Monday, February 29, 2016


It seems like everyone is screaming over the
words of BLACK LIVES MATTER... That there
are black people who are making it a real issue.
While I understand where they are coming from,
but in my humble opinion they are stirring up
the racial subject and making it worse.

Some have gotten in trouble for putting up
signs of ALL LIVES MATTER....
To me this is what it should be... but we shouldn't
have to say it..  In order for racism to go away
we have to stop pointing out differences.

By pointing out different groups, we are defeating
the purpose of it.  if you are of any of the groups,
you are going contrary to what message you are
trying to point out.

We should not have to point out that Black lives
matter.. police officers matters, or what ever the
yells are..  We shouldn't even have to say...
ALL LIVES MATTER.... we should ACT like

If you are a police officer, if you are a baby, if you
are black, if you are of the Asian ancestry, if
you are mentally challenged, all of you matter..
You are no more important than I am... I AM
no more important than you are...  We are equal.
And if the people are ever going to get it to this
point, we have to start ACTING like it.. Stop
pointing out differences..

Maybe if everyone stopped pointing out differences,
maybe, people won't look for differences.
But then again, I have been accused of looking at life 
thru rose colored glasses. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lionel Trains......

Did you know that Lionel Trains,  made engines that
came in the colors of pink, yellow, orange? That was
the owner's way of trying to get girls involved with trains
as well as boys.

This happen when people started traveling a lot and
boys were turning to cars to play with. Plus the owner
was very fond of his granddaughter and thought girls
should be able to have their own trains.

In the 1950's Lionel Train was loosing traction.
No pun intended.  His son took over the company,
and the owner sold his shares to a nephew who turn
out to be the Cohen who help Senator McCarthy in the
communism hunts thru the Senate investigations. 
He then in the 1960's sold out to another person who
was helped by Neil Young the singer.. who ended up
owning the whole company. 

Obliviously I was reading a magazine article about
Lionel trains..   My interest about the trains was due
to the fact at the age of 4, I owned one.. At least that
is the story.. I think it was closer to the fact my father
wanted one, so he bought one for his only child.. a girl.
Me.   I say that because the following year they had
a boy.. who all of sudden was the owner of the said
train.  But again, you got to remember what I said.
I think my father wanted the train and we were just
the vessel to fund that train.  As when my brother
got the ripe age of 8 or 10, he challenged Dad to
the ownership. As he was always told it was his
train...BUT... Dad would never let him run it with
out my father hovering over him.  But when
challenged, he had to admit it was my brother's
and he could run it... Which my brother had the
control for about 10 minutes, if that.. and ran it
at full speed.. much to my father's horror, as
he ran from the kitchen to the living room where the
Christmas tree and train where.. I said where as the
train was derailed big time... After 3 times, my
brother was banned from running the train until
"He grew up enough to know how to run a train

I don't know what ever happen to the train.. it sat
under the Christmas tree for years.. and my brother

was diverted to Erector sets and such..  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dirty Tricks

It is getting harder and harder to follow the election
race.  The dirty tricks are getting worse all the time.
And it isn't the behind the scene types.. you know
where there is a slight mention of this or that.. This
is out there in your face type..  Videos and pictures
that are photoshopped.

Also all the angry pictures.. Trump with his mouth
wide open with an anger looks... same with
Clinton.  But we are use to Clinton's from last time

I also get a kick about how Trump says he is
going to do this and that.. and is changing
Health care and etc..   I guess he forgot that
Congress is involved with all this..  And if
for some wild thing.. the Democrats win
enough in Congress to swing it back around,
he will be in the same position as Obama.

But one thing is for sure.. this election race
is scaring the hell out of me.. more than any
other year that I have been alive.

Unless there is some miracle that someone
will come out of the woodwork and run as
an Independent, as an honest, upfront
person.. (like that is going to happen) and
I vote my own... NONE OF ABOVE... which
will give me the satisfaction of not voting for
any of these ship of fools.. I know the
next President of the United States is going to
be someone I really don't like.. short of hate.
I don't usually hate (it poisons yourself),

but this is going to be a close one.    

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I have not seen a written description of the
words, Perfect Storm... but my own would
be,  when several disasters are heading
in the same direction from different areas.

And it seems like we, here in Idaho, especially
in Bonner County, are heading towards a
Perfect Storm, helped by the federal government.

Those of us over the age of 65, who are on
Social Security, were told by the U.S. Government,
that we were NOT getting a raise, because the
cost of living was not raising.   # 1 of the area
of the storm heading our way.. on our budget. 

