Friday, February 27, 2009

At least he is trying...

Did you see the movie, One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
Or read the book... do you remember the part about how Murphy
made bets that he could put up the water fountain off the floor?
And he tried for about and hour. Red faced, sweating, groaning,
but kept on trying. Then finally gave up. As he walked off all the
other inmates made fun of him, and called him names. And then
the Big Indian, said..."Well, at least he tried". Which is more
than you guys do.

Well, that reminds me of all these Republican's naysayers.
Hitting every idea that Obama has, and tries to get into force.
Yet they themselves, after 8 years, never came up with anything
to fix the economy and in fact it went down on their watch. Yet
there they are with no ideas of how to fix it, but the old tax cut
idea, that hasn't done much in the past.

So in the words of the Big Indian... using it about Obama...
"At least he is trying".

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some times you have to question....

I think I wrote before that in the 1970's or 80's I read a book called
Looking out for #1.

It was a very interesting and the jiff of it has stayed with me all
these years. And that is to not take things at face value.
What is the old saying? Only believe half of what you see,
and a quarter of what you hear.

It taught you to question what you read, and what people
say. It if says, "THEY SAY" question who said it. Not just
a committee..but who the people are on the committee and
is it a direct quote. Always question so called facts.

So when they talk about global warming it is hard to get
excited. Especially when you are freezing your butt off.
And when you see pictures taken up in Alaska that has
bergs replenishing themselves daily. And it runs back miles
and miles. My daughter saw it when she was on a cruise.
I have seen many climate changes over the years that I have
been here, and that is just a dot in time to what has already
happen. So no, Mr. Gore, I can't say I believe you.

Now they say women will be at risk to get cancer by drinking.
Even one glass of wine daily, the headline scream, can cause a
women to get breast cancer. THEY say. I forgot who came up
with this idea. Reason why it is hard to swallow, no pun intended,
is what about the women in France?

Anyone who has been to France, knows full well, they drink wine
with each meal. Like you and I have a glass of water with our
meals they drink wine. so are THEY telling me that most of the
women in France have cancer? Sorry... that just doesn't fly
with me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3rd time a charm?

Here we go again. The Senate has a bill in process called
Idaho Senate bill 1112.


This legislation amends Title 39 Chapter 11 of Idaho Code to revise and extend the State's
licensing requirements for child care providers.

The current code provides minimum health and safety standards for day care centers with thirteen or more children, but does not provide licensure for providers with fewer than thirteen.

This legislation would extend licensing to all providers who receive compensation and care for four or more children, with specific exceptions maintained.

Basic requirements include: criminal history background checks, health, safety and fire inspections and restrictions on firearms, alcohol and tobacco use.
Minimum standards for infant CPR and first aid training are specified.
This act establishes staff child ration recommendations consistent with
nationally accepted standards and provides for fees to be established based
upon the number of children.

The Health and Welfare Department will serve as the portal or administrator for the program. The Department will contract for the inspection services, receive and compile complaints and provide for a one stop application process.

There is no impact to the General Fund. There will be additional oversight from the Department of Health and Welfare but this legislation provides for the actual costs of administration to be passed.

Seems simple enough. What can be questionable? Yet this is the 3rd try? for the
Idaho Congress to get one thru. Each time losing the fight. Do you know how many
rules and regs there are for taking care of the elderly? That was written by the Idaho Congress as well as the Federal?

Yet, in Boise the protection of children seem to be secondary to some...
enough to kill a bill time after time... Why is that?
If you care, write to your Senator in Boise NOW.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can you do it?

I was watching a show on Saturday or
Sunday morning, that was about a town in India...
and the movie Slumdog Millionaire, that
was made in that town. It showed how they
lived. The housing, going to get water, as there
isn't any in house. The mud in the rainy seasons,
the horrible heat in the summer.

I wondered, could I live like that? While my first
thought was yes, I could.. it would be hard, but
I could. Then I thought, wait a minute, I better give
this more thought... so I did...
Could I give up what I have and the way I live?

