Saturday, December 31, 2005


Good bye 2005


Happy New Years everyone

Friday, December 30, 2005

Movie Theaters

Took my grandson to see Narnia,
Lion, Witch and Wardrobe...
And the movie was enjoyable.

I rate movies by
1. theater and 3..T.V.
Meaning that is where they should
be watched. Narnia was a 2.
I enjoyed being with my grandson
so that is why we were in the
theater. But being there, also
reminded me why I don't usually
go there.

When I go to the movies, I like
to go to the matinee show. It is
cheaper, and less people. But
it always makes me wonder.

After all there are 100 seats in
the theater. And on most
occasions, there is about
10 to 15 people in there. So
why do they sit in front of me?
I mean, right in front of me.
They could go to the right of me.
They could be several seats
below me. They could even be
across the aisle from me.
I have even tried to sit up higher
or lower but they still sit in front
of me. And of course the adult
sits in the chair right in front of
me. So I am missing 10% of
the screen. And they shift from
side to side.. This is why I don't
like go to theaters.

And yesterday was almost as
bad. Now there were a lot more
people there. Probably 30 or even 40
there. Lots of kids with adults.
After all this is kind of a kids movie.

The movie starts, and the talking
starts in the seats behind me.
Previews, so I am not too upset,
but then it is getting louder. As
if they are in competition with the
sound. Yakky yakky yakky.. After
about 15 minutes of this I finally
turn around and glared. I was about
to ask them to go get coffee and
have a nice chat, and let the
rest of us enjoy the picture. You
see they were too old women.

I know, I am an old woman too.
But at least I have the sense to
keep my mouth shut when I am
in a movie theater.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Lights

Last night I went out around town
to see Christmas lights. I use to take
my grandson around when he was 5
to 10 years old. Now he is 15.

I was downtown picking him up
when I decided to swing thru some
of the old neighborhoods. And to
my surprise there were very few
homes with lights. One of the pricier
neighbors had about 20% of the
houses with lights. What happen
to the competitions between

Sandpoint lost one of their top
house displays man this year.
A man called Hansen always had
quite a display. Grinch and everything.
We drove by and half of it was lit and
the other half was not. But it was nice
to see his children had set it up, as he
had passed several months ago.

But even the stores were lacking.
The downtown streets of Oak, or Main.
The park had hardly any. Jones Park
did have a nice trees. At least 5th Avenue
had their trees lit. Like ballerina on each side.

Even my own town isn't much for lights.
BUT, our street can stand proud. Only
3 houses out of the 2 and half blocks
doesn't have lights.

Sadly, next week, it will be dark again.
Until next year. Hopefully more people
will get into the spirit of it. I guess the
high price of electric bills has a lot to do
with it. We only leave ours on from
6 to 8 or 9 p.m.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Follow Up of Dec. 15

This is a follow up on my blog
of December 15, 2005
Why Do These Things Happen?

Judge Issues Order Allowing
Evicted Woman To Return Home
House Can't Be Sold Until Jan. 12
UPDATED: 7:19 pm EST December

23, 2005
PROVIDENCE -- An 81-year-old

Providence woman evicted from
her home for failing to pay
a sewer bill will be allowed to return

after all.
That's after a Superior Court judge

issued a preliminary injunction
Friday on behalf of Madeline Walker.
The order means Walker's Chester
Avenue house can't be sold again
before a hearing on Jan. 12.
Walker was evicted from her home

of 53 years earlier this month. The
house has since changed hands.
The case drew Gov. Don Carcieri's attention,
he found a lawyer to take up the matter.

All of which makes me wonder...
what happens next. First you got the
$500, if they didn't pay it before,
will they pay it now? After all she and
the family knew for 2 years or more.
No one acted on that.

Seems the lawyer for her, thinks
she wasn't mental able to understand
the whole thing. But the thing is, her
daughter did. So have to watch this
to see how it comes out.

