Saturday, January 31, 2009


When the hell is spring coming??

Friday, January 30, 2009

And the race of price is on...

Here we go again, gas prices.
I knew it was coming as my sister in
S.C. and my brother in R.I. both told of
high gas prices there for some time.
R.I. is running $1.69 to $1.79 and
S.C. has had those prices since before

Now our prices are starting up over
$1.61 up here in our area. And
we haven't even got close to tourist

What I don't understand is why?
Gas, we are told is selling for $33
a barrel. So what is with the price

I know a lot of the companies are
laying off their employee's. Mostly
because people aren't buying. But
the thing is, with so many losing their
jobs, or the possibility of it coming soon
to them. Everyone is trying to hang on to
their money, so they can buy the

I know my theory is:
If I can't eat it, wear it, or have it shelter me,
then I am not buying it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking back at first year of blog

Looking back over the years of blogging.
I was reading some of my past blog stories.
Ones way back... the year I started. 2005
Some were fairly good, lot of them were
boring, no wonder most who started with
me left. lol....

December 30th 2005. Movie Theaters

December 23,2005...To the guy who reads my blog
December 21..... The Wedding.

December 7 King Kong

November 4 I am Woman I am Invincible

October 19 I shaved my legs for this..

July the demolition of Panhandle Milling Store pictures.
Memories of Roslyn Washington..
June 30... Bucky my pony when I was a kid

May 2005.. the lost of Cowgirl
April 2005..... gas prices were $2.37
April I turned 65
March was the fight was over on Terri, as she had passed away,
Somewhere over the Rainbow.

March was also projects... that go array
And one of the funnier ones.... Crafts,some people don't have it.

Any of you bloggers of a long time, look at your first year worth?

Also I see we have another American Idol to cheer for... from Idaho.
Rose from Rathdrum.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book 'em Dan-0.....

I always thought that if one spends money
that doesn't belong to you... it was a jail offense.

I thought if you took money that a company has,
and used it for personal gain, it was called embezzlement.
Which was against the law and was a jail offense.

So how and why, do these CEO's who spend the money
on private offices, private bathrooms, and give away money
for bonus to your other employee's, as you are heading out
of office, how do they stay out of jail?

I know, I know, the rules are different for them, than it is
for you and I. We are sent to jail, pass go, no money, just
to jail with no get out of jail free card. Just have your name
splashed across the headlines with the words EMBEZZLEMENT
blazing away.

But these guys, they get to say, "well, it wasn't the best of ideas,
now that I think of it. I am sorry, I really shouldn't have done that.
Maybe I should have used my own money". Wow, they pay
$85,000 for a rug and I should have paid for it myself? Do you think?

And Citibank decided to cancel the order for their top of the line
private jet for 12, because the media told about it and people
are screaming. Aren't they one of the ones with their hands
out for part of the bail out. So they cancelled as they think it
is bad timing.... do you think???

THROW THE BUMS IN JAIL... take their bonus back, and
the property they own. After all the IRS does it to us all the
time. Ask Willie Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We all try to be a good friend. And hope others, who we call
friends, will be too. But a lot of times we get disappointed.
There is far and few between who are the real deal. Thru
thick and thin. Unconditional friendship.The one who you
don't see for years, yet pick up right off where you left off.
The rest are just good friends.

Those who disappoint us, it is kind of our own fault.
We put up expectations that the person can't make.
They are trying to be a good friend, and are to what
they have in them. It is the best they can do. So for
us to expect more from them, is kind of unfair.

We have to realize their limitations. Then maybe
we can understand why they don't meet our
expectations. Because we have a higher code of
friendship, maybe they don't. Not because they don't
care, but because they just don't have it.

And some of us, try to make over a friend to what we
expect. That is so unfair. Just like a spouse. What
attracted you in the first place is gone, when they
try to change to what you want. So if you really care,
then accept them....for themselves.

