Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throw back Thursday... April 27,2005

Funny how this was written 12 years ago.. and it could be written today..


Baldy Mt. Rule

The Baldy Mt. Rule doesn't apply this year.
Not unless my side is the only side that doesn't
have snow.

Baldy Mt. Rule, for those who don't live in
Bonner County, is that you don't plant
anything until Baldy Mt. snow is gone.
Especially tomatoes.

This year has been definitely weird
weather year. After all, how long
has it been when we only get two
serious snow storms in a winter's
time. How many times do we have a
no snow February? And if we do, it
means March is going to be a big
snow month. We had one kind of
serious snow storm. Serious snow
storms are ones that last a couple days.

As we got our wonderful warm
weather, and raising our planting
urges, we look at Baldy Mt.
Do we dare? We, who have
lived in Bonner County for
more than 20 years, know
we are tempting the elements
if we try.

It is like being a Chocolatecoholic,
the temptations are great.
The sun is there, no wind, all
the right conditions. Baldy Mt.
is even clean. But you know in
your soul, you should not.

I did do my hanging baskets.
But I ushered my baskets to
the greenhouse last night.
Even with out its door, there
will be protection from the
wind, and hopefully the
tempts won't dip too bad.
With the forecast of 30's for
evenings and 50's for days,
winds up to 45 mph, nope
this is not the year to use the
Baldy Mt. Rule.

this is not the year to use the
Baldy Mt. Rule.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What a difference a day makes...

For some reason yesterday must have been a high energy day.

I was up at 4:20am.  Now I haven’t been up that early
in a year or so, unless we had somewhere to go on the
road.  But to just wake up and not be able to go to sleep
again… so got up type of day, just hasn’t been in my
system. More like sleep for 10 hours, during this winter,
type of day.  Early to bed and late to rise.. at 7am.

Then after having breakfast, a couple of chores, and
then off with the King to his doctor. Back home, I got
out the lights that I had ordered for the pergola.
320 FEET of lights!!!.  I unwound the two connect balls.
laid them out on the lawn and then proceeded to
go back and forth, down on side, and then the other
side, and then across.. and then a star in the middle
WHICH WAS NOT EASY… finally had to drawn one
and then map it out. …. Doubling that area and then
around the edges twice.  It took me 2 and half hours.
And at last count was 37 trips up and down the ladder.
and surprisingly, I still have knees this morning.

Then at night fall, I walked out and plugged them in.
It has 8 different series… flashing, chasing, blinking
and steady.. for got the other 4.  They are not as bright
as the ones I have had on there for the past 2 years..
but really nice. And only $19 on Amazon.  And I can
tell you… 320 feet is a LOT… lol..

After such a day, I thought my batteries would be run
down by 8pm… but surprisingly I lasted until 10 pm after
reading for an hour and half.

Yep, what a difference a day makes…especially
when it is mixed with sunshine.  As it didn’t start

raining until about 2 hours after I finished. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pictures worth a thousand words...

only a few bugs to straighten out
and then it will be ready for
LOST IN THE 50'S parade 
next month

Monday, April 24, 2017

Time is flying by....

Oh, my Gosh.. it is Monday already… and
I didn’t do my blog.. It just seem the days
blended into each other from last Wed.

Family time, the King working on his truck.
(pictures tomorrow) and then working
on our grandson’s pickup that died a week
and half ago.  The 47 Ford took it maiden
ride on Friday afternoon… just a few bugs
and it will be ready for Lost in the 50’s. Which
has been the goal since last fall.   Grandson’s
truck back in order, just needs a oil change.

And me? Well, between running my future
Granddaughter to driving classes (every women
needs to know how to drive) and little guy’s
9 month Dr. check up and then my youngest
getting to be another year older.. filled in most
of the time..

But Sunday I woke with no voice.  Got about
half back by noon.. but these dang Spring cold
are a surprise and a pain.   I made it all thru the winter, with
no colds, no flu’s.. and etc..  Then I got lazy.. and
didn’t take my Air Bourne … for 2 weeks.. and
BAMM … hacking cough,  then running nose..
And throw in the lost of voice.. and I was out.
And starting to crawl out of it now…

So happy Monday everyone..  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Throw back Thurs. April 20, 2005

APRIL 20, 2005

Yes man or Honesty..ask

When a friend is talking to you about a problem
they are having, and acts like they want your
input. You got to you want a yes man or

Because if you do an input and it isn't what they
wanted to hear, it can get sticky.
I always want honesty so I take for granted that
my friend does too. And that isn't always the case.
Some times they want just a sounding board.
And the sounding board they want, is the one that
agrees with them. Hence, yes man.

