Thursday, February 27, 2014

You have out done yourself....

These are words I hear from the King from
time to time..  Some times it is good, but
most of the time it is sarcastic.
Mainly to do with a dinner menu.

And the scariest words to him is...
CHEF'S SURPRISE.. when he ask
what is for dinner.

That is when I take leftovers and make
what ever I can out of the little of this
and that..

But last night, he said the words and I
didn't know if it was for the good or bad.

So you can see it is pretty.. and it did
taste good.  And that is what is important,
isn't it?  Oh, yea, and I added to it when
he asked what it was... "and it is good for
you".  That is almost the seal of death for
any meal.

It is stuffed avocado (with tuna salad) on a 
bed of colorful sweet peppers, green onions
and lettuces. topped with a tomato and a 
blueberry on top 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Computers and life...

We all have computers.. (or you couldn't read

It is a love/hate deal.. and kind of like having a
car.. you love it when it works.. and hate it when
it doesn't it.

We all have come a long way with these dang
machines.  Some of us struggled thru.. and
learn all over again, when we updated to the
next new and improved (?) program.

What it has meant to those of us over 50, is a
way to keep up with our children and grandchildren.
Starting with emails and progressing to Facebook.

We get to see our new born grandchildren.. and
great grandchildren for some of us..

And to day, I was able to help my galpal make
connections with her new great grandson in
Montana. By the way of Facebook app. where
you can call each other and talk with the camera...

I got to see my galpal, talk and play with her new
great grandson and talk with her granddaughter.
Bringing great tears of joy to her. And to the kids
as well.

What a marvelous machine this thing can be, when
it is working well..

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have noticed lately that my fingernails are
dry and splitting..  So got some gelatin to
make them stronger..

I also noticed that my finger nails are starting
to get ridges. Vertical ones... So I did some
research to see what causes it and can be done.

Well, all the sites that I saw .. says that it is nothing
to be worried about.. If it was horizontal, then there
would be a problem..  

They said it just that the nail needs more
moisture.  (what doing dishes and constantly
washing my hangs isn't enough? Drinking
water isn't enough? 

Also suggestion... hand lotion.. and that I
need to do.. not much of a lotion type of
a gal.. So will do that and see what happens.

What really got my goat..(does anyone use
that saying anymore.)  They said it is common
as you age... and this is the part that got me...
think of it as wrinkles in your nails.  WHAT?
like the ones on my face aren't enough?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Buttons or things we keep, for why?

Back in the days of when I use to make western
shirts.. I had a big supply of pearlized and other
types of snaps..

Also I had buttons.. all kinds, colors.. I increase
the supply, every time I threw away a shirt, blouse,
or dress... by snipping off the buttons.. Never know
when you will need them.

But my sewing days are over... only do patch work
now.. or a missing button..  And don't do any western
shirts anymore...

Saw on Facebook where some one had a round tin
of buttons.. and I commented that I had those too...
Of which my daughter asked if she could look thru
for her crocheting projects.. 

So I went to the place where all my sewing stuff is.
I have 3 draw like boxes under the bed.. Which I
have looked in them .... probably 3 times in the past
5 or so years ago, when I put them in there. Looking
mostly for colored thread and maybe a button..

As I was going thru these 3 draw like boxes I had
to ask myself.. WHY?  why do I keep these things?
What do you have that you keep? and rarely use.
Rarely meaning it could be years before you look
in that container?

For the nice young lady who saw me at Yoke"s
(for those who don't know, that is a local grocery
store) ... thank you for your kind words.. sorry I
slipped up and didn't ask you your name. I guess
I was so flabbergasted that some one local read it
besides Marianne and Toni.  So thank you for your
kind remarks and I apologize for my rudeness of
not asking your name. And thank you for reading
this daily.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Are we there yet? Spring, where art thou?

It is that time of the year... where you
start to wear thin... not enough sunlight.

Over cast days.. winter doldrums... cabin
fever.. lack of enough sunlight.. all the
signs of winter wearing on.. and you have
hopes of spring..

45 Miles south of us.. they have ROBINS!!!
Robins, the bringer of spring.. the glimmer
of better weather.. Rain for sure..but that
is ok, you don't have to shovel rain.

But I haven't gotten my seed catalogs
yet in the mail.. So no plans in my head
of what I want to do this year in the yard.

So are we there yet? Isn't that the sound
of changing of the clocks in little over a week?
March is just 8 more days away.. it got to
be.... or is winter going to slam dunk us again,

to let us know who is still boss? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High school graduate/ Now what?