It is easier on everyone.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Watching Howie Mandel in Howie we do it.....
reminds me of the time I was working in the nursing
home. I had this gentleman on the toilet. While I was
waiting for him to do his thing... I was thinking of what
could I dress up for Halloween.

I had a glove in my hand....and I thought...
Howie Mandel did a thing where he put a glove on
his head and somehow got it blew up so he looked
like a rooster. So if I could figure out how to get
the glove blown up, I could go as a rooster for
the Halloween party the job had.

So there I am, sitting on the gentleman's bed,
looking in to see if he is ok, (door ajar) and I put
the glove on my head. I got it down over my nose,
but that is as far as I could get it to go... Could not
get it to my mouth... So here I am, glove on head,
blowing for all I am worth..... thru my nose, trying
to get the glove to fill up... I would blow until I was blue,
and then take a breath.... but the air would come back out.
So I would blow until I was blue again, then hold my
nose so the air wouldn't go out, and breathed thru my
mouth for more air.

My second attempt at this, my partner walks in to the
room, looks at me.. ask me what the hell was I doing,
and as I tried to explain, she fell against the wall and
down the wall with laughter, pointing at the gentleman
on the toilet, who was hanging on to the sink beside him..
laughing until he was he had seen it all from
the beginning......

I was the joke of the place for quite some time...
with questions of how is your rooster coming? have
you blown your brains out yet... hey, Cis you look a
little blue... are you still blowing up gloves???
Hey, Cis, I would give you a hand for your rooster
idea, but the gloves are wet...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fire in the belly

In order to become a politician or a actor, or even a singer,
you have to have fire in the belly strength. You have to want
it more than anything in the world.

You have to have thick skin, so no matter what you say,or
do, when you have the naysayers targeting you, you have to
let it roll off your back.

If you want to become a good one, you have to have great morals.
Be honest, NEVER ever let your guard down to temptations. Of
any kind. The love of power, money or other such sins of life.
There aren't many who passed the test. Because power and money or both,
are usually more than the mere mortal can stand.

If you can stand up to criticisms, accusations, don't care what
anyone else says about you personally, that you are there to do
the job you came to do.. have the fire in the belly attitude.. then
maybe you can make it.

Because as in stardom, there are far more people to knock you
down then there are there cheering you on...

I guess for what ever reason, Carolina Kennedy didn't have it.
I don't blame her. She is far more like her mother than her father.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remotes and Monsters


Just how many do we really need in our lives?
I was at a friend's house over the weekend, and
saw we are not the only one that have so many.

I have seen where they have ones for TV and
vcrs. My Aunt had such a remote. It took us
an hour and may buttons pushed to finally get
what we wanted out of it..and that was by trial
and error. And I am not sure we could have done
it again.

I have a kind of hand on mine. It is a matter of
the old question ...WHERE IS THE REMOTE.
I think they should have beepers on them.
As you can see one of the remotes is a Wii.
I have to use that thru 3 remotes.

The television one to put it on 00.
Then turn on the DVD player (why I am
not sure, but it works and that is all I care)
and then the Wii.

The others are the picture frame, and
my stereo player.

Across the street from me is a fairly
large berm from the snow pushed up in
the parking lot. When I was outside yesterday,
I noticed this ice sculpture made by the sun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There are some Changes made

Hair today.......
Gone tomorrow... actually yesterday

I went in for my Locks of Love shearing..... 2 years of growth..... believe it or not...this
is my normal natural hair ... the colors have varied for the past several years. I started with
silver at the temples at around 35. (I told the kids they did it, then told the King it was
him.) I have silver, white, 2 different shades of grey and some of the brown left. I was
originally an auburn color.
I was going to have it cut next month on Valentine's day.. (locks of love) But figured
if we are starting with hope and a change, why not do it on the 20th .

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today, at noon Barack Hussein Obama will become
our President. Bring HOPE to all of us who voted for
him. And even for those who did not. He will be the
first part black President.