Guess it goes to the fact that I have been not
really good with tact. I don't mean to be tactless.
I think it goes with my logic thinking.
Everything is logically. So if asked, I think
logically they want the honesty.

So I asked my friend this morning as we were
walking, and she was getting quiet after telling
me a problem she had and how she handled it,
and gave me the idea that she wanted input.
I looked at her and said, I'm sorry. Did you want
honesty or a yes man. Yes man, she asked? I said
yes man is the one who agrees. Well, I guess I
was expecting the yes, man, she replied. But I
guess what I want is honesty. But I don't want
to talk about this anymore.

So tread lightly when
you are listening. Try to listen to what the talker
wants. If you don't know... Ask.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


at least EARTH DAY... 

This coming Saturday is EARTH DAY…
I know for a fact that it is the 47th year of Earth Day.

How do I know that? Because I had my last child,
My sweet daughter on that day. I did not know it
was Earth Day at that time.. Had not heard about
how they were even going to have an earth day..
Probably not a top subject when one is pregnant.
So did not try to have my daughter on that day.

But it has been a source of humor for her, as she tells
all, that she is as old as the earth…because she was
born on Earth Day.  Not quite as old as dirt.. but close.

Told her once, that she was so special, they made it
a holiday of sorts….

So come this Saturday… celebrate EARTH DAY…. And
I will celebrate my daughter’s birthday… 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Reading older books...

In my quest of trying to read all the books I bought
In the 1980’s and 1990’s, I came across this one on
my bookcase.  These are all books I bought with the
Idea I would read them someday when I retire.  Well,
14 years into retirement, I am getting a start on them
with every rainy day, this year.. It is my bucket list
to pass on these gems after I am done reading them. Let some one
else enjoy them.. instead of catch dust
on the shelves.

This one I don’t recall buying. I did buy it at a yard sale,
as it is signed by the author to Karin.  But I am sure the
interest I felt in it… to buy it.. was because it was a writer
from Idaho.. I like local writers.

Being I was also doing my Monday chores, it was spotty
reading until the afternoon.  I, also, was trying to catch
up on my magazines reading as well. They are about a
half hour read at the most. Time and The Week. So read
them first, after a glance at  Shirttail Journalist, as I
wanted to not get interrupted with that one.

The first chapter and they are all short.. was called IDAHO,
and his description of the state.  First off, you have to
understand this book was written in late 1970’s and finished
1981.  So we are talking back 30 some odd years ago.
Of course, Idaho has changed a great deal from then..he
talks of the Idaho a lot of us remember… yet with all the
changes.. he hit is right one the dot, for today.. So much
of it is still true.. just you have to look harder to find it.

I am really going to enjoy reading this book. 1. it has
short chapters, (due to being from his column), so if
I have to put it down, I won’t have to be mid story. 2.
the subject matter, and with humor.  Humor is my
favorite book of choice these days.. And I like about
real places..  At least 90 % of the time.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Bulls are running the world..

If you were a farm kid.. then you are aware of the
young bulls out in the field and their antics.

And now, here we have 3 old bulls, and one
young one acting as such as well.
We have Trump, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad
and the young one.. Kim Jong-un. Each with their
own one upmanship going.

All very unpredictable and even considered
unstable…each one trying to outdo the other.
As the world watches. Scary times indeed, as
these 4 strut around with their chest up and
out front..

I would say, it is too bad we can’t throw the 4 of them,
In to a room and let them battle it out themselves.
with their bloated egos.
But I am afraid we would all be speaking Russian,
as he is the only one who is physically fit.  
None of them are mentally fit.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Throw back Thursday 4-13-09

In the spirit of Sunday being Easter... here is one from 8 years ago

 APRIL 13, 2009

Easter Expense

Easter use to be very expensive in years past.
It wasn't the candy. Or the eggs. Or even presents.
Which by the way, when I was a kid, there wasn't any
presents, only candy eggs, cheeps, and jelly beans
eggs. Same for my kids.