As a senior, you are all hyped, can't wait for
the big day in June.. Test, prom's, pictures,
and all that goes with it... Then the big day
comes... but the day after? Then what?

Some get summer jobs, and putting money
to the side for the fall.. College bound.. and
the newness of that.  They say that less than
50% of those that enter.. make it out of the
other side.. be it 4 years or more.  Wonder
if the price of education has anything to do
with that.  After all you can almost buy a house
for less.  Especially those who end up going
for 8 years or more.

Some head to the 2 years worth local college's.
Heard they fare better.  Not a lot better but
somewhat better.  And then they decide if
they want to go on with more.. adding 2 to
4 more years. By this time getting a passion
for what they want out of life.

The other one, which I like so much better..
is Vocational schools.  The numbers are
higher for those who enter. I would guess
because when they finish, they are almost
guaranteed a job. Some of those schools,
there are employers knocking on their doors
before they graduate. And that is why I like
it.  As college you spend the first year and
somewhat the 2nd year.. redoing what you
did in your senior year of high school, before
you get a serious start on your goal.

But what about the others. The ones who don't
have the money to go to any school. And their
grades aren't high enough for scholarships?
Whose summer job becomes the job of life.
Add a wife and children to that.. and it is hard
to come out of the hole. Not that there is any
thing wrong with working Wal-Mart, local gas
station, McDonalds and etc. After all someone
has to work them.. but rarely go on
to management because they want a degree to
climb that ladder to higher paying jobs.

When I went to school there were some classes
that let to jobs. There was secretarial classes.
Our school has a beauty shop. Also in those days
every high school had a auto shop in it. Again
almost a great heading for a job at that time.

But time has changed. High schools rarely leave
you with any more than the white piece of paper.
Which a dollar and half and that paper buys you
a cup of coffee.

We went to a movie on Saturday night. The man in
front of us, was telling us that he was starting a new
class. He was starting a class of teaching how to
overhaul airplane engines. In high school.
What a great idea.  And we told him so. He was really
looking foreward to teaching the class. 
Now if we could just find more like him.. to step up
to the plate for those kids whose parents can't afford
the extra schools.    I know with all my kids, I couldn't.

Some of my kids went back to school after they worked
for a while. One went into the military to get that education
and still goes to classes as he works civil service.

I don't know what Common Core is.. but it sure would
be nice if it included vocational classes.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sportsmanship, What a difference...

There is a college in Washington, near Spokane.
Called Gonzaga.  Fans call it Zags...
I guess over the weekend when the opposing team
came in.. the fans who sit in a box call the doghouse
or something like that... stood there and turn their backs
on the opposing team. 

Now those of us who are older.. see this as an insult.
It seems like a rude thing to do.. not very
sportsmanship like...  But I guess it is acceptable to
those involved.  

Now let's jump across the world to Sochi, Russia. The
Olympics... Where we have seen time and time again
such great sportsmanship... Shawn White who did not
get a medal this time around.. yet congratulated the
young man from another country as he won and won
very well.. He did not dampen the young man's
enthusiasm and joy of winning. He went over with a
great grin on his face and hugged the young man..
He said later he was sad about his own performance,
but so happy for the young man who won.

Another young man who won.. went around and shook
hands with all those who lost and told them what a great
job they did...

The girl snowboarders jumping up and down, hugging
the winner, even though they themselves, lost the spot for the
medal.. Not their countrymen but other countries.. all
in joy for them.

Bode Miller, also congratulating those who beat him out of
the gold.. The friendship thru out the countries.. if there was
any sad faces or angry ones, I didn't see it.

It was great to see, and made me proud to be an American.
And proud of the other countries whose athletes also did
the same.  All in this together.. all finding great joy in the
ones who won...  Such sportsmanship...

To bad politicians who try to make something out of these
games can't be better sportsmen as well, as these guys and gals.

Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day

When I was a kid... there wasn't a President Day...
There was Lincoln's Day....
there was Washington's Day..
AND it was on their birthdays.

February 12, was Abraham Lincoln Day.
February 22 was George Washington  Day.
Don't recall if we got Abraham Lincoln Day off.
But we did get George Washington Day off.

Then some bright person decided that it was
wasteful to have two days.. and then they
couldn't name it after one... so they came up
with the bright idea of PRESIDENT'S DAY...

So no longer is George Washington as
important.. guess Lincoln isn't either.

