Friday, December 31, 2010


We started 2010, like any other year…
But quickly it turn like no other year like it…
By the end of January, I found out that we
were going to Hawaii.. HAWAII !!!!
I had never been to

Hawaii…neither had the King.

February, we were off to Hawaii, there were 12 of
us. 3 sons and their wives, one daughter and her Guy…
plus two grandchildren. We walked into the
house and I had a OH, MY GOD, moment. The
house had 8 bedrooms, I forgot how many bathrooms
and a pool in the patio… The view from my bedroom
was of the ocean on one side and the bay on the other.
Each day was more wonderful than the one before. Luau,
Whale watching from a boat, snokling in clear water,
tattoo for the King and I.. plus one grandchild. The
ARIZONA MEMORIAL, so much more… a trip to last
me a lifetime.

Coming back home was still good. And as the summer
came and went we had so much fun on our boat of the
year before. Fishing, sight seeing, it was a glorious time
on the Lake.

Then Fall, brought another surprise.. a Moose tag for the
King… and then a month later, the hunt, which I got to go
with him. He shoots with a gun, I shoot with a camera.. I
don’t like him hunting by himself. When he goes deer and
elk,… it with about 15 guys and gals in a hunting camp. But
Moose hunting is an individual hunt, as not many get a tag.
And most save their vacation for the deer/elk hunting season.
On our 4th day out, the King scored his Moose. And I was with
him, it was sublime… he was so thrilled, and I took pictures.

As we headed into Winter, some health concerns came up
for me.. my platelets were very very low… So a series of
test, which proved my liver, kidneys and spleen were in
great shape.. and a bone marrow test proved that they were
producing platelets just fine.. So while we don’t know what
Is causing this…we know it is NOT, several things, among
them, cancer. About that time the King’s knee started to
act up… and that proved out to be a pinched nerve in the
knee… takes about 2 to 3 months to get over…. Which he
was told to stay off of it… YEA, RIGHT… about that time
snow started to show up, which made stay inactive with the knee
impossible. Besides the more he used it the better it felt….until the
next morning…

But all of this is minor stuff… Even with the water heater blowing its bottom
seal, can’t deter that… And even with some family changes we had hope
wouldn’t happen… all of it is life… and some what minor compare to so many
others with so many more serious problems than ours… Like the sadness
of a Christmas card coming to notify me of my dear friends from my
childhood passed away in September. My prayers with her family.

So for us 2010 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR… I hope it was for the
rest of you too… and may 2011 is beyond your expectations… filled
with good health, a wealth that makes a comfortable life for you all,
filled with joyous laughter… as laughter makes everything durable.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, that was a revolting discovery!!!!!!

What a way to end the year…
I was trying to find some jello to make after dinner.
As I was going thru my back cupboard, my foot seemed
to be a little warm. And I could hear water like it was
bubbling down inside the water heater next to me.

Bingo, yes, the warm feeling was the tank leaking.
Which started a 2 hour problem to take care of.
And yes, it was warranty for 12 years… and guess
which year this is…. 13 years…

After much moping, disconnecting, more moping,
The King got it on to the dolly, only to find the dolly
had a flat. Undo tank from dolly… back out to the
garage, fill dolly tire with air… back to the tank,
hook up again. And slowly but surely it is backed
out of the back room to the kitchen.

Now we have a very small kitchen.. about 6 x 5 area
to work in… which is now filled with things taken out
of the back room so we can remove tank. So he is
snaking the dolly thru,. I open the door, step out holding
the screen door open. Up to the door sill..stop… so he
goes back again.. with a little more speed… almost getting
it over the hump… I tell him to get more lead way and a little
more speed… of which it came flying over the hump and with
the weight, is jerked out of the Kings hands goes the handle..

flying out of the top connection and the bottom… some of it on the
floor, the rest….thankfully out side… on the deck.
I had to stifle myself, as the King doesn’t have much of a
sense of humor at times like that.

As much as we tried to swing it around to the edge, we only got part
way… So tomorrow… we will have an ice skating rink for
a back deck. AND we get to go find a water heater NOW…
Not a ordered in one week type, but off the floor one..
hopefully Home Depot will have them there.

Just what we wanted some last minute year ending excitement.


for the love of his dog, the King snow blows a round path around the yard...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't do half sick bery well

I do wellness very well… even do very
sick, pretty darn good. That is where I
am in bed and just want to be left alone.
Don’t come in and ask me if I need anything.
Just let me lie there and die, because dying
would feel better than what I would be feeling
at the time.

