Thursday, January 28, 2016

First day of CNA classes and blown out of the sky

I had just started my first class of CNA classes... Not
sure of myself.. after all I hadn't been in a class for
...what 29 years?  So here I am listening the best I can and
hope I can retain this information.  The classes were
going to be for 3 months.

We started at 8am... and then at 10am we took a break
...10 minute break, then back to class.
As soon as the door opened up, in rushed the Director
of Nurses...  THE SHUTTLE BLEW UP... they just
announced it just a little bit ago.. thought you would
like to know. 

Now this was before the days of instant media. No
Facebook, or internet..  This was 30 years ago.
So we all got a drink of water, went pee.. and came
back for class. After all it would be at least a hour
or so for the news to get it together...and who knew
how long before they would have why.

We were all sad, and then it dawn on us.. it was the
Challenger...with the teacher on it.  We talked a few
minutes about how horrible it would be for the kids.
And then back to school class.

We all went home at noon, and I am sure we watched
updates on television all day long.. The pictures of it
going up, blowing up.. coming down.. smoke, clouds,
and the look of those who were watching from the platform
near by.

Lot different from the day I was getting off work and
learn on the way home, that the plane flew into the
World Trade Center. And the media lit up from 6am
our time here ... until how many days later?  While
Facebook wasn't what it is today... but the internet

lit up. Searching for more information...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How does that work like that???

We have all heard about the incident in Flint, Michigan
with the water having lead in it... All because the Governor
decided to save money by changing the system.  Which
just happens to be loaded with lead.

So now they have sick kids, and others.. with more
to come.  The government of Michigan has known
this since April of 2014. And have had full knowledge
of it since summer of 2015..... but decided not to tell
the good citizens until winter of 2015. 

And here we are in 2016, and the water company is
still charging these people with homes there, for their
poison water. How does that work like that? 

Oh, common sense isn't used here... forgot that.. 
because common sense would not have changed
the water system in the first place,
with out testing it... and then after they knew for sure
common sense would have told the people...  But now
common sense really went out the window... with
charging the good people of Flint for the water.
Not much conscience there? 

And the bell will keep tolling.... as the results of the
damage will be here for years to come..
Health damages...and  damages allowed for in

courts across the town. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump's new theme song....

Lately as I hear more and more people
getting on the Trump train.. the song
from the King and I came to mind.

Getting to know you
Putting it my way
But nicely
You are precisely ..My cup of tea
Getting to know you
Getting to feel free and easy
When I am with you
Getting to know what to say
Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy?
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I'm learning about you
Day by day
Read more: The King And I - Getting To Know You Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The more that people get to know about the backside of Trump,
the good side that is.. not so much in the media side... 
people are going from .. WHAT? THAT JOKER?  To seeing who else is out there..
and thinking maybe he wouldn't be so bad. 

But I can just see it with the head of states meeting with him..
maybe he better meet them here first... as he might not live to go home from their country.. And then again.. maybe not. maybe he might gain respect for us over there, that we aren't the push over of the last bunch for the past 30 years? 

Who knows.. but I have to admit.. this election is not dull, that is for sure.. well, maybe on the Democrat side.. I still can't believe that woman want Hillary... To me it is the
AOBH for me.... you know.. Any One But Hillary.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Well, Park my Car in the Harvard Yard....

This past weekend we celebrated the 65th
birthday of my brother-in-law..

Many people showed up and the rooms
were buzzing, and finally ended up with the
boys in the men's cave (better known by
me as the LIAR'S there have
been some pretty wild tales told there,
my husband being a member).. and
the women in the front room.  And that
pleased us just fine..  We had more
laughter going.

One of the swing my head around was,
a man who was there, and I have talked
to him many of times over the years.. But
for some reason, his speech stood out
over the weekend.. It made me smile.
Music to my ears..   Maybe because he
usually answered most of the questions
with one word sentence... where this time
he was talking quite a bit.