But we forget as we get excited about the possibilities.
We forget, he is just a man. He is not the second coming.
He is not a star. He is just a fine man. Who hopes he can
help our country become what it use to be.

He has gathered people who he hopes are intelligent enough,
strong enough, and honest enough to help him do just that.
And for those who think he will solve all of our problems in
short order, they are forgetting the fact, he is just a man. Not a

So today, we all gather around our televisions, computers,
and watch this great moment. One, that one hopes that goes
thru without a hitch. We all hope to feel the same elation that
those who stand at the Mall in Washington, D.C. on this day.
All full of hope, hope which is something that Obama himself
feels, as he steps forward to the call. To take a chance on all
of us, to do the right thing, to help even in the smallest of ways.

We will listen to his words, just as those of us who listen to
John F. Kennedy in 1961. The same hope, the same feeling
of what a great country we live in, and the possibilities.

This will be a day for everyone. Black, white and all those
in-between. This is a great day for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Holiday or not...

One never knows if this is a holiday or not.
Depends on where you are and who you are
dealing with. Actually, I guess it is a holiday
pretty much anywhere, but the question is,
who has it off.

I think it is a good day for school to teach
the importance of Martin Luther King jr.
Who he was, and how he handle his life
in the marches and etc. Always with
non-violence. But should schools have it
off and should it be called Martin Luther King
Day, I don't know. I think I would have been
more comfortable, if it was called Civil Rights Day.
As there were a lot more people who gave their
lives for civil rights.

I remember what the South was like before
Rev. King's protest started. I moved from R.I.
where we went to school with the colored (as they
were called at that time in R.I.) even had friends,
close friends who were colored. Then I moved down
to Miami Beach, Florida at 17 after high school, to
help my grandfather. He had a person who came in
to clean his house every week. Her name was Mildred.

In my ignorance, I almost got Mildred in great trouble.
I had taken the bus to Miami. And on that bus was Mildred,
so I sat with her, as we had become friends. The bus came
to a fast halt. The bus driver yelled back, "YOU CAN'T SIT
BACK THERE, COME UP FRONT." I turn around to see
who he was talking to. And then understood he was talking
to me, and also it dawn on me the terror look on Mildred's
face when I sat. She whispered to me, "please go sit up front".
I looked at her with a confused face, I guess, because she said
"please, I will explain later". So I got up and moved to the
front, and heard something to the tune of "damn, Northerners".
Mildred explain to me the next time she came, the way of the
South. I was in disbelief. And later I did notice, fountains that
said "whites only" and other places.

I left Florida about 5 months later. It was hard to believe that
people treated blacks like that. I am not going to tell you there
wasn't a difference between blacks and whites in R.I. But it wasn't
like that. It wasn't any difference than a Catholic family not wanting
their children marrying Jewish or any other religion for that matter.
Same with the Jewish mothers not wanting non Jewish daughter in laws.
Or Greek families not wanting non Greek in laws.
Never like the whites treated the blacks in the South. Thankfully,
California wasn't that way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

They can't make this stuff up...

The King and I were watching a movie
the other night. After it was over, I had
switched to another channel for a program
we wanted to watch.

There was about 5 to 10 minutes left
from this one program. One I had seen
the blurbers for and thought what a stupid
show. It was called Momma's Boys.

Well, I will tell you, I never laughed so hard.
There was this mother who was talking to her
son about two girls. Best I could figure out, the
son had to chose between these two girls for his
next date, which would be the first serious one.
I guess.

But this mother went on and on to her son, about
how she knew him best, and she knew which girl
it should be, and she knew he like the blonde, but
he needed to pick the other girl. How she would fit
in the family better and etc. etc.

Next thing I see is 3 men, with their mothers, on a
beach. And two girls standing in front each of them. I
guess the two he was suppose to pick one.

The one mother who was doing all the talking,
said a few words and the weak son took the one
she wanted. The blonde was bummed out, and
shocked. She doesn't know how lucky she is.

