Sunday, March 31, 2013


We will be traveling home on this day… so no celebration of easter egg hunts and dinners of the past…  Just a quiet, hopefully, uneventful day. Arriving home in the afternoon.

Sometimes we would find them months later.. or the dogs So all of you, enjoy the day.. may it be full of laughter and love.
May the giggles of the children as they try to find the eggs, make you remember when you were a child.  And hopefully if you day is like my past Easters with my kids … when they were young.. it will be many times of finding eggs. See we didn’t do the candy eggs..  We did the ones we colored.. And after all the eggs were found (if we were lucky) then the kids got to hide the eggs, and the adults had to go find them, some times months later... or the dog would find the missing eggs…

But as you have fun with the children… remember why you celebrate this day. The rising of our Lord, who paid with his life, for our sins.
Personally, I feel like it was a waste of a man who still could have taught the human race more… as we sure haven’t learn enough. Sin hasn’t slowed down at bit… But for those of us who do believe..We will be thankful for this day.

Happy Easter

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Where do you fit in the rank of your family?
Are you the oldest? The youngest? Or the middle child/children?

I started out as the oldest, and then got deranked for a year or so, to the Middle child…  My folks had a foster child.. it was a friend of mine for years…who wasn’t getting along with her foster parents she had. So because she and my mother had a great repour due to horses and she was my friend… Mom decided they would become foster parents.
She was 18 months older than I… so I became the middle child.

Somehow being the oldest and being the middle child …kind of blended in to each other. See as the middle child…. I got the blame for what ever went wrong. Or whatever happen.  See the OLDEST child .. Gloria… would
never do “that” because she knew better.  She knew right from wrong, and just wouldn't do it… And my kid brother… well, he was too young to know to do “that”, so he wouldn't come up with it… So that only left me…the MIDDLE  child. Who knew about it, and I guess I was suppose to be
so dumb to think I would get away with it.  So while having the best friend for a sister now..was not as cool as I thought it was going to be. 

But as in all things good, they come to an end…See Gloria and I had skipped school for 3 days.
We went fishing, mostly, but goofed off…and there was a few boys in the mix of all this, during one day. But it wasn't a sex thing because I was still of the age, that boys were my pals. I was a tomboy, so we played football, baseball,ran down the beach in races and etc… They were just another
goofy kid, to me.

Some how my mother did not see the humor of all this.. and decided that I did not start this temporary vacation.(which was amazing in itself, being I had be so devious before..but she figured out that it was actually the OLDEST kid did. AND that Gloria was a bad influence on me.  So sadly
she removed Gloria from our lives. Which even though she went from my best friend, to a bossy sister.. it was still sad to see her go.. I forgot the details as that was about 60 years ago. But do remember I never saw Gloria again.

So that threw me back into being the OLDEST… but some how without a middle child.. that I was back in hot water again.  As my kid brother still was not smart enough to be devious as  OLDER child would be.. so once
again.. it was my fault…   And besides… even if he did.. well it was still my fault as I was suppose to be watching my kid brother and make sure he didn't get in trouble.  And that is how life was… Until I left at the age of almost 18, after graduation from high school.

So what was your rank in the family… They say the youngest isn't such a hot place to be either. Even though they seem to be the one that gets spoiled.  Parents know this is the last one.. and then they are the last one
to leap out of the nest. Also the parents have extra money, being the rest are gone, so they get cool things, the folks couldn't afford before.. 
But the youngest is the one who gets all the hand me downs until the rest have left. And get left behind, because the other siblings don’t want to babysit the baby of the family…and teased, and practical jokes pulled on them. 
Knew one family where the oldest 4 boys … left the two youngest ones on a large stub, until early evening
When the older ones were done playing in the woods, they came back to get the youngest ones and went home..  One evening they forgot them.. and that is how their mother found out about it.   So guess being the youngest isn't so hot either. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why are we against happiness?

This past week a coach got criticized because he danced on the basketball court. Why is it so bad to celebrate? Be it a football player or a basketball coach.  The coach deserved to celebrate. He had a very stressful 3 days.

His wife was rush to the hospital just hours after arrival in the city. Went thru an emergency operation. The coach was torn between doing both…being the his wife’s side and coaching his team. Then the team won their games. And He got word that his wife was going to fine. So in a release
of stress and happiness colliding …he danced! Who wouldn't? I sure would have.
Dance on Coach Buzz Williams!!

Some think it is unsportmanship to celebrate making a touchdown.. but it isn't about going na …na.. to the other team.. It is thank God I made it over the goal line. What is wrong with that? 