So was it a Party we were at or a potty?
Cotter was a man or was the man's
name Carter?   It was just nice to hear
him talk, the more relaxed he was, the
stronger it was..  Nice to hear a little
bit of back home. 

Told him I was jealous, that even tho
both of us have been away from New
England for 30 + years, he has kept a
lot more of his than i have.   And yes
he was from just outside of Boston. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I wouldn't invite him to dinner....

The politicians are still crazy.. On both sides..
I watched about 20 minutes of the Democrat
debate...  As you know, I am NOT a Hillary fan.
And while I like what Sanders has to say...
especially when they point out all the countries
who have free medical.. I know I know. nothing
is for free...  My friend who lives in France tells
me she pays $10 for going to the Dr.  $20 to
go to the hospital..  so how is that?  They pay
$6.something a gal for gas..  which has a tax
to pay for health care.  And from what I have
heard from her about it.. it is worth it.. After all
she went in last November and had free surgery.
I know .. I know.. nothing is free..but it was free
to her.  They are not low income.. it is just the
way it is there..  Be nice if we all had the same
insurance. Congress and the rest of us.

But what surprised me of the debate was... Hillary
wrapping herself up in Obama and her husband
Bill.. Time and time she quote the good of Obama.
Considering how the whole country feels about
our President.. I was surprise... And Bill. oh, my
gosh.. her remarks of ... yes, I will send him out
for being a goodwill ambassador... (I bet she
would make him an ambassador or even Sec.
of state) .. I will listen to his suggestions and
ask questions ... I will value his input.... all of
this she said at the debate..  What the hell is
this?  A rerun of Bill and Obama?  You would
think that would be a deal breaker for the voters.

And now Sarah Palin has come out for Trump
for President...  boy that has to have Cruz
holding his gonads...  what the heck?  I thought
she was one of those tea party gals.. and Cruz
is one.. so you would have thought she would
have camped out in his camp.. Wow.. politics
does make some strange bedfellows.. 

Trump might be saying what so many Americans
have said at one time or another..   And I love the
way he mixes it up his fellow candidates.. He has
stirred up the Republican party stew more an
another one ever has.. and I think it is funny...
But I wouldn't invite him to dinner.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I always thought that these days came in Feb.
or even March.....  but for me it is early... the
doom and gloom of the weather...

I don't do non sunny days.. I can handle maybe one,
but more, it is just not for me... I loose all my energy.
They say turn on your lights, especially if you have
neon type ones...  Which I have in my kitchen.. doesn't

It just saps us... this isn't cabin fever.. cabin fever
is when you can't get out and do anything..  This
is just a drain on you.  No matter how many places
you go to. 

They have a applicable name for it too. At least the
initials for it is.. S. A. D.  (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
listed as this...

SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you're like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody.

I usually start after the first of the year, as I am too busy
in the fall, for it..  Maybe because the holidays are over,
and nothing going on?  I don't know.
It is surprising to find how many people suffer from this,
and it is not age biases either..  I found out about it when
I was still working about 20 years ago.. One of my partners
was talking about it.  And when she started listing each
thing.. I thought, holy cow, it is a real deal..
Some even attempt suicide, it is that bad.. Lucky for me
I am not that bad.. but it sure does sap me..

And only 41 more days to Spring... sigh.....  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unbelievable gullible.....

With most of us on Facebook in one way or
another... personal accounts or business..
You must have seen the latest posting
dealing with the recent billion dollar Powerball

These latest one.. and there are so many people's
pictures that have been photoshopped or just
plan out taken from some sites.. They go like

(you put in the proper association)  won $259, 000 (or you
put in the amount as long as you make it hundreds of
millions) and wants to share it with YOU... just like our
site and we will send you.... $5,000.00 or $10,000.00
(both have been mention).. just join us by liking our site.

And the crazy part of all this insane gullibility is, it is forward
by your friends... Friends who you know to be good level
headed people..  So it make it hard for you to make fun
or just say are you kidding me???.. you actually believe in
this?   Because then you would be ridiculing your
friend.. in front of all of Facebook.   Something you
never want to do to your friend.. if you want to keep
them... after all, they have a lot of other good qualities.