Then, also, she got to move back
in her house for Christmas..(I am
sure it must be for the feel good
effect) But first it was Out and
then back In and what happens
if this doesn't come out in her favor..
back Out again? That seems kind of
cruel... and will some one donate the
money? Then, of course, there could be the
person who buys it but lets the elderly
woman stay until she goes to a nursing
home or dies. Interesting.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Day After Christmas Shopping Conversations

He….I know they are nice looking,
but do you really need 20 goblet
glasses of 4 different colors?
And where are you going to put them?
She… Oh, I will find a place, we
need them for our parties.
He… what parties?

Mom, can’t we go yet? All these tree
ornaments are boooooooooring.. I want
to go home and play with my toys.

Girl 1…. Oh, just look at these. Aren’t
these so beautiful?
Girl 2…. Yea, I guess, just don’t give
it to me next year…

Two girls watching a woman fill her
cart. Girl 1.. did you see that woman?
Girl 2.. yea, those are the ugliest plastic
glasses I have ever seen, and she must
have bought 30 of them.

Little boy walking by with his mother..
So, if I go around this store one more
time with you, you will clean my
whole room?

Friday, December 23, 2005

To the Guy Who Reads my Blog Daily

Thanks for the good times…
the Memories…
Biking to the penny candy store
at the end of Beacon Street.

Helping out with the seine fishing
net with the folks, and us catching the
blow porcupine fish that we played
with. That blew up when scared and
deflated when it wasn’t.

The trips on the Mary Jo, picnics in
Fort Adams cove… and Jamestown cove.
The trips to Prudence Island. The
Bluegrass Festival while we ate on the
Mary Jo. The many boat races we saw.
How we laugh now about how you got a
rope around your waist and I didn't when
the folks taught us how to swim, by throwing
us off the boat. We figured they were
saving the family name. lol

The huge Navy ships that we rode by.
And the day that our little boat motor
got caught on their side net as we pulled
away. After Dad telling them what kind of
fish we were catching and with what. .
The Mayflower replica that we got to board.

The many years of haying. The rides home
on the loose hay, on top of the truck. It is a
wonder we didn’t slide off and get killed.
The runs across the barn roof and jumping
on the haystacks. Drinking out of the water
pumps the farmers had.

The stories we told on Friday nights, when
the folks went out for the night. Some of
them funny, some of them scary…

For the times you came and got me, to
calm down your acquaintances that got
rowdy, or were bullies.

The years of dishes on Thanksgiving with
the folk’s friends over for dinner.
The years of trying to out guess
each other on what Santa brought

The times we, as a family, killed the chickens,
You running the headless chickens down and
me plucking feathers..

The rides we endured to horses show all over
the states. What did we do, while she showed
the horses? The times we walked Smokey all
night long when he had green grass colic.

Lobster, quahogs and cleaning a gunny sack of
scallops and buckets of oysters with
our families together. Making of the Stuffy’s
That we made in an assembly line, with our
families combined….

The trouble we got into and we drove our
parents to distraction. The times you
squealed on me, and I on you. The times
we cried about before, but laugh about now.

Happy 61st Birthday, dear brother….

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Count Down

Well, we are on the count down.
4 more days and this will be all
just a memory to be stashed with
all the rest.

My daughter brought over all
my share of our cook off of Monday.
And I was finishing last night,
the candied orange and grapefruit
peels. It is a thing my mother use
to make.

You cook the rinds until they are
almost clear. Then cool and then
peel out the white stuff in the peel.
Cut in stripes about 1/4 in. wide.
Then roll it in sugar and let dry.
The King saved the day, as he
got out the food dryer and they
came out well.

Then the bright idea of tipping
them in chocalate. Yes, that
sounds good. But I found out
that boiling the choc. chips,
did not make a dipping choc.
Then I tried microwaving the
choc. to see if I could get it
thinned. Well, I don't know
if I should tell you what
happened next...

You see, the King and I have
gotten sucked into a new
program... DEAL OR NO DEAL
And he yelled at me, come look
at this guy... he only has 4 boxes,
left and he is going for it.

I only left for a few minutes...
I think.... the down side of this
I had the biggest, hardest, rock
of chocalate in a ball in a bowl.
I should also say, it was the
biggest DRY ball.

