Monday, April 24, 2017

Time is flying by....

Oh, my Gosh.. it is Monday already… and
I didn’t do my blog.. It just seem the days
blended into each other from last Wed.

Family time, the King working on his truck.
(pictures tomorrow) and then working
on our grandson’s pickup that died a week
and half ago.  The 47 Ford took it maiden
ride on Friday afternoon… just a few bugs
and it will be ready for Lost in the 50’s. Which
has been the goal since last fall.   Grandson’s
truck back in order, just needs a oil change.

And me? Well, between running my future
Granddaughter to driving classes (every women
needs to know how to drive) and little guy’s
9 month Dr. check up and then my youngest
getting to be another year older.. filled in most
of the time..

But Sunday I woke with no voice.  Got about
half back by noon.. but these dang Spring cold
are a surprise and a pain.   I made it all thru the winter, with
no colds, no flu’s.. and etc..  Then I got lazy.. and
didn’t take my Air Bourne … for 2 weeks.. and
BAMM … hacking cough,  then running nose..
And throw in the lost of voice.. and I was out.
And starting to crawl out of it now…

So happy Monday everyone..  

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