And as I looked around me... and thought, I
believe I could. There is nothing in my house that
I believe I could not live without. Don't get me wrong,
it would be hard, I don't take it lightly.

I am not asking, would I like to live that way.
I am not saying, I would like to live that way.
I am saying, IF I had to live that way..I
would and could survive.. and after adjusting
to having so very little, I might even find some
happiness in life itself. The sunrises, the sunsets,
the relationships, the things that are in life that
makes life doable.

Maybe that is why these times and economy
don't have me scared, or depressed. Only
concerned. Because if I lost it all, it would not
be nice, but I would still survive.

Guess I got that from my folks, as they
refuse to dig a hole in the ground for shelter
during 1950's. Mom's take on it was, if a
bomb was to hit the USA, you might just
as well, bend over, kiss your butt goodbye,
because it would be over in seconds, and
no shelter was going to save you. So we
lived each day with no fear.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Friendship, nothing like Friendship

Alice of North Carolina
Winnie of Rhode Island
Pat of France
Cherie of Washington State

All mighty fine women.
All have never met the other..
well, maybe the last two have.

All of them my friends for over 30 years.
Alice and I keep in touch thru emails.
So does Winnie and I, off and on, mostly off.
Pat, emails, and when she comes state side,
like yesterday...
Cherie, thru emails, and I got her started with
doing a blog.

Each one is a very special lady in my life.
Alice and I met in 6th grade.
Winnie and I met at my first real job.
Pat and I go back to 1970 and we were both
were pregnant.
Cherie and I got back to Roslyn.

All of them, we have had great times together,
some of those could almost be stories for
a book. And they themselves could be stories
for what they have done with their lives. Almost
like the gals in Momma Mia movie.. Oh, the
stories we could tell...

Each one of them, no matter how long it
has been... we can sit down and have a
cup of coffee... and it is like yesterday
when we left off..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

With Great pride we see # 17

With great pride and joy, our newest... #17 grandchild... Sweet little girl

She joins two big brothers.... and brings great joy to her parents as well as the boys.

Isn't computers great... where you live 8 hours away, yet get to see your new grandchild

within 24 hours. Congratulations...B.P.U. and A.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who's got the door??

As we head towards Spring, and the
furniture starts to spin in the rooms.
I wonder in the bedroom, who has the

Be it Spring cleaning with the changes
or turning of the bed to a different direction.
or staying at a friend's house..Who has the door?

And then there is the motel, where
sometimes it is hard to tell who has
the door.

To make sense of all of this.. the
question of who has the door...
When you go to bed, who sleeps
near the door? And does that change
if you go to a friend's house. Is it
important to be on the door side or
is it left or right of the bed to sleep.

Or even West or East or South or
North? Which side do you claim?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some things are stranger than truth

I have been reading a book called THE ILLUMINATI
by Larry Burkett. A friend loaned it and told me I should
read it.

It kind of reminds me of the Da Vinci Code.
You know that it is fiction, but as you read
it can imagine it could be true.

The Illuminati is a political story. What can
happen if the wrong people get into control.
Not in office, mind you, but the ones who pulls
the strings of the people in front.

One of the programs that the government was
putting in force was a thing called the Data-Net.
It was a system that was put in to get rid of cash.
There was to be no cash what so ever. Only the
card. You had a card which was like our ATM.
All the money would be in the banks. (now that
could be scary considering how things are today.)

The way the government talked the people into
wanting the system was... if there was no money,
only the card. The drug cartel would fall apart, as
there would be no money to exchange hands.
So the criminals would not be able to operate.
Which wasn't quite true, as the petty criminal
would, as he/she would barter. Steal property
and barter for drugs and etc.

All cash, coin or paper, was to be turn in to the banks.
The government would know who had how much money.
AND could control your money, because if they thought
you were a terrorist or what ever.. they would have your
account disappear from system. Also they could tell
where you spend your money. Knowing where you
travel to, and what your purchases were and where.

But as in all things.... things go wrong. I won't tell you
how and why. You will have to get the book and read it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dementia in Rhapsody

I have mild dementia, I am sure.
I have room dementia... you know where
you go in to get something or do something
and for the life of you, you can't remember what.
So you go back to the first room, to restep what
you were doing, before you headed out of that room.