I froze it. Named it 2 12oz. choc.
Someday, I will take it out
and figure out what to do with

Only 4 more days... and no
more days of holiday cooking.
YEA!! Going to our daughter's
for Christmas dinner after

The rest of it it is all downhill
heading for Spring.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Wedding

Monday afternoon was a day to behold..
We drove up in the woods to a lodge
for a wedding of a young lady I have
known since she was in school with
my daughter over 20 years ago.

This young lady just got back from
Kuwait and decided to marry the
young man whom she has known
for a few years.

She picked the right place at
the right time. We drove up to
the lodge and parked our car.

We were about to sit down, when
it started to snow. Just lightly. You
know the soft, slow dropping thru
the air. The kind that pictures are
taken of ... And that is what this was.

Picture a very large log lodge. With
very big windows. And as the snow
was falling, a red sleigh appeared
coming up the path. Stopping in
front of the lodge. Out steps the
bride, in white and white cape that
covered her from her ears to
her feet. And her 7 year old daughter
in white as well, and a white cape
also. They step up the stairs,
and down the deck to the door.
They stepped into the room, with
snow sparkling in their beautiful hairdo's.

They were helped out of their
capes, and then the little
girl walked to the aisle and
started to toss white roses
petals for her mother to walk
thru as she and her father were
walking down the aisle to the
waiting young man. Who beamed
with love for this young lady.

The rest of the ceremony was
lead off with the asking of...who
gives this woman away, to which
the father says, I do, her father.

It was a lovely wedding, and
you could tell how happy every
one was. Her parents, brothers
and sisters join in, welcoming this
young man into their family as
they took pictures. And his
family did the same for her.

I thought back to the days, that
this young lady who honored me
with the title of Mom2, and how
she was an awkward teen, of the
8th grade, growing in all directions.
And Monday, her wedding day...
she is the Snow Princess who
come to claim her Prince.

What a lovely young lady she
has grown up to be.

May the world be your apple,
may life keep you both safe.
May your love last until you
are both old and grey and more.
God Bless you, Shelly and Mike.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I am dancing... yes, dancing for joy
SPRING IS really. It is
coming. How do I know, because today
in the mail I got my Tomato Growers
Catalog. And we all know that Spring
is coming, when our garden catalogs
start, right?

Ok, if you want to be a downer, I guess
I will try not to be so excited. But with
seed catalogs, I start thinking about it.

I don't want to hear anymore about
the festivies of the week. No, this isn't
about the Christmas vs Holiday thing.
This has nothing to do with the
commercialism of Christmas and etc.

This has to do with the cooking bake
off of yesterday. I had 4 recipes, that
I made up the dough this past weekend
for yesterday. My daughter did at least
that many if not more. And she was
running candy thru during the waiting
for the cookies to cook. So if we say she
did 4 recipes of cookies, that is 8
different kinds, and 3 to 4 pans of each
recipe. That is 24 to 32 pans of cookies.
Times 16 to 20 each...

And of course you have to taste one to make
sure it came out. We started with one cookie
each to test. Then we switched to one half of a
cookie each to test. After 5 hours, it was you
taste it,, you taste it... no, that is ok....
you tell me how it taste.
And then the candies as well. We called in the
expert taster, my grandson.

I don't want to look at another cookie or candy,
or anything sweet for a very long time.

Which is a good thing......
I got on the scale yesterday...
Not good... not good at all...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Short but not to the point

This is going to be a day on the run.
Starting with barely a cup of coffee
and then go.

See today, my daughter and I are
going to do a cookie and candy
bake off. We both have been
putting together, cookie dough
over the weekend. And this
morning we have 3 hours to get
them all done.

We started a year or two ago
with a day or two of baking cookies
and candies, for the holidays.
But this year has been running
away with both of us. Each doing
our own thing. Shopping, and all
that kind of stuff.

Then at noon, it is get ready for a
wedding of a friend. Her high
school friend, who I get the
privilege of being called Mom2.

This young lady just got back
from Kuwait, after a year of
service. And now she is ready
to walk down the aisle with a
nice young man at 3 p.m.

So, off I go...

Friday, December 16, 2005

I am not Politically Correct Anymore

You know I am really trying to
get along here. But I am really
getting fed up and becoming a
grouch. I have tried to be so
political correct and go with the
changing times. You know the
woman, man, person thing.