And then of course, if you are going to screw
around with it in the first place.. you have to
put in an official day.. Not on anyone's special
day.. but the 3rd Monday of the month of February.
Guess we are lucky they kept the same month.
But maybe because there was too much time
between New Years and Easter... oh, yea..
Easter isn't a holiday. So I guess Memorial Day.
Although you would think they would put it in
March or April.

Is this better? Guess there are those who like it..
but I like it when a holiday was on the actual day.
Even if it is Wednesday.. it is nice to have a day
off in the middle of the week.

Oh, well, we will hear about President's Day Sales
all week.. even though February 17th is no one's
birthday.  So enjoy your day off.. at least it is a 3
day weekend.. Which that the workers like. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

To ALL Valentine's

In light that tomorrow is Valentine's Day
I am going to repost an old post from 2006.
It seems to be applicable during these days...


SOAP BOX Revisited

I wrote this to another blog
a year or so ago. (2005)

And it still bothers me that
Boise is passing a law against
marriages for gays. We all
know that most of Idaho is run
by the Boise set, and that there
is a heavy religious set down there,
that rules us. But I was hoping
that the politicians would stand
up for a union ceremony at least
for the gays.
So here was my opinion last year...
and it still stands.

There are 3 types of marriages.
A. The one in a religious house
(depending on which religion it is)
and headed by the head religious
person.(Priest,Rabbi and etc.)

B. The one where a minister
marries people in their yards,
parks, mountains, underwater, or
while sky diving.

C. one called the Civil Union
done by a Justice of Peace, Judge,
or even a mayor.

A and B involve God.
C. is done by the words of: By the
power given me by the State of (fill in)
you are now married.

Each of these has had their fair
share of divorces. A. probably has
the least, but not by a lot. All have
been gone into, what we hope, are good
intentional people. Good decent
people. People who just want to live
with someone they love and hope to
protect legally. Those who go by God,
either understand the gay life,or chose
not to understand. And some have
the Service idea of "don't tell me and I
won't ask you" way.

The truth of the matter is, gay life
coming out of the closet and choosing
to try to put it back in, is like
trying to put tooth paste back into
the tube. Can't be done and most
really don't want try to do that. So
what about gay's, aren't they entitle
to have some kind of a legal protection
for their love ones?

C. Civil Union seems to be the answer
as they aren't involving God. I really
don't know what the answer is. But I
do feel that there should not be a law,
especially an Amendment to the
Constitution forbidding ones rights
over another, as long as there
is no harm. Gays have been together,
for over 100 years or even more.
Just now they are asking for a
commitment that is legal to protect
them legally in hospitals, (to see their
love ones, as most only let in relatives)
and financially. They too just want
to commit to some one they love.
When do they get to be treated the
same as the rest of the Americans in
this country?

So in honor of Valentine's Day, wouldn't
it be wonderful... if the states were to let
there be gay marriages... it looks like the
federal people are trying to.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day and the guys...

Valentine's day is Friday...

Many years ago, some one decided there would be
a day to profess or show their love to another person.
And then some one decided it should be a holiday,
with cards.. Being this person who started it all.. did
a fancy lacing card that he made for his lady love.

The card business was not to be alone in this
project.. then flowers followed with candy bring up
the rear.. Three very well to do businesses thrived on
this day...

Of course the other business were jealous of this
great wealth that was done for that one day. After
all ... all they had was Christmas.

So one by one, they jumped on the band wagon.
Clothing.. fur coats, when it was fashionable.
Jewelry, got to show your love by a bling of some
sort. A necklace or a bracelet.. and then to make the
day even more romantic ... there came the big
question..... WILL YOU MARRY ME.. as the man
bend on one knee with a diamond of value. Some
were answered yes.. and sadly some with no.

And ever since. the male gender of the human
race has been held captive.  Yes, some women
give gifts.. but it is mostly children and men who
have the great responsible of the show.

Children? You say?  Why children? They don't
have to show their love? No, but they have the
contest of who gets the most valentine cards?
You didn't think the card business were going
to stop at just the men and women.. did you?
And surely you remember the embarrassment
of being on the low side of the box with cards.
You gave out 33.. and got 4 or 5?  Ah, yes..
So such a loving day.. a celebration of professed
love.. it can be a down side for many people.

Oh, I forgot.. another business.. the restaurants.
Surely you are going to take your lady love out to
dinner.. and McDonald's, Taco Bell doesn't cut it.