Then there is electronic dementia.
Every time I get a new electronic object, I
lose every piece of common sense there is.
Even if the object is one I have own before.
Because the company has decided the old
one no longer applies and they bring out
the new and improved. New wires, new
colors, and different connections.

Yes, I do have mild dementia and I resent it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Head Hurts...

I watch TV news magazine like 60 minutes and
etc. I read the paper, I listen to commentators.
And I think, maybe I should stop, as I don't
understand the logic and it is giving me
headaches too boot.

On 60 Minutes had a story about how the
Stimulus package is going to have a stipulation
that the companies that build the buildings and
roads, will have to use US Steel only.

Now that makes sense, to help our own companies.
But according to the story, this is not good. Seems
the theory is ... if they make it so only US Steel is
used, the other countries will retaliate and shut off
their buying our products. Even Caterpillar was upset over
this, as they would lose a contract to China for their
monster mining trucks and etc.

Then you have those who say it is bad for business,
if the CEO's get their wages and bonus cut to
the bone. Because... then they would have to
get rid of their extra houses, and help. Putting
a hardship on real estate and those helpers into
the unemployment line. And it would put a hardship
on the families in Mexico and etc.

I had said one time, that one of the things I would
like to see, was the empty buildings have
the call centers for all the companies, so that we
American's can understand the person on the other
end when we call for information on a product and etc.

I was no, you can't do that. That would put
millions of Indians or Chinese, and other countries
persons out of work. I might a hard person, but I
don't care... I care about American's.

All of this hurts my head...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Law of the Garbage Truck

I got this as an email.. considering how people have
been lately, I thought it might make a good message
for all of us..

Law of the Garbage Truck

One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the
airport. We were driving in the right lane when
suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space
right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his
brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches!
The driver of the other car whipped his head around
and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled
and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly.
So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost
ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!'

This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, '
The Law of the Garbage Truck.' He explained that many
people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of
garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment.
As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and
sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally.
Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take
their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home,
or on the streets. The bottom line is that successful people do
not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life's too short to
wake up in the morning with regrets, so...Love the people
who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.

Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent
how you take it!
Have a blessed, garbage-free day!

Don't know who wrote this..but nice way to live life.

update: if you read the comments on this post,
you will see there is an author to this.. so I am
grateful to Dawn for letting me know who wrote
this fine lesson of life. David j.Pollay has his own
blog.. and here is the place to go for the rest of
the story.

Friday, February 13, 2009

You better not send me flowers....


You see the King and I don't celebrate
Valentine's Day. And nothing would tick
me off more than if he bought me flowers.
You can go to buy flowers during the year
and get some really nice dozen of roses for
$9.95. But this week, it is $39.95 and $100..
Highway robbery.

We don't need candy...neither of us.
And we have even given up on the cards.
They aren't our words.

See the King and I feel you should be
Sweethearts every day. And we are. So
what is the big deal? And we don't need
a guilt day.

See I get flowers from time to time, for
no reason. Or if he thinks I am having a
bad day. And we always tell each other we
love each other, because you never know
when it will be the last time you see each

So for those of you who need a special day
to say the words, or give gifts... have a nice

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, it was a very good year....

It was 1956 and July 4th. We sat on the grass and it was hot.
The music started. There was several singers and players.
And then ... the reason we were there at Freebody Park.

Out he stepped on the stage. We all stood and yelled.
The trumpet started to play, and we yelled. And then
we all sat and listen in silence. I don't remember
all of the songs, but Mack the Knife was one of them.

Then one of the men in the band stepped up and told us
that it was the 56th birthday of the man. And we all stood and
sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOUIE. We were all so hyped.
And that was before drugs... at least for all of us who
were singing and yelling. I was there with 3 girls. I could
hardly believe my mother let me go. It was my first concert.

It was the Newport Jazz Festival and it was Louie Armstrong.
It was a very good year....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We have a cheap compactor.
And it is quite efficient. It kind of
takes a day or two, but it does work

See we have a human compactor.
It is a contest my husband has to
get out of taking the garbage out.