But half sick, I don’t do very well at all. Because I
am well enough to see what I could be doing, yet
don’t have the energy to do it very well. And that is
where I am this week. Just a mere two days before
Christmas day, I got a start of a cold. By Christmas
Eve, I was in the full blown coughing spells. And my
voice, well, it sounds worse than I feel.

So is it feed a cold and starve a fever? Or the other
way around.. While I really didn’t feel like eating, I
ate some food in hopes that it would fight the cold.
Christmas day felt somewhat better so we went to our daughters
for dinner, warding off all those hugs, telling of how they too could
be like me… While I like sharing things, sickness is not one
of them. And it irritates me when others decided to share
theirs with me. Being I had several people tell me they
had colds, I don’t know which one decided to share it with

So here I am at half staff or half mast or what ever… wanting
to do things, not actually wanting to.. I did get all the Christmas
things put away except for the Christmas cards..

Well, it is back to the soup, and cough drops, (gosh they
Taste horrible.. but they work. Maybe I will do the wash.
Stay warm and dry… and warn off the cold germs.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Once again I am going to rely on the wise words of George A. Gladden Sr.

I have a list of folks I know,all written in a book,
And every year when Christmas comes,
I go and take a look.
That is when I realize these names are all a part,
not of the book they're written in,
but of my very heart.
For each name stands for someone who has crossed my path sometime,
And in that meeting they've become the rhythm in each rhyme.
While it may sound fantastic for me to make this claim,
I really feel that I'm composed of each remembered name.
And while you may not be aware of any special link.
Just meeting you has changed my life much more than you think.
For once I've met somebody, the years cannot erase
The memory of a pleasant word or of a friendly face.
So, never think my Christmas cards are just a mere routine
of names upon a Christmas list, forgotten in between.
For when I send a Christmas card that is addressed to you,
It's because you're on the list of folks I'm endeared to.
For I am but a total of the many folks I've met,
And you happen to be one of those I prefer not to forget.
Whether I have known you for many years or few,
In some way you have had a part in shaping things I do.
And every year when Christmas comes I realize a new,
The best gift life can offer is meeting folks like you.
So may the spirit of Christmasthat forevermore endures,
Leave its richest blessing in the hearts of you and yours.
My Christmas Card List written by George A. Gladden, Sr

So once again...I wish you all.... my dear readers...A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS........
and especially to George A. Gladden Sr. where ever you may be...
yak at you after Christmas...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Over the many years of being a housewife, I
have gagged myself, almost poison myself,
cleaning the oven. The concoctions the stores
put out for cleaning an oven, I am surprised
they have not killed some one…

So about 3 years ago, when we went down and
bought a brand new stove (I never had a new one
before) I noticed among its many things was an
SELF CLEANING OVEN button. Wow. Self cleaning.

Like I said I have had this stove for 3 years, but did
not have a need to clean it, as I was so proud of it,
I would clean it as soon as a drop of anything hit it.
I even bought those aluminum slide ins for the floor
of the oven.

Well, the other day, I noticed the window was getting
pretty spotted by some thing the King had cooked in
the oven last week. And there was on spot on the back
floor when the aluminum didn’t quite cover.

So figured I should get the book out and read up on how
to use the SELF CLEANING button.

To my dismay, it said I couldn’t leave the racks in, as it
would discolor them. Also I should take soap and water
and clean the stop in the back. NEVER USE HARSH CLEANER.
Ok, not a biggy.

I read that the oven would be very hot so not to touch the
stove while cleaning. It also said there would be a smell, so
if I had a bird in the kitchen, that I should remove it. (who has
a bird in the kitchen, unless you are cooking it?).

So after reading it really well, I hit the magic button called
Cleaning… I could chose 2, 3 or 4 hours.. went for the middle
one …3 hours.. It was after dinner tonight, we settled into a movie
while it cleaned.

With in 20 minutes I am looking for a cloth to put over my mouth.
The smell was gagging me.. as much or more than the chemicals
I used in the past. Even the dog hid behind the King with
her nose buried in to his shirt. We finally came up with an idea to
hang a blanket over the door way (no door) to cut down on the smell.
Which helped a small amount.
We endured 2 and half hours of this. To the point I was wondering maybe
we should have had a bird to tell us if it was safe to breathe..