The # 2 area of the storm heading our way, is the
new bill that is being promised for the property tax
people.  They are going to take away what they
call homeowner’s exemption. Which is a deduction
we get for living in our own home..  In other words
those who rent their houses don't get it.  It has
been a life saver for those of us who are retired.
The Senate has it heading in for vote, in Boise.
And they think it will pass.  So instead of paying
taxes on 2/3rd of my property, I will be paying
100% on my property assessment.

The #3 area of the storm is the proposed
55 MILLION dollars  the school district
is going to throw a levy (they are hoping for 2017).
They are already calling for bids for plans to be
drawn up. That alone should hit the school district
for about $100,000 to 200,000 with out a piece of
dirt moved.
On top of that,  3 MILLION they are having this year,
for repairs and remodeling of several of the existing schools.

Yep, the Perfect Storm for the tax payers.. the low income
who are barely making the payments.. and the senior citizens
who are on such a strict budget as it is.. and then with the
non raise that the Congress decided we didn't need, yet
voted a raise for themselves.. Which is about 1000 per

cent more than any Social Security raise has ever been.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lies? No..not really...little bent of truth

Happy Birthday, George Washington.. and
for those who know about George, he said
he never tell a lie... had to do with his father
questioning about a tree that had been chopped
down.  And we were to learn the lesson of,
never tell a lie.
Well, that could be a fine line between parents and children.

See getting children to eat different foods over
their lives as a child.. can be a tug of war.

My children were not made to eat all foods
all the time...  But they did have to try it at
least once.. One bit.. then after that. if they
really and truly did not like the taste, they
never had to eat it again.

Unlike my mother who forced my brother and
I to eat such things like egg plant, peas and
the worse of all worse.. LIVER...  my memories
of LIVER... still stay with me.. I don't like peas,
but I will be polite and eat them at someone
else's house.. but I WILL NOT be polite and
eat LIVER.

See we could put mustard on it, ketchup or
what ever our choice was.  But there is no
way of disguising LIVER.  It was dry, it was
HORRIBLE TASTING..  But my mother didn't
stop there. Because I spent many hours of
my life at the table.. just me.. my plate and
LIVER... hoping to wear down my mother.
But that was not to be... because if she
finally gave up on me, then I would have
it looking back at me for BREAKFAST. If
she lost that war, then it was there for lunch
and then dinner if that didn't work.  I can
remember it being for 3 days..  to be honest
I can't remember who won and who lost, but
I am betting it was me on the losing end. And
she wouldn't let the dog into the dining room
during these battles...

But the horror of horrors came 30 years later!!
I am at her kitchen table having coffee, when
she mention my father was down at his farmer
friend's house... and probably was going to
bring home a calf LIVER... and then she added
the words that I could not believe that she said.
I thought I didn't hear her right so asked her to
repeat it... her words?  He will want me to cook
it for dinner tonight.. but gosh, I HATE LIVER, and
hate cooking it..   After I found my voice , I
Then why the HELL did you make me eat it.
(I was in my 40's, so I could cuss at the table now) ..

She looked at me with the most innocent of eyes and
said... well, it is good for you....   Guess you and
your brother never noticed, I didn't eat it.  It was
good for you.. iron, don't you know... With bug
eyes... GOOD FOR ME????  IRON???  I could
have eaten raisins.. that had iron ....  But you
would have had to eat so many of them, she replied.
Still in disbelief... I told her, I would have ate a
pound a day.. in place of LIVER... once a week.

Any way.. with my kids .. they ever had to go thru
that.  But before my youngest reads this and fills
you in with the rest of the story...  I did resort to
bending the truth a little... (she says .. I out and out
LIED to them)...   my standard reply to the kids when
they turn up their noses at some food was....
"what you don't want to eat it, but you had seconds
last time we had it, you thought it was so good". 
Then there is the chicken incident.. We would have
fried "chicken" ... until the youngest figured out
the so called wings looked a lot like rabbit legs.

Dang.. dang..   smart kid.. lol

Thursday, February 18, 2016

And the survey said.....

Over the years I have been
ask to answer questions about my blog.
These are usually sent by students of
colleges who are either doing an essay
of their own..(the first one was..10 years
ago) or the school itself is running a project
about people.. (the second one was for
senior citizens writing blogs).

One always wonder if they are legit or not.
And what happens to that information. Does
it disappear into cyber space, papers or
a cd at the college? And do they use our
names?  Two said no.  