Then the next one picked one and the mother seem
to be ok with it. Not happy, but ok with it.

Then came the next one. I swear, she was holding
her son's arm and telling how this was HER son,
HER boy, and how SHE wanted him to be happy,
and while they were nice girls, they were not for
HER boy. They did not fit in their lives. All this thru
tears, and a grip on her son, and then.... I swear..
the tears stopped fast, and she looks at them,
blows them a kiss and says... but I love you both.
And the LOSER... dropped both girls and left with

Hollywood can't write stuff like this.

The preview said something about next week,
and a surprise about the girl the first guy picked.
Hummmm, the only way this could be funnier, is
if the girl turn out to be a guy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Money, Money, gimme more money

Everyone wants it. Please give money.
I am not talking about your bills you have
from week to week. It is the school levies.

We just got hit by the school districts
money levy last year. That was for buildings,
buses, and etc. When I got the tax bill, I had
to sit down. It was $117 raise just for the
school alone.

Which always gets me as the school district is
listed 3 times. I guess one for running it, one for
the buildings, and then the real gut catcher... school OTHER.

What the hell is OTHER listed under the school
district? My share is a mere $3.50 or something
like that. When you times $3.50 per tax payer,
well that adds up. What is that used for? Why is
it called OTHER. Don't they know where it is

Now we are up for another school levy. This one for
running the schools. And we have already gotten the
guilt trip letters to the editors about how those of us
who are saying no, should be ashamed of ourselves.
Don't we care about the kids, and the teachers do
a great job, and we don't want to lose them.

But to me it is about the numbers. This is to replace
a levy that is running out in June. So the numbers I
want to hear is... how much more are they asking for,
above what we are replacing? And why in this economy,
are they asking for more. (they never ask for the same or

I just got finish making arrangements to pay $10 more on
my mortgage for 6 months to make up for the shortage
of that last levy. On top of the $10 added to my payment,
a month more than I have to pay for my share of the last
year levy. See they take it out of my escrow in Dec for
the new levy. but I didn't find out how much of a raise
until mid-August. So I was already 3 months behind in
the added escrow, have to pay. Meaning for 6 months,
I have to pay $20 more a month, to catch up. Just in
time for the new levy.

And don't give me the guilt part. Yes, I want the kids to
have a good education, yes, I want the teachers to stay.
But the bottom line is... for me... If they want $10 more,
and I only have $5 in my pocket... I got to say no. If I don't
have it.. I don't have it.

Don't give me the garbage if I drink one less coffee/latte,
it will pay for itself.. That is insulting. First of all, I haven't
had a latte for months. And my daughter bought that one.

And tell that garbage to the ones who just lost their 401,
or any other retirement they had. Get another job? Who is
going to hire a 69 year old woman? Or a 77 or 82 or 91 year

Get a circuit breaker for your taxes?? Have you ever
seen one of those? 12 pages long, and you need a CPA
and a lawyer to fill it out. I have seen in my job as a home
health worker in the past, the elderly just throw it across the
table, because it was so hard for them to understand.

Tell it to the young couple who just lost their job. Tell it
to the contractor who lost his sub contract work because
the main contractor folded and didn't finish pay him.

Don't pull that guilt crap on us. This time it won't work.
I am hanging on to my $5. And voting no.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Let me set the disclaimer first.
I love meat. Hamburger, hot dogs,
chickens, fish, turkey, well you get the idea.

But if the idea of e-coli in the meat keeps
up and if the pump up shots for quick growth,
and the possible side effects on humans
keeps coming.. well, it makes you start to look
at exactly what are you eating. Being most of
us don't raise our own anymore.

So we feed (no pun intended) into the idea that
being a vegetarian is the way to go, what would
happen if we ALL became vegetarians. Worldwide.

First would be the lost of cattle ranches, as I doubt
they would raise them for pets. Same for pig farms,
and chicken farms.

Then there is the feed stores for all of those animals
we are no longer eating, so no longer needed, so don't
need the feed. So down the tubes goes the feed ranches.

