Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I seem to be so disconnected...

I seem to be so disconnected
and I am proud of that..

I do not Tweet…
I do not Instagram…
I do not Text….
And I do not own a cell phone…

See I lived the first 50 some odd
years of my life, not being tethered
to anyone. Especially by phone.
and seemed to do very well.
While working I did have a cell phone.
But when I retired, I gave it up. I left
it on the table more than I had it with me.
Now the King, it is his umbilical cord.

There was never anything so important
it could not wait until I got home, or
meet up with someone. Only time I miss
one, is when I travel alone. In case I break

I do play around on Facebook, especially
in the winter, on a rainy day. But in the summer
I can go all day without Facebook or even
looking at my email.
I even go on vacation with out them. I have
taken my laptop with me on one of them.
But it was to down load my pictures, in
case something happen to my camera.
Which was weird as it did, because for some
reason, my camera decided to delete
all my pictures. After my initial heart attack,
I remembered I had downloaded the last
bunch on the laptop.  

I find it sad, when I see people at a diner,
with each one with their phone in their
hand, and their fingers are running across
the keyboard.. and not talking to each other.
So sad.. and to me… disrespectful.


Sharon said...

I have an idea that might help: allow 15 minutes for family members to "surf", check emails, etc. ring a bell to call time. Then everyone takes turns telling what they did and learned while "online". I learned a lot about my grandchildren in this manner .

Word Tosser said...

Yep, Sharon, it is a great way to keep up with your grandchildren.. and learn from them. That is also why I am on Facebook.. to keep up with those out of state.