The bell went off, the oven had to cool off for a hour more before it would
unlock the door on the oven. Then, the big opening, open the door to see this
wonder of all wonders… the SELF CLEANING OVEN!!… much to my horror,
It was a bloody mess as the Brits would say. Not only was the window not clean
but it look twice as bad as it did before. And the ashes they said would be there
just for the sweeping up, and the oven was done… was not there to sweep up
but I had white spats of spots all over the damn oven. On the sides, the top and
the bottom floor of it. I was pissed…. So I got out the soapy water they mention
that would just wipe the ash off… THEY LIED!!! So with cleaners which they
forbid me to use on the oven.. or the window.. (will damage product) and got
on my knees and reached in the chamber of horrors and started to clean. Gagging
thru the smell of the oven. And the window, soap and water be damned.. I got
a scrubber and started to scrub the NOW COOKED ON… mess. Took me
a half an hour to clean it all up… I was not happy. I shut the door, and then
the second horror set in… Seems while it was baking the oven clean, the
air/steam that went out of the oven vents… turn the white oven door, tan for
about a inch. And the door was ….well, for lack of a better word.. icky. So I
clean the whole front of the oven. Then I open the door to what they call the
warming oven. (in the old days it was the broiler) and for love of God!!!!!
It looked like Mt. St. Helens in there… I started to clean it up, and my heart
just wasn’t in it… I shut the door, and I will wait until tomorrow morning,
to clean it up. I am beat and I am going to bed.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Parent sues McDonald???

A woman is suing McDonald's and wants no toys or
have them change to a more healthy meal. Even when
there are other choices in a regular meal. Just not the
Happy Meals.

And why is this? Was it for better meal for her child?
NO, it is because her child raises so much hell for her,
that she can’t take it. So why does she even go to
McDonalds, after all there is Burger King and a bunch
of others. Why punish the nation because you can’t control your child?
What is next? Store will have to hide their toys so the child doesn’t
see them? So the child doesn’t throw a tantrum and you
can’t say no? What about the clothing stores? Hide the most
popular clothing (Hannah Montana and such) because your child
might see them and raise cain because you won’t buy them?
All just because you can’t be a strong parent, that you lack good
parenting skills?

My kids learned really fast that a temper tantrum cut the store visit real short.
And next time I went to the store, they got to stay home because they couldn’t’ behave. After staying home a couple of times, they learn to behave. No, it wasn’t
easy. I lived 15 miles from town. So leaving the store without the rest of the products I came to get, was not the easiest of things. And to go shopping when
my husband came home or Saturday when he was at home to watch the kids
that got left behind, wasn’t convenience for us either but a learning tool.

And they still remember it today in their adulthood, as the saying still comes up
in their conversations about the good old days. After all, the store is not your child’s toy room. Keep their hands off of the merchandise unless you are buying it.

If your child misbehaves at the store it is YOUR fault. Think it can’t be done?
watch any Mennonite family, or any other such type of family. They are the
best behaved children of this era. And they don’t beat their children. They teach by example and response to responsible to one’s actions.

You treat your child as a spoil child they will become one. You give them control over your life…they will take it.

Today make a promise to take control as a parent. Give consequence to bad behavior and it if inconvenience you a bit, too bad… the long run will prove out
to the good of your child. Your friends will be thankful, and your children will thank you later, as they become responsible adults. They will learn they are NOT entitled to everything NOW!

Same goes for grandparents… remember this your child, not your parents. They
had their shot at it, with their own rules… now is your time to have rules for your
children. Stand up for your children and your rules and rights. Say no. Everything
in moderation… if the grandparent HAS TO, then tell them to buy books for the child. And if it is a small child, then the grandparent can spend some quality time
by reading the book with them.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


What is going on with people… the news has adult children

doing the unspeakable to their parents or grandparents.

We had the grandson, who found his grandfather dead in his home.

Did he call other relatives, or 911? No, he took the money out of his

Grandfather’s wallet and took his car. Then came back with his sister

and they ransacked the house getting more things.

Another story is about how a mother who is elderly, decided to give

her oldest son the power of attonery and had him take care of her

finances for her. BAD MISTAKE!!! Seems he has a gambling problem

so has spent all the money in the bank, and now the house is in arrears

and she is losing it.

