Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We all try to be a good friend. And hope others, who we call
friends, will be too. But a lot of times we get disappointed.
There is far and few between who are the real deal. Thru
thick and thin. Unconditional friendship.The one who you
don't see for years, yet pick up right off where you left off.
The rest are just good friends.

Those who disappoint us, it is kind of our own fault.
We put up expectations that the person can't make.
They are trying to be a good friend, and are to what
they have in them. It is the best they can do. So for
us to expect more from them, is kind of unfair.

We have to realize their limitations. Then maybe
we can understand why they don't meet our
expectations. Because we have a higher code of
friendship, maybe they don't. Not because they don't
care, but because they just don't have it.

And some of us, try to make over a friend to what we
expect. That is so unfair. Just like a spouse. What
attracted you in the first place is gone, when they
try to change to what you want. So if you really care,
then accept them....for themselves.

It is easier on everyone.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Interesting post. Now I'm wondering who disappointed you. Hope it wasn't me! Lol.

Word Tosser said...

Good God, No, not you... and it isn't even me..lol

MarmiteToasty said...

:( tiz probably me...


Word Tosser said...

Nope, not you either, Marmite