Monday, January 25, 2016

Well, Park my Car in the Harvard Yard....

This past weekend we celebrated the 65th
birthday of my brother-in-law..

Many people showed up and the rooms
were buzzing, and finally ended up with the
boys in the men's cave (better known by
me as the LIAR'S there have
been some pretty wild tales told there,
my husband being a member).. and
the women in the front room.  And that
pleased us just fine..  We had more
laughter going.

One of the swing my head around was,
a man who was there, and I have talked
to him many of times over the years.. But
for some reason, his speech stood out
over the weekend.. It made me smile.
Music to my ears..   Maybe because he
usually answered most of the questions
with one word sentence... where this time
he was talking quite a bit.

So was it a Party we were at or a potty?
Cotter was a man or was the man's
name Carter?   It was just nice to hear
him talk, the more relaxed he was, the
stronger it was..  Nice to hear a little
bit of back home. 

Told him I was jealous, that even tho
both of us have been away from New
England for 30 + years, he has kept a
lot more of his than i have.   And yes
he was from just outside of Boston. 

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