The not bragging about my
country so much, so I don't
offend people. But lately this
is getting really hard. The idiot
who couldn't get the law changed
about Under God thing, is now
trying to get rid of In God We
off of our money. He must
have been reading the emails, as
there was one going around that,
said if they don't like the word God
then maybe they would turn all
their money over to the email sender.

From what I have heard, and I am
not the most educated person. But
I have read there is no where, no
law saying we are to keep state
and church separate. In fact I read
that the only place that has that
is Russia.. So why if that is a
fact, do we have people scream
it at the top of their lungs?
Isn't there any one with Common
Sense to stop all this? Is the
ACLU bending things to suit
themselves, and no one is
actually dealing with truth?

Our forefathers, put in a good
system. Why are we all a sudden
changing everything? All the buildings
in Washington DC have a bible
reference some where in the building,
etched in stone or wood. This is what
this country is founded on.

In the 1970's there was the saying,
Love it or Leave it.
My thought is, if all of our forefathers
system is so offensive to those who
complain... shouldn't they be finding
a country that they do like. We have
like this country just the way the
forefathers set it up. With God in
mind. I don't recall a state and
church thing. The closest I
remember is that our country was
basis on freedom of speech AND religion.

That we welcome all religions, and
that we were to be tolerant of each
others religion, not forbid it to be
seen anywhere. And if you don't have
a religion, then so be it. Don't put
us down because we do, we don't
put you down because you don't have

I came from a town that was heavy in
Jewish population. It has the first
Syngogne in the United States.
No one in our school made fun of the
Jewish people. No one made a fuss
when the Jewish children didn't come
to school on their religious holidays.
They didn't condemn us for having Christmas.

So what the heck has changed in the
past 20 years and is getting worse.
Why can't we honor each others religion?

I heard that we try to destroy what we
do not understand. That what we do not
understand we fear, so we destroy it.
Is that what is going on?

So pardon me if I am not quite political
correct anymore.

Merry Christmas....

If I am not here, check the jail house...
I will be the one behind bars for saying
and for those who don't like it...well,
I would tell you where to go, but you don't
believe in hell, so what would be the use...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why Do These Things Happen?

Yesterday I was reading about
an 81 year old lady who was
moved out of her home of 50
years, in Providence, R.I.

As they said in the article, it
wasn't because of taxes or non
payment of a mortgage payment.
It was her sewer bill. Yes, sewer
bill. This started in 2003.

Now before we get to teary eyed
over this, some of it was hers and
her family's fault. Some of it has my
head shaking. She had 1 year
to come up with the money. About
$500 worth. She or her family. And I
wonder why her family didn't.

The part that makes my head shake,
is that first, it was June 2003 and she
paid half, $498 and leaving $500 left
to be paid. BUT they sold her house
Novemember 2003, to whom I don't know
and it was sold for $500. And they gave
her 1 years to pay that $500 and she
could have the house back. That is
where I wondered why her family didn't
pay it.

What I wonder is ... why was her home
sold for $500 just 5 months later? What
was the rush? Did they offer her payments?
Like $50 a month or what. And now she has
been moved out of the house, which
by the way the Governor is upset that this
happen over a sewer bill and she was ousted
around the holidays.

The Narragansett Bay Commission said they
sent her many notices. So for this, I can't
rant and rave, as she and her daughter had
plenty of time to fix this. Also it is now a
year past when she could have been ousted.

But what happens to the house? The new
owner, who is that? And surely they are
going to resell it, so what happens to all
that money? Houses in R.I. have been
selling for over $200,000 for years. Many,
many years, unless it is really a dump.
So just for sake of argument, the place is
worth $150,000 because it is over 50 year
old house (not old by R.I. standards) then
does the lady get any of this money? If not,
then this seems just wrong. Some one gains
$145,500 by buying a house for $500 sewer
bill? It is morally wrong, for sure. There is a
new law that was suppose to prevent this from
happening, but like all laws, by the time the
item got to be a law, it was watered down.
I am going to put the story site here. So you
can copy it to read all of the story.

But then again, the family never should have
let it get this far.