While the young man who contacted me
10 years ago.. we converse on by emails
at first.. me answering some questions he
had.. and then he followed it up with a
phone call, so he could talk to me about
a couple of my answers.  One of which was
of great humor to him, was my story about
how I got my kids to return to the house for
lunch. (for those who don't remember or
go back that far.. I use to shoot off the shot
gun, because our dog which was ALWAYS
with the kids, was scared of guns.. and he
would run for home, which the kids knew
if he headed for home.. they had to do the
same)...  We lived in the hills.

One of them wondered if I would change my
blogging habits if I knew they were watching
me and what I wrote.  And the answer is no.
I am what I am... as Popeye would say.

Have to wonder, what it was about my blog
that they thought it was interesting enough
to get ahold of me and find out what I was
thinking.  Interesting... say what?  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Early Yard Work

So it wasn't a perfect day.. at least it wasn't a
sunshine day.. but warm enough for a sweater
and vest.

I got my trusty pruning tool out, and ended
up getting the larger one too, so I could
cut some of the bigger branches off. 

After two hours I had a ball that was 5 feet
tall of clematis branches, and some from
another type of bush..  and dead leaves all
over the place.

I rounded up the ball the best I could,
lifted it up and walked to the back of the yard
with it.. looking like a walking bush with legs.

By the time I got done.. (I had 5 clematis
bushes, and two unknown named bushes done)
and I was sore.. All over.. my arms, my hands
from clipping and clipping... my back from all
the bending.. But it felt soooooo good to be
back outside, even in the gloomy but warm
day. This was so good for my cabin fever.
So much more to do..

But Aleve take me away.. along with a nice
hot shower..
now where did I put those seed catalogs again?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The headlines screamed.... Men must get
permission note from wives for Viagra.
 I have now discovered that not all the
political nut cases don't live in Idaho...

Kentucky men would have to visit a doctor twice and have signed permission from their wives before obtaining a prescription for Viagra or other such drugs for erectile dysfunction, according to a bill filed by a state legislator Thursday.
Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, a Louisville Democrat, the sponsor of House Bill 396, said it is merely an effort to protect men's health and ensure they are informed about a drug with potentially dangerous side effects.
"I want to protect these men from themselves," said Marzian, a nurse.
HB 396 also specifies that only married men may obtain the drug and requires "a man to make a sworn statement with his hand on a Bible that he will only use a prescription for a drug for erectile dysfunction when having sexual relations with his current spouse."
"This is about family values," Marzian said

But she acknowledged the bill is a pointed response to several anti-abortion measures in the current legislative session, including Senate Bill 4, which requires a woman seeking an abortion to get counseling 24 hours in advance of the procedure from a health professional. The counseling must be in person or via live telecommunications.
SB 4, called the "informed consent" bill, passed last week and was signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin.
Marzian, an abortion-rights supporter, said HB 396 also is meant to protest intervention by a predominantly male General Assembly into women's health.
"Do we really want a bunch or legislators interfering in private, personal, medical decisions?" she asked.
Marzian said she doesn't expect her bill to get very far. But she's not done.
Marzian said she also plans to file a bill requiring potential gun buyers to obtain counseling 24 hours in advance from victims of gun violence before the purchase.
"I'm just making sure the government is taking care of your safety," she said.

For those with computers..check this out..

Monday, February 15, 2016

I believe that Election Day should be June 2nd.

No, I don't mean primaries or caucus.
I am talking the main event... yes, that means
moving all the others back a few months.
But that is ok.

See, by having the election on June 1st. Then
we can vote for who we want.. but I also want
one more thing added to the ballot.  And that is
'NONE OF THE ABOVE' ...  and if None of
the Above wins.. then they have to scrap the
whole list of candidates and bring forward a
whole new bunch... The top 6 (3 on each side)
will be disqualified.  And then the rest have to get
their act together in time for a 2nd chance vote
of November second Tuesday's ballot.

Because this year.. all I see is NONE OF THE
ABOVE.  While I like some of Bernie things, I
don't think he is going to be the head runner.
And I am not understanding where he is going
to get the money for the free education and
health bill.   And there is no way.. no way...
I am voting for Hillary. Absolutely NOT..

There is no one on the Republican side that
either is sane enough or educated enough for
my vote. Rubio seems to be a nice guy, and
he can come back in 8 years and maybe he
has learn enough by that time... Cruz and
Trump are nut cases, totally. Scare the hell
out of me.  There really isn't any one on the
Ship of Fools... to pick from.