The expense was clothing. All the sales ads for at least
a month ahead of time, where of Easter clothing. You had
to have your Mary Jane's (for those younger than 50, that
is white shiny shoes for Spring, black for fall) and white
gloves. You had a new dress just for Easter Sunday morning.
The young men had to have a suit. Yes, boys wore suits.
Same for the parents... all new clothes.

For those who weren't so well off, or those whose mothers
who sewed, there were newly made clothing. My mother
made me for my last at home Easter Day outfit, was a black and white
checked coat and purse that was reversible with black on the
other side. Also a hat that match them, what was also reversible.

When I was at church this past Sunday, I did not see anyone in
new clothing, and surely there was no gloves, or Mary Jane's in
sight. Nothing that there is anything wrong with that. But I just
noticed while everyone looked very nice, it just wasn't like it use
to be. And no, I didn't have anything new on either.

today would have been my mother's 101 birthday... She loved 
Easter dinner, just as she loved doing Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Do you know what this is?

We acquired this 23 years ago… we decided
we needed one, after we broke down with our,   
motor home.  Luckily we were traveling with a
friend who took the King to the nearest parts
house, and back.. The King fixed the fan belt
and we were on our way… 

But we learn that we were in need of two things.
One, to tow a small vehicle (got a Ford Ranger)
and one of these..

Yesterday, when we went into the store to
ask about a change on our plan (we had 450
minutes and got it changed to unlimited)
(are you guessing what it is? That was a clue).
We were talking to the young man, and I showed
him this.. told him it was older than he was. And
it was.  After we got our business done.. he thanked
us for bring it in.. as he had heard about them,
and couldn’t imagine it.  And was surprised to
hear it was a very strong one.. in fact we could
outreach further than we could with the newer
version we have now…

Do you know what it is?
Here is a picture of it open.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I seem to be so disconnected...

I seem to be so disconnected
and I am proud of that..

I do not Tweet…
I do not Instagram…
I do not Text….
And I do not own a cell phone…

See I lived the first 50 some odd
years of my life, not being tethered
to anyone. Especially by phone.
and seemed to do very well.
While working I did have a cell phone.
But when I retired, I gave it up. I left
it on the table more than I had it with me.
Now the King, it is his umbilical cord.

There was never anything so important
it could not wait until I got home, or
meet up with someone. Only time I miss
one, is when I travel alone. In case I break

I do play around on Facebook, especially
in the winter, on a rainy day. But in the summer
I can go all day without Facebook or even
looking at my email.
I even go on vacation with out them. I have
taken my laptop with me on one of them.
But it was to down load my pictures, in
case something happen to my camera.
Which was weird as it did, because for some
reason, my camera decided to delete
all my pictures. After my initial heart attack,
I remembered I had downloaded the last
bunch on the laptop.  

I find it sad, when I see people at a diner,
with each one with their phone in their
hand, and their fingers are running across
the keyboard.. and not talking to each other.
So sad.. and to me… disrespectful.

Monday, April 10, 2017

3 days before...we become one..

What does Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day
and watching the grand champion sport event
team fan?

75% of the population becomes ones… Before
Christmas, most are in a great mood, and in the
spirit of it all…  Rest of the year.. not so much.

Same for Easter… 3 days before, starts everyone
getting in to the spirit of hiding eggs, Easter bunnies
and chicks…  (which I don’t know what bunnies and
chicks have to do with the rising of our Lord.

And of course as St. Pat’s day gets closer, almost
everyone is Irish. Wearing green.

And as Super Bowl, World Series, and March
Madness, come up … 3 days before most are
great fans of one of the teams, even though
they hardly saw any of the previous games… 

And I have to admit, I am among them..Although
I am more apt to wear orange on St. Pat’s Day, as

I am ½ English. 

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Throw back Thursday... April 6 2006...

11 years ago...   

APRIL 06, 2006

It wasn't just Another Day in Bedrock

Yesterday was a great day.
Not just because it was my
birth day. But it was busy.

Busy with people. First
call came in at 6:20am
from one of my son's.
He called from work.

Then my brother in R.I.
shortly after that. All
during the day, off and
on calls from friends
and two more kids check
in with their families.

My daughter came over
with her boyfriend. My
grandson gave me a
funny funny card. My
daughter & T, a sweet card.

This year the King and
I made out well with cards.
Lined up almost as many
as Christmas cards.