Personally I think it is sick mind who puts those up in
the first place.. it is cruel.

Happy birthday .. 76th TS... 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Generation of dying....

At my age, I kind of expect to see different
entertainers from my youth to be dying now.
After all, most of them are or were about 5
or 10 years older than I.   So talking about
80+ years... 

But of late, it is my kid's generation who is
leaving us.

Donna Douglas.... Beverly Hillbillies
James Best .........Dukes of Hazard
Alan Rickman ..... Harry Potter and so many more
Dan Haggerty.......Grizzly Adams
David Bowie.........  Singer, among much more
David Magulie........ Ghost Busters...
Pat Harrington......... One Day at a time
Natalie Cole............. Singer 

All of these, especially the movies and television shows
are the shows that my kids watched.... And these are
not ones who died of drug overdose, that can be the
case, for many dying early. 

Times passes us by..

Thursday, January 14, 2016


It is that time of the year.. even if you did
not make it a resolution.. you still try.

Lose weight. Be it 10 pounds or 60.. something
about the fresh of the year, makes you think
you might make it, this time..

But the elements are against you. 
Every where you look.. FOOD ...FOOD.. FOOD.
and not just the normal soups and sandwiches.
But the cookies, fried bread.. bacon wrapped
anything.. jalapeno stuffed with cheese, or
onion stuffed with meat loaf type food, all of
which is wrapped in the magic food of BACON.

They are everywhere.. on the shows, on Facebook,
(and I have been guilty as others of sharing some
thing good)...and magazines, the elements are against you.

Get so you feel like you are part of that dog
food treat, that we use to heard.. bacon, bacon
bacon..   Everything goes well with bacon...

I like a weekly magazine like called Woman's
World. I like the crossword puzzles in it. and
some of the foodies articles..
But I have to laugh every time I pick it up.
See there is a well known person usually, with
huge headlines of articles inside, of how some
one lost 50 to 100's of pounds.. yet when you
look at the bottom of the front page what do you
see?  The latest and best of delicious goodies.
So easy to make steps.   Kind of counter
productive, don't you think?  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Who says I have to act my age?

NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE the older generation..

I am sure there is a lot of you, who are out there, who
have seen on Facebook, or the internet.. You tube and etc.
Where there are woman and even a few men who are in
their 80's and more.. who dance... like a 20 year old.
Well, ok, maybe like a 30 year old... But they are doing
the Charleston, Samba, Salsa and etc.. dancing. Even
some are in races.  SO don't underestimate the older ones.  

See we have come to find out.. that age is just a number
of how long we have been here...NOT to limit how we feel,
how we act... or what we do.. 
And just for the record..
NO, I can not do what they did... and that is my fault, for
not staying limber...

So those who are heading that way..
always loosing up.. bodily and mentally.  I am hoping
it isn't too late for me.. but what ever I get loose in
my body, will be a plus from what I am now.. Don't get
me wrong.. I still do a lot of what I use to do.. and
maybe more than the average 75 year old.. but I have
so much more to work on. I have let computer time
overflow in the winter... and that I am going to change.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oh, the cars you could buy....

The trading and visiting door has open to Cuba.
And for the car lover, that is great news...

Especially those who love 1950's cars. And
they are in beautiful shape from the looks in the
magazines and papers you see.

So if you win the 1 Billion 300 Million, there
is another deal for you.. going to Cuba and
see how many of those taxi guys are willing to
sell or trade those wonderful cars.

With that kind of money, you can buy the cars
AND afford the shipping..  Of course you might
have to trade a new car or vans from America to
replace the ones you are buying.  

The thought that came to mind when I saw
those beautiful cars, .....why haven't they bought
newer ones... after all we are not the only
country that manufacture vehicle of all sorts.

Even Russia, has cars.. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

House for sale....2000 MILLION

With everyone going out to buy their Powerball tickets,
I figured you all might be interested in uptowning your
house.. It is in California.. so no more snow..  It is just
a mere 200 MILLION.. so you will have lots left over.

