. being at 38…

I AM FREEZING..  I have my winter pjs on.. I
am wrapped in a blanket, watching television..
and I am afraid to go out and see what my
garden looks like.   Yes, the King went out
last night and covered over his garden and
moved out baskets into the shed… but I am
still wondering…   And there is snow up
on Schweitzer Mountain.

Now who the hell stole summer and bring it
back.. because I AM FREEZING.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So far, so good...retirement that is...

So far the King’s retirement has been busy.
and he has so many things he wants to do,
but it seems things just keep jumping up.

He is trying to get ready for a fishing trip
that starts Sunday early hour am… But
it seems everything is just jumping up.

There was the school district retirement
breakfast on Monday.  That is for all the
employees who are retiring..  Teachers,
and all the other departments as well.

He has to go get his Washington State
fishing license.. which turn out to be an
odd ball. See he has to pay $34 for a 3
day fishing trip. But he is going to be
gone a week.. so that would be 3 times
the price.. for 7 days.. Knocking on
over $100… or buy one for the year at
$55.  That is crazy. $34 for 3 days is
crazy too. Over $10 a day.  Anyway
lucky for us, the state of Washington
is just over the border 30 miles away, so
he can get his license before he goes.

Being he will be gone for a week, I got
to figure out what project I want to do
while he is gone. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Speechless and silence....

When you think, that the human race can not go

any lower… it does…

Orlando, Florida…. 50 dead…more than 50 injured

and in the hospital.   This isn’t about guns or the

control of them.. this is about ignorance, tolerance less,

people, who think they should decide what should be.

There is nothing further to say… as I am speechless..

So to all those who lost love ones… who have injured

love ones…    I leave in silence of prayers.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

A bad day on the Lake is better than....

Yesterday was a great day.. We were up at
0 hour.. well, not quite… but we were on the
Lake before 6:30am. Lake Pend Orielle, that

It was overcasted and actually warm for that
hour.  We took off from the dock and I had
my camera.  The hills and mountains looked
great, but with out any sun, it wasn’t quite
the picture taking I wanted. 

We were not alone on the water. There was
one other.. then 2 more joined us out there.
I had the first hit. But sadly, as I lifted it
up, it was gone in a flash. But not to worry
we are just starting..  Well, as it turn out..
it was all over except the crying.. lol. As I got
one more hit and then nothing.. Absolutly nothing.
Luckily the King got a hit and landed.  He
lost 2 more but ended up with the total of 4.

We headed to the bridge dock to make a run
to the little room.  The Fish and Game were
there and we got checked out. Along with a
friend of ours, who was another one of the boat
in the water, fishing.   We were all legal.

But as we were matching stories… we heard
some rumbling.  We had some quick showers
off and on, but nothing big.. But this was getting
serious.  A few flashes and we were all in our
boats and heading to the dock we all came in.
We were there first, loaded up… pulled
out of the way, so the others could follow
thru as well…  As the last thing you want to
be in.. on the lake, is a metal boat during a
lightening storm. 

But it was still a great 3 hours.. and enough
fish for dinner. 

 a view I never get tired of seeing...  


 a few of the ones out there...

This fisher one.... looks to see how we are doing and where he can swoop down
and get his...

 3 of the 4 the King got..  nice dinner fish... 

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Back to the cave, Batman

We are back to the pull the curtains, put in
the air conditioners… and the house becomes
a cave like for ¾ of the day.

We usually don’t put the AC in the windows
until July.. around the 4th. But here we are the
7th of June and it was just to hot for the King.
He couldn’t take it anymore.

Tried to tell him that it would be cool in a day
or two..but 3 days in a row of mid 90’s, he didn’t
care.  He wanted to be cool NOW.. he didn’t want
to be sweating…. So out they came.
Forecast? 60’s and rain off and on.. Oh, well
we are ready and on Tuesday we were cool.

Now to day.. we are heading out to go fishing.
our first time this year.  Hope we get to go
more often than last year.. we went twice
last year.. and cooked both times. It was just
too dang hot.. Even for the fish.. they weren’t
biting.  But they say they are catching blue backs,
So we shall see.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Maiden Voyage

Here we are … me and the mouse in my hand…
The start of my new computer… First day solo.
after weeks of help, transferring, learning and
still a lot more to learn.. my new computer.
With Windows 10.   My Windows 7 computer
ended up going belly up… only letting me in
for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.. just long enough
to copy my different folders, pictures and etc.
And then there is the OLD computer.. which is
always my fall back, when the other one need
work.   So the OLD computer, which is Vista
Mode… has been my life line to hang on to.. with
a throw in of a flash drive to download keeping things.