And then there is a Florida homeowners association that has decided to ban all outdoor playing. No skateboards, no roller blading, no bikes, no ball playing.. No only in the streets, but in the common ground. Why not put a sign at the beginning of the housing area.. NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.. NOT EVEN TO VISIT.  Going with the old adage..

What the heck is wrong with being happy? When I see someone who is so happy, or celebrating.. I am happy for them.. God knows there is enough to be sad about these days… To to be happy enough to sing, or dance or
let out a howl… that is wonderful. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paper work...

I think paper work will be the death of me yet.
I try to keep up with it.. I am a lot better filing it.
Use to be a foot high on the desk before I would
get around to filing it… swearing I would do better
the next time.. and didn’t.. but finally am on track.

Trouble is there is some paper work you can’t file
right away.. I do the bills as they come in.. In today,
check made out right away, stamp on the envelope
and then put up for the mail the next day. Write it in the
book with check number and amount and date..

But some of it has to be filled out, and some of the information you have to wait for, either by research or waiting for another paper to come in. 

So there it is stacked.. Some of it I just don’t know what to
do with it. As a whole, I don’t think I will need it.. yet.. I better
hang on to it for a week to be sure.

Add to that, birthday cards… too soon to mail out.. but don’t
want to forget and find it in the pile a week after the birthday.
I have to buy at the beginning of the month so I don’t forget.
I also have BIRTHDAY that helps to remind me too.

So it seems like I am always shuffling thru papers.. Yeah, I know, one should do it all on internet.. but that doesn’t work for me.. Anything to do with money, I do not do on line. I am sorry, I don’t care how secure they say they are… If hackers can break into government companies, they can hack into mine.  Just not going to happen.  I will do it the old fashion way.   

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nest .......Goals

This past winter, my goal was to try painting… Never did it before ..well, with paints anyway.. just pencil or pen doodle stuff.. and not good at that either. Think Grandma Moses or a kindergartner, then lower the bar.  
But even so, it went better than I thought it would.  Most of the receivers were my own kids.. After all, I was the proud Mom who posted theirs on the refrigerator over the years… now it was their turn..  I did call it Garage
Art for a reason… it was suppose to be put in their garages where people wouldn’t see them.. (after all it was canvas and they couldn’t put it up on the refrigerator.    Trouble is.. kids don’t listen to you anymore while they
are adults than they did when they were kids… so far 99% are hanging in side the house… 1% one didn't say where he was putting it.. he actually might have put it in his garage.

Then this past January at the end.. or beginning of February, I had been going to Zumba classes with my daughter.  Remember the post of a couple
weeks ago.. of how I HATED EXCERISE?  I had left it with …would I go back?
Well, I did.. two more times.  And next Saturday, I will be visiting the outlaws, so won’t be going ..  And I won’t be returning after I get home.. because…….. I have decided a Spring time goal…

Starting in April.. on the 1st as a matter of fact… I am going to get my lazy butt out of bed by 6am.. (winter has been 7am) and by 7am.. I will be on the road of Kootenai for starters… walking.. walking the streets.. does
that make me a street walker??? (smile)  Because I have a goal for this Summer.. to walk at least one walkathon with my daughter. (it’s good for you Mom, comes back to haunt me once again).  So I have to start local, in case
body parts, revolt on me.   Then I am going to stretch out to
Big R (about a mile) and keep adding. I have to get it so I can do 3 miles with ease… Not only do I have to be able to walk it.. but walk it fast enough to keep up.. Don’t want to slow the others down.  I figure this is going to
take me 2 months.. if all goes well. I am a fast walker… but not for the long haul yet.. I use to be.. I could walk 6 miles an hour when I was a teen.  And
those who go shopping with me, know I walk fast.  But for 3 miles.. well, we
will see.  So that is my next goal… also I am going to throw in bike riding
once a week to build that up too… as my other goal is to ride on the bike trail from Kootenai to Sandpoint.. and who knows maybe even to Dover. 
But considering that I rode the bike for the first time last week, and could have been compared to a steam engine… my legs were not rubber when I got off the bike..

So it upward and forward…

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Day at the Dentist

Nope, not me… I don’t like dentist… and with a false plate, I don’t have to go anymore… so far….
But the King had to go down to get a temp cap on a tooth…

While there waiting for him (2 flaming hours) …there were lots of people in and out.. and because it was after school… there were a lot of kids.