Next up is the butchers and slaughter houses. The trucking
companies will see a decline in their need. Fast Foods will
have to down grade their grills and etc.

Next would be the Fish and Game money. As there would
be no need for license and tags for deer, elk, and bears and
the rest. No ducks, turkey, pheasant and other bird hunting.
As there is no way the public is going to let the hunting go
on for just the trophy hunting.

Up next is all the leather products. No jackets, belts, and
all the other things that are made out of animal hides and
other byproducts.

I suppose some ranches could raise cows, pigs, sheep and
etc. for pets or maybe like a zoo of domestic animals. Kind
of a gentlemen's ranching. Would their be retirement ranches
for animals?

And what happens to the fishermen? The whole fishing fleet?
Crab trappers and lobster trappers. And all the little business,
that they support. Marina's and etc.

These are just what is on the top of my head, of the side effects of
everyone becoming a vegetarians. Sorry guys, I have to help
support all these people out of work because of it, so I will
keep buying my hamburg, chicken, and fish. Some one pass
the butter for my lobster.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



My daughter was telling me about one of the gals who
works at the place she works. The gal called Pizza
Hut for a pizza delivery... and it went down hill from there.

She lives 1 and half miles from Pizza Hut. Yet the person
who is on the other end of the phone is FROM OVERSEAS!!!
Yes, I said Pizza Hut call was answered overseas.
She had to spell the name of the street 5 times. It was
Brittany St. The man never heard of it. This took at least
15 minutes, and finally he has it right. Then he tells her
they don't deliver there. She said WHAT? The man repeats,
Pizza Hut doesn't deliver there. He had Googled her address,
and it wasn't there. She told them she lived a mile and half
away and had pizza delivered there before.. Sorry, ma'am,
it isn't on Google. She hung up.

Can you believe that? Do you doubt me? Then check this out.
As I Googled Pizza Hut outsource calls and this came up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A loose ends...

The weather is at a lull of sorts.
Some rain, some snow, but not much
of either. That is not a complaint, it is
a fact.

So here we sat off and on thru the
weekend...watching movies and etc.
Feeling like we should be doing more.
Even after church, we would come home
to shovel, or snowblow. Or do the neighbors.
It has gotten to be a way of life. The thing
to do, just another winter day in Idaho.

So here we are, not having to shovel,
the roofs are clear. Which we are grateful.
Even the leak we got from the snow raking is
taken care of.

We just seem off kilter here. Not that there is
anything wrong with that. And I am sure that we
will be at it again in a week or so.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Gardening, lost art?

When I was young, I had to pull duty in
the garden. Pulling my fair share of weeds.
My brother continue the job even after I

Over the years I have had some gardens,
but most of them have been flower gardens.
With veggie gardens sprinkled here and there.
The King is the one who does the veggie garden.

I remember my first year in Idaho, where I built
a green house with the kids help. And started
corn in there, fairly early. By the time it came
safe enough to put them in the garden, they
were almost 2 feet high. They did great. I was
so proud of them, I had my picture taken with
them. Standing so tall, about 2 feet above my
head. And they said you can't bring corn to full
growth in Idaho.. There they were ...tall, green,
and nice size cobs growing on them, not quite
full size yet. The next day after the picture was
taken, I took another. There they stood, kind of.
Yellow, and drooping. It had froze the night before.
And down they went.

When I was a kid there was a place called
Victory Garden. The field stood empty as the
years went by. But in its glory, it was a sight
to behold. In the 1940's the government encouraged
Victory Gardens. Some you did yourself, or as in this
case it was tilled for families. The Vanderbilt's had it.
Yes, Cooper Anderson, grandfather had this for the
public. Now I hear it is a housing project.

In the 1970's I remember community gardens. It would
be a lot that someone would rent out tilled sections to
families. The owner would water it, but the renter had to
do their own weeding. It was mostly for people who had
an apt. and didn't have an area to do gardening.