He sees the garbage is flowing, so he
pushes it down at least an inch below
the edge. Hoping that when I come along
to put in garbage, I will see it is full and
pull the strings. And take it out.

I got tired of being the only one doing this,
so I joined this race, of who can push the
garbage down the hardest without having
to take it out. Now I can do it pretty well,
but I have got to say that the King is the
pushed it down enough and then pulled on
the strings so it closes just enough, so it
doesn't spill out, but too much for me to try
to push it down.

And Saturday was the worse one yet. He finally
gave up and pulled the strings, tied it off, removed
it and sat it by the back door. I was lucky, as he
did put the new bag in. Which he has not done in
the past a few times. With the deal, well, I took
out the garbage at least you can do is put in the
new bag. Which is good idea, IF I KNEW he had
removed the old one. And headed to the garbage
basket, with garbage, and pulled out the basket, and
found it without.

What made Saturday's worse was the fact our garbage
cans are just outside the door, in the container, that we
keep the cans in to keep the neighbor dogs out of it.
What, 3 feet? So I decided to throw it outside on top of
the container, and repeated his saying.. INSIDE WORK,
It was now outside.

Ah, the games we marrieds play to past the winter by.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More questions than answers....

As the past week or two has unfolded, more
information has been eked out by the media.

There is a time line of sorts. We hear that
she and her husband split up in 2000 and
divorced last year 2007.

So that means she had her first treatment after
she and her husband had split up. And she has
had 6 children by treatments only, in that separation
time. And then after her divorce, she has the final
treatment. And her youngest, twins, were barely
a year old when she had the last treatment. AND
all of these children are only a year or so apart.

Now I realize that many people have children close
together. I, myself, is one of those people. I had 8
in 10 years with one set of twins. BUT I had a husband,
and he was the bread winner during those years. We
had homes big enough for those children. .

Yet, this woman, not only wanted children and continued
to seek more, as a single mom, with no job, which opens
a whole another box. Where did the income come from
to pay for these very expensive treatments. Who paid for
all of those? Her disability check? Where was the income
for the first 6? And now she has 14 without any job
insight. Even her mother is overwhelmed with this task.
Which by the way, she lives with her parents. Father left
for Iraq. Her mother is bailing too.

So there she is, mother of 14, no changing that. It is what
it is. But we got to question, how did she get that far?
Isn't there any background check, like for adoption? To
make sure these children coming into the world are safe?
Are going to be well taken care of? Does this mean that
a person who has lots of money for the treatments, can
just walk in, given the treatment and walk out, with a baby
9 months later? A sex offender? A baby auction person?
Can they all do this with no one checking? How do they
know if the woman is stable enough, and won't abuse the
child? Weren't they concerned about the father?

Why was a woman allowed to have these treatments, with
very small babies at home? Why was she allowed, when there
was not a home of her own? Why was she allowed after having
6 children in 6 years and the youngest just over a year? Why?

Why wasn't there a psycho sessions talked about before the
last treatment? Heck, why not after the second baby.

Now we get to the money part. I am not talking about the
money at the clinic. But who is going to pay for the support
of these children? Is the California law/policy still in place for
the husband who remains married after a wife has children by
another man, still responsible for those children born under the
marriage that is still in place? Meaning does the ex-husband,
who did not get a divorce for 7 years, is he responsible for
the support of the first 6 children? And what about the donor?
Will the state search for him, being there is so many children,
and he fathered them all. After all someone has to pay. Who?
Is the state of California, which is in so much trouble financially,
take on the task of supporting all these children? Will they take
measure to send out part of the children to be adopted? Will the
grandmother bail as she said, as she was way too overwhelmed?
Yes, there still a lot of questions here.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Polite People don't....

Polite People don't call after 9pm.
Anytime the phone rings in our house
after 9, it jars us. Because we wonder
who is hurt or what is going on.

We don't call people after 9 pm unless it
is a prearranged deal. We don't call
people with children after 8 pm. As we know
they are in the process of getting the kids thru
baths, beds stories and etc.