But to top it all off... we
went to dinner. As we
started to eat, a woman
walk by and then step
back. Her and her son.

She yelled my name. My
mind was a blank. (I hate
that one down side of age).
It was a friend I have had
for 37 years. I had not seen
her for 5 years. She had gotten
remarried and moved to
France. She is here visiting
her kids and grandchildren,
and her sister.

Her son I had not seen since
he was 15! and he introduced
me to a young lady that was
with him. I thinking it was his
girlfriend/wife. It was his 15
year old daughter!! I am barely
getting over the fact he isn't
15 anymore.. We had a wonderful
visit during dinner and exchanged
address and email address.
A great topping on anyone's

But the fun wasn't over. See I
found the down side of cell phones.
I was talking to my oldest son on
the phone. The cell phone rings,
and the King answers it. After a bit
he yells at me in the kitchen, who
are you talking to for so long! I tell
him I am talking to my oldest. And
he says well, this is # 4 son here on
your cell.

We had great laughs as the boys
bantered back and forth with us.
Messages of how one is more
important that the other. "How
Mom loves me more." "How I am
the oldest and known her longer."
So exchanging phones we both
got to talk to them and their
wonderful wives.

Yesterday I had said it was
just another day in Bedrock..
but it was a great day ... a great
day to turn 66.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

What is the difference?

As I have been outside the last few days,
with the sun out and nice and warm.. it
has been from 55 up to as much as 61.
And I was in my tee shirt, and wondering if
I should get my shorts out.
Now granted, I was working in the yard, but
it seemed awful warm.. even when I was up
on the deck, drinking coffee at the table and
looking at what to do next. I even turn down
the heater to 65 in the house… it was so warm.

But the next morning, I got up and I am COLD!!
The house was 65, as I forgot to raise up the
heat a few notches.. to 69-70 (depending if
it is me or the King who turns it up.. he does 70).

But I am flaming freezing…then it dawns on me,
The heater is set at 65.  So I got to ask you..
What the heck difference is it between the
day before.. outside.. warm day.. of 55-59,
t-shirt weather… even thoughts of shorts,
compared to inside 65?

And today…. I am 77.. wow, if I had known
I was going to live this long, I would have

taken better care of myself… :-)… 
But to me, it is just another day.. only the
ones ending in 0 or 5 are kind of important. 
But then again.. I am still alive at 77, to that
has to be good for something... :-)

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

April brings.....not showers for May flowers...but ....

I don’t know what happens 9 months before April,
that there is so much celebration that
so many have birthdays this month..

April 1st gal pal..
April 2nd …the King’s guy pal
April 3r… a dear friend and a grandson
April 4th.. today… see below…
April 5th… mine
April 8th…. A niece
April 13th … two friends
April 14th. Niece and 2 cousins (they are twins)
April 16th  sister-in-law
April 20th  an old friend
April 22nd  my daughter and another gal pal
April 25th.. was my uncle’s (he has passed)
April 26th.. my grandmother’s .

Seems like I am missing a couple..But that is
Close enough… and what month is that anyway?
Oh, it is the previous July… hummmmm..

And who is today, mention above??.. it is
The KING HIMSELF.. he turns 65 today..
Welcome to Medicare, my dear sweet man.


Monday, April 03, 2017

Who are these singers?

I use to listen to the radio all the time, when I was younger.
Even as a married person, I listen to the radio.  It was
my background noise, so to speak. It also made the day
to listen and sing along. (when by myself) . Also listen
when I drove.

Now days, it is rare that I have the radio on.. and almost
as rare to have it on in the car.  The tv has become the
background noise.

Also I use to have over 200 albums.. the LP records type.
And later got the 8 track and then the cassettes. Then
a few cds.  But haven’t bought a cd in about 10 years.
I play what I have.. 1960 and 70’s music.. on rare occasions.
usually in the summer when I have a radio outside on the table while I am working.

I was reading the paper on Saturday, April 1, 2017,
And they had 3 of the acts coming for August for
the music festival.  I looked at their names and faces,
and I got to tell you.. I don’t have a clue who they are.
Also when I had the radio on with the windows open
on Friday…  I had not a clue who the singers were,
AND I never heard of the songs.  Nothing that I could
sing along with, for sure.. Needless to say, I don’t watch
the music award shows.. not even the country awards,
as I only know about 4 of the signers and they are over

Who are these singers.. am I that much out of sync?