There are still a lot of people who garden yet, but they
seem to be 30 and older. Will gardening be a lost art?
Will the younger generation take it up? Or will they be
so use to fast food drive thru windows, that they won't
know or want to know how it is grown?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

micro wave ovens

Sometimes, microwaves are dangerous to your

Couple years ago, when we got Misty, I got
a stuffed black cat and put it in the microwave.
The point was, her sister who went to someone
else was black. We figured if we put a warm
black soft object in her bed with her, she would

I put the black cat in the microwave oven, and
turn away to get a drink of water while it warmed
up. All a sudden I heard crackling, and looked at
the microwave, and saw the cat on fire. I open the
oven, and threw the cat into the sink and sprayed
it with water. Seems the cat's tail had a wire in it.
Cut off tail, snipped burnt parts off and put in the
dryer, which I should have done in the first place.

Then Monday, I was thinking of how to get the
peanut butter out of the jar, as there was only a
little bit left. I had a small piece of fudge left from
the holidays. So of course as a good Reese piece
person, I thought I would throw the fudge in the jar,
and melt the two together. Best laid plans of mice
and men... After 60 seconds in the microwave oven,
well, you see the results... below...
it still tasted good.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I am inviting you to join me at.......
Face space,
Reunion space,
Family space.

These are all nice things, but I am not
a joiner. Never been good at clubs and such.,

Goes back to the Brownie bit. Remember,
I used my Brownie dues for the Penny Store.
I shared my bubble gum with the girls, but
that didn't count. And I got kicked out of Brownies.

Which was a bummer as it was just getting
interesting. We were just learning how to put
a screen over a paper and a leaf. Then take a
toothbrush ...dab it in the ink and brush the
ink back and forth over the paper. Which gave
a neat outline of the leaf on the paper. I never
got to keep mine, as I got kicked out before
they were dry.

So I am not good at joining anything. I tried
a couple times, and it didn't work out.
Even when I started out with the computer,
I joined ICQ (remember that one) and there was
something about being a Buddy and a few others.
I had so many passwords, that I had to write them
down in a book.

So while I appreciate the thought of you asking me
to join you at one site or another... I can only handle
one. My computer must sense this, as every time I
have tried to do Yahoo, it goes thru the motions and
then notifies me it didn't work out and went into error.

I am just not a joiner

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A View from the Mind

Pictures in my mind are not on paper.
You know when you are talking to someone
and it brings back a memory. And then
your mind goes to that time, with your
eyes open or closed you can picture
what you saw then.

Do you know what a "Thank You Ma'am is?
As the words roll off my mind, I picture the
Y.M.C. A. in Newport, Rhode Island. It was
used for the Navy. And coming from one side
street toward the other, crossing the main street
of Broadway, pass the Y.M.C.A and down around
the corner. And the words were said was ..
"Thank you, Ma'am."
Do you know why?

When President Eisenhower's name is mention,
my mind goes to a day in the 1957 when he came
to the War College and Newport, R.I. Naval Base.
We had protested our supervisor when he said we
could not take our lunch time, when the President
arrived. Before the time of protesting was common,
we all in unison walked out and stood on the side
of the road that was thru the Naval Base we work on,
and waited. The first view, was the big black car, with
small USA flags flying on each corner of the front of the
car. My mind still sees the grille with the flags flying.

Miami Beach brings the look of standing on white sand.
Ours in R.I. was grey. And looking out to see blue water.
Ours was, well, it wasn't blue like this. It was more green/brown.
And then standing in the water up to my waist and looking
down and seeing my white feet. It was winter. I had left
R.I. to go take care of my grandfather. I left -08 and arrived
in 65 degrees. Which they called cold.

It is a wonderful thing, the brain, that can bring a view to your
mind, with a mere mention of a time. Or bring smells to your
nose, of a particular day.