Here you go, for the rest of the story...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Stuff everywhere. We have photos in
frames everywhere. Some on the
tables, on the TV, and on the walls.
We have one form or another of
knick knacks on shelves, near the
TV, and even on my computer
desk here.

I had to clean up the table of pictures.
I stacked them in two piles, his and mine.
I found a place ..temporary... to put mine.
I placed the King's on top of his little
filing cabinet, under his STUFF. Well,
he found it last night, and had a small
teesy. "What the heck am I going to do
with them, he asked." Told him to leave
them there until after the holidays.

Put the knick knacks in a box. And
even with that I only have a few
Christmas things out. Cards, candles,
church, angels, just to name a few.

I have the boxes down in the garage
to bring all the stuff inside to put up.
But as I looked in the boxes, I thought,
I have half a mind to put them all back
up on the shelf. After all in two weeks,
I will just have to pack it all back up again.
And I am not looking forward to that.

I did get into to putting lights up outside.
More than we usually have. But didn't do
the big tree this year. Around the house,
across the front of the little garage, the
back deck, and fence.

Maybe I should start putting the decorations
out just after Halloween. Then it won't seem
like such a chore for a short time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And the Artist was God

When the King and I were
heading to Tri-cities
this past weekend, we saw
the most beautiful sunset.

It was the most beautiful colors
of pink, peach, reds, yellows
and thru it was the sky behind.

Which was a pastel of blues
and greens like. And with the
plains of Ritzville and fields
along side of 395, it was
the most enjoyable scene
for an hour and half. Which
I thought maybe I might
be driving the King crazy
as I kept saying, Oh, look
at it, isn't it beautiful, as it
would change slightly.
But after about 30 miles,
he, too, was commenting
on it. I told him it would
almost be worth moving
over there just for the

And why don't I have a
picture to go with this?
Because I stupidly
didn't take my digital
camera. And we were
in Tri-cities, when the King
said, oh, I have a camera in
the glove box.... Men.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Pet Peeves...

Going out to dinner from
time to time, there is one
thing that drives me nuts.

No, not the smokers. It
is children. Badly behaved
children. I know I will
get the Grouch of
the Year award for this,
but I wish there were
a separate rooms at
restaurants. Like they
use to have the no smoking
room, and the one for the smokers.

If I recalled many years
back they use to have
two rooms. One was
called the family dining.
That was for those with

Don't get me wrong
I love kids. At the store,
at fair grounds, parks,
McDonald, Burger King,
and etc. .

But when I have to pay
the big bucks to eat in
a dining room. I want
QUIET. I don't want
Jr. kicking the back of
my booth. Or running
up and down the
room or around the
chairs, with mom
or dad in tow..some
times. I don't want
screaming. I want
QUIET. They use to
ask you smoking
or non-smoking when
you walked in. I wanted
to say, non Children,

My kids never saw the
inside of a dining room of
a restaurant until they were
teens. We went to the
mom and pop type of
hamburger places. You
know the ones with
outside sitting. My kids
were normal messy kids.
And if they acted up, then
they were put in the car.
I didn't take them to dining
rooms because I wanted to
eat my food in peace. I wanted
others to eat their food in peace.

Now I will take that Grouch
of the Year award. Thank you.
Unless you want to wait until
I do the blog on people in
restaurants who use their cell phones.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Never have your Husband take your Picture

Being I got my hair cut today, I
wanted a picture so I could use it
for my MSN messenger picture...

So I asked King to take a picture.
I sit him down across from me and
said.... here I will take your picture,
so I can show you what I want.
I take his picture. Straight forward.
Just right, no bow of head, no turkey
neck... See this is what I want. The
following is what I got.

The first one is me telling him how
close I want the picture...He takes the
picture. As I am explaining, how I
didn't want the turkey neck view.

The second picture is where I try again,
and tell him, please do not take the
picture until I say ok. He took the
picture as I said that. The fourth
picture, well, it is as close as I know
I am going to get before I strangle him,
as he is laughing.

See yesterday, I gave up my hair
for Locks of Love. I have been growing
it for 14 months. So off it goes, which
was good. But what do I do with what
is left. This is what I ended up with
and I like it. So far I have had good
reviews on it. I can even spike it
if I wanted to. lol...