Then there is the son who is mad at his mother because she would no longer give him $50 a day, so he kept her from going anywhere, and went out to the barn and kill her two dogs.

This is all in the past couple weeks…

What the Hell?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I would like another restaurant...

We have over 40 restaurants in our immediate area..
Meaning Sandpoint, and Ponderay. Proabably about
10 more if you include Sagle and Kootenai. So we aren’t
lacking in restaurants.

There are several Mexican ones, and now we have about 6 or7
hamburger ones with the new Paul Bunyon hamburger place that
just open… So why do I want another one..with all of these to chose

There is two I would love to see. I would love to see
a Greek Restaurant, and I would love to see one out at
the airport. One where there is a big window so you could
watch the airplanes land and take off.
One of my fondest childhood memories is watching plane come
and go at a little mom and pop type café that the local town had
at their airport. Which was about the same size of Sandpoint’s airport.

So what kind of restaurant is lacking in your town?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Does your family have a hero within?

We do… his name is Paul. He is my cousin.
And the incident happen about 60 years ago
When he was about 9 or 10 years old.

I can close my eyes and see the same scene as
if it was yesterday.

It was a sunny day. And we were at 3rd Beach in
Middletown, R.I. We were near the Navy side as
my uncle was in the Navy. We would go down there
often with my Aunt Harriet’s family. She had 4 children
at that time and Dad just had my brother and myself..
We would have clam bakes or just picnic lunch with
tuna fish, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with pop.

This day we were all playing on the beach and for some
reason my cousin Paul, his brother Parker and my brother Roy
decided to get into the rowboat and go out a short distance.

As I was making sand castles, I heard yelling, and then saw my
father run as fast as he could past me, with my Uncle Tiny behind
him, followed by my mother and my Aunt Harriet. I can still see
my father in his black bathing suit, jumping into the surf and swimming
as fast as he could. Arriving at the boat, where my cousin Paul was
hanging on to the boat with one hand and hanging on to my brother
with the other. My brother fighting to get away and going down under
again. As Paul raised him up one more time, Dad grabbed him. They
were in about 6 or 7 feet of water. Way over any of the boy’s head.
Everyone was so proud of Paul, and got lots of hugs from all of the
adults. I don’t know what my folks did for Paul as a reward, but I
am sure there was something done.

To this day, my brother still thinks of Paul being a hero. We all do.
My brother was about 5 or 6 at the time… he will be 66 this month.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Are you a Donor?

Are you a donor?

It is a shame that there are so many people in need of hearts, liver
Eyes, and etc. And yet people died every day with those very parts.

Lot of it has to do with the general population putting so much into
the person who died, that it horrifies them to think of the removal
of those parts.

I have been a future donor since the 1980’s. When I am gone, what
a waste to have them buried with me. If someone can see, or needs
a liver, or anything else that will be burnt with me… more power to them.
We really need to get over the thought of we need to go with all our body
parts with us. For those of us who believe we will go to heaven, we don’t
get to take the body with us…it is our souls that go to heaven. So why
not get as much use out of the body to help others. I think it is kind of
selfish not to be a donor.

How about you? Are you a donor? Have you told your family incase
they are asked?

Sunday, December 12, 2010 it or hate it...

I happen to like Fruit cake.... even those that they sold a few years back, for a buck.
But I refuse to pay $8 for a 2 inch wide by 4 inch long (mini loaf) fruitcake.
My mom made the best one... she would take a quarter of it out each year.
She made huge circle ones... and she wrapped it in rum soaked cheese cloth.
Each year resoaking the cheese cloth before she rewrapped the fruitcake.
And return it back to the freezer.
Needless to say, the 4th quarter REALLY REALLY tasted great... lol...
While I have made a few over the years.. making it in August for the season,
I haven't done one in about 5 years. Just can't get into Christmas baking in
August. When I came across a Christmas Fruitcake Cookie recipe, it seem like
the ideal thing to make. And it is good, even if you hate the cake you will like the
cookies... So here is the recipe.
Christmas Fruitcake Cookies...
Butter, softened 1 cup Sugar 1 1/2 cups
Eggs 2 Flour 2 1/2 cups
Salt 1/2 teaspoon Baking soda 1 teaspoon
Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon Cloves, ground 1/4 teaspoon
Allspice, ground 1/4 teaspoon Dates, dried, chopped 1 cup
Pecans, chopped 2 cups Pineapple, dried, chopped 1 cup
Cherries, dried, chopped 1 cup
1. Preheat an oven to 375 degrees.
2. In a large bowl, add the softened butter and sugar. Whisk until well blended.
3. Beat in the eggs well to incorporate.
4. Add the flour and spices. Mix well.
5. Add the dried fruits and nuts. Mix well.
6. Drop spoonfuls onto a lightly greased sheet pan and bake for 12-14 minutes.
7. Let rest then store in air tight container until

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Scenes on a dreary day....