Monday, January 05, 2009


When all of this stuff was going on in Chicago,
with Blagojevich, I would think back to my old
state of Rhode Island. It wasn't the governor.
But the mayor of Providence.

It was the 1970's and Providence was being Providence.
For those who don't live on the East Coast, R.I. had
a reputation of being the little mafia state. There was
a mafia guy who was always being taken into court.
He would show up in a wheelchair, or even a gurney.
When he finally died, I told my mother they should
have on his stone..."See I told you I was sick".

There was constant newspapers articles of investigations
in to the government programs and kickbacks, with names
like Rocco, and several other nicknames.

But during this time there was one Buddy Cianci Jr.,
mayor of Providence. He was actually in there twice.
There was always stories about his life. Seems he beat
up a guy who he thought was messing with his wife..and
even hit her or something like that.
Buddy was quite a character in all the meaning
of the word.

He WAS Mr. Providence. And in spite of all of his shady
doings, he did do good by Providence. He brought up the
city by its bootstraps and did a fine job of it. It was by all
means, by the time he was ousted and jailed, a city to be
proud of. The hotels, the buildings, the park and the river.
Probably the best city, money could buy.

But today I got my Yankee magazine and there was a short
article on Buddy. Was I ever flabbergasted. Not by what he is
doing. After getting out of prison for racketeering conspiracy,
he is now the of the talk of the town again. He is a radio show
host. A talk show host for Providence. Who better to talk about
the town. And there is going to be a movie about him. Prince of

But what surprised me is ... He is old and baldheaded.
See Buddy use to look very much like Blagojevich. You know
the young, full head of wild hair. The cockiness of him.

Boy, Buddy, I hardly recognized you...

Friday, January 02, 2009

Surviving Northern Idaho Winters 101

I would say this is for those who moved here in the
past year or so, but I think you might be getting the
idea of it...but maybe you can use the list for the
next year. It is too late for this year, as most is
out of stock. But you can try.

For those of you out there, thinking of moving
to the great wonderful winter land called North
Idaho, yet only visited during the Spring, Summer,
and Fall or early winter... this is for you.

Upon moving here, there is a few things you will
need to make it thru the winter. So make a copy
of this list. All of these supplies must be bought
as soon as you move into your house or apt. It
does not make any difference if you are renting
or buying.

In your garage, you need the whole wall to have
hangers of different sizes. So go to Home Depot
or the one of your choice, but who has a good supply of
hangers. Those can be large nails, or the big red
hooks, or even the little metal do hickeys that will
hold a handle of a tool. Also get a clip board that
will hold hand tools for you.

Now, what are you going to hang there? Many
things and sizes.
If you get here in the Spring and we still have
snowblowers in the store, buy one now. Because
after October the price goes up. And after November
there may not be any in the stores at all.

Also look for snow rakes. For those from the south.
That is a 20 foot long aluminum handle with a 2 foot
by 6 inch flat sheet of aluminum with braces at the
end of this handle. Google snow rake on internet.

Next is shovels. You will need several of these. Not
just your everyday shovel, but a snow shovel. They come
in several sizes and shapes. Go for a couple light ones.
And one really good metal one. You will need at least
6 of these. They break, sometimes from the heavy snow.
Sometimes because you threw the shovel off of the roof,
and it hit the car and broke.

Also make sure you have good insurance for your
vehicles. Especially for all winter problems. Because
the guy who slides into you, with his 1970 truck probably
doesn't have insurance. Also for flying objects. (see shovel
breakage above).

Next you need a very high ladder. One that makes it to the
roof of your house with room to spare. As you will either
be climbing up on the roof or you will hire someone to do it.
Usually the neighborhood kid, as he is cheaper. Also make
sure you have good homeowners insurance for such worker.
See if you can add yourself to that insurance plan.

If you are buying a house or renting one, chose one that has
large garage doors. Make sure it is wide enough for your car to come
and go, and still park your snowblower next to the car. Without
it getting hit when your wife parks the car inside. You need this
space, so you can go to the garage, open the door (make sure
it is well greased so it doesn't freeze up) and start your snow
blower and head out into your driveway.