In the ad, that is making it around the internet, they
aren't very forth coming on how much land or how
many bedrooms... but they do mention one bedroom
is off limits..   See the house comes with a roomie..
The owner who is selling it.  Hugh Hefner.

Now who wouldn't want old 89 year old Hugh
for a roomie, right?  Especially when you kicked
in 200 Million for it.  Sound like to me that Hugh
is looking for a person to pay for the upkeep of the

Don't know what he is going to do with the things
in the house. One room keeps a multi-shelf of books
about his life in his business and houses.  That is a
room in itself.  And what about his deco furniture.
Well, some of it might be up to date. 

And then there is of course the girls who come to visit.
I guess if you are a name dropper, you might like it.
Because his friends stop by from time to time. to
booze and have a little of his drugs, as he is well
know for having at his houses.

But you are stuck with Hugh until he dies, or
you might have to hire a nurse and caretaker, as
there is probably a cause in there about not putting
him in a nursing home.

Me, I will pass... never like Hugh in the first place,
and like I said, it just looks like to me, like he is wanting
a person who will keep the upkeep on it. Paying for
lawn service, pools and grottos service say nothing

about what ever needs repairs inside. 

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Be careful what you leave behind...

You know the saying...on the ad on television...
What is in your wallet?  Well, a better question
would be... what is in your drawers...

We all have extra stuff in our dresser... don't know about
men...but women it is usually the underwear drawer..
Guess it is the drawer  that she figures no man or child
would venture into... to see what is in there..

But also, one should be careful what one has hid
in their bathroom closets and drawers.. way in the

As we have been going thru our love ones things,
trying to decide what to do with each thing.. it made
me go back in my memory of 15 years ago.  I was asked
to help clean out an elderly lady's apt. 

We got rid of the clothes to Goodwill, we did the same
for the kitchen stuff... pots and pans, silverware and etc.
By the time we got to the bathroom we were running
out of steam.  And we each had to go home to our
families...   So I got a big tote.. and told them.. you
guys take the closet, I will take the drawers.. and
proceeded to dump out the drawers in this tote I
brought with me.   They filled up their boxes and
we all left for our homes.

The next day, after my husband went to work, I
got the tote out.  Got the garbage can on the other
side.. and started going thru it.  Shampoo's like 8
of them in varies amounts of fill in them. Conditioners.
Disposable razors, jars and bottles of creams... curlers
of old.   You know the metal ones with the red roller
on the end of the snap. Keys to who knows what.. screw
driver...bobby pins, cotton swaps and etc.

And THEN.. IT APPEARED... my jaw dropped and
I started to laugh... not just giggle, but real belly laugh.
Good thing no one was home.  You see when I got to the
bottom, I turn the tote upside down, so I didn't have to
dangle over the side... and IT rolled across the floor.
I had seen them in magazines over the years... You know
the ads that say, you can use it on your neck to vibrate
the aches out..... But if you read some of the other catalogs,
you know what it is... It was about a foot long, off white
in color, and about inch and half around... with a batteries
door on the end...  I am still almost doubling over .. laughing.
Well, my dear miss..  xxxx (her name) I am so surprised...
Where she got this item... I don't know...  But how the hell
do I get rid of it?

So I kicked it on to a newspaper (after all you don't know
where this has been, but then again.. you might know)  I
wrapped the newspaper around it.. then I took another
newspaper and wadded it up into a ball.. and put it on
the end... and taped the whole affair.  Now looking
like a bomb... so wadded up some more paper and
balled it around it...and taped it.. and then I bagged it
and taped that...    As I had visions of throwing it in
the garbage can and then the garbage man throwing
the garbage with vigor into the truck.. and seeing it
unwrap, slow motionally... and mortifying me... down
the pile towards the garbage man...and him looking at me
as I come out to get my cans...

Thankfully this time there were not any embarrassing.

But got to admit, the girls and I had a new admiration for
the old gal of 15 years ago, as we giggled over coffee

about my find... ... Way to go grandma.... 

