Friday, December 30, 2005

Movie Theaters

Took my grandson to see Narnia,
Lion, Witch and Wardrobe...
And the movie was enjoyable.

I rate movies by
1. theater and 3..T.V.
Meaning that is where they should
be watched. Narnia was a 2.
I enjoyed being with my grandson
so that is why we were in the
theater. But being there, also
reminded me why I don't usually
go there.

When I go to the movies, I like
to go to the matinee show. It is
cheaper, and less people. But
it always makes me wonder.

After all there are 100 seats in
the theater. And on most
occasions, there is about
10 to 15 people in there. So
why do they sit in front of me?
I mean, right in front of me.
They could go to the right of me.
They could be several seats
below me. They could even be
across the aisle from me.
I have even tried to sit up higher
or lower but they still sit in front
of me. And of course the adult
sits in the chair right in front of
me. So I am missing 10% of
the screen. And they shift from
side to side.. This is why I don't
like go to theaters.

And yesterday was almost as
bad. Now there were a lot more
people there. Probably 30 or even 40
there. Lots of kids with adults.
After all this is kind of a kids movie.

The movie starts, and the talking
starts in the seats behind me.
Previews, so I am not too upset,
but then it is getting louder. As
if they are in competition with the
sound. Yakky yakky yakky.. After
about 15 minutes of this I finally
turn around and glared. I was about
to ask them to go get coffee and
have a nice chat, and let the
rest of us enjoy the picture. You
see they were too old women.

I know, I am an old woman too.
But at least I have the sense to
keep my mouth shut when I am
in a movie theater.


Patches & Mittens said...

Mine mom started laughing and woke me up from a furry important nap cuz she said your blog today was so funny; and so true. She said that when she has gone to the show place she has moved to another seat cuz peoples sit right in front of her and her is short. Duz no good she claims, they find her again and sit in front of her agains. She thinks it purty rude when they talk on those cellophane thingys too!

stebbijo said...

People that talk in movies is one of my pet peeves! (pun)

Some old women just don't know how to be old! :-)

Bre said...

We had two bratty teenagers behind us once being loud and obnoxious through the WHOLE movie...Karma got them back the next day, my friend had the pleasure of booking them into juvi.

Taz n Angel said...

I had the privilege, a few years ago, to be a movie theatre manager. It was in a small town. I think one of the best parts of the job was "crowd control". I'd get to sit and watch the movie, making sure the kids behaved themselves, and I got PAID for it! Of course watching Titanic 5 times in one week was a BIT much!!

Here in the big city now, we have a theater chain called Galaxy. The seats are like stadium seating. Even if you had a 7 foot tall person sitting in front of you, the seats are raised higher for each row of seats so that you NEVER have to worry about who sits in front of you! We LOVE going to that theatre. They have little chain restaurants where you can get all kinds of food to take into the movie with you and trays that attach to the seats. The only two problems are who sits behind you and cripes, I'm partly deaf in one ear but I swear to God I have to wear earplugs the next time I go! They have the volume FAR too loud! I mean, when you can FEEL spaceships on screen, you KNOW its too loud. I can hear the movie next door. That happened once and I thought a tornado hit! (Yes we get them here from time to time)

If I could do it again, I'd have a job like that. But alas, I must now be content to be a couch potato, at the best of times... Such is life.

It was the best job I EVER had.