And the times I had to get up and walk around.. to
keep from screaming and pulling my hair out… I
would call in the big guns..  My future granddaughter.
Who spent a whole day of transferring, giving me step
by step instructions on how to access things that use to
be a clickable.  How to put my icons on the desktop.
to learn the “tile” system, which is still a learning
process.  Downloaded pictures… and then where the
heck did they go?  But I found them..

So today, I placed the new and improved (?) computer
into service… but the Vista OLD one is on standby just
in case. 

I have to say, I am kind of proud of myself.. as when I
couldn’t figure out some of it.. and Big Gun wasn’t
available… I figure it out.. it was strictly a try and

error …..lots of errors and redo’s …. But I did it.. 

Monday, June 06, 2016

30 years.... 17 of them married....

30 years ago… 1986… was a year of many changes
for me… 

In April, my husband had passed away… end of April
I started my first job in about 20 or more years… June
brought the leaving of my twin son’s to different states
as they graduated from high school… So in a short few
months we went from a household of 5 to 2.  My youngest
still living at home and going to high school.  And me
being in full charge of our lives.

In October, or so,  after doing so many double shifts,
and doing 6 days a week, many times… a family
friend suggested I take a night to go out to dinner, and
a movie.  That I needed a break.   And we did. With a
funny thing happen at the end of the night.  I got home
at midnight.  Only to be greeted at the door by my
daughter and a visiting son… demanding where had
I gone.. after, all dinner and a movie doesn’t last until
Midnight.   I never laughed so hard in my life…as I
told them…. “So how does it feel to have the shoe on
the other foot”…  But the answer was.. after the movie
and a late dinner, we sat and talked with a glass of wine,
next to a fireplace at the restaurant.  

That started a 30 year relationship, which took 13 years
to decide to make it a permanent one. And here we are

17 years married, later yesterday… still together… and still strong. 

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Well, this is a revolting development...

Well, the King is officially retired.. and he went to
his send off with 2 other future retirees.
He had a good time, with good food and good people.
with a slight tear in his eye, he said his goodbyes.
There were lots of laughter as well, as his major
Boss roasted him with a sour valuation. To the laughter
of all. And applause.

But thru all of this.. he had developed some medical
problems.  Out the clear blue sky came first a severe
headache. That was from the Bells Palsy he got after
the stress of dealing with the suicide of his sister.
Then as he got thru this.. his hip goes out.
It is bursitis they said. So he got a cortisone shot. Then
It went to his calf of his leg.  Thru it all there were MRI’s
and x-rays. This time it was an enlarged vein. Good new
it isn’t a blood clot.  I told him all of this is lasting 2 weeks
each. So next it should  hit his ankle and then his toes…and
then it should be finished with his body.  Lol..  He didn’t
see the humor of it.  

As we sat in the doctor’s examination room, he looked at
me so sadly and said… but I am retiring.. I am suppose
to be enjoying my life.. what the heck is all of this?  I’m
suppose to be having fun.. this is NOT fun… So much
for my golden years.. Gold for the doctor and hospital.

I told him, this too shall pass. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

HOLY COW, he said....

Today is the first day of the King’s retirement.
Crossing our fingers that all the paper work is in
order and July 1st everything kicks in.

And the past couple of days have been eye openers
of what is to be…  for the King..  He figured he
retire and get up late (for him that is about 4am, as
work time was 2am)  and walk around the yard with
a cup of coffee and plan out his day.. Do some of his
projects he has lined up.. like working on his 47
Ford,  that has been in the works for years.  And a couple
of honey-dos that he even set up for himself.  Like
redoing the front porch and etc. And he wants to put
in a walk way from house to the back garage, instead
of the rock one we have now.

But the forecast is full of new plans that others are running by
him.  First is the potluck tomorrow at his job for them to say
good bye..  Then mid month is the school districts breakfast
as they say good bye to all their employee’s who are
retiring this year.  And baby shower, and friend’s birthday
dinner, and a niece’s graduation AND best of of all… a
whole week fishing trip. It is a 3 generation but I kind
of call it Old Farts fishing trip.. There will be 4 men over
the age of 60… two mid 30 years olds (sons of the host) and
4 (grandchildren of the host) who range from 5 to teens. 
It will be a blast. NO women, which suits me fine..
(humm, a week…what project can I do?)
 BUT, it has left the King with…

And all of these are in June.. then we jump to August
to our son’s wedding and a visit round trip for us all
rolled into one.   And I suspect the days and weeks

between will fill up as well.