So there you go, hangers on the whole wall.
snow blower
snow rake
minimum of 6 shovels of different sizes and weight.
(metal shovels get heavy after the first hour)
several sizes of wrenches and other tools
(for repair of snow blower and repair of snow rake,
if you are not mechanically inclined, put a mechanic
of small tools on retainer so he will be available for you
at all hours or days)
Insurance paid up for the winter...
(homeowners, vehicle, and lawyers)
Lawyers for the time you threaten the plow driver.
And maybe a case of beer or whiskey.
They won't keep you warm, but it may keep you
calmer as you repeat the use of the tools on this list.

Also the best time to gather this list is in the Spring.
As I said it is cheaper at this time. As these are still
left from the over order in February from your local
hardware store, that arrived in April.

If you don't have the luck to be coming in the Spring,
try to gather as much as you can from yard and moving
sales. Moving sales are the best source, as they were
here the year before and just want to get out of here. They
will sell fast.

Worse of it is, if you move here in the Fall, you will
need to be at the store as soon as the fall supplies
start coming in ...usually in August. Ask your local
store dealer when the supplies will be coming in.
Show him your list. He will laugh, but will tell you
to be there as they sell out fast. Especially in November.

Cost for list about $3,000 and up...
Cost for someone to do all this for you, $5,000 and up
depending on how long the winter goes on.

And if you are thinking of leaving in October and returning
at the end of April, the cost is still $5,000 and up to have
someone else do it. Or you will come back in April to a
house that has the roof caved in, the garage door smashed
in from the snow, and water all over from the pipes that froze.

Oh, yea, add plumber in there too, forgot about the frozen
pipe ordeal

Also you need 4 mailboxes to store up, for when the plow
knocks it off the post and smashes it in the snowl

you will love our winter wonder land. (you will wonder
when will it all stop)

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I was watching the Rose Parade and
really enjoyed it... In fact I was surprised
there was not any entertainment injected
between what they call lulls. There weren't
any lulls that I saw... the bands marched right
along, and the floats kept coming... very

Then in my search to find something not football,
I came across Channel 7 (PBS) with a show about
folk music and Pete Seeger. And was really surprise
to hear that one of my favorite groups of my childhood,
was considered communist. Our family use to sing
On Top of Old Smoky, and Good Night Irene to the top
of our lungs... Never heard mom or dad speak of them
being communist. I barely remember them watching
Joe McCarthy, and Mom thinking he was a nut case.

And who of us did not dance or sing the songs of Seeger
Guthrie, Mommas and Poppas, and alike. I can remember
going to the first Newport Jazz Festival with Louie Armstrong.
They thought the town would be run over by riots and etc.
And then it was shortly after that the Newport Folk Festivals came,
that we watched from our boat. And one of my favorites was Arlo
Guthrie...Alice's Restaurants.

In today's paper ... the Daily Bee, there in the For the Record..there
is a report... now get this.. first I have to tell you, that Samuel's Road
is in the country... but there it is in the Record... a complain of dogs (are you ready?) at turkeys. Turkeys can you imagine that,
Turkeys in the country and dogs barking at them.... AT 8:50am.. dogs
barking at 10 to 9 AM...folks... at turkeys in the country... and this person
reported it to the SHERIFF''s office... what the heck did they want the sheriff
to do, chase off the turkeys so the dogs didn't bark? Or chase off the dogs.
Really, I think the sheriff's office has more important calls coming in.

And then there is yesterday's Spokesman Review. A short sideline item.
Woman's grip stops naked intruder... God Bless You, Granny. Another one
for the elderly... You see she is 88 years young. And he is 47 years old.,0,915737.story

and for this year we can remember.....

The Original 1944 Lyrics of Woody Guthrie
This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me.
As I went walking that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
I saw below me that golden valley
This land was made for you and me.