On this Saturday morning, the King asked what do you want to do today... and I thought
for a moment, and said... how would you like to go for a photo shot... yea, like
I am a great but he said where... I said the city beach/park.

These pictures came out like I had in my mind... you don't have to have full
colors to have a great picture as we know... there are a lot of black and white's
that we see, that would not be quite so, if in color... and the same can be said
for not the best of days...

So here you got, some great pictures I think, of the dreary day... hope you
enjoy them.

Here we have some picnic benches/tables being stored until nicer weather
Trees standing tall...

above a few trees that are naked for the winter, waiting to be clothed in leaves again..

with their fellow fir trees in their green...

One of the trains heading out of town, heading down south of Sandpoint

The empty dock laying in wait of a busy summer...

The city gazebo sitting empty in the winter day...

No swimmer until January 1st.... so no guards needed....

Even our Liberty Lady standing over our beach thru snow and rainy,

as well as sunny days.

This has always been MY BENCH.... it is where I come to find a relaxing time, times

of thoughts, and even a place I shared with my grandson, when we have had some

serious discussions over the years... He has promised to bring me here in my wheel

chair in my old age for one last look before I die...

As you can see, someone else claimed this bench... this little piece of honor has claimed

MY BENCH.... I wonder... would they let me put my name near his?

From behind OUR bench you can see..... from left to right, the the next 5


the Monarch's

This is looking over by zoom lens... to the left view of the bench...Hope

Here comes a train ....coming in to Sandpoint from the South.... a long one...

Some of the birds were hitching a ride on a piece of ice...

Walkers on the path.... one walking and the other stopping to look thru his zoom lens....

A few duck sticking it out in the cold water...

Some drift wood on the beach...

Look who beat me back to the car.... with the heater on....

No dogs on this beach...but some one was sitting in the King's jacket for the ride..

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Great Aunt Em...

A wonderful little lost soul…. Who I dearly loved. She would braid my hair, make apple sauce for me… and taught me how to get rid of hiccups by taking a teaspoon of sugar and then drink down a full glass of water…

Auntie Em was a lost soul because as a young girl she got married and was deserted shortly after… in the early 1900’s it was common for men of royalty, of lost kingdoms to come to United States and marry rich girls. Thusly getting to live the life styles he was use to before his kingdom fell. Vanderbilt’s family had one of their daughters marry such a man. Most of the time the mother picks out these gentlemen(?)..hoping their daughters will be addressed as Princess. Some times the gentlemen(of question) would come to America seeking his own rich young lady.

Such a man, did come to Newport to find what he thought was a rich girl.
That girl was my Aunt Em. But when he figured out that Aunt Em’s family was not rich, just was well off enough to have a nice home and etc. He left before the dawn of light. Aunt Em sat on the curb for many days, waiting for her Prince to come back…he never did. And Aunt Em was never right after that… But she was the sweetest of Aunts. She died at the age of 96, after falling down the stairs at
An institution… My mother said she died of a broken heart and she thought the nurses were rough with her. As in her elder age I suspect she had what we now call Alzheimer’s, and fought with them.. She died about 2 weeks after getting there.

But my memories are of her waking me up from my nap. My mother would go get Aunt Em when she was canning. As Aunt Em loved to can fruit and such.
I would be woken up by her stroking my hair. She loved to brush it and braid it.

Aunt Em loved ribbon candy. And that is what my mother and I would bring to her each year for Christmas. And the last time I saw her alive, she was 95, long gray hair, down to her waist, and long fingernails… she was living with her sister in law. She was getting hard for her to handle. But that Christmas, she looked at the ribbon candy, and then at me… and took her hand and stroked my hair…just like old times… and we both smiled..