So good luck on Friday, guys... wishing you well.
2 more shopping days left.
Hopefully it doesn't drain your wallet too much.
I let my guy off easy.. we just go out to dinner.. if
we feel like it... Because, as I have said before...
everyday is Valentine's Day in our house.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I want to be 5 ..again..

I am tired of being the adult. The grown up.
I don't want to have to make sure we have the
proper food in the house. I don't want to have
to decide what to make for dinner.  I don't want
to have to make sure the bills are paid. The
clothes are clean.

Where I woke up at around 8 a.m.
I would get my clothes on and go to the
table and breakfast was already there.

The day would be full of playing with my toys
and running around outside. Seeing my friends.
Watch television cartoons.  And at lunch time,
my mom would call for me to come in eat.
Maybe a nap after lunch... and out to play
again. Until it was time for dinner.
Adults talking about things I don't understand,
Words like work and bills and maybe about
someone called the President. While I make
piles out of my dinner as I ate.  Followed by
desert, and no worries about being fat.

A warm bath, and pj's.. maybe some tv.
And then off to my warm bed. To have
the next day be the same.
The school would be new friends and learning
how to write my name.. and the playground.

Weekends would be filled with friends, and
rides in the car to the grocery store.. or just
to look at things around the highway. Summer
would be beaches... winter would be making
snowmen and angels.

My worse worry would be, would Santa
bring me the toy of my choice.  Which
would be forgotten by that day. As I
come down the stairs and see the
wonderment.. of the lights and presents.

At 5 everything would be new.. the wonderment
of animals and flowers, the ocean.... everything
in life would be a great adventure.  YEP, I want
to be 5..

Monday, February 10, 2014


I have been watching the Winter Olympics.
I usually don't.  I really not into either one..
The Winter or the Summer Olympics.
I am not anti- Olympics.. just I can take
them or leave them.  I am more into the
horse ones in the summer, but because
they aren't really very popular, as the others
are.. they get shuffled to the late night or
very early morning.. as in 2am in the morning. 

But mainly because it is the Russian's who are
putting it on, I wanted to see what they would
do for opening ceremonies.. and also they usually
give the not so beaten path of the country, who is
hosting it..  And I have not been let down in
either bracket.  I guess because of one my 
favorite movies Julie Christie and Omar Sharif
in Doctor Zhivago  had some great Russian

As I did watch the different competition.. I had
wondered, why is it there is such nastiness among
the countries..  Why not root for the best athletic?
Yes, you root for your own country men and women.
But find joy in good performance, no matter who
wins.  Let the athletics do their own thing.. the
very best they can..  After all, that was what this
whole games is for in the first place. So show
off the greatest of the athletic. 

When I was watching.. I was in appreciation
of the performance of the Russians.. the Norwegians,
the Japanese, etc. and of course of our own. But
as each one went on to do their best.. no matter
what country they were from.. I felt happiness for
that country and their people and what a great job,
he or she did..
And the nice thing is.. I saw some of the athletics
do just that.. congratulate other countries as they
did so well..

And by the way, as they showed Russia, itself.. both
summer and winter shots.. and their towns.. they really
have something to be proud of as well as we do.

So let the torch soar.....let the light come in to all of our hearts.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Nothing to watch on tv

There is getting to be less and less to watch on
television..  I am tired and overloaded with
the many CSI. And the rest of the show.. just
not my cup of tea. Have a hard time keeping
up with Dateline.  So leaves maybe 20/20 and
60 minutes.

Which is just as well, as the King watches the
shows that sees how low the people in the
south can lower their bar.  Hillbilly something
or other is a new one to him.. Appalachian
Outlaws... and many, many, many, many, many
(you get the picture) American Pickers. After
the 6th hour, I am glazing eyes over the set..
And that is with me walking in and our of the
road.  Don't' get me wrong I like Mike and Frank
but 6 flaming hours?  Pawn shop is the same
way.. I like the Restorative what ever it's name is.

I have watch a lot of 1930's movies of late on
TMC.  Saw Gone with the Wind the other night.
That movie is 4 HOURS LONG... no wonder
I never saw it all the way thru until the other
night when I couldn't sleep. 

Our Direct tv contract ends the end of this
month.. And I am seriously thinking of
going back to the antenna we will have up.
Let's see ...13 channels for free.. or 56
channels of which we watch about 15 of them..
for $69+...  If we don't dump it by March, we
surely will by the end of May.

With so many of the shows going Netflix, which
we also have.. we can watch any show that the
King likes..just be a few months late. and who

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The frustrations of dealing with Dr. offices...