So it will be a vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.
and if we can do it in June and scrap the
candidates and do it over in time for November,

well, that sounds reasonable to me.. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

3 Generation Valentine dinner....

Those who have read this blog over the years,
know that I am not a fan of Valentine traditional
gifts.. meaning candy and roses...  They know that
the King is forbidden to get either one of those for

I really have it made as I get "for no reason roses"
thru the year... Or maybe I should refer to them as
" I thought you might like these today" roses. As
the King does that for no reason, or if I have come
thru a tough spot ... he will get me one to cheer me
up. These mean the world to me.

But I refuse to be party to the highway robbery
of the prices on roses.. The ads that guilt mostly
men into getting gifts for their loves.  Why pay
$20 and up for roses, when two days after
Valentines' Day .. they are $9.99 for a dozen?
Or $3.00 for one with baby breathes with it?
Some are guilt in to the price of diamonds.
Which I find outrageous

This year we decided to do a 3 generation Valentine
Day dinner at a local restaurant. It will be the King
and I, with our daughter and her husband...adding
our grandson with his girlfriend.. then we added in
a couple other people... to join us...  This is a lot
better than some roses that will die in a few days,
or candy that will add the pounds..  It should add

By the way, my kids use to come home from school,
and find hanging on their bed.. a sack with a dozen
chocolate chip cookies with a home made card.
These are the things that make Valentines Day

a memory. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I keep saying I am not going to watch the mad house
of politics.. but I keep looking.. like looking at a wreck
along side of the road.

The absurdity  of  it all.. the words, the actions.. even
the latest with how Hilary's crew left the building on
Tuesday night.... leaving the American flag in a heap
on the floor of the room.  What kind of person does
that?  I don't care who it is... or who they represent.
What kind of American lets the flag fall to the floor in
the first place and then what kind of people walk out
of the room leaving it in a heap.

ALL OF US.. WHERE AND WHEN, did it lose its

update.. read where this is where they put the flags BEFORE the rally
of Tuesday night.. Even worse..

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

What happen to a "matter of principle"?

The new buzz word it Gentrification.
according to Wikipedia ...  it means...
Gentrification is a trend in urban neighborhoods, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses.[1] This is a common and controversial topic in urban planning.[2] It refers to shifts in an urban community lifestyle and an increasing share of wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values.[3] Gentrification may be viewed as "correction" of blockbusting and urban flight [4] as many gentrified neighborhoods of the present were once affluent neighborhoods of the past. 

Recently used about Sesame Street move to HBO from PBS.. where it had
been for 40 some odd years..  It seems that all of the characters have
according the song of  The Jefferson's..... have all "moved on up"..
Elmo is now living in a brownstone, and Oscar lives no longer in the
garbage can of old but now in recycling cans in the garden area.
Those of us who watched this show with our now adult children in the
70's, are not crazy about it. They said it speaks of the times, and how
life has been upgraded.

While I find that to not to be so true, as there are still slums and slum
lords....but there is also the great move of the Gentrification people. We
all know of neighborhoods that have been sold out to the highest
bidder.. That now has townhouses, that those who lived in that area
could no way afford.  There are big box stores taking up the spaces
of what was mom and pop stores.  The Yippee generation has
taken over those of modest means.

We all have been living in a town that was just a great little town.
A town that was kind of like Cheers...where everyone knew your
name..  Which some would say, isn't a good thing.   The town
of Sandpoint, is a good example of this.  The trailer parks are
replaced by townhouses, or just a huge house.  This is where
big money bought out the low income property. Sold to the
highest bidder.

These buyers either come themselves or follow those who
move from the big cities to get away from all the crime and
what ever else they didn't like about the big cities.  Yet
within 5 years they are promoting... requesting.. working
with the city hall to get these very values the came here for,
changed over to the exact things that they were running from.

The land owners, trailer parks owners, see the big money
that they can get... more than the rental they are use to
getting.. more than what they paid for the property years
ago.... and they sell, sell , sell...  And can you blame them?
The ring on the carousel may not come by again.
After all it disappeared before... farms that were sold for
4 million dollars.. in the early 2000's... to put in condos
that sold for $400,000 each.. went awash during the drop
of the economy and hasn't return yet.

But what about not selling out... as a matter of Principal?
Instead of going for the big money.. to go for the smaller
changes and smaller money.. if the town really does have
to up date?  What about when there is the big buy, there
be a cause in there, about replacing the people who were
renting.. to a new place of equal values... God forbid,
we know they don't want those people renting their property
for the same amount the people were paying before.
Maybe for every huge condo, there be
a low income apts.. and they have to be built first??

Some how it shouldn't be big money wins out, the low
income pack up and finds a way to recoup their lives.

It should be a matter of principle...