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pearl Harbor

This past February we went to Hawaii. One can not go to Hawaii with
out visiting Pearl Harbor... at least one should go...
I think I have already told you about how we were there at the same time
a choral group went. And mid way thru our time there... they gathered in the
middle in a circle and sang God Bless America.... not a dry eye was there...
The pictures say it all... the list of those who died on the Arizona..sailors as well
as Marines... the flag waving as we left the Memorial site.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Who do you drop from your Christmas list?

When I was working, Christmas was quite
a bit overwhelming… new people came and
went so each year was different. Some how
I always pulled it off. Coming up with new ideas
of what to get for present. Nothing really fancy,
or expense. Cups with pens (aides always need
pens) Gloves with pens and etc. Until we came up
with a dandy idea… food for food bank… solved

After I retired my present list cut quite a bit. And
the same thing when the King retired. And now
there are some friends to eliminate. Some moved
away, some we haven’t been in contact with for
the year. So we cross our fingers that they don’t
send something or the one close don’t come by
with one, even tho we haven’t see them since
last Christmas.

To be honest with you, I am horrible when it
comes to Christmas… I don’t mellow out until about
noon on Christmas day.

But the question is who do you take off of your Christmas
card list? And even your present list? Over the years I
have told my friends, if you are really my friend… send me
a card…no present PLEASE… keep the gifts for your kids
and grandchildren… but there is always someone… someone
who will say, well, I saw it and had to get it for you… you don’t
need to give me anything.. but you feel like a heel because
you didn’t… I hate it..

Love the reason, hate the season… but this year I pledge to
do better.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wouldn't it be wonderful if peace was contagious

Let's say that again....
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if peace was contagious

Seems like most of our wars are over religion…which is weird when you
understand that our God is a loving and giving God, who teaches us
love and understanding… Yet mankind seem to find that to start wars,
because of different religions.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful, for each act of kindness, would continue on
to the next person. Passing from person to person, from nation to nation.
We all don’t fight over the different styles of clothing, why do we feel the need
to fight over the difference of beliefs? If we don’t care what pants or skirts, or
shirts the other wears and there is a BIG varieties of them… why do we feel
the need to care about what the other persons beliefs are?

Why can’t peace be like a smile, it gets passed on from person to person.
You walk down the street and someone smiles at you as they go by… and the
next thing you know, you are smiling too…

There was what was called a flash mob who showed up at a mall in Nov. 13th
They, out of the blue, started one by one to sing a song, Hallelujah …. Slowly
one after the other joined… and THEN a lot of the crowd join them… and such joy on all of their faces. Even those who were not singing… were smiling and then after it was over the applause was so loud…. For just a few minutes… a few minutes in all their busy lives… they sang, they smiled, total strangers… smiling
and all at peace…. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all like that…

My ex-husband complain to a friend after our divorce, that one the things he couldn’t stand about me… was I always saw the world thru rose colored glasses.
I hope I never lose that…

By the way… this is the site of the flash group… it is well worth your time. I understand that it has happen twice more since this November 13th incident… go watch, it will make your day.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I will not be Grinch this year...

I am not going to let anything upset my day.
I am tired of a year of listening to negatives.
Republican hate monologues, or any of the
other stuff…

I usually do terrible around the holidays, I
can’t tell you why because I have never been
able to figure it out for myself… over 40 years
of being a Grinch. But not this year… I have
resolved to have a good winter. To have good

I started with my outside decorations as you
can see...
I am going to listen to upbeat music and cook
good things for others to eat.
This is going to be a good winter, this is going to
be a good winter… this is going to be a good winter

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Humming can get you killed...

oh, no, it is snowing again.....

On Saturday, after lunch I was busy with
taking the wash out of the washer and putting It
in the the dryer… and because I was by myself,
I was humming along a tune… and then as one
does sometimes, some of the words slip out.

As the words came out, I was rounding the kitchen
heading into the dining room, to come upon my
husband…who was scowling at me… taking his
gloves off, and his boots. I didn’t quite get it, until
I was in the bathroom getting more wash. Because
I had started it again, and the words that made my
snow blowing husband scowl was…. Let it snow, let
It snow…

Then today, I was minding my own business. Just
sweeping the kitchen floor, humming along… when
I looked up… there was that look again. If looks could
kill, I know I would be dead… then it dawn on me I was
humming Jingle Bells…

Guys who spend hours snow plowing and blowing out
driveways… don’t have a lot of sense of humor..