First off, I want you to know that 98% of doctor offices
are fine and helpful... but it is the 2% that will drive you over
the edge.

The King had a reaction to something at work.. We went to the ER and he was given meds... which helped.  We don't know what it is that made the reaction.. all we know is when he was under the bus, that dirt and etc. fell on him.. his face.  Even with safety glass on, it still burnt his face. He got out right away, went in and washed his face and hand very well. 

By the time got home, his face was puffy. Then he woke me
at 1am.. and said I can't see out my eye.  I turn on the light
and one eye was shut and the other one was almost.
Told him to get dress, and off to the ER we went.

Long story short.. he had to go to an Occupational something Doctor. Who didn't have a clue why  it happen but it sure did.
Just continue the meds.

It went down and the meds played out until the end of last week.
Friday it was starting to get bad again. Over the weekend it got better... Then Monday it was starting over. Tuesday a little worse so he wanted to go to an allergy dr. But you have to have a referral.
Was told he had to go back to the Occupational Dr. and get a referral.  And that is where it started to go crazy.

At the Occupational Dr. he said you need to go see an dermatologist.
So he gives a referral to one. They had called but no one answered.
It was on our way home, so we stopped by.  Was a possibility of an appointment at around 3.. Great...  Was given the usual paper work to fill out.. And THEN the gal said.. we have a problem.
You need a referral from your PRIMARY  doctor..   The King replied, but they told me I need one from the last doctor seen. Nope, got to be your main doctor..  So no appointment. .... off to the Primary doctor.
Got an appointment an hour later.. Went thru the whole explanation of what was going on.. and he gave the King a referral. Off to the dermatologist.  Office closed.. the sign says closed at 4pm. Looked thru the door at their clock and it says...... 3:52.

So I called from the parking lot, the scheduler. Explain the whole run around of the day.  She tells us.. well. we don't take referrals from Occupational Dr.  WHAT?  So we said ok, well, we were told to get one from the primary doctor.. and have one.. She gives the King an appointment for Wed. afternoon. at 2:15pm... AND THEN SHE SAYS..  you didn't need a referral from a primary doctor.. WHAT?
Don't forget to be there by 2pm.

So I get home.. and this is after I have gave a lecture to the King about loosing it with people.  That you just go with the flow, do what you have to do... try to keep smiling.. and then you can get pissed off when you get home.. Things go better that way. As being angry at the moment, people shut you down.. I gave him this little speech 3 times as he was dealing with this.

So we get home.. and he is not happy.. Well, true to my word, I told he could get pissed off NOW..  and the more I thought about it all.. the louder I got.. because it then dawn on me... When we were in the dermatologist office.. IF SHE HAD TOLD US ... that they don't do the occupational referrals... and we didn't need a referral from the primary doctor... HE COULD HAVE SEEN THE DOCTOR... THAT DAY!!!!  AND... IF THEY DON'T DO OCCUPATIONAL DOCTOR REFERRALS.. WHY DID THE DOCTOR SEND HIM THERE???? 

The King looked at me.. and said well, I am glad you waiting
until you got home to explode.  

Some how I don't think this is going to end well.. I just have
a gut feeling... if they didn't need a referral.. are we going to
have to pay for this out of pocket?  NOW THAT WILL REALLY HAVE ME GOING CRAZY...  And they wonder why people go postal...  we feel like a ping pong ball, bouncing from office to office. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The new BUZZ WORDS.......

With all the things that came out of this years
Super Bowl.. one stands out.. and if it doesn't
become the new buzz word,... it sure the heck
should be.

Those words were uttered by Russell Wilson's
father.. not on Sunday..but years ago..  And
every parent...EVERY PARENT should say those
words to their children. To drum it into their minds.

Russell Wilson, was not your ideal football player.
Words like too short, not enough weight were just
some of the words said about him as he played for
high school and college..  But his father's words
drove this young man on..

What great words did this father tell his son?
Seems innocent enough.. When his father
saw his son was being challenged in life.. he
said those words.. And when Russell made it
to the big time leagues, again his father challenged
Russell. You can go to the Super Bowl with this.
After all.... WHY NOT YOU?

Thank you, Mr. Wilson for saying those words.
I am sure there are many, many parents who
have encouraged their children, just as you did.
But you put it so simply. 

What makes these words even stronger is...Mr.
Wilson passed away about 3 years ago.  Yet,
he had a front row seat on Sunday, looking down
as his son.. as he filled those words...

YES, let's shout those words to the sky.. embed
them in our children.. challenge your child...