We just don't feel comfortable with late calls.

Also we don't like people who call and just say
hi. Now how am I suppose to know who it is, that
calls and says just hi? When I call, I say hi, this is......
I don't think it is fair to the person on the other side
to have to play guessing games.

But then again, I guess I am just old fashion.
As the young crowd call at all hours. And that is
fine, if they are both single, and it doesn't disturb
the whole household.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

weekend silliness

One of the cartoons I follow is Pickles.... and the grandmother talks about
C.O.L. (cat on lap) well, I have d.o. s. and that makes blogging harder

d.o.s. (dog on shoulder), she seems to enjoy sitting here and some times sleeping.
Can't say she is keeping an eye on what I write, as the wrong end is pointing that
direction..but then again that might be how she espress her opinion of the blog.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Kramer had it right....

Remember when Kramer on Seinfeld had
his own television talk show in his apartment?
Well, I guess he was on to something after all.
Well, actually it was the writer, Larry David.

After reading the paper, in the entertainment
section, I see where this man, Bob Kushell,
has the use of his brother-in-law's garage. And he set
up a talk show set and actually has stars who he
interviews in this garage. He runs this whole
show in the garage and then broadcasts it
on internet.

The name of the show is Anytime with
Bob Kushell. So where ever you take your
computer/laptop, you can watch the show.
He has stars like John Stamos for ER,
Howie Mandel, Christina Applegate, and
the likes of Jon Cryer and etc.

He did write for different shows like
3rd Rock from the Sun and etc. and came
up with the idea while they had the writers

If you want to catch this show (I have dial up
so I won't) watch on Thursday on the site

So, you see Kramer knew all along it was a
good idea.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

We have had just about all the fun we can handle

It is looking like the King will
be joining the unemployment line again.
He has had his days cut to the bone.
And talk of the store closing until summer.
It is all up in the air at this time.

So we decided to break down and invest
more in to an antenna for the DTV. We have
cable but that is going to have to go. As it
is, in the 4 months we have had it, we have
had to go thru many outages as they fix
the new system, getting ready for digital.
And also they raised the price. We got the
lowest they had, but still, it is getting more
than we can afford without the King's job,
and especially with the new school levy
coming up at the end of the month.

We decided our 1970 something antenna,
which we got at St. Vinnie's for $5, has to
go, as we weren't getting anywhere with it.
All we could get was Channel 4.1. and .2.
Rest no signal.

We invested in a reasonable and proven
antenna, that can receive 13 or so channels.
So yesterday the fight started. Yes, fight.
Both with the antenna and somewhat with
us. The more frustrated we became, the
bluer the air was. The King made a bracket.
Put the antenna up, and we got 25 per cent signal,
after walking around the yard with the antenna
in hand.. it was 25 to 33. Then in frustration, the
King bent it down as he pulled something out
of his pocket, and it was at 65 per cent. I
yelled out, hey there it is... yea, right.

Reminded me of the old days when we use to
do antenna on the roof top. And when the one
on top was almost falling off the roof, and
standing on one leg.... and have the one in the
house yells, THAT'S IT.. and if you breathed,
they would yell, what the heck did you do? It
is gone!

Today was a new day, and we had new nerves,
so we went out and tried today. So up went the
pipe into the air 10 feet. Back to the same thing.
Went out and turn it ever so slowly, and then got
mad and spun it around backwards... the signal
was still at 35.

Decided to try the other side of the house where
the dish use to be. And yes, we did have a stronger
signal. 55 to 69. But still no 2,6, 22,28..or even 7.
We got the walkie talkies out so he could talk to
me as he turned. Still nothing...

After all the work of about 4 hours, and starting to
put things away, I had these rabbit ears for a radio,
and for a kick, I hooked it up to the box... I got a
perfect picture with 24 per cent signal. Channel 4.1
4.2 and 4.3. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

When the King was talking to a guy who does
this for a living, the guy said everyone was
having trouble today.. and they think it had some
thing to do with the ice on the translators towers.
Well, that frosted me... all that work! and why is
it when we had the antenna last year, we didn't
have problems with the ice on the towers?