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Getting to the point I don't care....

I don't know if I have the strength to deal with all this
foolishness...  The Trump .... Hilary b. s.
After all, we still have 11 more months to go before we
can cast our vote...   11 MONTHS of flowing bs... no
matter who wins the primaries and the conventions.

It is sad, that these are the  ones we see in the debates and ads...
are the best that the SHIP OF FOOLS (Republican party) can produce.
The Democratic party isn't any better...

These are suppose to be the best of the crop??? Well, folks,
if someone doesn't step up soon... we are all going to hell
in a hand basket.  There isn't even a lesser of the evils.. in
the bunch.

You know, I have a lot better things to do with my time..
Not going to waste it on watching this Ship of Fools and
their companions float on... wading thru waste water...
(also have to come up with a name for the Democratic
party as well.... THE BLAB BLAB BLAB ship?)

Life is precious... my husband, my kids, my grandkids and
great grand kids.. my friends... got chores to do... goals
to meet..  Papers to go thru for taxes... Yep, don't have
time for their foolishness...    Not like I can do anything
anyway.. Iowa, New Hampshire, California and etc will
decide...   Here in Idaho.. the Ship of Fools party is so
paranoid, they won't let us Independent minded vote for
their people, even local.. You have to swear your allegiance
to the party and quite frankly, the thought of that makes me
want to gag... of late.    

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

First the grieving.... and then.......

In two more days, it will be a month that we lost our
family member...

First there is disbelief.. then there is the WHY...
then there is the taking care of business.... mixed with

There is the funeral, of course, to take care of.. that is
immediate... the planning...trying to make the right

Then comes the awakening of having to deal with all the
paper work...   all of which you find out is pending because
of the need of the death certificate. That took almost 10

There is the returning the vehicle back to the loaner.
Finding out the bills... checking the papers to find out
what bank?  What insurance company for the car. What
credit cards?  And what the heck are all these cards?

Then getting rid of personal, the things
we all collect.  Seeing if a family member wants anything,
friends...  going thru ones life thru boxes, storage sheds,
gathering up things left with different friends... And never
ending amount, that you finally get the bigger stuff done
and have to stop... Getting burnt out on many
...  what is important? what is not needed,  useless to us,
papers.. magazine that were saved.. and etc.

We have got 5/8 of it done.. we are at the stage of taking
a break...   And then there is the memorial that her friends
put on.. and we attended.. such a outpour  of love... 4 hours
of hugs, tears, kind words... cards... food.... music...  our
love one would look down and be in wonderment.  We
so appreciate everything.. but the hugs were the best of all.

The room full of love... It all helps and replenishes us to carry on. 

Monday, January 04, 2016

Chores of the start of the year...

As always the beginning of the year starts up with the constant
reminding ourselves for a week or two... to write or type a 6
instead of a 5.

Then there is the gathering of the papers of 2015.  For the next
season.. TAX season..  So all those folders, drawers, and where
ever else we put our receipts are to be seek out.

There is new calendars around the house... We have one in our
hall that is a huge one, like one has on a desk (at least years ago
they did, before computers).  It has areas big enough to write
appt. of all sorts..

Then there is (at least for me) the setting up the books so I have
the bills listed with the months spread out.. to keep track that
each one is paid monthly... with check number, and amount.
Also a page for the quarterly, semi and annual bills  to be
accounted for as well..

I have a folding bookkeeping folder, with all the receipts in
each month's slot set up for 2016... and now I have a full one
for 2015, which I have to go thru and see what is important
enough to file..... to keep to take to the guy who does our taxes
in February.

And to make life more interesting.. over the weekend we
discovered an area in a corner not used.... that has mold.
There was plastic bags in the area.. so don't know if they
helped by having a area that sweat or what.. but I have to
move furniture to get to it.. and find a process of how to
clean this mold out of here. It is our own fault as we saw
some dampens last year.. and thought well, when summer

comes we will tear it apart..  ... out of sight.. out of mind.