One parent was there filling out a paper on the clipboard with her son. Who it was pretty obvious that he was not happy being there.  She was running thru questions. How often do you brush your teeth? How often do you floss
your teeth… he was getting pretty irritated with her… especially when he answered one of them with twice a day, and she question his answer …and he said MOM!! Geesh. It was also kind of in the line she was having
fun embarrassing him… Then she handed in the paper..

About 15 minutes later… out comes a woman and she sits down by the woman with the son… and by the conversation, I caught on that She was the woman’s mother…   Who made a few comments… that embarrassed the woman… of which the son was smiling, as the woman said.. Mom, shh… lol…

Then at the end of the day, a middle age couple came in.  A few exchanges of words and then he said… you are going in with me, aren't you?  She looked at him in disbelief… and said.. you are kidding right?
And then told him, they don’t allow anyone in with you while you are being worked on. His name was called and he got up and said to the nurse.. my wife can come in with me, can’t she? And the nurse said, oh yea, there is an extra chair in there.. He smiled… and she didn't, as she got up to follow them..

Yep, fun day at the dentist…it is when you aren't the one going in.   

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Wish I could find that picture of Snoopy dancing ….
That is how I feel this morning…  Nope, ice and
snow is not going to get me down… Because I know
today is the first day of SPRING…

I know the weather has to get better… someday…
It teases me …. Each week it gives me hope with one
day of nice weather… or maybe an afternoon…

So I have clean out my car… clean out my truck of my car.
I have got the one set of table and chairs out and put them on the deck… I have a lot of my yard art out… I have raked up rocks…

But I am not stupid.. I haven’t uncovered my roses or my clematis…..yet… I have cut back my roses or trees… I haven’t uncover the Lilies… 

But I feel like a car spinning its wheels in place…


Now if it would only act like if for 3 or 4 days in a row…   

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your Coach is not your Nanny

If you want your child to be babied, comforted, pumped up falsely to believe he/she did a great job when they didn't  then you don’t need a coach.. you need a nanny. Your child doesn't need to be on a team sport.

BUT if you want your child to learn how to work with others…
If you want that child to know that life brings defeat as well as winning..
That hard work brings results. And sometimes when it doesn't  you get out there and try again.. but harder… then you want your child in team sports and you want a good coach.

Why parents don’t want their children to learn there is defeat, is beyond me.  Defeat is good, because you also learn, if you are lucky.. there is another day.. there is another game.. and while winning is nice.. you learn more by the mistakes you make.

And you did notice I said a “good coach”. One who will yell, get back on the horse, get back in the game, get out there and try harder… but also tells them, what a great effort they did while trying.. even if the results didn't come this time around..

Monday, March 18, 2013

You got to be kidding...

As those of you who read by blog know, I have given up on the political scene for the most part.. Doesn’t mean I don’t dabble from time to time to see what the parties are up to.. dabble is all I dare do, as it is so repulsive most of the time.

So while I had some down time over the weekend, I hit on the CPAC. For those like me.. who didn’t know what that stands for. It stands for ….
The Conservative Political Action Conference…which I guess is a get together for the conservatives.. AND they decide to elect officials around the United States…to spread their word… On the several sites I tapped into, had the who’s who of the Republican party. Except I didn’t see the
only Republican I consider even looking into, so far.. Christie from New Jersey. Don’t know what he did to make the Republican Gods mad.. but he was a subject
of ridicule from one of the hatemongers. Talk about eating your own…And some guy name Terry Scott who thinks slavery is just fine? That is when I had to leave the sites…

Really???? Do the some of these Republican’s really believe that? I can only hope and pray that this is just some radical… Any way, the meanness in my
thought as I tapped thru these different sites.. too bad we couldn’t have all these people stay in one town and run their town …compound like… they want and leave the rest of us people alone… I know that isn’t a very good thing to say.. but I am disgusted with these people… and to scare the real crap out of you..THESE PEOPLE NOT ONLY VOTE… BUT THEY ARE TRYING TO TELL YOU HOW TO VOTE..  I mean get real people.. when one of the people invited
to their gathering is Donald Trump… give me a break…  Yes, keep them all together and don’t let them spread this vile on the rest of us.   

Well, there is 15 minutes I won’t get back of my life…. Got to go.. there is so much out there that is good, don’t want to give any more to this stuff… 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A new Pope...

Yesterday, the people of Rome saw white smoke and then waited an hour to see who was chosen.

Pope Francis is his name.. Seems to be a pretty decent guy from the sounds of things.. and hope he can help out the Catholic church get back on track. He sure has his work cut out for him.