The picture for the MSN
Messenger? I chose another
that I took earlier, with
the camera on the Bronco.
This was an example of how it was to be Posted by Picasa
I want it this size Posted by Picasa
When I say ready, shoot Posted by Picasa
Forget it, this is as good as he is going to get it Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Toy Prices

I look in the paper and see the prices
of toys for kids. I am amazed at the
prices. And thankful that I don't have
to buy for kids anymore. I just send
a card and some money to the
grandchildren. 99% of them live out
of state. So this way I know I got the
right size, it is in style, the right color
and the shipping is only 37 cents
(until the first of January).

But the other part I wonder about
was the kids themselves. If you pay
$399 for a toy, and then are
encourage to buy the $299 package
of accessories that go with it? Also
the games that go with it run from
$29 to $49. What do you do next year?
What is the kid expecting from you.
And only present? No, they refer to
presents, in the plural sense.

When I was raising mine, they got
clothes as their main presents. This
was replenishing the school clothes
time of the year. Then they got several
small items that were $5.00 or less.
The older the child the closer to the
$5.00 they got. And then there was
the big toy...$25.00.
Now times this, for each kid.

I know this added to my bah humbug
attitude that I had to hide from my
kids. After all how can you compete
with the other families? When they other
kids come back to school with the stories
of their great presents of stereo's and etc.
Then if you all visit on Christmas day... and
your kid breaks their kids
The paying a price that you never would have
spent for your kids. That is why we never
visited on Christmas day. Didn't want my kids
breaking others toys, or have their kids break
my kids toys. Beside you have all week to visit.
Christmas day is for your own family.

I do have to say, my kids were great. They were
always, and I do mean always, grateful
for what they got. They never sat there with a
long face on Christmas morning, because they
didn't get the latest greatest toy.

I know just because they make it, doesn't mean
the parent has to buy it. After all they make
Cadillac's and Rolls Royce's, but we all don't
drive them. But there is a lot more pressure
on parents by kids and ads. And when you hear
a kid say, "well it is only $400", like it was only
$5.00 well, I don't know about you, but I gringe.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

King Kong and Me

When I was the mere age of 13, I believe,
my girlfriend and I went to the Paramount
Theater on Broadway across from the
high school in Newport, R.I.

We went to see...KING KONG with Faye
Wray. We put our hard earn coins down on
the counter, and picked up our tickets.
The 3 o'clock show. (got to be home to
feed the horses by 5). We got our pop corn
and coke. And sat down in the middle of the
theater so we could see it really well.

The theater goes dark, and all the previews
and newsreels run their gamut. Then the
movie starts. Loud music. Scary music.
We are eating our pop corn, as we watch.
The scarier it gets the faster we are eating
our pop corn.

AND THERE GOES.......The two of us girls
out to the aisle, up the aisle, out thru the
doors almost taking them of the hinges.
Out to the daylight, still running.
You would have thought Kong was behind us.
I think it was at least 4 blocks before we finally
slowed down to a walk.

It took me 3 more years before I could watch
the whole movie. Then it was on a TV in my room.
The folks had given me a TV which was about
4 foot by 4 foot by 3 feet, which was at the end
of my bed. I sat on the foot of the bed, and out
came KONG...I flipped over on to the rest of the
bed, on to my glasses, and broke the hinge.

I wonder... will I be able to see the new one?
Do I want to? I will take my grandson with me.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Santa Day vs Christ Day

Christmas verses Christ Day,
Santa Day verses Christ Day.

Being Santa seems to be a non
judgmental icon,(so far no one
seems to be offended by him) after
all who can be mad at a man who
laughs all the time, and makes
people happy? He seems to be
taking over December 25, anyway.

And being if memory serves me
right, that there is no where in the
bible that says that Jesus was
born on December 25th, itself. .

How about having Christ Day
on December 27th. That is the
day us Christians can devote to
our Lord. The Jewish people have
Hanukkah, and the others have
their own day. This way we can
have our own day. No one gets
offended because everyone has
their own day.

Christmas, then could be
celebrated by everyone.
It actually should be called
PRESENT DAY. Not to be confused
with President day. But if that is too
much, we can have it be Santa Day.

