Monday, March 25, 2013

Nest .......Goals

This past winter, my goal was to try painting… Never did it before ..well, with paints anyway.. just pencil or pen doodle stuff.. and not good at that either. Think Grandma Moses or a kindergartner, then lower the bar.  
But even so, it went better than I thought it would.  Most of the receivers were my own kids.. After all, I was the proud Mom who posted theirs on the refrigerator over the years… now it was their turn..  I did call it Garage
Art for a reason… it was suppose to be put in their garages where people wouldn’t see them.. (after all it was canvas and they couldn’t put it up on the refrigerator.    Trouble is.. kids don’t listen to you anymore while they
are adults than they did when they were kids… so far 99% are hanging in side the house… 1% one didn't say where he was putting it.. he actually might have put it in his garage.

Then this past January at the end.. or beginning of February, I had been going to Zumba classes with my daughter.  Remember the post of a couple
weeks ago.. of how I HATED EXCERISE?  I had left it with …would I go back?
Well, I did.. two more times.  And next Saturday, I will be visiting the outlaws, so won’t be going ..  And I won’t be returning after I get home.. because…….. I have decided a Spring time goal…

Starting in April.. on the 1st as a matter of fact… I am going to get my lazy butt out of bed by 6am.. (winter has been 7am) and by 7am.. I will be on the road of Kootenai for starters… walking.. walking the streets.. does
that make me a street walker??? (smile)  Because I have a goal for this Summer.. to walk at least one walkathon with my daughter. (it’s good for you Mom, comes back to haunt me once again).  So I have to start local, in case
body parts, revolt on me.   Then I am going to stretch out to
Big R (about a mile) and keep adding. I have to get it so I can do 3 miles with ease… Not only do I have to be able to walk it.. but walk it fast enough to keep up.. Don’t want to slow the others down.  I figure this is going to
take me 2 months.. if all goes well. I am a fast walker… but not for the long haul yet.. I use to be.. I could walk 6 miles an hour when I was a teen.  And
those who go shopping with me, know I walk fast.  But for 3 miles.. well, we
will see.  So that is my next goal… also I am going to throw in bike riding
once a week to build that up too… as my other goal is to ride on the bike trail from Kootenai to Sandpoint.. and who knows maybe even to Dover. 
But considering that I rode the bike for the first time last week, and could have been compared to a steam engine… my legs were not rubber when I got off the bike..

So it upward and forward…

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Marianne Love said...

Good Luck, Cis. Many added benefits to biking and walking besides getting into shape, and I'm sure you will enjoy them all.