They say he is a man for the people… that he led a meek life style in Argentina. Even when he became a Cardinal, he told the people to stay home and use the traveling money for the poor, instead of going to Rome to see him become a Cardinal.  That he lived in a small apartment and rode the bus or train … when he traveled… right up until he came to Rome to vote for the next Pope.

I like that he is easy to smile. Some of the past Pope’s always looked stern. Maybe it is the job. The last couple have been pretty good about it.. but I remember one they had when I was in my 20’s, and I don’t think he ever smiled.

I wish all my Catholic friends well, with their new Pope… and hope all the snide remarks of “don’t cry for me Argentina” go away…I just don’t get some people.

God Bless… Pope Francis, may you bring the pride of the Catholics back again.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We discovered that a bar was coming to our neighborhood.
No letters from the city or anything kind of notices… it was
a word of mouth type of a deal.

But we aren’t worried about it… so far.. as it appears to be a
Private bar… I call it the “knock three times” bar… after the
3 Dog Night song.  We have been told, that most won’t know
it is there.  That it had been at its former place for a couple years.
on the other side of town. Which none of us were aware of that one.
No signs.. only word of mouth.  Friends, I guess. Same with the one
at the gas station office.

Seems there are two of these. Both of them are and were in an office
corner.  I have never been to either of them. Heck I wasn’t even aware of
either of them until just last month.

I guess both of these people had bought a liquor license sometime in
the past for the city of Kootenai. And the city only allows 2 such licenses.
Goes by how many people live in the city.  We have about 640 now.. With
Annex area, we grew 200. We were 440 for many years.

But because these people paid good money for these license, they
don’t want to let them lapse.  But I guess there is a new (or maybe not
new) rule is that it has to be a working bar in order for them to keep them.
So this one will be open for 4 hours once a week… At least that is the
word we got.

I was upset at first as I thought that the neighborhood should have been
notified… it wasn’t because… the bar is in a commercial area.  Those of
us in the neighborhood thought it was a commercial/industrial area..but
I guess if it is called commercial, a bar can put placed there. See our street
is half commercial (on the west side) and residential (on the east side). So
we don’t have to be notified.

Lucky for us.. this is a low key bar…like I said.. I call it the knock 3 times bar..
Had it been a full fledged neon sign bar, I would be ticked to the maxed..

But it seems unethical for these two places to have a liquor license in an
office corner… blocking anyone else from getting one in our town. Or have
to pay a ransom price, I am sure to buy them out.  Just something about that,
that rings wrong.

But I am happy it is a knock 3 times bar.. as we won’t even know it is here,
(if it is like the former place and other one in town) … so guess I should thank
my lucky stars.  

I guess I could go over and knock 3 times and tell them Joe sent me... lol

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Men get so excited over nothing.

Last week, I decided to try an new recipe of oven fried chicken.
Went on line and found an easy recipe for it.

I followed it and then put it in the oven for dinner. I went over to my computer and shut down some of the pages I was working on.
Went to the back of the house shred a paper and came out to the living room.. Smelled a slight smoke smell… so went into the kitchen. Turn on the switch for the exhaust fan. And because for some reason, whenever we have smoke or smells from the kitchen, it flows thru the dining room to the back of the house. So I went back to shut the doors on the 3 back rooms.

As I came back to the kitchen I could see there was more smoke. I turn off the oven, open the back door right next to the oven. Walked to the front door in the living room and open that door. As I was heading back to the kitchen.. in enters THE KING.. Takes one look at the smoke
and starts to bellow .. 

THERE IS SMOKE POURING OUT OF THE OVEN. (good eyes) He opens the window (next on my list) and says ….
We need to call the Fire dept.  We need help to get this smoke out of here…I tell him to calm down, I have control over it.. just take it easy. He is pacing the kitchen, still bellowing.. (who needs a fire alarms when I have the King.) Look, the ceiling is going to have to be washed and repainted… still bellowing.
I told him to calm down as I removed the chicken from the oven.. and also the shelves. And took them outside.
Which, of course, more smoke comes out as I am releasing it with the oven door opened. LOOK, he yells… I shut the oven door… push him back outside.. tell him to go back to his garage.. I have everything in control..  And as he steps off the deck, He says… yea, it looks like it.. (He, of little faith).

I spent the next half hour washing down the walls, floor and ceiling of the oven.
Washed the shelves and put them back.. Took the chicken in, put it in the fry pan.  Started the salad… Check on the chicken.. OH, CRAP.. the front of the stove is grey with smoke… So got the Lysol out before the King returns…as that would have sent him back over the edge..

