Monday, February 22, 2016

Lies? No..not really...little bent of truth

Happy Birthday, George Washington.. and
for those who know about George, he said
he never tell a lie... had to do with his father
questioning about a tree that had been chopped
down.  And we were to learn the lesson of,
never tell a lie.
Well, that could be a fine line between parents and children.

See getting children to eat different foods over
their lives as a child.. can be a tug of war.

My children were not made to eat all foods
all the time...  But they did have to try it at
least once.. One bit.. then after that. if they
really and truly did not like the taste, they
never had to eat it again.

Unlike my mother who forced my brother and
I to eat such things like egg plant, peas and
the worse of all worse.. LIVER...  my memories
of LIVER... still stay with me.. I don't like peas,
but I will be polite and eat them at someone
else's house.. but I WILL NOT be polite and
eat LIVER.

See we could put mustard on it, ketchup or
what ever our choice was.  But there is no
way of disguising LIVER.  It was dry, it was
HORRIBLE TASTING..  But my mother didn't
stop there. Because I spent many hours of
my life at the table.. just me.. my plate and
LIVER... hoping to wear down my mother.
But that was not to be... because if she
finally gave up on me, then I would have
it looking back at me for BREAKFAST. If
she lost that war, then it was there for lunch
and then dinner if that didn't work.  I can
remember it being for 3 days..  to be honest
I can't remember who won and who lost, but
I am betting it was me on the losing end. And
she wouldn't let the dog into the dining room
during these battles...

But the horror of horrors came 30 years later!!
I am at her kitchen table having coffee, when
she mention my father was down at his farmer
friend's house... and probably was going to
bring home a calf LIVER... and then she added
the words that I could not believe that she said.
I thought I didn't hear her right so asked her to
repeat it... her words?  He will want me to cook
it for dinner tonight.. but gosh, I HATE LIVER, and
hate cooking it..   After I found my voice , I
Then why the HELL did you make me eat it.
(I was in my 40's, so I could cuss at the table now) ..

She looked at me with the most innocent of eyes and
said... well, it is good for you....   Guess you and
your brother never noticed, I didn't eat it.  It was
good for you.. iron, don't you know... With bug
eyes... GOOD FOR ME????  IRON???  I could
have eaten raisins.. that had iron ....  But you
would have had to eat so many of them, she replied.
Still in disbelief... I told her, I would have ate a
pound a day.. in place of LIVER... once a week.

Any way.. with my kids .. they ever had to go thru
that.  But before my youngest reads this and fills
you in with the rest of the story...  I did resort to
bending the truth a little... (she says .. I out and out
LIED to them)...   my standard reply to the kids when
they turn up their noses at some food was....
"what you don't want to eat it, but you had seconds
last time we had it, you thought it was so good". 
Then there is the chicken incident.. We would have
fried "chicken" ... until the youngest figured out
the so called wings looked a lot like rabbit legs.

Dang.. dang..   smart kid.. lol

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