Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throw back Thursday... April 27,2005

Funny how this was written 12 years ago.. and it could be written today..


Baldy Mt. Rule

The Baldy Mt. Rule doesn't apply this year.
Not unless my side is the only side that doesn't
have snow.

Baldy Mt. Rule, for those who don't live in
Bonner County, is that you don't plant
anything until Baldy Mt. snow is gone.
Especially tomatoes.

This year has been definitely weird
weather year. After all, how long
has it been when we only get two
serious snow storms in a winter's
time. How many times do we have a
no snow February? And if we do, it
means March is going to be a big
snow month. We had one kind of
serious snow storm. Serious snow
storms are ones that last a couple days.

As we got our wonderful warm
weather, and raising our planting
urges, we look at Baldy Mt.
Do we dare? We, who have
lived in Bonner County for
more than 20 years, know
we are tempting the elements
if we try.

It is like being a Chocolatecoholic,
the temptations are great.
The sun is there, no wind, all
the right conditions. Baldy Mt.
is even clean. But you know in
your soul, you should not.

I did do my hanging baskets.
But I ushered my baskets to
the greenhouse last night.
Even with out its door, there
will be protection from the
wind, and hopefully the
tempts won't dip too bad.
With the forecast of 30's for
evenings and 50's for days,
winds up to 45 mph, nope
this is not the year to use the
Baldy Mt. Rule.

this is not the year to use the
Baldy Mt. Rule.

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