Friday, February 13, 2009

You better not send me flowers....


You see the King and I don't celebrate
Valentine's Day. And nothing would tick
me off more than if he bought me flowers.
You can go to buy flowers during the year
and get some really nice dozen of roses for
$9.95. But this week, it is $39.95 and $100..
Highway robbery.

We don't need candy...neither of us.
And we have even given up on the cards.
They aren't our words.

See the King and I feel you should be
Sweethearts every day. And we are. So
what is the big deal? And we don't need
a guilt day.

See I get flowers from time to time, for
no reason. Or if he thinks I am having a
bad day. And we always tell each other we
love each other, because you never know
when it will be the last time you see each

So for those of you who need a special day
to say the words, or give gifts... have a nice

1 comment:

MarmiteToasty said...

Hope you both had a lovely day anyways, besides it being VD and all :)