And if I see that guy who is on television who says,
oh, it is so easy, just plug this cable into here, and
the antenna one into here and there you are. Being
I try to keep this blog fairly family friendly, I won't tell
you, what we think of him and his as easy as that bit.

Yep, I know the King has had it, and we are leaving
it alone for a couple of days, so we can regain our
tempers for this. We have had as much fun as we
can stand for a while.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What the ??

What the??

As I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday,
I could not figure out why CTV was in the
corner. I could not understand why CTV
was in the cards that the audience turns
to make a sign.

When I saw the Lay's commercial about
how it was made with Canadian potatoes,
I was irritated, after all I live in one of the
bigger potatoes states, Idaho. I was
thinking the heck with Lay's, if they can't
use the good old USA potatoes.

I even was puzzled as the game went by,
with all these Canadian ads. Then in the
back of my mind, was a notice that the
cable company was having trouble with
KHQ-6... and this was an NBC channel.
so was this the answer to their problem,
we get our station from Canada?

And when on Good Morning American, talked
about the most popular ads, I was upset I missed
some of them. And couldn't figure out why I didn't
see it.

Today the answer came on the front page. It seems
who ever Northland Cable gets their feed from, had
switched. Even as I read the article, I still not sure
why. And I guess for now it is just for the Super Bowl.
So no big deal.

Besides in a couple weeks it won't matter anyway.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What is the Difference?

In our local paper there was an article about
how a young woman had taken some money
from the employers she worked for. She is
alleged to have taken the money for personal
reasons. So she has been charged with
embezzlement. And she will go to jail for this,
if proven. Which from the article it looks pretty
much given, as she has confess to taking the money.

In New York, and other larger cities, we have employee's
of different titles of CEO's who have taken money from
the company and the US government, used it for hundred
of thousands, for remodel of bathroom (waste basket cost $1,500) and
another redid his office, another gave bonuses to his
fellow employees and etc. This is called "mismanagement
of company funds" and there is no jail time for such things.

I guess the woman in the first one, should have used her employers
money for better health insurance, (as that is why she took the
money) of which would have paid all of her health care in full.
Then maybe it would have been mismanagement of funds also.

Personally, I don't see the difference here of the two examples.
Except the first one was less than $50,000 and the others were
millions to billions. So I guess the more you mismanagement,
the less accountable you be come. And if you use it for something
to make you look good at the job then it is ok too.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Everyone has read the story or seen parts on
the news, of the woman who had 8 children all at once.

And then as Paul Harvey said, then there is the
rest of the story... which I don't think we have
all of the facts yet.

First to come out was this woman has 6, yes 6!!!
children already! Of which the youngest of the
bunch at home is twins and they are 2.

There is talk of the ethic of this birth. They
are talking about how the Drs. chose to let
her go with the 8 as well, as with putting 8 eggs
in her the first place.

My take on it is, it should be considered unethical
because the Dr. gave her any at all. She should not
have had this treatment. She had 6 children at home.
No need for an infertility treatment. Especially with
the youngest ones being twins. And they are only 2
year old!

And then today, there was rumors of how she has had
this treatment each time she had children. So we are
talking 5 different times. Just how many times does
a woman have these types of treatments? Isn't two
enough? Where is the ethics on having 6? Even if
she only had one each time?

WHY so many this time, she obviously took the other
5 times with ease.

And we haven't even gotten to the support of these
children. We hear remarks from grandparents but
where is the father?

And then there is rumors of a remark that she (the
mother) loves to be pregnant, and wants all the children
she can possibly have. Nothing about motherhood and etc.
But shouldn't they had her going in for a psycho evaluation?
Instead of a infertility treatment? For God's sake, her body
hasn't even got over the twins yet. And the Doctor went with
another treatment in 15 months of the last one? I would really
question not only her motives, but the doctors as well.

How much more is to come on this story?
And being she and the doctors decided this... I sure
hope when it comes to financial support, she and the
doctors can do that... because I don't think society
should have to pay for their greed. And having
more than the 6, was greed.