So on the 25th of December they can
still have Santa. There still can be dinners
and presents, lots of presents, just like now.
There will be no religion, so no offense
taken. Heck we can even make it
the 3rd Sunday of December. And every
one can celebrate Santa Day. Jewish, Blacks,
Muslins, you name the religion, and they
can celebrate and buy more, and more

On Jesus Day, we can have prayer, and
meet with friends and family for dinner.
We can have fish and bread. (what a
wonderful change, after turkey for
Thanksgiving and Santa Day).

Do you think we can get Congress
to go for it? Surely they would be
pleased not to have their people
complaining about being offended.

And the card companies will be
thrilled. After all, another card day.
And Commerce will be thrilled
with all the money spent, as
everyone will buy. For everyone.


Monday, December 05, 2005

Rokon and Outside

Rokon is sure disappointed.

We got her last Dec. And she was a
inside cat all thru the winter. Being
a kitten, she wasn't wise to the wonders
of the outdoors.

Then in the Spring time, and the weather
was about 40 degrees warmer, the King
took her outside to the see how she would
like it.

Well, she loved it. She ran all thru the yard,
the garden. She even ventured across
the street, in to the fields,much to my
displeasure. She would run thru the
culvert in our driveway. Especially if I
was trying to get her back in.

In short order she and the screen in the
front door met. The cat won and the screen
on the bottom became her cat door.
Coming and going to her pleasure.

Every morning she would dive thru the
back door, when the King would leave
for work. Any chance she got she flew
thru there no matter what time of the
day it was. And a couple times she
ended up staying outside over night.
Not making me a happy camper.

She is a delight, and has brought much
joy to our lives, but she is a typical cat.
She is in charge and we are her staff.

So here it is winter again. And she is
disgusted with us for putting down that
cold white stuff. Her first shot out of
the house last week, on to the deck, and
the fastest turn around seen in mankind
lately, she was in the house.

As you can see from the picture below,
she checks from time to time, to see
if someone has removed the stuff..
She can't understand what she did
to have this all occur.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Who dumped this stuff here?  Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 02, 2005


Stebbijo's Choice blog yesterday
talked about inventions... Which
brought to my mind, one I had about
30 years ago. And everyone thought
for a moment when I mention it, and
then said Nah, never happen and laughed.

It would be timely to bring it up now, being
snow and ice and car accidents are on the
rise. So what is this invention idea I had?
No laughing, ok?

I had a vision, and I still think someday,
someone with power will come up with
the same idea I had 30+ years ago.

That is as each road that is upgraded, to
install a electric like wiring or plates
underneath the cement or paved roads.
Kind of like an electric blanket. And
then it would be powered by the electric
poles near the road. Every road has
power going down the roads, either
underground (now) and on the poles.
They would be turn on by a switch or by
the road temps getting below 30 degrees.

One naysayer said that would turn the
roads into flooding roads. I don't think
so, as it would be gradual and there
is the ditches, and etc. that would take
the water. I would think the money that
insurance could save by decrease of
accidents would more than pay for
the price to keep the roads warm,
no snow, no ice on the roads.

What do you think?
You can start laughing now.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tomorrow is the Day Posted by Picasa

More of This and That

Tomorrow the mountain will be alive with skiers Posted by Picasa

Tomorrow skiing opens up on the Mountain,
and all the skiers have been watching the
snow up there. Today we have sunshine, so
for the first time in almost 2 weeks, the
natives can see the progress of the
mountain covered with snow.

And someday I hope I can get
a camera with a zoom. So I
can get the mountain instead
of the local scene..

Shifting gears:

I decided to print out a series
of (in my opinion) best of my
blog. I am printing it out for
a friend of the family who does
not have a computer.

I would say I have about
2/3 of the blog in there.
After refining it and printing it
out. I have 188 pages!! Boy, that
is a lot of words. It looks like a
flaming manuscript.

The King, as he is helping me line
up all the pages, said.."Now, I
suppose you are going to make
this into a book and become
famous. And too rich to talk to me."

I about fell off the chair. Told him
Good Lord, no. No company would
buy it, and I would be embarrassed.
That he was stuck with me and to
be poor. lol...