Thursday, February 04, 2016

Feeling like Charlie Brown....

I have tried to see what possible attraction people
see in Hillary Clinton.   I am not talking about how
she looks.. That is irrelevant to me.. 

Let's start with the voice.. she is either screeching,
and loud.. (mostly when she is losing the battle, or
feeling like her point isn't a good one and if she
yells it, it will sound better).... or she is like
Charlie Brown's teacher.... you know....
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... boring.
Same old stuff she talked about 8 years ago.
Nothing new, just reused, rehashed. 

The fact that she used the words at the last
Democratic debate, of how she was going to use
Bill as her sounding board, to be open to his
suggestions, to be her ambassador.. blew me
away.. Does the public have that  short memory,
that they don't recall how much they didn't like
Slick Willie, as he was referred as?  And then
to add to the jaw dropping ramble .. she adds,
about Obama and his policies, how she was
going to continue them....... ARE YOU KIDDING
ME?   So basically she was telling us we are
going to have the rehash of the 1980's and then
the 2000's.  Nothing new.. no fresh ideas.. no
how we are going to get out of this mess we
all know we are in..  

What is wrong with people?  And THE WOMEN.
THE WOMEN.. who repeat about having a women
in the office.. so much so, that a bad woman
candidate is better than no woman candidate.
GIVE ME A BREAK..  Surely there is a woman
out there, in our nation.. who has her own mind.
Who has her ideas of how to get out of this.
Surely, in management, or Congress, who know
about our policies and our country that could run
this country. 

And those of you who are Republicans.. don't smile

to much... your ship of fools isn't much better. 

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