So 15 minutes later, chicken is done, salad is done.. dinner is on the table when the King walks back in … no smoke..doors closed, window closed..
He looks at the ceiling.. it is still white… whew…
And I looked at him… and said… see I told you.. I had everything under control…  Men get so excited over nothing..

By the way, I got to remember to replace the smoke alarm.. lol… we wore it out last year..  NO, it was NOT MY COOKING..

Monday, March 11, 2013

No bounce in the carriage..or this white girl has no rhythm...

Saturday mornings are Zuma classes for me… My daughter makes me do it, (in the tune of the devil made me do it)… she says it is good for me.. Where did I miss the turn there.. It was my job to tell my kids what was good for them. Some
where I went around the corner and came back behind, with me being on the receiving end.

Every Saturday for the past 3 or 4 Saturdays… (it seems longer)… I drag my funky butt out of the bed… drink coffee.. find loose clothing… and head for SOUL TOWN FITNESS.   There is a sweet, bubbly (luckily I had my first cup of coffee or I would hate early morning bubbly) gal name Kathy Funk, (nothing to do with funky butts) who turns up the music and gets us rolling… hips that is.. and arms.  I must tell you that Kathy is a wonderful cheerful gal.. who really does
believe in all of this exercise bit. She is a prime example how it all works well for those who work out.  As a overweight woman, (she has the pictures to prove it.) is now a thin one… but not too thin.. bubbly fountain of cheer.  So anyone who lives local.. you are missing out, if you don’t go down and see what is going on there in Ponderay. There are classes for $7 for zumba… $10 for others.. or buy a discount card of 10… Or you can join the fitness club.  Very nice clean place.
While this sounds like a commercial, it isn’t.. it is a fact. And now you will know..that the below part of this.. is not Kathy’s fault… just that this white girl(me) has no rhythm.

I have never been a fan of exercise. Like different diets, I have done just about all the exercises of choices over the years… One I did really well, losing 50 pounds… it was a cassette tape that I did daily along with walking a mile to the
mail box.  I HATED THAT TAPE… I hated it the first day… and I hated it up to the 9th month when I quit doing it.  I looked GREAT!!!! I could fit in my teenager
son’s jeans… oh, yea… I looked great, well there were some who thought at 121 pounds I looked too thin… but I was so happy with myself… BUT…I hated that tape. I prayed each day for the cool down part to hurry up, and at the end,
where you lay on the floor and do some last stretches.. was the heaven part of it.

Now fast forward to 2013…. I am now 30 years older. And I kick myself all the way down to the fitness center… I HATE EXERCISING… I can think of a dozen reasons why I don’t have to go… But I walk in with a smile on my face, change
into my sneakers.. head to the room with bottle of water in hand.. and greet everyone… Not going to be a wet blanket.

So today, I am wiggling parts that haven’t for years, until the past couple weeks.
Trying to get the brain to coordinate my arms with my legs and hips.   And  not look like a disconnected puppet. I have to concentrate on one or the other and then try to get the other to join in… If I can get my hips and legs going in the right direction, then I try to get the arms and shoulders to do what it is suppose to do. Rarely works.. but I try.  I get frustrated as I don’t understand why this does not work well.. I use to be able to jump around.. now it is a shuffle… then it dawns on me…. MY CARRIAGE… MY CARRIAGE DOESN’T HAVE A BOUNCE IN IT ANYMORE… IT IS MORE LIKE A BUCKBOARD ON A RUTTED ROAD. 

I think, ok, I have gave this a good try.. but I am not going to do this anymore… I am comfortable with that… as we are doing the cool down to “SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME”…. Which I am handling pretty well.. after all, I had danced to that for years… and this was going to be my last dance..  ……………………..

And then… my daughter comes up to me… and says… ‘you are doing great, Mom. (yea, right… she honed in on my brain wave (kids do that when they are adults, like we use to do to them)  I know… she just wants to have me not give up and keep coming.. I am on to her…..  AND THEN… as I pay Kathy, she says… you are doing so great… I told her… I don’t think so… my carriage has no bounce… it is more of a buckboard …. And laughed.. She laughed and said.. no
Really you are doing well, and I am so glad you are coming…

Geesh, Maries… I don’t want to go back… I HATE EXERCISE.. oh, guess I already said that…  I walked out into the wonderful sunshine… thinking.. I don’t want to go back…. (and the little voice, sounding like my rotten kid, says.. but it is good for you….and you need to stretch your comfort zone.)  BUT I HATE EXERCISE…  I know.. I already said that… I am repeating myself.. I am old…I am allowed to do that.

So come Saturday morning.. we will see who wins out… I look forward to the end of the month.. as I will have a good excuse for not going… we are going out of town.  Lol…   

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rearing to go...

I feel like I am all dressed up and nowhere to go..
Like I am in high gear and someone has the brakes on.
I got the fever, and got shot down.

Monday was wonderful.. The sun was out all day long.
I worked outside from about 10am to 2pm.. even the dog
basked in the sun.  I got a lot done. And it was just the tip of
the work to be done yet..

I restrained myself from uncovering my rose bushes.. I didn’t
cut the ones back that need it..I didn’t cut back the clematic like I did last year… Nope… I was good.  

See, last year we had two weeks of high 40s and low 50’s. I
thought … wow, early spring!!!  OH, SO… NOT!!!!...  
As the following week we had  8 inches of snow. Lost two rose bushes.. two more were very late in growing and budding, that I thought they were dead.
And the clematis was only half of what it had been the past years.
Nope this year, I am going to be good…. And patience..

So go ahead and snow, I know it will be gone by the weekend.. And I know it will be at least a month before I can really get going, but I dabble a little bit … when it warms up this weekend.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

8 years ago today...

8 years ago……

2174 post ago….. I was sitting up one night… couldn’t go to sleep…. SoI went and read a couple of blogs… Slight Detour.. and No Holds Bar. (now called Huckleberry’s Online). 

As I finished up Slight Detour, which was run by Marianne Love and art by her brother, Jim… there was a little line on the very top of the page… those famous
words by BLOGSPOT.  


I thought about it… Dave Oliveria from  No Holds Bar, had told me I should start one.. And I told him, no… I didn’t have enough to say to do a blog. That I was just a word tosser… (mainly towards his way, by emails).

Well, the rest is history… I used the Wordtosser for my name.. and came up with FROM A SIMPLE MIND… because that was pretty much the truth…and still is.  Readers have come and gone.. New ones have signed on.. I change the back drop three times(thank you Toni), I have shorten it from every day to 4 days a week with holidays off.  But have stuck it out for 8 years… At first I gave myself a month… that lead to a year.
Now I figure if I can last two more years… I will call it quits as 10 years is plenty… beside there has been times when I thought I would just flat give it up.  But every time I have had that thought, something would bug that crap out of me…and I ended up typing away…

I have a sweet wonderful woman, name Jo, (I have written about her in the past) who loves my blog. She tells me that she doesn’t know how I can come up with this stuff to write about.  And to be honest with you, I don’t know how I do it either.  Sometimes I look at this blank page, and
figure, ok, this is the day it stops.. then I type an idea.. and off it goes.

I mostly like writing humorous things.. the fun ones are the ones where I can tell on myself.. of my idiotic ideas, that go wrong. Sometimes it is a soap box about what really ticks me off… Sometimes it is something sad that has happen.    But the ones that are the most fun, are the funny
ones… as I love humor … I love the sound of laughter..

And hopefully I make people laugh… leading to one of my favorite phrases that I use… “Well, I leave you laughing”….. that is one of my sign offs when on the phone. Hopefully I have you as well, my dear readers…  So hang in there.. hopefully I can reach my goal.. of 2 more
years.. God willing…

And here is the first post of 8 years ago…
March 5, 2005

Going to try this out... I am just a word tosser... but a lazy one... don't know if I have enough in my mind to do a daily blog. So don't expect much...

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


 This is the part of Spring I don't like.... Pick up rocks... from the snowblower and plow that the King
used over the winter...

 But the Lilac bush is giving me hope that Spring is coming with its buds starting...

Even Misty is enjoying the sunshine...

 The greenhouse is bare but not for long.. soon .. we hope to add the plastic once again..

 The apple tree is budding as well....

 the backyard birds have visited...

 The raised garden beds are starting to wake... from its winter sleep ... can't wait to start our new
project of planting... suppose to be better produce and less weeds.. we shall see...

 in the dark of the shade is ice still...

 And snow lays waiting .... in the dark of the shadows to remind us not to get into a

 And my bike waits... its turn to come out of the shed...

 Yet there is still snow on top of the mountain for the skiers to enjoy a few more times...

 And look who is here for dinner... a full bush ....

This is not lost on Rokon, as she scouts out the bush full of birds... as she ventures out
the first time this year..